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How To Have A Beautiful But Cheap Wedding

Saving On The Wedding Day

We Got Married For Under £3000 | Beautiful Budget Wedding | Charlotte Elizabeth

Wedding Reception Decorations For A Wedding on a Budget Need ideas for wedding reception decorations for the reception of your dreams while saving some serious cash? Here are 6 ideas to help you out.

12 Ways Save Money on the Your Wedding Ceremony Decor How to Save Money on your Wedding Ceremony Decor. Use these quick tips to stay on budget and still have a remarkable wedding.

8 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Dress and Grooms Attire The dress you have always dreamed of may not always fit within your budget, but you do have options to still get fantastic cheap wedding dresses on a dime, no matter your personal style.

Entertainment For Budget Weddings

  • Hiring a band or DJ can be quite expensive and a well-considered Spotify playlist is guaranteed to keep people dancing.

  • If you do hire a band try and make the most of their time and also try and stick to their existing playlist as you may have to pay extra for them to learn a song that isn’t in their repertoire.
  • Ask friends and family members if they know any local musicians such as buskers or students, often people do and they will be more than happy to play at your wedding for a small fee.

Find Cheap Wedding Venues

Make sure to look for a small, cheap, and intimate wedding venue that offers everything you need. By simply looking around and discussing it with your friends, you can actually find a venue that is affordable and willing to host the wedding.

You can choose from a variety of options. But make sure to find a venue where you can get all the facilities. The first option in this respect is the local church. Getting married in a church is a fascinating idea and holds customary values too.

An outdoor park may also serve as a viable option. However, you also need to contact a catering company to make all the arrangements. If you can get such services at cheap rates, there is no better option than this.

If you arent thinking of a lavish wedding venue, booking a City Hall would be a wise decision. This is the cheapest way to get married. Just contact the concerned person and seek information regarding the available dates.

Another cheap way of renting a wedding venue is to look for one among the Airbnb wedding venues. Look for a place that offers beautiful backyards and spacious indoor area to serve as an ideal place for your wedding.

Almost each of these options is inexpensive. Therefore, you should consider them one by one while finalizing a superb wedding venue that is affordable and meets all your requirements.

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A South Carolina Beach Wedding At The Bride’s Childhood Home

If you’re lucky enough to have beach access from your childhood home, why not use it as the perfect backdrop for your nuptials? Real bride Lauren Schaper knew from the age of seven years old that’s what she wanted to do, and she made it happen when she married her partner. With a ceremony on the beach and a tented reception on the lawn of this family home, this South Carolina wedding made perfect use of easy beach access for a gorgeous wedding.

Low Cost Wedding Tips: The Guests

31 Lovely, Beautiful but Cheap Wedding Venues

One important thing to consider when planning a cheap wedding is to be selective when making your guest list. Decide on a reasonable number of guests that you can afford and stick to it. Dont invite every Tom, Dick and Harry . I am continually shocked at how often couples invite people they hardly know to their wedding just to impress them or so they can get more gifts. If you do this, you have already started your wedding off on the wrong foot. A wedding is an intimate and special time. Most people dont share their intimate times with total strangers.

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Think Of A Smaller Guest List

Fewer guests mean less cost! A smaller guest list cuts down on your food and drink expenses, the size of the venue you need to hire, and so on. Inviting everyone you know and their significant other and children just increases the wedding size. Do you really want to be buying dinner for all those people? On the other hand, having an intimate wedding will let you relax and savor the day with people who matter.

Detroit Institute Of The Arts

Located in downtown Detroit, the Detroit Institute of the Arts was constructed in 1927. The early 1900s architecture still stands tall, beaming with historic charm throughout multiple beautiful spaces for a ceremony and reception. The Walter B. Ford Great Hall boasts gorgeous decor, with space for 300 seated guests, requiring a rental fee of $5,000. Other options on-site range from $500 to $4,000 and can be used on their own, or in addition to, the Great Hall.

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Explore Cheap Wedding Favor Ideas

Favors are a little something special to show your friends and family you appreciate their coming to celebrate your day. They can also add up in costquickly. At $3 each, favors for 150 guests will cost $450.

Guest list control will help you out here, too. The same $3 favors for a guest list of 30 will cost you under $100. Beyond throwing a small wedding, here are some other ideas for low-cost wedding favors:

Think About Preparing Dessert And Food Items By Yourself

popular wedding details we did NOT do | HOW TO HAVE A BEAUTIFUL WEDDING ON A BUDGET | Nastasia Grace

This may sound weird, but it is possible to prepare food and dessert for wedding guests at home. If some of your family members are good at cooking, there will be no issue at all. Just decide the menu and assign dishes to your family members.

For instance, if your mom can make amazing cupcakes, you dont need to spend a hefty amount while purchasing an expensive wedding cake. Similarly, by cooking other food items at your home, you can make your dream wedding more affordable.

In fact, it happens to be one of the most feasible DIY wedding ideas on a budget. Food prepared at home is delicious and healthy. Moreover, when you prepare food for your guests, it is a sign of your affection towards them. This will surely give a unique touch to your wedding.

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Choose An Intimate Reception

When you plan a cheap wedding, having a ceremony location that might not suit your reception may sound like an additional expense but thats not necessarily the case. You can actually save more by considering hosting dinner at your favorite restaurant or hanging some string lights gathering in your own backyard. Youll gain the freedom of affordable food options and be able to spend more quality time with your guests. A personalized reception is even more intimate and meaningful for you and your guests. To have one less space to rent and decorate means one more step towards a more affordable wedding.

Small Wedding Ideas For An Intimate Affair


Overwhelmed by the thought of gathering 200 of your nearest and dearest together for your wedding day? Eloping may have crossed your mind, but thats not the only way to avoid the crowd. Instead, have all the fixings of a wedding, but on a much smaller scale. Were talking 10 guests, 20 max , and all of the things that will make your wedding feel like, you know, your wedding: invitations, dinner, a white dress, cake, and any other detail important to two of you.

Shrinking the event down to a cozy, intimate size guarantees youll love where your money goes, and it creates the opportunity for great memories with every single guest. But theres more to it than decreasing your guest list. There are planning changes to make, details to consider, and a proportionally larger budget to work with.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up 30 wedding planner-approved small wedding ideas to consider for your big day.

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Looking For An Affordable Wedding In Spain

Here is Fiestasol´s guide to keeping things in budget and making your dream wedding in Marbella a possibility.

Save on printing costs with some couples spending thousands on their wedding invitations, menus and orders of service this is an expense that is just not worth the investment in todays digital age. Amazing design websites like offer thousands of templates for wedding invites, save the dates, menus and table plans. For a very small sign up fee, you can design everything yourself and email all correspondence to your guests.

Orders of Service are just not worth the printing cost we pick them all up off the floor at the end of ceremonies. You can easily pin up the details on a pretty board for all your guests to see as they take their seats.

Another tip is to write up your table plan on a pretty mirror in chalk pen and it looks beautiful.

Wedding favours. Another item that often ends up on the floor during the wedding reception after a few glasses of Champagne. With costs of between 10/15 per person it´s much more cost-effective to keep it simple. We offer a guest relief station with fans, chilled towels, parasols and flip flops for 6/person.

Wholesale drinks

Consider an off-season wedding

Wedding Car

Have your wedding blessing on site

Use flowers that are in season and recycle!

Serve your wedding cake as dessert

Make a DIY

For an even longer list have a look at the suggestions from Brides Magazine

Cheap Wedding Decor Ideas

31 Lovely, Beautiful but Cheap Wedding Venues
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Weddings are wonderful events, even without the decorations and bling, though most brides deeply desire a beautifully decorated wedding and reception. Save money with these cheap wedding decoration ideas.

These cheap wedding decorating ideas can help you plan a beautiful wedding and still have money left over for the honeymoon.

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Strategically Plan Your Guest List

A small wedding is only so if the guest list is as small as possible. Look through your text messages and calls, and only invite those youve spoken to within the last three months, says Jove Meyer of Jove Meyer Events. We speak to those who matter mostits that simple.

If you’re having a hard time narrowing down your guest list, consider if you would take this person out for a several hundred-dollar dinner or have them as a guest in your home for the weekend. “Thinking about how close your relationships are will help ensure you are truly comfortable with those you surround yourselves with on your wedding day, says Aleah and Nick Valley of Valley & Company Events

Burlap Ring Bearer Pillow

Kick off your celebration in style with chic ceremony decor that matches your theme. This burlap pillow will keep your rings safe and secure on the day of. The best part? You can include your initials or wedding date on the tag to turn it into a meaningful keepsake.

The Artsy Hippie rustic off white burlap ring bearer pillow, from $12,

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Focus On What Is Important To You

Theres no point in splashing out on a wedding if youre going to look back on what should be a special day and regret it. Focusing on what is important to you can help you decide what you do and dont put your budget towards.

We suggest choosing a handful of wedding features that are important to you and focusing on them as your must-haves. That way, if your planning starts to get a little bit out of hand, you can look back at these must-haves and compromise on the rest.

Dont lose sight of what you want your wedding to be about, and your budget shouldnt lose sight of it either.

Go For Buttercream Over Fancy Fondant

5 Easy and Cheap Wedding DIYs | Simple yet Beautiful!

One tip for saving money on a cake is to choose buttercream frosting over fondant. Not only is it less expensive, but its also tastier! Fondant cakes are often ornate and beautiful but come at an added cost, so go buttercream or go home.

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Affordable Wedding Venues: 16 Stunning And Budget


Your venue is more than just a place to have your wedding. Choosing the right location plays a major role in the look and feel of your celebrationand can often account for up to half of your total wedding budget. If the thought of writing a large check is making you consider eloping, dont panic. There are plenty of budget-friendly wedding venues that dont sacrifice on style and personality.

Choosing a less expensive venue will enable you to spend more of your budget on the things that matter most to youwhether that’s food and beverage, design and decor, or photography, says Amy Nichols of Amy Nichols Special Events.

Meet the Expert

Amy Nichols is a wedding planner based in San Francisco with a focus on California-based and destination weddings.

The Wedding Budget Breakdown

First things first: Give your budget a little breathing room. Unexpected expenses will arise, so know that your budget will evolve throughout the planning process. Take those surprises into consideration by putting in a little bit of cushion. That way you have the flexibility to handle any surprise expense.

A wedding is a huge event to plan, so its helpful to know what you can get for a certain dollar amount. What does $5,000 get you? $10,000? $15,000?

Here are some budget breakdown examples for weddings ranging from $100 to $30,000 and some suggestions for how to make them happen.

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Make Sure To Create A Check List

You might have gone through various bridal magazines, which provide checklists to cover almost everything that you may need. The most essential aspect of planning a cheap wedding is to create a checklist.

This would allow you to manage things in a hassle-free manner. Since you cant afford to forget something important associated with this big day, write down everything before you go any further. Moreover, keep in touch with your friends and family for some suggestions.

The first and most essential part of planning a wedding is finalizing the venue. Basically, you need to book a venue that offers ample space for your guests and makes them feel comfortable. Just look for a place that not only meets your needs but is affordable too.

If you have found a perfect venue that doesnt cost much, the next thing to consider is to plan the . You need flowers and other elements to make your wedding look special. You can consult a party decorator who offers these services at cheap rates.

Some other elements that you should include in your checklist are a wedding dress, makeup, music, photography, gifts for the wedding party, transportation, and invitations. Once you have included everything, its time to start working on the plan you have chalked out.

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