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How To Write Time On Wedding Invitation

The Dos And Donts Of General Invitation Language

Creative Writing Tips for Students & Teachers : How to Write a Wedding Invitation
  • DO use upper-case letters for the proper names of days and months, but lower-case letters for numbers.
  • DO write formal invitations in the third person:
  • Mrs. and Mr. Parents of the Bride/Groom invite you
  • DO proofread like your life depends on it. Dont only run this by your partner and your parents, but your best friend, your English major college roommate, your co-worker
    • DONT use capital letters at the beginning of each line. Instead, use them as you would at the beginning of a sentence.
    • DONT use symbols, unless its for a specific design reasonthough an ampersand between the names of the couple is fine, if the font allows.
    • DONT crowd the card. We know you have lots of exciting things to say, but refrain from adding extraneous information or designs that would make your invitation look busy and therefore hard to read.

    A brushstroke-meets-calligraphy invitation design with matching RSVP card from Zola

    The Dos And Donts Of Times

    • DO spell out time for formal invitations, and write it as the placement of hands on a clock:
    • half past four
  • DO refer to 12:00pm as noon.
  • DO spell out the time of day rather than using a.m. or p.m.

  • in the morning: all hours before 11:00 a.m.

  • in the afternoon: hours from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • in the evening: all hours after 5:00 p.m.

    • DONT use a.m. or p.m.indicate the time of day using in the morning or in the evening .
    • DONT write twelve oclock.
    • DONT write four thirty when spelling out the time.

    Zolas Blake Frame invitation design is as classic as it gets.

    Wedding Invitation Wording If One Set Of Parents Is Hosting

    In this case, the invitation includes one person’s parents’ names, so you can omit that person’s last name . On the following line, write out the other person’s entire name. Same sex couples or gender non-conforming folks should follow similar guidelines. The host of the celebration is listed first, followed by their child’s name, followed by their child’s partner’s name.

    Formal Wedding Invitation Wording Sample:

    Sample 1:

    Mr. and Mrs. John L. Smith

    request the pleasure of your company

    at the marriage of their son

    Jack Alexander

    at 4:30 in the afternoon

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    Tips For Your Wedding Invitation Wording

    If you still need some more hints and tips to find the perfect wedding invitation wording, then here a few grammar tips that will help you create flawless invitations. We are also here to help thanks to our complimentary retouching service. Your wedding invitations will be checked over by our talented proofreaders to make sure that there are no spelling mistakes and we may suggest alternative wording where necessary. These tips are based on errors commonly seen by our proofreaders!

    Wedding Invitation Wording If Both Sets Of Parents Are Hosting


    The couple’s parents should each be listed on separate lines, starting with the bride’s or whoever’s name falls alphabetically first. Since both last names are included in the greeting, there’s no need to use last names for the to-be-wedsunless, again, if either of them has a different last name than their parents. In that case, list out their full name, in addition to the full names of their parents.

    Formal Wedding Invitation Wording Sample:

    Sample 1:

    Mr. and Mrs. John L. Smith &

    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Franklin Kim

    request the honor of your presence

    at the marriage of their children

    Jack Alexander

    at 4:30 in the afternoon


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    How Do You Write Time On Wedding Invitations


  • Time should be spelled out.
  • Time should never be capitalized.
  • Time, on the hour, should be followed by o’clock .
  • Do not use o’clock if the time is not on the hour.
  • Time, not on the hour, should be hyphenated.
  • Hereof, how do you write 2020 on a wedding invitation?

    Traditionally, the date and time should be spelled out in fullfor example, if your ceremony is on September 15, 2020, at 4:30 p.m., the wording should read, Saturday, the fifteenth of September, two thousand twenty, at half past four in the afternoon.

    what do you write on a wedding invite? Other wording might include:

  • Join us to celebrate our wedding.
  • invite you to join them as they say I do!
  • Please join as we tie the knot!
  • invite you to share in our joy as we get married.
  • A very simple ‘The wedding of ‘, followed by location, time and date details.
  • Thereof, do you put an end time on a wedding invitation?

    An ending time is not usually included. You shouldn’t have to worry about it. And yes, if you included the statement about carriages, your guests would most likely conclude that you are providing transportation. Hopefully you are not invited some guests to only a part of your reception.

    How do you write an invitation message?

    Sample Invitation Letter Writing Tips

  • Keep the tone of the letter either formal or informal.
  • Address the person to whom you are writing the letter.
  • Pleasantly invite the organization or person for the event or function.
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    Details Cards You Probably Don’t Need

    Attire Cards

    If your wedding venue requires a strict dress code other than simply black-tie or cocktail attire, you may wish to include an attire card. This is especially important in the case where couples are married on military bases and a strict dress code is required for admittance.

    What to Include: Brief attire suggestions, such as lawn-appropriate shoes or beach-casual.

    What Not to Include: A long list of what they should not wear or too many attire suggestions. Keep it short and sweet by including only necessary details.

    Ways to Save: You can skip this card by including all details on your wedding website. You may also notate black-tie or cocktail attire in the lower right hand corner of your invitation.

    Registry Inserts

    Traditional wedding etiquette states that you do not include wedding registry details on any of your wedding stationery. However, many brides may consider it necessary to share this information with loved ones, and for the most part, I agreethis insert can be especially useful for long-distance family and friends.

    What to Include: Only list 2-3 stores that you are registered at.

    What Not to Include: Any other information outside of your registry details, such as asking for monetary gifts or certain items off your registry.

    Ways to Save: Skip this card and include wedding registry details on your website.

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    How To Write The Time On Wedding Invitation

    You will spell it out without the pm or am words. Here is an example, if the wedding ceremony is at 8 PM, you can simply write at eight oclock in the evening. Make sure to put the at. Use morning, noon, afternoon, evening as required. Note that the evening will start at 6 PM of the day. Make sure that the number will be lowercase and then the date and year will be in uppercase.

    Note that if you dont want to worry about the formalness of the letter, you can simply go for the numbers. Currently, people are more okay with the numbers and most of the wedding also use the numbers to illustrate the date and time. Especially, this is suitable for backyard weddings and a little less formal wedding events. Writing the number is pretty. Here is an example of how to do this:

    Friday, September 8, 2021

    At 08:00pm.

    Make sure that you are changing the numbers with the appropriate ones. Another thing you need to do is to recheck the time and date several times. That is because this is something you dont want to mistake.

    How Do I Word My Wedding Invitation If My Parents Are Divorced

    Creative & Practical Writing Tips : How to Write a Wedding Invitation

    If your parents are divorced and single hosting, list each of them separately on the Invitations:

    Mr. David Jones and

    Invite you to celebrate the marriage of their daughter…

    If only one parent is hosting, only that parent’s name is necessary:

    Mr. David Jones

    Requests the pleasure of your company at the marriage of his daughter…

    If your parents are divorced and remarried:

    Mr. and Mrs. David & Allison Jones

    Mr. and Mrs. George & Julie Addams

    Request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter…

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    Q& a: How To Word Your Formal Wedding Invitations

    If youre hosting a traditional wedding, youll want to word to word your wedding invitation in a way that conveys a sense of formality. But, when it comes time to word your wedding invite, you may find yourself pausing and wondering about grammar, punctuation and other technicalities.

    Honor vs. honour? Whose name goes first? Where are the commas and periods? These are just a few of the questions you might have while personalizing and ordering your wedding invitations.

    These are the most-asked questions about wording your formal invitation.

    How To Present Your Contact Details On Your Wedding Invitations

    • If all of the elements of your address are separated by single lines then you do not need to add commas to the end of each line.
    • If your address is written across one line the commas are required between the house name, road, town and county.
    • No comma is required between the county and the postcode.

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    How Do You Invite To A Wedding

    All wedding invitations should include the followingelements:

  • Who’s hosting.
  • The request to come to the wedding.
  • The names of the bride and groom.
  • The date and time.
  • Correspondingly, how do I write a wedding invitation?

    To write a wedding invitation, start bywriting the full names of the hosts, such as the bride’sparents or the couple, at the top of the invitation. On thenext line, write Request the honor of yourpresence, for a religious ceremony or Inviteyou to celebrate with them for a less formalevent.

    Subsequently, question is, is it okay to invite guests to reception only? While there are certain situations that make itacceptable to invite some guests to the ceremony andreception and others to just the reception alone, youshould never do the opposite. Inviting someone to yourceremony and not to the reception would most likely hurttheir feelings, so you shouldn’t even consider it.

    Similarly, it is asked, what percentage of wedding guests actually attend?

    A general overall percentage between 75-85percent of wedding guests usually attend. Thebreakdown: 85 percent of local guests, 55percent of out-of-town guests, and 35 percentof destination wedding guests will show up, Buckleysaid.

    Do you have to invite aunts and uncles to your wedding?

    The general rule of thumb is that, if oneuncle gets an invitation, all of your aunts anduncles need to get an invitationthesame goes for cousins or second cousins, too.

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    Invites Wording Help For Ceremony Arrival Time

    Wedding Planning VIII: Wedding Invitations

    Hi everyone,

    Hoping you guys can give me some cute, creative ideas on wording. I want to add a line on our invites informing our guests that they need to arrive at the ceremony site approx. 20-30 mins early. Our venue is a golf course and we are having the ceremony in a private tent that is out on the course, inaccessible by any other means except by the golf carts & drivers that we are providing. Ceremony starts at 6:00 pm, so I want to say something about arriving by 5:30 to be chauffered to the ceremony, since the golf cart drive takes about 15 mins. If guests are late, the golf carts won’t be running and they will miss the ceremony. I don’t want to sound harsh, but I do want to make it clear that if they don’t get there early, they will be left behind. What do I do?

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    Not Providing Rsvp Instructions

    Dont forget an RSVP by date on your RSVP cardsthis one is a biggie. Give your guests three to four weeks to let you know if theyll be attending. The RSVP date should be at least two weeks before your wedding so you can give your caterer a more accurate headcount. And, of course, let guests know how to RSVP. Include a pre-addressed envelope that they can use to send back their reply, or direct them specifically to the email, phone number, or URL they should use to RSVP.

    How To Write The Location In Wedding Invitation

    Apart from the time and date, another thing that must be precisely written in the perfect word is the location of the wedding. You also mustnt want to be mistaken with the wedding venue location. Sometimes, we fail to put the illustrate the details of the wedding location, which leads to some issues. Especially, when you are inviting a lot of guests to the wedding, you need to offer them the details.

    A wedding guest from a different city or state simply cannot understand a short location like the locals. That is why you need to emphasize it. Here is an example of how you should write the wedding location on the invitation:

    Exalt Church

    313 Bird Spring Lane

    Old Town, New Jersey

    This is how you should write down the address if the wedding is in the church. It becomes easier for the guest when the wedding is in the place of worship. However, it can be a bit tricky if your wedding is happening in a private residence. Here is how to write in such cases.

    at the residence of

    Mr. and Mrs. John Doe

    313 Bird Spring Lane

    Old Town, New Jersey

    The wedding and the reception are not usually happening in the same place. If you invite the guest for both reception and wedding, you might prepare a separate card for the reception. Here is how to write the reception address: You will first require addressing the time. Instead of the exact time, you can say immediately after the wedding ceremony. Then you can write the address. Here is an example to make things easier for you:


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    What To Include On Your Wedding Invitations

    Your wedding invitations are the first place your guests will look for the essential information they will need to make it to your wedding on time! As a basic rule, here is the information that you should include on your wedding invitations and the typical layout.

    1) Who is hosting the wedding? The first line of your wedding invitations denotes who is hosting, , the wedding so will either feature the names of the future bride and groom or include one or both sets of parents.

    2) Request phrase: add a line asking your guests to attend your wedding such as request the honour of your presence , or request the pleasure of your company .

    3) Names of the happy couple: Note that the brides name usually comes before that of the groom.

    4) Date and Time: including the day of the week and the year.

    5) Venue: Usually, you do not need to include the full address of the wedding venue and would instead simply add the name of the venue with reference to the town or county.

    6) Reception information: You can add your wedding reception information directly to your wedding invitations for those attending both the ceremony and the reception, or create separate evening wedding invitations for those attending only the evening reception.

    7) Dress codes: Dont forget to let everyone know if you want them to stick to a certain style/theme.

    You may also wish to add your guests names to make it clear whether partners and children are invited, so this can be done by hand.

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