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How To Have A Courthouse Wedding

Can We Have A Wedding Ceremony After A Courthouse Marriage

How to Quickly Set Up a Courthouse Wedding

Ok, so here is my issue. I have been reading some of the posts and now Im worried I may not be going about this the right way. My finace is in the service and scheduled to go overseas and so we are getting married at the courthouse may 11th. Originally we had planned to have a big ceremony in may of 2008.

So, we are getting married at the courthouse with family and having a small reception afterwards. However, we have asked our family not to give us gifts or anything. We are planning to have a formal wedding next may, even though we will already be married. We were discussing how we would make out those invitations. We were thinking about putting an intro with the date of our legal marriage and that now we are having an official ceremoney and would like the guests to attend. Do you think this will make people think we just want gifts? That is not the reason we want to I just want a real wedding. And I know we could wait, but we have our reasons for going ahead with our plans. Also, do you have any suggestions for what the invitations should say and if we should do vows or a type of renewal thing? I just feel that it would be kind of silly to do renewals after only a year of marriage. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks

Donna, Wedding Queen

Once youre married youre married. There are no do-overs.

Please thank your groom for his service to our country and wish him a safe trip back home.

Good luck to you and your family

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Donna, Wedding Queen

Ways To Make Your Courthouse Wedding Special

ByJamie Birdwell-Branson on Sep 27, 2018

There are plenty of reasons to get married at the courthouseyoure on a tight budget, your spouse-to-be is in the military, or the two of you are about to buy a housebut just because your wedding will be low-key doesnt mean that its still not a reason to celebrate! If you plan on saying I do at the courthouse, there are many ways to make it a special occasion. After all, no matter the venue or the time it takes to plan, its not every day that you get married!

Planning on a courthouse wedding? Here are seven ways to make the day feel more special.

Do You Need To Make An Appointment

The possibility or necessity of making an appointment at city hall is dependent on the city in which youre getting married. Some will take appointments in advance, but know that like all appointments, there may be a longer wait than youre expecting!

If your local courthouse does not take appointments, youll have to pick a day and ask if they are going to be open. Then, just know that there may be a wait when you arrive, or that they marriage clerks may be busy with something else. Again, this is all something to discuss on the phone beforehand!

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Get A Replacement Licence

You must apply for a replacement licence only if you still wish to get married and:

  • you or your future spouse have changed a name or since your unused licence was issued, or
  • you no longer have your unused licence

The replacement licence is valid for three months from the date it was issued. Couples should only apply for a replacement within three months of their rescheduled wedding.

When you visit a municipal office to get a replacement licence:

  • municipal fees may apply
  • there is no provincial fee
  • bring your unused licence
  • bring your identification documents
  • go to the municipality where you originally purchased your licence

If you are unable to go back to the same municipality where you originally purchased your licence, additional time and information may be required to issue a replacement.

Contact your municipality before applying for a replacement for more information.

Gather All Your Essentials

25 Gorgeous Photos That Will Convince You To Have A Courthouse Wedding ...

Before the date of your wedding ceremony, put together a packet that contains all of your necessary paperwork. This should include your marriage license and forms of identification for both you and your partner, plus payment for the marriage ceremony if you havent already paid.

Heres your final must-have: a witness over the age of 18. Some courthouses only need one witness, while others will require two one each for you and your future spouse.

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What To Expect At A Courthouse Wedding

The thing about this kind of ceremony is that not that many people have been to them. Unless a close family member has had one or you work at city hall, its unlikely that youve witnessed one of these special ceremonies. This article is here to help you figure out what to expect for a courthouse wedding.

There are also ways to closely plan the details of your courthouse wedding day. Do you want to do something fun in the morning beforehand? Do you want to wear a fun, non-traditional wedding dress?

What about for dinner that night, or for a honeymoon? All of these aspects of a traditional wedding are still things to keep in mind for a more intimate affair.

Tips For An Amazing Courthouse Wedding

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Since you already know the best reasons to have a courthouse wedding, you want to move on to how to make this day special. Just because youre getting married at the courthouse does not mean you want to lose the sentiment or fairy tale feeling of a wedding.

Having a Justice of the Peace Wedding is not really taboo anymore. It just endorses thriftiness and embraces the idea of just marrying for love, and forgoing the huge production. There are many different ways to make a courthouse wedding elegant and special, and most of all, unforgettable.

Here are 12 Tips for an amazing courthouse wedding.

  • Get an amazing dress You do not have to miss out on an amazing dress just because youre getting married at the courthouse. Wear what you want!
  • Get a good photographer Pictures or it never happened. If you are to invest in anything for this day, I highly recommend putting your money towards a good photographer for memories youll have for a lifetime. If youre in the Tennessee area, check out Amy Hutchinson Photography
  • Spring for a flower or bouquet something about a bouquet just says bride. It doesnt have to be fancy but just charming enough to let people know it is your special day.
  • Include prayer Just because it doesnt happen in a church, does not mean you cant include any religious elements. Say a prayer before and/or after the ceremony to recognize your religious commitment.
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    What To Expect: One Brides Courthouse Wedding Story

    Diana Stellick and her spouse, Matthew, knew they both wanted a courthouse wedding.

    Neither of us see the point in spending a ton of money while were young and still building our savings, Stellick says. Weddings, from our viewpoint, take a big chunk out of savings for either us personally, or our parents if they chip in.

    In January 2019, the couple made their joint vision a reality by getting married in a Los Angeles courthouse. While they thought about the idea for about 10 months leading up to the big day, their courthouse wedding took about a month to plan.

    I was surprised that you actually have to still plan it, Stellick says. I think I was at the courthouse three times in total for paperwork and setting a date. You cant just walk into the courthouse the day of and get married.

    In addition to making multiple trips to the courthouse for paperwork, they were required to arrive between 30 minutes to an hour ahead of their ceremony appointment time. The courthouse was on a tight schedule of appointments, requiring couples to show up early to avoid delaying their own ceremony and impacting others.

    There was an officiant, and he tried to get to know us a little bit before the ceremony, which was unexpected, Stellick says. The officiant had vows prepared, but youre allowed to say your own vows if youd like. Rings are still exchanged, if you want, and you can invite people. I think our courthouse held maybe 15 to 20 seats for guests.

    What Do You Have To Do To Get Married At A Courthouse

    How to Get Married at the Courthouse & What to Expect

    If you are seriously considering a courthouse wedding, we can totally help you get started!

    All you have to do it to go to your local courthouse and apply for a marriage license. There is typically a fee associated with one.

    The cost of the marriage license will really depend on where you are located. You will also need a few documents in order to get your marriage license!

    Once you have everything, you can go ahead and fill out the necessary paper work. The paper work can be found at your local courthouse or online.

    Then go ahead and submit the paper work, documents and pay your fees!

    From here you can proceed with booking your courthouse wedding!

    They are so many reasons why we love and are fully for courthouse weddings!

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    Or Just Eat At Mickey D’s

    No, but seriously. This is the beauty of bucking tradition. Maybe you don’t want to go to some foo-fooey bistro for dinner or, maybe you both just really love Big Macs. That’s cool.

    Happy Nuptials!

    Welcome to marriage, where you’ll write the rules, forge news paths, and face the big, bad, unpredictable s.o.b. we call life, together.

    How To Make Your Courthouse Wedding Special And Unique

    • Wear something you’re excited about.
    • Bring a friend or hire a photographer to take some pictures.
    • Create a small, concise gift registry to share for those who ask for one.
    • Put together a playlist to celebrate the day.
    • Splurge on a fancy post-wedding meal.

    Whether you hire a friend or a professional, invest a little in a few newlywed shots. They’ll be important to you later on.

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    How To Have A Ceremony After Getting Married At The Court House

    Posted in Etiquette and Advice5

    So my fiance are planning on being married at the court house where we live in TX within the month or so, but want to have a ceremony or “wedding” back home with family and friends in a year . It feels odd to wear a wedding dress and do a ceremony after we are already married, but I want to wear the pretty dress, and have some sort of ceremony with everyone there.I need help with ideas or what would be proper to do. I feel like maybe its silly to try and do the whole typical ceremony when we are already legally married, or that others will think it odd. HELP what do you all think??

    on May 12, 2020 at 3:47 PM

    Breathtaking Views For Pictures

    10 Sweet &  Simple Courthouse Weddings (That Still Have Tons of Style ...

    When you first step into a venue, take a look at your surroundings. Is the atmosphere aesthetic and conducive to beautiful wedding pictures? Will the background of your images look lovely no matter where you are standing? Or will the photographer have to get creative and work hard to find a beautiful backdrop?

    The perfect wedding venue will have plenty of photo-opp locations, making it easy to snap gorgeous images of your special day. For example, the flourishing outdoor courtyard and the historic atmosphere of The Court House in Kinross is renowned for being the prime location for breathtaking wedding photos.

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    What Was The Best Thing About Having A Courthouse Wedding

    Woman A: We got SO much quality time with each other and with our familieswe spent the day in deep conversation and celebration instead of managing/producing a big event.We also loved the publicness of it, like taking the subway and walking alongside Tuesday morning commuters. So many people stopped to wish us luck, others just shared a smile. We loved that this ordinary Tuesday was also such an extraordinary day in our lives.

    Woman B: Being as present and focused on formalizing our legal partnership without worrying about a schedule or guests.

    Woman C: I loved the fact that because the courthouse wedding was simple and easy to organize, we could focus on what was really important: our love and creating a day of wonderful memories and photos we would always cherish. I also think that the low cost of a courthouse wedding was very exciting for us and allowed us to stay on track for our financial goal to buy our first home in the next one to two years. I also personally enjoyed the process of being creative and figuring out a new way of getting married via Instagram Live so we could include our friends and family.

    What Should The Bride And Groom Wear

    You can wear whatever you would like! One thing you might want to consider is if you plan on having pictures of your courthouse wedding. You might want to dress up a little for your memories.

    If you plan on celebrating afterwards, be sure to wear something that accommodates the post wedding festivities.

    The bride may choose to wear a nice dress but something less formal than a traditional wedding gown. If this is the case the groom should wear dress pants, a button-down shirt, and a blazer jacket. The bride may also choose to do something special like get her hair and nails done before hand.

    However, its also completely fine if you decide to get married in blue jeans and a t-shirt. Whatever best fits your style as a couple is perfectly acceptable.

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    If You’re Attending A Courthouse Wedding

    While a casual dress code can be tricky to decipher , there are some safe bets where courthouse wedding attire is concerned. A courthouse is a public official’s office, so it’s a good idea to err on the side of business casual, versus a laid-back look you might wear to run errands. Read: A sports coat and slacks, a dressier sundress or a nice blouse plus slacks or a skirt are all great options.

    Looking for an outfit to wear to a civil ceremony but unsure of where to begin? Shop some of our favorite courthouse wedding guest outfits below:

    This fluttery, floral number is perfect for a spring or summer affair. Dress it up with heeled sandals or down with a pair of sneakers.

    All In Favor Ruffle Cami Midi Dress, $59,

    We love a navy dress for two reasons: It’s versatile enough to work for any wedding style, and its subdued hue works with a variety of accessories.

    ASOS DESIGN Wrap bodice midi dress with tie waist and pleat skirt, $72,

    This ‘fit combines the slinky look of a slip dress with the figure-flattering silhouette of a wrap dress. You know what we call that? A major fashion win.

    BHLDN Olmstead Dress, $230,

    A gathered bodice, micro floral print and sexy slit are the makings of a totally on-trend sundress.

    Reformation Lacey dress, $248,

    A slim-cut gray suit works for almost any semi-formal, cocktail or casual ocassion. Another plus? You’ll definitely wear this wardrobe staple again.

    ASOS DESIGN from $40,

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