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How To Print Table Cards For Wedding

Eucalyptus Bauble Place Card Holders

How to make an Elegant tab topped Gift Box with Stampin Up artistically Inked CRAFT HOW TO

These cute eucalyptus bauble place card holders are a gorgeous way to ensure your guests know where to sit. The rose gold finish will shine elegantly on your table. An understated yet sophisticated finishing touch to make your seating arrangements run perfectly. Simply write your guests names on the place cards provided and place around your table. Pack contains 6 place card holders each measuring 4cm D, White place cards included.

How Does A Place Card Differ From An Escort Card

Wedding stationery used in social events serve two purposes one, they become decorative elements adding style and posh to your setting two, they help your guests navigate the room, especially with their seating arrangements.

Without these escort and place cards, guests might get confused. Here are the definitions of place cards and escort cards to help you distinguish between them and decide which one to make:

How To Print Place Cards At Home In 5 Steps

In this tutorial youll learn to customize and print your own place cards using our free place card template and your home printer.

Our folded, tent style place cards come in dozens of colors, several finishes, and in square and rectangular sizes. In these instructions, we use rectangular 4 1/2 x 2 1/2 place cards as an example.

Lets get started!

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Do You Need Name Cards At A Wedding

The short answer is no, you don’t need name cards at your event. However, wedding place cards can help your guests find their seats easily and remove any confusion at the reception. Additionally, they ensure your guest list is fully accounted for. Because you’re using place cards, nobody can add a rogue request for a plus-one at the last minute.

Why Choose Basic Invite For Your Wedding Place Cards

35+ Wedding Table Names Cards Pics
Guest Name Printing

Save yourself time by adding your guests’ names to your place cards at no additional cost. Upload or add your names manually to get them printed directly on your cards.

Flat Or Folded

Basic Invite understands each couple is unique and has different ideas on how they want to use their place cards. Basic Invite allows you to design a single card and then decide if a flat or folded card fits your needs.

Almost Unlimited Color Combinations

No matter which wedding place card design you choose you can change the color of each and every element to one of over 160 colors, giving you almost unlimited color combinations.

Instant Previews

At Basic Invite you don’t need to wait to see what your place cards will look like in your colors and with your guests’ names. See every change real-time as you make them with our revolutionary card designer.

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Zazzle Black And White Ampersand Monogram Wedding Place Card

Courtesy of Zazzle

When in doubt, go with black and white. The color combination is a universal winner, totally timeless, and easily adaptable to work with any decor scheme. These more minimalistic cards are also a nice option if you have lots of other, more in-your-face decor moments happening and dont want the escort cards to compete. Just FYI, make sure you have good handwriting if you go with this pick since its on you to write in the names and table numbers.

Print Your Table Place Cards Online

The place cards are sized to the traditional format of 85mm x 55mm when folded. This means that the place cards will sit like little tents on your wedding reception table. To make sure the place cards have the strength to stand up on the table, they are printed on sturdy, premium card stock. For your personalised place cards, you can choose from our 350gsm Genyous house stock, or our 324gsm GF Smith card, which has a subtle cream tone and a light matt texture to it.

Three charming place card designs to consider for your wedding table. All three have been lovingly designed to give bold-yet-traditional table place cards. They also all have section for you to personalise with the date or details of your wedding, alongside your guests namesof course.

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Print Vs Cut Vs Score

Set the layer with the diamonds to Print instead of cut. You can feel free to select the color of your choice as well you arent restricted to using only purple as Ive designed! Pick the color that matches your theme.

Then youll want to set the white background of the cards to Print Then youll select your diamonds and your white background and click the Flatten button at the top of the right sidebar. This will make the diamonds and background all one layer so that it doesnt try to cut out the diamonds themselves.

Then youll want to set the horizontal score lines to Score rather than cut. This will create lines so you can fold your cards easily. Once thats done, you can select each of the three remaining layers, and Attach them together. This tells your Cricut to treat this project as something that shouldnt be separated.

Free Printable Place Cards

Wedding Menu Card and Table Name Tags Ideas #shorts #wedding

If you have a wedding, a birthday or an other party, welcome your guests with place cards and they will feel warmly embraced right from the beginning. Either place cards are positioned on the dinner table or they are arranged on a table at the entrance and inform your guests to which table they are assigned. There are two ways to get beautiful designed place cards to please your guests. For one thing, you can present self-made place cards. On the other hand, you can use the complete services of an advertising agency to save time and avoid stress as the date of the party approaches.

Place cards bear the name of the guest on the front side. Usually place cards are tended or folded and inside appears the table number or some good wishes. The whole card can be decorated with friendship symbols like doves, rings, hearts, or flowers. It looks very attractive if the place card’s colors suit to the pottery or to the tablecloth. This very elegant impression gives your party a touch of nobility. Place cards are not only very beautiful but also very practical. They are easily to change if you want to rearrange the seating order.

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Scripted Ever After Acrylic Place Cards

Courtesy of Etsy

Modern and glam, these acrylic place cards can be hand-painted with your choice of the background color or left blank, and finished with your preferred text font and color. They can easily go from more abstract to full-on dramatic, and their sturdy weight ensures you never have to worry about them getting blown away in the wind.

Ways To Set Up A Card Or Gift Table At Your Wedding

You’ve put together an amazing wishlist of items you know you’ll love. Now, it’s time to figure out how you’ll collect the presents your guests purchase. Many modern registry services let buyers send gifts directly to the couple, and even if that’s not an option for you, well-wishers who have your address might anyway. That being said, it’s never a bad idea to prepare to receive presents in person at the wedding itself. Whether somebody just didn’t get the memo or simply prefers to hand-deliver the gift, it’ll be awkward if they aren’t sure what to do with it once they arrive on the big day. So, we recommend designating an area of your event space for this purpose. Here, we’re offering some pretty and creative ways to accept presents at your celebration. While a standard wedding gift table is certainly an option, it’s just the start.

If someone’s bringing something to the wedding, it’s probably a card. In turn, we’ve rounded up some unique ideas for where to have guests put their envelopes. Our suggestions range from modern glass boxes to vintage-themed receptacles, so you can be sure there’s something included to match your event’s theme. Celebrants might also bring bigger gifts, so we’ve featured suggestions for that, too. Those include plenty of decorating inspiration for tables, wagons, and more.

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How Do You Write On Wedding Place Cards


While you can spend time labeling each wedding place card in hand-written calligraphy, we know you likely don’t have too much extra time on your hands. That’s why we recommend ordering printed or printable place cards ones online. Sites like The Knot Invitations and Etsy allow you to print all the information you need directly onto the table cards, so all you need to do is set them up on your reception tables.

If you’re dreaming of DIY handwritten place cards, we recommend taking a calligraphy course, or simply practicing your print ahead of time. Then, draw on them on a solid, firm surface with a small-tipped pen or marker for sharp, clear lines. Another alternative? Laser cut wedding place cards.

Diy Your Wedding Place Cards

Table name cards printed Wedding seating cards

DIY-ing some of your wedding stationary is a great way to cut costs on your wedding budget without sacrificing quality or style. Start with foldable place cards. Allow your guests to easily find their names and table number. Watch our YouTube video on how to create wedding place cards. You have two different size place card options. Choose between 3.5″ x 2.5″ or 3.78 x 1.48 place card designs. Our floral template designs are an attractive way to help your guests find their dinner tables.

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Wedding Place Cards: What To Keep In Mind


Given all of the different wedding place cards available, it’s difficult to narrow down your choices. However, there are a few factors to consider when choosing your name cards. First, think about the style of your wedding. If you’re hosting a beach-themed wedding, a casual watercolor print will match perfectly. On the other hand, if you’re hosting a black-tie soiree, a simple calligraphy design might be best.

You’ll also want to consider the height of your wedding place cards to ensure they don’t block your guests’ views. Additionally, look critically at the dimensions of the cards so they don’t take up too much space on the table. Remember: They’re not going to be the only things on the table. Account for your centerpieces, place settings, wedding decorations and wedding favors.

Wedding Place Cards Etiquette

How do you write place cards? This is a FAQ here at Mospens Studio. After loads of research, I found many ideas and ways to write place cards. Surprisingly there are many options.

The idea of a place card is to help your guests find their seat. Otherwise they will look all around and be lost not knowing where to sit.

Your guests will either pick up their place card when they enter your reception or a table seating sign will be at the entrance showing your guests what table they are sitting at, then a place card is already placed on each setting at each table showing your guests where to sit.

FORMAL WEDDINGorMr. GatsiosThis is used if Nick is the only Mr. Gatsios in attendance. If there are more than one guests named Mr. Gatsios then you would want to have his name read Mr. Nick Gatsios to avoid confusion.

Many times however at Mospens Studio we do print 2 names on each place card at the request of our client. Two names would look like this on one card:Mr. and Mrs. Nick Gatsios


YOUR GUESTS GUESTYou want to find out your guests guest names and have a place card for each guest.

TITLEMr. is used for a man 18 years or older. An unmarried lady 18 and older is Ms. You will use Miss for unmarried girls under the age 18. Master is used for a boy until they are age 7. Mister is used when they turn 18. In between 7 and 18 there is no title used.

Shop our wedding place cards, or have custom place cards created for you!

Contact us with any questions!

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Santina Rose Design Pink Agate Wedding Calligraphy Place Cards

Courtesy of Etsy

Theres something about agate that just feels oh-so-special, as seen in these place cards. Handmade, these can easily be used as either place or escort cards the natural variation in size and tone of each piece also makes for a beautiful result when theyre all laid out on a table together.

Types Of Place Card Templates

Stampin’Up! Elegantly Said Wedding anniversary card tutorial

Place cards come in two main types tented or flat. Flat cards are, of course, flat and used with place card holders. Conversely, tent cards come folded in half so they can stand without assistance. This is the advantage of tent cards so there will be no need to use something to prop them up.

You can also arrange tented cards on the table easily. However, if you have time and a little more money, you can do something creative with your flat cards by using flat card holders to add a little bit more posh and flair to your party.

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Personalize Your Events With Creativity On Your Side

Adobe Express inspires you to think outside the box. Create your custom place cards with Adobe Express, then explore other projects within the app to help with your planning process. Create thank you cards, custom menus, seating charts, drink tags, and so much more. Make your creations as simple or as elegant as youd like. Reuse your branding across multiple designs to support the theme of your event. There are endless creative opportunities at your fingertips.

Wishful Paperie Greenery Place Card Template

Courtesy of Etsy

A digitally downloaded template is one of the more cost-effective ways to do place cards . A greenery illustration coupled with simple black fonts make this an option that could work with almost any style or decor aesthetic, and, because youre printing them on your own, its incredibly easy to make any last-minute changes should they pop up.

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Printable Wedding Table Chat Cards

Weddings are such a joy, but for the socially awkward it can be challenging to strike up a conversation with other wedding guests. Thats why I designed these printable Wedding Table Chat Cards!

Leave a mason jar full of them at the reception tables to help guests break the ice and start conversations.

Just print out the cards and signs and then cut out. I also punched out a heart and tied it onto a clear mason jar .

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