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How To Make A Wedding Arch

How To Decorate Your Wedding Arches

8ft Wedding Ceremony Garden Arch On a Budget | Dollar Tree DIY | DIY Tutorial

Create a visual statement with a unique wedding arch for your ceremony! Check out these meaningful ways to decorate wedding arches.

So youre planning a wedding and you want to make it look beautiful on a budget. One of the best ways to get the most bang for your buck is to create focal points in your ceremony and reception. Unique wedding arches have become a big trend among modern weddings and are almost iconic in nature.

The wedding arch serves as a backdrop for the ceremony altar, where couples exchange their vows. The ceremony altar is highly photographed, which means that they are a perfect detail to decorate and make stand out. There are so many unique and customizable ideas for wedding arch decoration, such as wedding flowers, greenery, fabric, and so much more. You can take your decor a step further by choosing an arch or altar that holds symbolic meaning. Read on to check out some of creative ideas and suggestions for putting together affordable, meaningful, and beautiful wedding arches!

Wedding Arch With Lanterns


This wedding arch has two beautiful pillars made from wooden branches and decorated with stunning white flowers that are really eye-catching. The top of the arch has a more delicate structure with a gathering of branches that fan out. What sets it apart are the different heights and styles of pillar candles round the bottom, which add a warm glow.

Keep Seasonality In Mind

“As clients look more and more at Pinterest, they are going to find lots of beautiful ideas, but some sadly, just won’t work in the real world. When florists design for editorials we get to flex our creative muscle, and it doesn’t always mean that it’s viable for a wedding day. The season can also play a large part in whether or not a flower survives,” says Kimberly Sisti of Sisti & Co. “Summer temperatures might be okay for some blooms, but not for others. Think about itwinter and spring flowers naturally can withstand colder temperatures because that is when they’re growing. Flowers that are naturally prevalent in the summer and fall can withstand warmer temperatures. With this in mind, finding flowers that are meant to be in your season tend to hold up better against Mother Nature. Roses, hydrangea, carnations, snapdragons and mums are hardy enough to last wherever and are larger flowers. More delicate blooms like astilbe, cosmos, lilac and sweet peas just aren’t feasible to cover large amounts of space. They are smaller flowers and the sheer volume needed to cover an area will cost dearly.” Along with that, if you’re hosting a destination wedding, it’s important to keep in mind how the weather and seasonality of your destination may differ from home.

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Curtains Hung From A Barn Doorway

Just in case this concept of using an structure thats already there in the wedding site and embellishing it to make it look lovely really appeals to you, heres another concept thats perfect for a farmhouse chic wedding! We love the way Ace Photographs hung lovely, whimsical curtains from the doorway of an old barn and fastened them back using pretty bouquets.

Build Your Wedding Arch

How to Make an Arch for Your Wedding

Building your dream wedding arch is not as hard and intimidating as it may sound. You can use a wood base, which is the easiest to build, and start from there. With a few screws and knots, you can have a solid base to decorate. Use materials you already have if not, head out to your local supply store. The best thing about DIY is that you can limit your expenses, which you can use in other more significant aspects of your wedding.

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Wedding Arch With 3 Piece Flower Set

Credit: Etsy

This wedding arch is a beautiful piece. Simple, elegant, yet extraordinarily special. A wonderful choice if youre going for a rustic wedding look.

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! Whats your wedding theme, and do any of the arches on the list stand out to you? I cant wait to read about your wedding ideas in the comments.

Lace Curtain And Floral Bouquet Wedding Arch

When we said the word whimsical, did your mind automatically go to something slightly more delicate and feminine looking a bit more of a classical sense? In that case, we think perhaps youd get along a little better with something like this lace curtain and floral wedding arch outlined step by simple step on Wedding Chicks.

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Ultimate Palm Frond Arch


If youre the kind of couple that likes to go big or go home, I have the beach-themed wedding arch for you. Make this showstopper with pure branches and palm fronds .

Bring the scent of saltwater and the tropical sun to your wedding day with a gorgeous green arch to mark the end of your aisle. Craft it from palm fronds yourself, or talk to a local florist if its a destination wedding!

How To Stabilize A Wedding Arch In A Pinch

How to Assemble an Easy DIY Wedding Arch

If it the day before your wedding, your setting everything, and suddenly you realize the wedding arch you bought is super flimsy, dont panic!

There are some super quick things you can do to keep your wedding arch from falling over. All you need is a few materials and itll be resolved in no time. Dont stress yourself out two much.

The first option is to get yourself a few 2 x 4 boards and cut them at about 24 or 36 depending on how top heavy your arch will be and how many posts you have. If you go to Lowes or another place like that, theyll cut the boards for you. Cut two boards for each side of the arch and get some long screws or bolts. Youre going to put the boards on either side of the posts. So youll have one 2 x4 board, then the posts of the arch, and then the other 2 x 4 board like a sandwich. Line them up on the ends so theyre even. Then drive the screws or bolts through until its snug up against the posts on either side. repeat on the other side of your arch and youll be good to go! With some fabric,

Another option is to get a few sandbags and brace them along the sides of the arch. Remember, you can always cover them up with fabric or flowers or anything creative.

Please share you ideas for stabilizing a wedding arch in the comments!

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Floral Wedding Ceremony Arches

Most wedding arch ideas are floral in nature and it’s easy to see why. Floral ceremony arches are truly stunning. As for what type of bloom to work into your wedding flower design, botanicals with “a larger presence as well as those that can withstand being either out of water or with a limited water source are best for floral arches. Especially in those scorching summer months! As a rule, it’s always best to trust your florist to choose specific flowers to execute your vision. They are the experts on what will provide the right texture, color and what will hold up well,” says Crowell. Get inspired by more wedding flower ideas here.

Curtain Wrapped Wood Frame And Vintage Photo Frames

Perhaps we really caught your attention when we started talking about weddings that have a slightly more vintage aesthetic but youre just not sure that the weathered door tutorial we showed you earlier is quite the look for you? In that case, wed absolutely suggest taking a look at how Hello May created this arch with decorative hanging vintage photo frames instead!

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Pink Floral + Ribbon Altar

Yet another budget-friendly option for the altar is to use strands of ribbon in your wedding colors. You can combine the ribbons with a striking floral arrangement on the top of the arbor or stick with ribbons only. Either way, the colorful, magical backdrop will make for a great photo op with your new spouse.

Diy Moongate Wedding Arch

73 Wedding Arches That Will Instantly Upgrade Your ...

The sole purpose behind putting a wedding arch on the big day is to make it more special for the bride and groom. This project that you see here is all about creating a wooden arch that is so mesmerizing that it almost looks like a moon gate or a way to the moon. Make this for your big day or for anyone else in the family and see the difference. here!

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Build Your Own Wood Arch

No, you dont have to carve it from a solid block of wood like Owen Wilsons character in Meet the Parents. No one can do that.

But you can do this:

All you need are a few wooden posts, some screws, and a little DIY know-how.

Building an arch does require a miter saw and a drill, so if youre not confident in your construction skills, enlist the services of your hubby-to-be or find a friend to help you.

You can buy all of the supplies at Home Depot, and the experts there will even cut the wood to size.

Once youve got your materials together, head out to your backyard or clear out the garage youre about to build this arch from the ground up!

Now if thats not a metaphor for how youve built your relationship, we dont know what is.

for building plans or watch this video to learn how to construct the perfect wood arch for your wedding day.

We love the beachy look of driftwood and the natural feel of white birch, but theres no rule that says your wedding arch must be made of wood.

Depending on the vibe of your wedding, wood might actually be the opposite of what youre going for. And thats perfectly okay every element of the day should be a reflection of you and your style.

The shape can be almost anything. It can be a half-circle, a heptagon, a pile of sticks leaned together in the shape of a teepee. You get the point. Its up to you!

Looking for some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing?

How To Build A Unique And Simple Ceremony Altar For A Beach Wedding

This jaw-dropping canopy will turn your beach wedding ceremony into a most memorable one. To build this altar, you will need a wooden trellis, strong solid braid rope or cotton weeping cord and a long and weeping floral arrangement. The flowers used for the one in the picture are gladiolas and delphiniums.

Beach wedding ceremony arch ideas to DIY.

  • Bury the wooden trellis in the sand
  • Thread and attach the solid braid rope to the wood so the flower arrangement can be placed upon it
  • Ask your florist to attach or staple the floral arrangement to your structure
  • A beach wedding ceremony for the ages!

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    Diy Wedding Ceremony Backdrop

    Have a look at this heavenly wedding ceremony backdrop which looks stunning. The process for this is quite simple. All you need for this project is a copper wire of a specific measurement, pipe cutters, fittings, metal glue, lights, and some other supplies alongside. This backdrop will be basically a jaw drop once you are one making this. here!

    Colourful Balloon And Paper Honeycomb Arch

    DIY | Wedding Arch from 2×4’s

    Did we really catch your attention with the idea of a balloon arch but youre not sure that finished product has quite enough for your taste? Then wed definitely encourage you to take a look at how Green Wedding Shoes made their balloon arch with intermittent tissue paper honeycombs throughout! Its a great way to add a pop of contrasting colour to the scheme as well.

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    Diy Wedding Arch Decoration Ideas

    iSave to

    Wedding arch decorations are mostly in wooden or wrought iron frames. They get transformed into a stunning sight with flowers and greenery. There is a growing trend which is to incorporate fabrics, lights, jars, bamboos, etc. With everything weve compiled so far, we have decoration tips for you, should you choose to DIY them.

    • Fabric: To accent the shape of arches, infuse fabrics. The most sought-after choices include organza, chiffon, and tulle. And their thickness is in that order.
    • Flowers: Match arch flowers with those on the wedding bouquet. Its best to hydrate these flowers 24hrs before the wedding and fix them an hour before the start. Roses are the most popular choices. But if there is no time to hydrate, use flowers that can do well pit of water. Two of them include carnations and protea.
    • Inclusive accents: Accents are the rave today. Popular for beach and tropical weddings are the seashells. String lights, fairy lights, and candles in mason jars are not left out. There are also the dream catchers, chandeliers, and other metal accents. Its all about creativity, let it guide you.

    Pair Wood And Pink Roses

    Photo by Sweetlife Photography Event Planning by J29 Events Floral design by Distinctive Designs by Denice

    Think a wooden wedding arch is too rustic to give off a feminine vibe? This stunning structure played with geometric shapes, particularly a hexagonal design. Paired with plenty of pink roses, this display made for the perfect frame for an outdoor ceremony.

    Photo by Lauren Fair Photography Floral design by Twisted Willow Flowers

    Planning a winter wedding? We can’t get over this stunning look. Bring the outdoors in with plenty of natural branches and white blooms to form an organic arch.


    There’s no shame in embracing a minimalistic design, and this simple wooden structure pulled it off beautifully. Of course, adding a few colorful blooms to enhance the look doesn’t hurt.

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    Flower Wall Wedding Arch

    Florist: Fine Flower Company

    We adore this wedding arch creation with a difference. The florist has used pink and white flowers to create a stunning square arch in front of a flower wall, filled with hundreds of ivory flowers. It creates the most amazing background for a wedding ceremony, and really complements the pastel wall colour at Botleys Mansion.

    Hand Painted Quote Fabric Strung Between Saplings

    15 DIY Wedding Arches To Highlight Your Ceremony With

    Perhaps the idea of using the trees already standing on the wedding site really appeals to you but there arent quite so grandiose ones as you saw before there, since its mostly saplings? Then wed suggest taking a look at this idea from Moonlight Bridal instead! They hand painted a quote on canvas and strung it up between two trees as a sort of backdrop come arch.

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