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Where Does The Wedding Ring Go

Who Gives The Reception Speech

Origins: Why does the wedding ring go on our left hand?

The answer here is straightforward: The reception speech is one of many of the best mans responsibilities. The job is meant for your closest friend, so its someone who should know both you and your newlywed spouse well if not better than your own family.

You want someone that knows you in and out, someone who can tell a story that is humorous, heartfelt, embarrassing, and considerate. They should also be able to read the roomthey wont cross any uncomfortable boundaries and tell a story that will make Grandma Gertrude pass out from shock. Further, getting a little tipsy during the reception wont throw them off their game either. Rather, it only helps to loosen them up to be more honest and emotional about the love they feel for you and your new marriage.

Engagement Ring First Wedding Ring On Top

Another popular choice is to wear them other way around. Logically it might make sense to wear your rings in the order you received them . Symbolically, the idea that your engagement represents a promise and your wedding ring crystallizes that promise might really speak to you. Wearing your wedding ring on the outside gives your engagement story a sort of figurative bookendfirst, you’re engaged, now it’s official. Time to start stacking with anniversary rings .

Why Wear A Wedding Band On The Left

The ring finger is the fourth finger on the hand, and most brides wear their engagement and wedding bands on that finger of the left hand. However, it’s not the same in all cultures and countries. In parts of Europe, women wear their wedding jewelry on the right-hand ring finger instead. In certain cultures, the right hand is used as part of the physical representation of entry into other vows and oaths, which is why these cultures may also use the right hand for their wedding bands.

Some believe that the ring is worn on the ring finger of either hand because that particular digit has a vein that runs directly to the heart. This legend stems from the early Romans, who had a legend that referred to the vein as the Vena Amoris, or vein of love. As a result, the ring finger became a meaningful representation of the two hearts of the people being married and their love for each other.

Our modern-day understanding of biology and human anatomy shows that all your fingers have veins that connect to the heart. Yet the ring finger remains as one of the most popular locations for wedding and engagement bands.

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What If Your Engagement Ring Wont Fit Onto Your Right Hand Or What If Your Engagement Ring Gets Stuck

There are two suggestions in this instance. Either leave your engagement ring on the existing finger. If you can remove your engagement ring, you could leave it in trust with a relative during the ceremony. Your ring might be challenging to take off due to swollen fingers, or even due to enlarged knuckles. If you really cannot remove the ring, our advice would be to seek professional help. It simply is not healthy to wear jewellery so tight that it becomes unremovable.

Wearing A Ring On Your Middle Finger

Ring Finger: What Hand Does Wedding and Engagement Ring Go On?

Although this may be unorthodox, some brides and grooms wear their ring on the middle finger. It may be down to a health complication that an engagement ring or wedding ring is unable to be worn on the usual finger, these may include a break to the finger, amputation, or arthritis.

Some suggest the middle finger represents balance. Although we rarely see rings worn on the mid finger, we advise simple, comfortable designs for wear on the middle finger.

Although the middle finger is at least two sizes larger than the ring finger, another example would be if someone has lost weight.

For rings unsuitable for size adjustments, it might be practical to change which finger on which the ring is worn.

CanadaMark diamond in a modern four claw setting, shown on the correct finger.

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Origin Of The Engagement Ring Finger

The ancient Romans chose this finger because they believed that there was a vein that ran directly to the heart. Because of this connection to the heart, they called it the Vena Amoris, or Vein of Love. Although this idea has since been proven false, the tradition still remains.

Rings were also significant in ancient Rome. Unlike a necklace or bracelet, the circle of the band symbolizes certain completeness, meaning that the love of the couple wearing the ring is complete and true. But there are exceptions to the left-hand rule.

In other countries such as Russia and Greece, for example, the engagement ring is more commonly worn on the right hand. For Catholic couples, although the vein of love is not actually there, most believe that the fourth finger carries a symbolic meaning and connection to the heart. Therefore, Catholic couples usually abide by the tradition of wearing their engagement and wedding rings on the fourth finger of the left hand.

Is It Okay To Shower With Your Wedding Ring On

We would advise against showering with your wedding ring on. When youre showering, theres a chance that your ring could slip off of your finger and go down the drain before you can catch it. Its not worth the risk of losing your wedding ring, both for sentimental value and the actual cost of the ring!

Wearing your rings in the shower can also lead to damage, as all the soaps and shampoos may not be good for the metal or the gemstone itself. Its best practice to simply remove your ring and keep it somewhere safe while you shower.

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Promise Rings In Britain

Some couples buy a promise ring, previous to an engagement ring. A promise ring can symbolise the couples commitment to each other before they have an actual intention to marry. Or it can act as a substitute ring until the couple chooses an official engagement ring. Promise rings are worn on the left hand ring finger, same as engagement rings.

Ed Sheerans Engagement Ring

Which HAND Does a Wedding Ring Go On | Wedding Ring Finger

One of the most famous celebrity males to wear an engagement ring is Ed Sheeran, who announced his engagement on 19th January 2018.

After he was photographed at the Brit Awards wearing a ring on the fourth finger of his left hand, the media questioned whether it was a wedding ring.

However, he stated he was wearing an engagement ring. Subsequently, on the ITV show Lorraine, he said, I never saw why men didnt wear commitment rings, because its the same commitment either way.

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What Cultures Wear Engagement Ring On Right Hand

In many countries, such as Germany, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Russia, Spain, Colombia and Poland, it is customary to wear wedding bands on the right hand. In Brazil, Turkey, Lebanon and Syria women wear their engagement ring on the right hand until the wedding when it is switched to the left.

Use One Ring As A Pendant For A Necklace

Though this is more commonly done with commitment rings and promise rings, you can also have your engagement or wedding ring as a pendant for your necklace. Depending on your attire, this method can be a discreet way of still wearing your band, as it will be hidden under your garment.

If your ring is engraved, wearing it as a pendant gives you easy access to the inscription inside the ring. Whenever you are feeling down, one glance at the words you and your partner chose to have inscribed will give you the assurance and motivation you need.

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What Finger Does The Wedding Ring Go On

In North America, when youâre asked: What finger does the wedding ring go on? the kneejerk answer is typically âleft!â. Its the most common practice for couples in Canada and the US to don their wedding ring on the left ring finger. But why? And do lovebirds absolutely have to? Letâs dig a little deeper into the left-hand placement and whether or not itâs an ironclad rule.

What’s The Proper Wedding Ring Finger

Which Hand Does A Wedding Ring Go On

If you’re confused about what hand you should wear your wedding rings on, we have good news: As with most wedding traditions, the choice is up to you. You might be familiar with the “vein of love” tale that prompts most couples to wear their wedding jewelry on the fourth finger of the left hand. But if you like the look of your engagement ring alone on one finger, you can certainly separate both ringsâyou can even wear your stack on your right hand if you’d like. While there’s no “proper” wedding ring finger, there are some meaningful reasons why couples often choose the left hand, which we explain below.

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A Practical Explanation For Wearing An Engagement Ring On The Left Hand

Since most people are right-handed, there is a certain practical sense to wearing an engagement ring on the left hand. An engagement ring and wedding band receive less wear than if worn on the dominant hand. Some refer to the right hand as the active hand. The opposing hand causes less wear for wedding bands and engagement rings.

Other Reasons For Wearing Wedding Bands

Rings: The Rose, The Inferno

Some people just wear a wedding band, just because. It might be to assert their independence and show themselves as successful and wealthy, in need of no one to wear a beautiful ring. Or it could be an old family heirloom that they cant resist wearing and showing off.

Regardless, determining what hand a wedding band goes on really comes down to traditions and personal preferences. Everyone is different and there are no laws stating one way is right over another. If youre more inclined to buck the status quo and go the non-traditional route, more power to you! Wedding rings are symbolic of eternal love and commitment no matter how you wear them.

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How To Wear A Wedding Ring

Some clients ask how to wear wedding rings. More specifically, the sequence of rings on the finger. Firstly the wedding ring goes onto the finger. Next, the engagement ring. Finally, the eternity ring.

Which order do you wear an engagement, wedding and eternity ring? How to stack your rings

The question of what order to wear your engagement ring, wedding ring and eternity ring frequently arises. After confirming which hand and finger, lets turn our attention to the order rings are worn.

Firstly the wedding ring goes onto the finger. People rarely remove the wedding ring unless a risk of damage arises. Secondly, the engagement ring goes onto the finger. Finally, the eternity ring sits on the outside. People remove both rings on a more frequent basis. Typically the engagement ring sits between the wedding and eternity ring.

Does The Wedding Band Go On First

Origins: Why wedding rings go on the left hand

Given how wedding traditions change and evolve over the course of time, it can be confusing for some couples to decide which ring goes on the finger first once youre married. Does the engagement ring go on first, or does the wedding band go on first? Do you wear the wedding rings on the same finger, or wear one ring on each hand? Does the wedding band have to match and does the wedding band come with the engagement ring?

These are all great questions and the short answer is that theres honestly no wrong way or right way to any of those questions, only traditions and non-traditions, and which camp you happen to fall into.

Plus, there is so much information available today its mind-boggling, with much of that information competing with itself or contradicting itself. This makes decision-making challenging, to say the least! Talk about information overload and analysis paralysis. Its no wonder couples find themselves baffled.

Of course, if and when you add any additional rings into the mix later down the road, such as infinity rings, the decision-making process can become even hairier. Some couples like to give infinity or eternity rings to mark marital milestones, like the date of their 10th anniversary or the birthdate of their first child. Confused yet? We are too. Keep reading as we try to shed a little more light on what goes first wedding band or engagement ring?

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But Wait Which Finger Is A Promise Ring Worn On

Engagement rings are not to be confused with promise rings. Long ago, promise rings used to symbolize an engagement was to follow, but nowadays, that notion may not necessarily be true. The promise ring from the sixteenth century has a much different connotation today as many people choose to wear one to symbolize love or an exclusive relationship.

Do You Know What Finger Should Your Engagement Ring Be Worn On

Ring Styles,Engagement Rings,Advice

Do you know which finger you wear your engagement ring on? Why does it get worn on that finger? The engagement ring is an age-old promise of commitment to enter into a lifelong relationship. But when the moment comes to accept the proposal, its essential to know which finger to wear your engagement ring on.

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Can I Wear Rings On My Ring Finger If Im Not Engaged Or Married

A: There are no rules saying that you cannot wear a ring on your ring finger if you are not engaged or married! However, if you choose to wear a ring on this finger especially if it is a gold band or a diamond ring be prepared for some people to assume that you are married or partnered. There are many styles of fashion rings or stacking rings that will not be mistaken for a wedding band, especially if you wear stacks or multiple rings across your hands.

In The Uk Which Ring Goes On First

which finger does the wedding ring go on

In the UK, women normally wear their engagement ring on top of the wedding ring, meaning that the wedding ring is placed on the finger first. The reason for this is an old British superstition which states that a wedding ring must never be taken off.

During the wedding ceremony the bride puts her engagement ring temporarily on their right hand. This leaves the left hand free for the wedding ring.

When the ceremony is over, the bride slides the engagement ring on top of the new wedding band to seal it in place.

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How Do I Measure The Size Of My Ring Finger

A surprising amount of factors go into sizing up a ring finger. In addition to the shape and size of your finger, you’ll also need to consider your lifestyle and the actual ring you have in mind. If you’re frequently partaking in activities that may cause your finger to swell like physical exertion or flying, you’ll need to keep that in mind. Climate is an additional factor as hands and fingers swell in the summer and are more slender in the winter due to the cold. The width of the band will also impact the sizing as thicker bands tend to have a tighter fit.

To ensure the perfect fit, the best time to measure is when your body feels at its most normalso at room temperature during the middle of the day , preferably not after hitting the gym or post hot meal. Ring guards or beads can help offset slight fluctuations in finger size if they arise. If you feel unsure about your ring size, consider getting professionally measured.

Selle advises that if you’re intending to switch the placement of the rings, either from one hand to the other or to different fingers, you’ll need to “take into account that both fingers might not be the same size.”

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