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How To Make A Wedding Slideshow

Discover More Great Powerpoint Slideshow Templates For 2022

How to make a same-day wedding slideshow FAST

The wedding PPT templates in the post are just a small selection of whats available on our marketplaces. If you want the best deal around, sign up for Envato Elements. Download the perfect PowerPoint template for any type of presentation anytime you need it. If you prefer buying individual templates, then head on over to GraphicRiver. We’ve got amazing PowerPoint wedding PPT templates on that marketplace.

Check out the following examples to see the different PowerPoint slideshow templates we have:

Decide On Some Slideshow Details For Us To Include

When we start to work on your project, we will ask you for some additional details to round out your slideshow.

Titles, Subtitles and CaptionsWill you want any text added to your slideshow? We can add title slides to the beginning, and credits to the end of the show. We can also add captions or subtitles at any point during the slideshow.

In order to add text, we will need a list of names, dates, and any specific titles, or subtitles youd like to see in the slideshow.

Choosing MusicWe understand that music adds an emotional background to a slideshow. You may have already decided on one or two specific songs.

Due to copyright laws, any music in slideshows we produce for our clients must be royalty free, or used with permission.

If you have popular songs in mind, we can help you find a licensed version, or a cover version of the song. Keep in mind that acquiring permission to use copyrighted music can be quite expensive.

If another version is not available, we can help you find similar royalty-free songs that will still express the theme and mood of your slideshow.

Collect Photos From The Couple And Family Members

The overall theme of the slideshow should reflect the couples style and story. For example, if they met as children, or were high school sweethearts, the slideshow can illustrate their relationship over time. A couple with a shorter courtship as adults, may not include as many photos of the two of them together and may feature more individual family photos. But thats OK!

When gathering the collection, include photos that:

  • Show the bride and groom as babies through their elementary and high school years.
  • Celebrate the couple with their family members.
  • Show the couple together with their mutual friends.
  • Display individual and shared interests over the years like sports and hobbies.
  • Highlight their engagement.

How many photos should you include?We suggest that as you gather photos, dont initially limit yourself to the number. When we talk through the details of your slideshow, we will get a better idea of the slideshow length and the number of photos we need. Then we can work with you to narrow down your selection.

As a general guideline, we think each photos duration should be just under three seconds. So a slideshow with 120 photos would be about six minutes long.

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Never Overlook The Templates

If you have an option with ready-made templates, don’t overlook it. It’s the only tool that can either make or break your content. The templates are for a purpose that you should consider carefully before taking out a project. It doesn’t mean that you can use any random template. Look for the ideal ones that match the wedding moment’s vibe, even if it isn’t under the wedding section because that will help you create something unique yet professional!

Best Free Wedding Slide Show Maker For You

Wedding Slideshow

Want to prepare the best wedding slideshow maker for the best day? Weve got you FilmForth Slideshow Maker, the best free slideshow maker that allows you to make wedding slideshows with music, videos, and pictures in simple clicks. It is completely free, and it doesnt have watermarks.

Moreover, it enables you to add transitions, special effects, stickers, and even animations to the clip to make the slideshow looks absolutely amazing.

FilmForth is freely available from Microsoft store, hit the free download button below to get it on your Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC in less than 2 minutes

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Choose Quality Over Quantity

Every time, you need to choose quality over quantity! By quality, we mean including only HD-quality pictures and videos to quickly grab the audiences’ attention. That’s perfect if you’ve hired a photographer for your wedding videos. Take some of them from it to create your attractive wedding slideshow. Also, it’s essential to note short and sweet slideshows than the lengthy ones consisting of low-quality and boring content.

Just Focus On The Event

This is pretty basic, but it makes more sense when you dont have any old pictures or clips good enough for this purpose. It is rare, but these situations cant be ignored. Perhaps you just want to make a slideshow that focuses strictly on your wedding day.

In this case, you must have gotten a considerable amount of awesome pictures from the event.

Making a slideshow specifically about your wedding is an excellent idea because it allows you to focus on that specific moment, relishing it for what it actually means to you.

A great example can be find here:

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How To Create A Wedding Slideshow In 5 Easy Steps

  • Gather photos from both the newlyweds families. Keep in mind that guests from both sides will attend. Try to keep an even number of photos for each side of the family.
  • Upload your photos. Collect pictures from family and friends, plus use plenty of pics taken while you were getting to know one another. When asking for photos, request a digital copy. Digital copies will help you avoid quality issues that can occur when taking a picture of a picture.
  • Edit the photos. Before screening the wedding slideshow, use the video editing app to assemble and order the images. Adding audio enhances the slideshow experience but finding songs that relate to the pictures can add time, so plan ahead. Dont forget to also leave yourself time to review your creation.
  • Test your display equipment. Few things are as frustrating as having technical difficulties on the big day. When you test the audio/video equipment beforehand, youll help to ensure a smooth, enjoyable experience for everyone.
  • Find an easy-to-use video editing app. The app you choose makes a big difference in both the quality of the final product and the creative experience itself. Adobe Premiere Rush offers a range of easy-to-use yet feature-rich tools that can help you tell and share your love story.
  • Explore what more you can do with Premiere Rush to create, edit, and share the best of your world.

    Determine When And How You Want To Show Your Slideshow

    ð? How to Create a Wedding Slideshow – Fast & Easy

    You have a few options for when to show your slideshow. Many couples set aside time during the rehearsal dinner or reception for guests to watch the slideshow. Others choose to have the slideshow playing in the background during the rehearsal dinner, cocktail hour, or reception so that guests can watch it as they please.

    Having a set time to show the slideshow gives you a chance to connect with your guests and have a shared experience and means that everyone definitely gets a chance to see it. But if you worry about boring your guests, or dont have time in your wedding schedule for watching the slideshow, then playing it in the background is a good choice.

    Put your DJ or a tech-savvy member of the wedding party in charge of the slideshow on the big day so that you dont have to worry about it. That way youll know that everything will go smoothly and any technical problems will be handled.

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    How To Create An Attractive Wedding Slideshow In Flexclip

    Regardless of your experience, FlexClip, a powerful online video maker, enables you to create a wedding slideshow with great ease. The user-friendly interface and well-designed templates are very helpful for beginners to get started quickly. Meanwhile, it provides you with rich resources to level up your wedding slideshow, like royalty-free stock video, stock music, and stylish font.

    Now that you have a general idea of your wedding slideshow, it’s time to put it into practice. The step-by-step guidance is listed below:

    Step 1

    How to Create an Attractive Wedding Slideshow in FlexClip – Step 1

    Step 2

    How to Create an Attractive Wedding Slideshow in FlexClip – Step 2

    Step 3

    How to Create an Attractive Wedding Slideshow in FlexClip – Step 3

    Step 4Step 5

    Bottom line

    That’s all about how to create a wedding slideshow. With FlexClip‘s slideshow maker, making a wedding slideshow is just a piece of cake. If this article is helpful for you, please share it with your friends or on your social media.

    Professional in video editing and video marketing, wed love to give some constructive tips and tricks to help our users make fantastic videos.

    Set The Vibe By Adding Music

    Spice up your wedding reception movie with music. You can drag and drop your music files into the working area, or click +Music in the Music tab to choose and import them. Add a song that has special meaning for the couple or choose from a music library with a wide range of ready-to-use music tracks.

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    Think Of The Story To Tell

    Before you start actually creating your wedding video, you need to think of the story you want to tell. Would you be only showing the pictures from the ceremony itself? Or would you rather tell your love story from the first date on? Or do you want to chronicle both of your lives from the cradle to the day you tied the knot? The approach you choose will determine all other aspects of your wedding slideshow.

    Give It Your Magic Touchendless Personalization Styles For Every Emotion

    Wedding Slideshow

    With all of the personal details that go into designing a wedding, your wedding video should let you reflect your personal style as well. You dont have to worry about timelines or color filters because muvee Reveal offers Styles, themes, and effects specifically tailored to making unique wedding memories. Wild, crazy party or romantic beach ceremony, muvee Reveal has Styles to fit every occasion. With our Style personalization feature you can tweak each of our unique Styles, adjusting things like energy level, pace and color effects until your wedding video is perfect, just like your special day. You can even customize your movie with your wedding song by changing the suggested track. Personalization doesnt stop with choosing a Style and a song. muvee Reveal analyzes your selected tune to ensure that your videos action ebbs and flows with the beat of your chosen song.

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    How Much Should I Put On My Wedding Presentation Slides

    If you’re adding text to a slide keep the text short and minimal. If you’ve got too much text on your slide, it’ll look like a big wall of text to your wedding guests.

    Likewise, if you’re using images or infographics don’t put too many images and infographics on a slide. Too many items can overwhelm the audience.

    Choose A Template And Upload Your Photos

    If youve picked an online slideshow maker, its time to upload all the photos online. Some online editors have a size limit. To avoid this problem, keep each images size under 5 MB. Check the format of your pictures as well.

    Many times, professional photographers click photos in a raw format. While asking for images from your wedding , ask them to convert them to .img, .jpg, or .jpeg formats.

    Next, choose a wedding slideshow theme or template. You can explore free templates on online video editors. You can select a pre-decided template that has the following features:

    • A flow of the slideshow means you simply place pictures in the template.
    • It has pre-arranged fonts and colours.
    • Keep what you like and change what you dont like. .

    You can start with a blank page and create your design using various elements and options in the editor.

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    Find A Good Wedding Slideshow Maker App

    There are many great wedding slideshow makers out there. Our team usually uses a SmartSHOW 3D by AMS Software. However, you can use any slideshow app that you like.

    The SmartSHOW 3D has a powerful slideshow setup that is easy to use. Even the most computer-challenged person can easily follow along with this wedding slideshow maker. The software offers ready-made wedding slideshow templates that make the design process simple.

    How Long Should A Wedding Slideshow Be

    How to Make a Professional Wedding Slideshow

    In order to have ample time to showcase your wedding photos that encompass the couples love story in a fancy and creative way, while keeping as many guests as possible in their seats by trying not to make the wedding reception too somniferous or tedious, an apropos time for a wedding slideshow should be around 8 to 15 minutes. You can use FilmForth to customize the image duration and transition time to adjust the length of the wedding slideshows.

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    Create A Photo Slideshow For Your Weddingin 6 Easy Steps

    A wedding photo slideshow is a nice addition to a reception. Here’s how to create oneeasily and stress-free.

    Photo: Kari Dawson Weddings

    Looking for a surefire way to keep your guests entertained, delighted and moved at your wedding reception or rehearsal dinner? Put together a photo slideshow featuring childhood pictures, sweet snaps from your romance and photos featuring your friends and family members we guarantee everyone will love it.

    Use Animations To Keep Attention

    This trend isn’t about animating every single element of your wedding presentation templates. Rather, this trend is about animating it the smart way to keep your audience entertained.

    When you cut to a new slide, don’t show it all at once. Instead, use animations to introduce the content in stages. This will keep your guests waiting for the next photo in your wedding slideshow!

    Learn more here:

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    How To Create An Attractive Wedding Slideshow

    • How to Create an Attractive Wedding Slideshow

    The wedding ceremony is one of the most important events of our lives. It symbolizes that the relationships between you and your loved one are officially recognized. Along this journey, there must be some wonderful moments that are worth remembering. Let’s create an engaging wedding slideshow to tell your love stories in your wedding ceremony.

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    Tips For Creating An Attractive Wedding Slideshow

    Wedding Slideshow

    As for the viewers, an interesting wedding slideshow video has either fun or engaging video content.

    To achieve this goal, you can go to the photo library of your mobile phone or your social platforms to find interesting photos or video clips. You can choose pictures from the childhood to the day you are engaged. Besides, it is also a good idea to add interesting text and effects to the slideshow.

    How can we create a wedding slideshow that is related to the guests? If possible, making an interviewing video is a great choice. You can prepare some interesting questions and then interview your friends or families members. Or you can ask your friends if they can send you a wedding congratulation video.

    In general, the time of a wedding slideshow should be kept under 10 minutes, or your guests may get bored. But, if the time is more than 10 minutes, how can we adjust it within 10 minutes without deleting photos or video clips? The answer is adjusting the duration of a photo. Use FlexClip’s editing tools to speed up the slideshow. In the following part, we will show you the details.

    As we all know, less is more. Dont make the slideshow too complicated. When you customize the slideshow, please pay attention to the color scheme, including the color of the texts and backgrounds. Generally speaking, it is no more than three colors. The following picture showcases the seven major color schemes that can get you inspired.

    Seven Major Color Schemes

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