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What Finger Does A Wedding Ring Go On

Wearing Engagement And Wedding Rings On Which Finger

Which HAND Does a Wedding Ring Go On | Wedding Ring Finger

Which finger should you wear an engagement and wedding ring on? You might be surprised to find out that there are at least 7 different variations to this custom in Britain and around the world. In this article youll get:

  • The British ring traditions
  • The growing trend of mens engagement rings
  • Which tradition is for you?

Whats The History Behind The Wedding Ring Finger

Heres a fun fact: the earliest recorded history of the wedding ring dates back to Egyptian pharaohs. We also have evidence that rings existed in the time of the Roman and Greek dominion.

But what does this have to do with the history behind the wedding ring finger? And why is the left hand specifically the wedding ring hand? Why not your right?

Well, in ancient civilizations, it was widely believed that the left ring finger had a vein that is directly connected to the heart.

Ancient healers thought that if you were sick, pinching the vein in your left fourth finger would alleviate the ailment. Looking back, of course, we think thats silly, so its a good thing that modern medicine has come a long way!

People in the past also thought that putting a ring on that finger would keep you healthy, as the ring would push down on that vein all the time. Specifically, they used gold rings because they believed that gold had restorative properties. In fact, whenever they felt sick, they would rub the ring of gold into their skin along with a pinch of Saffron.

Even after modern medicine revealed that wasnt true, people continued to wear their wedding rings on their left fourth finger.

So its likely we continue to use that finger out of tradition, more than anything else.

This story also explains why the plain gold wedding band is a classic.

For some of you, that might lead to another question: when was the diamond wedding ring created?

A Wedding Ring A Symbol Of Marriage And Its History

Wedding rings have been with us since antiquity. As early as 6,000 years ago, newlyweds exchanged rings made of reed or hemp as a sign of their marriage.

The ancients associated this jewelry with the wedding ceremony and it is still so today. Wedding rings invariably symbolize the same values: love, fidelity and durability. Round, straight rings, put on by the spouses on each other, become the seal of the wedding. Since they are supposed to be timeless, they are usually smooth and devoid of decorative stones and made of gold. Sometimes, an engraving is hidden inside to add a more personal touch to the jewelry.

The wedding ring is also characterized by a round shape. It is not a coincidence. After all, a circle that has neither beginning nor end means infinity. When translated into marriage symbolism, it is supposed to mean eternal love. It also matters where and how the wedding ring is worn. Which hand and finger will be appropriate to represent your feelings and marital status?

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Ring Traditions Elsewhere In The World And In Different Religions

In some countries, its customary for the woman to wear the engagement ring on the fourth finger of the right hand.

This is the prevalent custom in many countries, including Russia, India, the Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Lithuania, Greece, Poland, Austria, Hungary and Venezuela.

In these countries, the right hand seems to be the established custom, regardless of religion. The engagement ring is usually put on first, followed by the wedding ring. This is simply for practical reasons, because of the order the rings were given in. However, this custom can vary according to what feels most comfortable to the bride.

In Germany, the fourth fingers of both the right and left hand can be used. As a general rule, the left hand is more prevalent among Protestants, and the right preferred by Catholics.

Modern Jewish couples often place the wedding ring on the right hands ring finger during the marriage ceremony and then wear it on the left hands ring finger post-ceremony. However, according to the old tradition, and also seen today in some of the more conservative Jewish ceremonies, the index finger or the thumb are used.

Curiously, although not for any religious reasons, in Brazil the ring is also first placed on the right hands ring finger then changed to the left hand during the wedding ceremony.

Engagement rings are worn in several Islamic countries in South Asia and West Asia, and men usually wear them on the right and women on the left hand.

What Is An Engagement

which finger does the wedding ring go on

An engagement is a formal agreement and a mutual promise of two people to marry. With an engagement, the couple testifies to their desire to marry. They are two people serious about pursuing the lifelong commitment of marriage and though they are not yet fully committed to marrying one another, they are escalating their intimacy to ensure that they can be suitable for one another. It does not matter whether the partners are the same sex or different sexes.

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Ring Fingers & Their Meanings: Where Should You Wear Your Ring

Some rules say you should wear your wedding ring on your left ring finger. Others say it should be on the right. But what about other rings and people who prefer to wear their rings on different fingers? Here’s what you need to know about ring fingers and their meanings.

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Tradition has always dictated the location of wedding rings. For most people, it goes on the left ring finger but in some areas, it gets switched to the right ring finger.

In some cases, cultures implement additional rules. The British Royal Family, for example, have traditionally used Welsh gold for their wedding bands.

But did you know that the ring finger isn’t the only one bearing unique symbolism? Wherever you decide to put the ring on, it has certain associations and beliefs.

Let’s discuss each of the ring fingers and their associated meanings.

Is It Okay To Shower With Your Wedding Ring On

We would advise against showering with your wedding ring on. When youre showering, theres a chance that your ring could slip off of your finger and go down the drain before you can catch it. Its not worth the risk of losing your wedding ring, both for sentimental value and the actual cost of the ring!

Wearing your rings in the shower can also lead to damage, as all the soaps and shampoos may not be good for the metal or the gemstone itself. Its best practice to simply remove your ring and keep it somewhere safe while you shower.

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The Modern Ring Exchange

These days, most couples still exchange rings as part of the wedding ceremony, slipping them onto their partners finger as they take their marriage vows:

  • I give you this ring, as a symbol of my love. I ask you to wear it as a sign to the world that you are my wife .”
  • With this ring, I thee wed, and pledge you my love, now and forever.”
  • Let this ring represent the unbreakable bond we make today

Even the most simple of wedding bands symbolizes unending love and devotion, just as they did thousands of years ago. And although we have a better understanding of the circulatory system now, most happy newlyweds still choose to place them on the traditional ring finger during the ceremony.

Men didnt always wear wedding bands, but those gendered rules are out. Now, people of all genders wear wedding rings if they want to .

Interestingly, couples in many countries wear wedding rings on the fourth finger of their right hands, instead of the left.

Can you wear your wedding ring on the right hand? Absolutely! According to Brides.com, its common for couples in India, Germany, Spain, Norway, and Russia to wear their wedding and engagement rings on the right hand.

Some couples choose to place their wedding bands on the right hand.

Where Is The Engagement Ring Worn

What hand does a wedding ring go on for a man?

It is common for women in Europe to wear their engagement ring on their left hand. The romantic explanation: The ring finger of the left hand is connected to our beloved’s heart.After the wedding ceremony, your engagement ring can be moved to the right hand and is then worn in front of the wedding ring.

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Middle Eastern Jewish And South Asian Customs

In Sinhalese and Tamil culture, the groom wears the wedding ring on his right hand and bride wears it on her left hand ring finger. This can be seen in countries like Sri Lanka where there is a rich Sinhalese and Tamil cultural influence in the society.

A wedding ring is not a traditional part of the religious Muslim wedding and wedding rings are not included in most Islamic countries. However, if a wedding ring is worn in an Islamic country, it may be worn on either the left and for example . As opposed to the wedding ring, use of a ring to denote betrothal or engagement is quite prevalent in Muslim countries, especially those in West and South Asia. Muslim engagement rings are typically worn on the right digit by men, and the left digit by women.

In a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony, the wedding ring is placed on the bride’s righthand index finger, but other traditions place it on the middle finger or the thumb, most commonly in recent times. Today, the ring usually is moved to the left hand ring finger after the ceremony. Some Jewish grooms have adopted wearing a wedding ring. However, in Orthodox Judaism, most men do not wear wedding rings.

Ultimate Guide: Which Hand And Finger Does A Wedding Ring Go On

Wedding rings are an intrinsic part of the wedding tradition. The majority of the couples who say, I do, usually have diamond or gold rings slide down their fingers on that special day.

However, its common to see couples from various parts of the world wear their wedding bands on different hands and fingers. So the question is which hand and finger does a wedding ring go on?

Since we know which one, well help you answer this question extensively below:

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Ed Sheerans Engagement Ring

One of the most famous celebrity males to wear an engagement ring is Ed Sheeran, who announced his engagement on 19th January 2018.

After he was photographed at the Brit Awards wearing a ring on the fourth finger of his left hand, the media questioned whether it was a wedding ring.

However, he stated he was wearing an engagement ring. Subsequently, on the ITV show Lorraine, he said, I never saw why men didnt wear commitment rings, because its the same commitment either way.

How Do I Measure The Size Of My Ring Finger

Which Hand Does A Wedding Ring Go On

A surprising amount of factors go into sizing up a ring finger. In addition to the shape and size of your finger, you’ll also need to consider your lifestyle and the actual ring you have in mind. If you’re frequently partaking in activities that may cause your finger to swell like physical exertion or flying, you’ll need to keep that in mind. Climate is an additional factor as hands and fingers swell in the summer and are more slender in the winter due to the cold. The width of the band will also impact the sizing as thicker bands tend to have a tighter fit.

To ensure the perfect fit, the best time to measure is when your body feels at its most normalso at room temperature during the middle of the day , preferably not after hitting the gym or post hot meal. Ring guards or beads can help offset slight fluctuations in finger size if they arise. If you feel unsure about your ring size, consider getting professionally measured.

Selle advises that if you’re intending to switch the placement of the rings, either from one hand to the other or to different fingers, you’ll need to “take into account that both fingers might not be the same size.”

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Send Us A Photograph Of Your Wedding Finger Or Engagement Ring Finger

Why not photograph your wedding finger complete with your ring, or rings. Then, email us your photo, and well add it to our blog. Finally, include your name and well add it to a gallery on this post. Well gladly share your photographs. If you wear your ring on a specific finger or hand, tell us why.

What Hand Does A Mans Wedding Ring Go On

Men commonly follow the above traditions in most Western cultures, men wear their wedding ring on the fourth finger of the left hand, just like women.

Men and women both can opt to wear their rings differently, however. Some modern couples even forego wedding rings entirely, opting for alternatives like wedding band tattoos or other jewelry instead of rings.

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The Ceremony Of Putting On Wedding Rings During The Wedding Vow

How is it now? During a church wedding, the priest no longer places the wedding rings directly on his hands. After the first part of the marriage vow, when the newlyweds vow love, faithfulness and marital honesty and the priest blesses them, the marriage is sealed with wedding rings.

The priest says the line: May God bless these rings, which you are to put on each other as a sign of love and fidelity and holy the rings. Then he addresses the couple with the words: As a sign of marriage, put on your rings and gives the couple a plate with rings.

The young people themselves reach for the rings and say one another , simultaneously putting the rings on the ring finger of the right hand:

Husband: , accept this ring as a sign of my love and faithfulness. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Wife: , accept this ring as a sign of my love and faithfulness. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

After the words of the oath and the gesture of putting on the wedding rings, the marriage is considered to be concluded.

The Meaning Behind Wearing Wedding Rings On Your Right Hand

Origins: Why does the wedding ring go on our left hand?

Weddings come with many norms and traditions that span across cultures and societies all over the world. No two cultures are the same. Manyif not mostcustoms and traditions are wildly different. Thats why culture clash is a real thing.

Perhaps the most prominent wedding tradition is the exchange of wedding rings between two people. Depending on where youre from, the finger you choose to wear your ring on and the hand you wear your wedding ring on might look very different from couples in other countries.

For example, in American tradition, when a person gets engaged, they put their engagement ring on their left hand, while tradition in other countries is a right hand ring. Its common on the actual wedding day to also add the wedding band to your engagement ring finger. But, this tradition isnt the norm for all cultures.

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