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How Early Should You Send Wedding Invitations

How Early Should You Send Wedding Invitations

When To Send Wedding Invitations (AND SAVE THE DATES)

Invitations should be sent to your guests six to eight weeks in advance of your wedding. Invitations for destination weddings should be sent to your guests three months in advance of your wedding.

Keeping this in consideration, Can you send wedding invitations 6 months in advance?

Its OK to send your save the date cards out 6 -12 months before. However, if you send your invites as much as 4-6 months early, you risk them getting lost or your guests actually forgetting the date as its so far off in the future.

Secondly What is the etiquette for wedding invitations? Keep It Simple. Wedding invitations should include the full names of the couple getting married, those of the hosts , and the place and time of the ceremonythats it. These invites, by Epoch Designs, do just that.

Do you send wedding invitations to the bridal party?

The short answers: No, its not redundant, and yes, you should send them. While youre right that clearly they know the scoop on the wedding, theyre still going to want an invite to remember the day. So while they dont necessarily need an invite, its still a lovely gesture to send one.

When To Order Stationery Sample Packs

When should you mail your invitations? Before you even get to that question you have go right back to the beginning of the timeline and ask: when do I order a stationery sample pack? . Paperlust recommends ordering samples 9-12 months before the wedding or, if you have a short engagement, ASAP! You want to allow for shipping times , so always check how long it will take to get to you.

Once your sample pack arrives, you can narrow down your choice of paper and print type, as well as format, and get to picking your dream design online.

How Far In Advance Should I Start Looking At Wedding Invitation Styles

Lets backtrack just a bit. Youll want to give yourself ample time to check out the huge selection of invitations available and find the style that best fits your weddings theme and color scheme. Starting about six months before your big day, we recommend browsing online stationers or reading reviews of local stationers on a site like WeddingWire, then visiting a few to see their offerings. This will give you enough time to proofread and order your invitations, as well as enlist a calligrapher to address the envelopes, if desired. Calligraphers do tend to book up quickly, so its best to hire one sooner rather than later.

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When To Send Save The Dates For Your Wedding


One of the first wedding-planning tasks you must take on is sending save the dates. But, many questions come to mind when tackling this project. Specifically, you’re probably wondering when to send save-the-date cards. This particular announcement will be your initial segue into the world of wedding stationery suites, so we’ve done all the research to get you prepared.

Read on to get answers to all your questions about etiquette concerning the first piece of wedding stationery you’ll send out.

Is It Too Soon

When To Send Out Wedding Invitations (and Other Wedding ...

There is often a lot of debate about whether or not you can send out wedding invitations too early. Whilst you may be planning to wait a few years before being wed, it is important not to jump too far ahead in your planning timeline. Stay as close to the timeline as possible, as sending invitations too early can mean that some of your guests may forget or not be able to commit to your future date. Don’t forget, you are certainly able to chat with your friends and family and give them an idea of when the wedding will be so that they are aware.

Via Four 13 Designs

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Resources Related To When To Send Wedding Invitations

Not sure which wedding invitation design is right for you? Try one of our free wedding invitation samples to better understand our quality, cardstock and designs. Also, if youre looking for some inspiration to add to your invitations, play around with our hashtag generator for great wedding hashtag ideas. And if youre looking for additional wedding planning help, make sure to visit our resources on how long it takes to plan a wedding and our wedding planning checklist.

You May Be Wondering So What Do You Recommend For Mailing Wedding Invitations

My professional recommendation is to send wedding invitations out no sooner than 6-10 weeks before the wedding. This will help avoid false yes, forgetfulness, wasted money in reprints, and avoid stress of re-communicating any changes that may come.

I also highly recommend you hiring a stationery designer to help alleviate any stress in the process.

My heart is to help you have the most enjoyable engagement season possible as your planning your wedding. Mailing invitations is an area that I see being a stressful point for SO MANY of the brides Ive talked to. Thats actually part of the reason I love doing stationery for weddings now I take it entirely off their plate and let them do what is fun for them instead of worrying about all these things.

For most brides, they are only sending save the dates or wedding invitations ONCE and this is their very first time. For me, Ive done this MANY TIMES and I am not new to the issues that arise or how to smoothly solve them.

If youd like to chat more about what it would look like to outsource your invitations schedule a free consultation with me here!

I take care of not only designing the invitations, but offer a full-service experience from the initial concepts > putting your invitations in the mail > designing day-of good for your day. You can see what Im working on RIGHT NOW by following along on the gram.

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When When Should You Send Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations should be sent six to eight weeks before the wedding date. Ideally, you would have also sent out Save the Dates 4-6 Months before the Date as well. The proper time to request RSVPs is 1 month from the Wedding Date.

There are, of course, caveats to each of these timeline recommendations. In this article, well break down everything you need to consider for your wedding invitation timeline.

What Goes Into A Wedding Invitation


So what exactly goes into a wedding invitation? A little more than you might expect, and you dont want to miss any details when you send those wedding invitations out to your guests! Lets break it down.

Heres what youll need to include in your wedding invitation envelope, at a minimum:

  • the wedding invitation card itself, which will include the date, time, venue address, dress code, and your wedding website
  • an RSVP card and return envelope, with postage included

Those elements cover the minimum needed to give your guests the information they need to RSVP.

When sending your wedding invitations, there are also some additional elements that make for really nice additions to your invite suite. These include:

  • a dinner menu, so your guests can see what theyll be served and choose accordingly
  • a dedicated accommodations and things to do card, so your guests can make travel arrangements with confidence
  • a keepsake postcard for your wedding destination, especially if your guests are traveling somewhere fun

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When To Send Out Invitations Calculator

As an estimate, if youre getting married during the month indicated below, youll need to send invitations in the mail around the date indicated next to it. I recommend the 8-week amount of time, but 6 weeks is also an acceptable amount of time before the wedding.

Heres a sample calculator to figure out when youll be sending out wedding invitations based on the month in which youre getting married.

Wedding Date

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When Should You Collect Wedding Rsvps

As challenging as sending your wedding invitations can be, you cant relax until you get all your RSVPs back. RSVPs are crucial for your wedding plans because having an accurate headcount can make a huge impact on catering costs and other expenses.

Lots of people understand how difficult wedding planning can be, so theyll be sympathetic and return their RSVPs as soon as possible. However, you should include a deadline to respond on your wedding invitation in case you know any lovable procrastinators.

If your guest list is small, you can get away with setting the deadline two or three weeks ahead of the wedding. However, larger guest lists create more uncertainties. To be on the safe side, one months notice is the perfect compromise to help guests figure out their own schedule and allow you to notify your caterer and venue.

You shouldnt have to feel shy about hunting RSVPs down if people miss the deadline. If you provide a deadline on the invitation and others ignore it, dont hesitate to give them a call and get a definitive answer.

Ready to Create Your Perfect Wedding Invitations?

Now that you know when to send wedding invitations and how to avoid common mistakes, your wedding planning can be much less stressful.

If youre ready to start designing your perfect invitations, Greetings Island would love to help you create beautiful, custom cards. Check out our wedding invitation collection& save the date cards to find your dream wedding invitations template.

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Can You Send Wedding Invitations A Year In Advance

If the wedding is in a couple of years: we do not recommend you to send out your wedding invitations more than 10 months before hand, and the wedding invitations 2 to 4 months beforehand. This is because they can get lost, and maybe your preferences concerning the friends that you want to invite will change.

What About Rehearsal Dinner Invitations When Should We Send Those Out

How Soon Before The Wedding Should Invitations Be Sent Out

After your guests have received your wedding invitation, they might be wondering if theres a rehearsal dinner and if theyre invited. We recommend sending out your rehearsal dinner invitations a week or two after sending out your main wedding invitations. That way, your guests will have enough time to adjust travel plans if needed. Rehearsal dinner invitations should be sent separately from your wedding invitations, even if the guest list is generally the same.

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How Soon To Send Out Wedding Invites

Wondering how soon to send out wedding invites? Well tell you! , though, or youll definitely miss out on future updates!

OK: how soon is too soon to send out wedding invites? And how late is too late?! Well help you find the timeline thats just right with todays blog post! Lets hit it!

by alethea and ruth

When Should We Make The Deadline For Rsvps

Make your RSVP date two to three weeks before your wedding date to allow enough time for you to get a final head count to the caterer and to finalize your seating chart. If some guests still haven’t responded by your deadline, give them a quick call and ask for their RSVPs so you have all their information.

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What To Include On A Save The Date Card

Surprisingly, a save the date card may have more information on it than your actual wedding invitations. Include a link to your wedding website or wedding registry, and provide suggestions for hotel accommodations. Yes, this means youll have to get a jump start on getting hotel rooms blocked off, fine tuning the guest list, and other details, but your guests will appreciate it in the long run.

Now, if youre reading this thinking, I dont have that much time! I wont even be engaged a full year before my wedding!, dont worry. First, these timeframes are only suggestions. Second, with Greenvelope, you can design, address, and send out all your save the dates in as little as 30 minutes. Skipping the snail mail route is one strategy to give your guests plenty of time to make arrangements.

Is It Ok To Put Rsvp On Wedding Invitation

When do you send out save the dates and wedding invitations?

An RSVP wedding card is a piece of the wedding stationery suite, along with the main invitation and any enclosure cards, if they apply. You need a complete and final wedding guest list before you can mail out your cards. Remember, if youre hosting a ceremony-only wedding, RSVP cards are not required.

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When To Send Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Design: Claudia Owens

Often times, couples will host a rehearsal dinner the evening before the big day. While not necessary, its an opportunity to do a run-through of your ceremony, allowing your bridal party to know where they should be .

Afterwards, its a wonderful time to gather with close friends, family members, and their plus ones. It can be as formal or casual as you wish, and youre welcome to invite out-of-town guests and other friends, or keep things intimate with just your wedding party.

Since a rehearsal dinner is usually held the night before your wedding, it doesnt make a significant impact on travel arrangements. Therefore, you can send out rehearsal dinner invitations 4-6 weeks before the event.

We’re Having An Adults

Address your invitations correctlyto each guest by name, not “and guest”and guests should understand that the invite is meant for only those mentioned. If you find that some reply with their children’s names added, give them a call and explain you’re having an adults-only wedding and you hope they can still attend. If there are a lot of kids in your family, you may want to consider hiring or arranging for a babysitter. It’s definitely not required, but it’s a nice gesture. Just be sure to include this information on the wedding website.

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How To Send The Invitations

  • All wedding invitations should be mailed and sent by post. Whether you are sending an invitation to your next door neighbour or to your parents, they must be posted.
  • No wedding invitation should be delivered by hand and this applies to all invitations without any exceptions.

If you dont like the idea of mailing your wedding invitations by regular post, you could courier them. This will cost you a whole lot more than ordinary post but you wont have to contend with the ugly post office markings.

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