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In N Out Wedding Catering

Late Night Snacks Your Wedding Guests Are Going To Love

WEDDING CATERING: The Styles, The Pros The Cons

Its 10 oclock at night on your wedding daydo you know what your wedding guests want to eat?! Based on the most recent wedding trends, carnival bites, boba tea and churros are at the top of the list! Perhaps its time to plan for something seriously delish, and save the pizza for another night. Were cooking up cinnamon churros and other late night snacks that your wedding guests will love!

We surveyed a few wedding industry professionals to get the down low on all things late night wedding food. We encourage you to not read any further unless youve recently eaten. This is some yummy info!

Lets Have A Food Truck Wedding

Excite your guest with a f

ood truck at you wedding

Planning your wedding day is one of the most intricate processes you will ever have to do. As much as a wedding is rewarding, it can seem overwhelming due to the many decisions one has to make. From guest lists, venues, flowers, wedding catering and more, the list goes on and on. At Me.n.u Food Truck we give you one less thing to worry about by full-service catering or a memorable Late Night snack.

We have the resources, experience, and efficiency to handle weddings of any size, whether you have 30 guests or over 1,000.

Why Does In N Out Not Have Bacon

Bacon is a peculiar product that requires care and proper storage. At In-N-Out, you will never find bacon in your meals. Since In-N-Out always tries to follow high-quality standards, this chain does not run the risk of operating with bacon. In fact, they make sure that the food is fresh and tasty enough to keep for a long time, so bacon is not on this chains list of products.

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Late Night Catering At Your Wedding

Tired of having a cold uneventful late night buffet bar? So are we! A Late night food truck is perfect to replace your late night buffet bar. Hot fresh food ordered straight from the truck, we will please all your guest. Give your guest the experience of gathering around the truck, anticipating the opening of the window and with everyone in a great mood hanging out and chatting, it adds a new atmosphere to your special day.

Many of our clients have an agreement with the venue that our food truck will be arriving at 9 pm to set up. On arrival, we call to let your wedding planner/contact. Once 10-11 pm comes around we open the window to serve your guest.

Dont worry, the reason why we come so early is because we dont want a huge line. We pride ourselves on quick turn around times and smiles. You have expect the line to move very quickly when you hire our food truck for your late night catering.

Once the two hour service window is complete, we just close the window, take the trash and drive away. Late night snack catering has never been easier!

Wedding Menu

We’ll customize the experience to fit your needs. Whether you want guests to mingle in line at the food truck, self serve with a traditional buffet.

After 7 years in the food truck industry, we have curated our menu to fit your wedding catering needs. Our Roti Tacos, Bento Boxes & Fusion Poutines are great for all occasions.

Flexible Service Styles

Does In N Out Do Catering


You plan the event. Well cook the burgers. Whether its a corporate picnic, birthday or wedding, our Cookout Trucks are a great way for your guests to enjoy a hamburger, cheeseburger or Double-Double® without leaving the party.Does in n out give free food? in-n-out secret menu.

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How To Order From In

For catering services through the cookout trailer, customers should reserve 4 to 6 months prior to the event. There must be a deposit and a signed contract in availing of the cookout trailer catering service.

There is also an online cookout calculator for interested customers. The calculator needs the number of guests, duration time, and the type of meal to be able to add up the cost of the request.

Aside from the cookout trailer, the burger chain also accepts orders online. Orders are also accepted through direct calls, emails, or fax. The list of menu is available on their website.

In choosing what to order, there are other products in the menu aside from burgers like grilled cheese, sandwiches, shakes, and many more. Customers can pair their burgers with their various sides.

Payment can be made in cash or credit card. For credit card users, Visa, Master card, Discover, and American Express are accepted.

File: Flickr Rberteig 1584089747

Original file

DescriptionFlickr rberteig 1584089747–In-N-Out catering truck.jpg An In-N-Out Burger catering truck at a wedding in a canyon above Malibu, California, USA. Original comments by photographer: “Catering was by IN-N-OUT and Louise’s Trattoria. Amazingly, they were able to get their restaurant truck all the way up into the canyon and set up at the event. It seemed to me that the truck was a big hit, even though the pastas and hors d’oeuves by Louise’s were good.”IN-N-OUT Caters
This file is licensed under the Creative CommonsAttribution 2.0 Generic license.

You are free:

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  • attribution You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use. BY 2.0 Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 truetrue

This image was originally posted to Flickr by RBerteig at . It was reviewed on 27 March 2009 by FlickreviewR and was confirmed to be licensed under the terms of the cc-by-2.0.
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Lana Condor’s Wedding Will Have In

In an interview with People, Lana Condor revealed that having In-N-Out trucks serving food to her guests is on the top of her wedding priority list . In-N-Out trucks, often called cookout trucks, are available to cater events with a range of In-N-Out’s most desirable menu items.

The trucks don’t just serve classic In-N-Out burgers, they can also offer guests the meat experience of a lifetime with the double-double hamburger. In-N-Out’s website notes that these trucks make all of their burger options fresh at the events they are hired for. So members of Condor’s wedding will be able to experience the juiciest In-N-Out burgers possible on her special day.

Wanting to have fast food served at her wedding is very on brand for Condor. The actor often posts pictures of herself devouring fast food classics across her social media platforms. So despite being an untraditional wedding dish, Condor is sticking with what she loves to make sure her ceremony perfectly embodies her.

In N Out Catering Menu Prices And Review


In-n-out burger primarily focuses on serving burgers across American Southwest and the Pacific coast. Areas served by the fast food chain include California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Utah, and Oregon.

The fast food chain was first established on October 22, 1948 by Harry Snyder and Esther Snyder. The food chain is found in over 300 locations across five US states. The burger chain offers 3 major types of burgers: hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and double double. These 3 burgers are also available for online orders and catering services.

Catering services of the burger chain is good for special events, corporate picnics, weddings and many more. The menu for the catering services is the same with the menu offered in the onsite locations of the store. People crave for the different styles of burger of the store. The famous double double burger comes with 2 hamburger patties and 2 slices of cheese. All the hamburgers come with tomato, lettuce, onions and sauce.

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How Does The In

In planning an event, you set aside time. If the burgers were cooked out, then it would be good. Whether your event is corporate picnic, birthday party, wedding, or any other occasion, your guests can enjoy a tasty hamburger, cheeseburger or double-dipping s any of your guests to enjoy a hamburger, cheeseburger or Double-Double without leaving the party

Food Truck Wedding Cost

At first glance, a food truck wedding can seem much more cost-effective than one catered by a traditional caterer. In some cases, initial estimates for the latter may come back at $100 per head, while estimates for the former come back at $15. Thats a huge difference, but, as Shane notes, its important to realize that a quote from a food truck is likely not all-inclusive. When youre comparing catering quotes, you want to make sure youre comparing apples to apples and not apples to oranges, she explains. Per Shane, a traditional catering quote will typically include rentals, staffing, and oftentimes beverage and dessert service. Food trucks typically bring their food and their truck … not much more than that.

Theyre not helping to set up tables at the beginning, theyre not providing China, no one’s pouring water for guests at their tables, she adds. That setup may work for a casual picnic-style affair but likely wont jive with something more traditional or formalwhich means you could wind up spending more money booking additional services to round out the experience.

Another element to consider is insurance. A professional vendor will have their own event insurance, but the same is not necessarily true for a truck that doesnt ordinarily work the party circuit. If something were to go wrong, those costs could fall to you, so youll want to ensure the truck you book has their paperwork in order.

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In N Out Cookout Prices

The minimum prices of one cookout unit are $1500 or 75% of the total order cost. This includes 1.5 hour of serving as well, but if you need to keep the trailer and the servers longer this costs $100 per half an hour. Cookout trailer cannot prepare shakes and French fries.

Check out In N Out Catering Prices Below

The prices of the service are defined by the quantity of food, tax, mileage. The payment can only be completed by Visa, Master Card, American Express or check.

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In N Out Catering Cookout Trailer | Prices
Minimum charge to bring a unit out is $1500 or 75% of your estimated order based on the prices below . This entitles you to 1.5 hours of serving time and additional overtime charge of $100 per half hour is added if you want to keep the trailer for more then 1.5 hrs.
Double-Double burger
French fries and shakes cannot be prepared on the cookout trailer.

Winner: Fork + Farm Catered Events

a California staple

Founded by a husband-and-wife duo, Fork + Farm specializes in custom curated off-site catering and strives to work with local producers to bring its clients the best of Alberta. Our menu is all over the map. Everything is handcrafted and made from scratch, right down to our bread, says co-owner Jennifer Jeffery. Fork + Farm serves in a range of styles, including buffets and plated dinners, and offers bespoke menus crafted by a team of award-winning chefs and event professionals. An example of a winter menu is roasted B.C. wild mushroom velouté, pan-roasted PEI scallops, 72-hour braised Spring Creek short ribs and sugar pumpkin crème brûlée.

20, 920 28 St. N.E., 403-457-9931,, @forkandfarmyyc

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Start The Search For The Perfect Wedding Caterer

When you’re ready to start your search, select ‘catering’ on the drop down menu on the home page or under the ‘vendors’ tab at the top of the screen. Enter your wedding destination city and state, OR zip code, and see local caterers. It’s an absolute necessity to read reviews on WeddingWire from real couples before making the final booking. Even talk to family and friends about catering services that they have used. Choosing your wedding caterer should be a fun experience where you let your creativity shine!

How Do You Get Free Food From In

Employees do receive free meals with every shift, contrary to what some may think of as a discount offered to employees family and friends. According to Booshley, employees can order anywhere from a miniature double double to a full size burger in a few minutes. Milkshakes and animal style fries are the only foods free they can eat.

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What Do I Need To Consider When It Comes To Parking The Food Truck

If the main meal at your event will be served from a food truck, youll need a space thats large enough to accommodate the truck but isnt too far away from your guests tables. Youll also need to think about venue accessibility. LAs beloved Kogi BBQ truck, for example, cannot drive up hills with a 15% grade or higher.

Food Truck Wedding Ideas

Moe And Aissatous Elegant Wedding Featuring ROTIMI (#AissaMoe2021)
  • Mobile Bar: These are a fun addition to any celebration. Those that specialize in only one beverage or are confined to only a few taps are best when booked for a short window of time in addition to a bar.
  • Dessert: Not into cake? Not a problem. Go with an end-of-night ice cream sandwich, popsicle cart, or donut truck instead. This gives guests the food truck vibe, but theres no rush or a time constraint, Shane says.
  • Late-Night Snack: After a night of dancing and drinking, theres no better surprise than end-of-the-night junk food. Whether its burgers and fries , pizza, tater tots, or tacos, your guests will be grateful for carbs to sop up the booze.

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How Much Does It Cost For In

For a trailer to be brought out of the trailer park, it would require a minimum fee of $1,250. A $500 estimate is equal to either 80 percent or 75 percent of your order. Your date will need a $500.00 deposit to be finalized. A number of other charges are associated with the usage of food, taxes, and mileage. and please tip us also. In this case, we get one point. It takes five hours to serve this food.

Additional Information About In N Out Catering

Before ordering a cookout trailer consider that it is 65 ft. long and 15 ft. overhead and 12 ft. wide. The clients location must be of 28 feet of clear space, otherwise it will be impossible to have it parked.

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Delicious In N Out Catering

The company provides with trailer, food, personnel, table service. The burgers are placed in a paper box and go with a napkin. All the rest should be in charge of the client like tables, chairs, trashcans, etc.

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Creative Grilled Cheese Options

photog: Elaine Palladino Photography

Theres nothing better than a classic grilled cheese, but take it up a notch with customization options to keep things interesting! Wed recommend toppings like tomatoes, spinach, truffle oil, Parmesan cheese, crunchy onion pieces, Furikake, and fresh herbs, but get creative in what youre offering your guests! Alyssa Abshier & Victoria Nadler, Co-Founders, Amber Sol Collective

Lana Condor’s Wedding Catering Plan Is An In


When it comes to weddings there is a lot to love. The beautiful decorations, the delicious cake, and of course the specially-catered In-N-Out?

Per its website, In-N-Out has been pleasing people’s burger cravings with its succulent menu since 1948. The brand, which was the first restaurant to serve drive-thru burgers in the state of California, has become one of the most popular burger joints in America and was even shown to be the favorite fast food chain for families in a Fox News survey. But does it really belong among the grandeur of a wedding? Lana Condor certainly seems to think so.

According to Seventeen, the star most well known for her role in the “To All the Boys I Loved Before” franchise is officially set to tie the knot with fellow actor Anthony De La Torre. Condor revealed In-N-Out will be a vital part of the wedding and the catering she hopes to plan with the fast food chain is sure to make any In-N-Out fan wish they could attend.

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What Is The Best Thing To Order At In

The best dish you can find at In-N-Out is The Double-Double burger. Here you will find the best combination of juicy meat and a delicious bun. This incredible combination of ingredients and flavors is why this burger is so popular with customers. If youre looking for a hearty meal at an affordable price, then this burger is definitely for you! Once you try it, youll be so satisfied, youll definitely want to come back here and try it again!

The Habit Catering Truck

Built specifically to prepare the freshest Habit flavors you know and love, our fleet of Catering Trucks features state-of-the-art kitchens that include a stainless steel chargrill designed to sear that distinctive smokey flavor into everything we put on our grill. With our attention to quality and the unmatched hospitality of our team, The Habit Catering Truck is sure to make your next special occasion memorable.

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