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Cool Wedding Bands For Men

Personalized Gifts For Wedding Anniversary

Meteorite Wedding Band for Men | Jewelry by Johan

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Shop Unique Mens Wedding Bands

Buy him a wedding band hell never want to take off! Our exclusive collection of rings showcase the most unique and trending wedding band styles for men. Going for a modern or classic design? Our bands are available in a myriad of materials, from traditional precious metals to out-of-this-world meteorite. Want a ring with meaning behind it? Go with a band with a Celtic engraving or opt for a rare Dinosaur bone detail. Love nature? Show your affinity for the great outdoors with exotic wood inlays and other Nature-themed rings. No matter the style we offer the widest variety of men’s bands which ensures you’ll find the to match his taste and your budget!

Does The Man Buy His Own Wedding Band

Lets get this loaded question out of the way first. There is no correct answer. Tradition dictates that the brides family buys the grooms ring. But this is something most modern-day couples dont necessarily adhere to. The bride and groom purchase wedding bands for each other or split the cost of both bands equally. Again, since the bride and/or her family pays for most other expenses, some grooms have begun the tradition of purchasing both wedding bands. There is no single universal approach to who buys the wedding bands. The couple should talk, assess their combined finances, and take a mutual call.

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How Much Should You Spend On A Men’s Wedding Band

The average cost of a plain mens wedding band is around $600. But if youre looking to purchase a unique ring, one with precious metals, an exciting blend of materials, and exquisite craftsmanship, then be prepared to spend anywhere between $1,000 and $2,500, roughly the same price as a womans wedding band. Thickness also plays a role in determining the price of a mens wedding band the thicker and signature ones being more expensive, obviously! Here are some stylish mens wedding bands: they are well-priced, high on design, and of exquisite taste.

Tip #: Location Location Location: Aka Pros Cons Of Single Site Vs Separate Sites

Buy a Hand Made Cool Mens Ring, Alternative Wedding Band Rugged, Mens ...

The first thing you need to concern yourself with when planning the ceremony is this: Where the ever-loving #%@& is it going to be held?

Tradition dictates that many of you will seek to be married in a church or church-like structure. It kinda comes with the territory when getting hitched, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Churches come equipped with ample room for your guests, and good acoustics for your officiator’s officiating. And, a good church can be reasonably priced, if you have the right connections.

But… Do they have a space for your manly party after the vows? If so, will they let you bring in the copious amounts of booze and dance music you need to truly celebrate said vows?

If not, then you need to find a second locale to hold the reception, which brings about a second reservation expense, additional decorating, and possibly, additional setup

Not to mention the logistical cluster-fluff of transporting every single person from Site A to Site B, especially for a large wedding. Renting a couple buses just is not cost efficient. Even if each person is responsible for transporting themselves, issues remain it sure would suck if you had to delay things because Uncle Morty couldn’t GPS his way to the reception hall, right?

Just make sure you walk the site and visualize where everything is going to be set up . The downside of a single site option can be the size of the venue, so make sure you have enough space.

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The Aloha: Tungsten Koa Wedding Band By Thorum

The Aloha is a slightly more expensive ring than the others on this list, but at only a slight difference of $220 , it is not a significant change. This is still a very affordable wedding band, named as a homage to the region the tree from which the wood is sourced, Hawaii. The ring is made from tungsten metal with a rich coffee-coloured koa Hawaiian wood strip.

This ring is similar to The Obscura but with a strip of nature to break up the dark hues of the smoothed black band. It is an alternative if people want the plain black wedding band, with a flair of color without too much.

The Aloha reviews prove that adding a simple band of wood to metal can create something unique and striking. Some praise the two-tone design of brown and black, whilst others stress their comfort fitting as a plus for everyday wear.

Most Modern: Ring Bear Black Beveled Tungsten Band

Courtesy of Ring Bear

This sleek black tungsten band from Ring Bear is a smart and modern choice for any groom. The relaxed comfort fit, beveled edges, and bold hue is ideal for anyone who wants a stylish band thatll withstand whatever life throws your way. Plus, its carbon neutral and has the option for free engraving.

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Traditional With A Twist: Valerie Madison Wide Mobius Band

Courtesy of Valerie Madison

Inspired by mathematics, this elegant 5.6mm band from Valerie Madison puts a distinctive twist on a classic style. Coming in a variety of gold colors and carats as well as a platinum option, this singular look can be adapted to fit your personal preferences.

Stunning Silicone Wedding Bands For Men

Top Black Wedding Rings For Men!

Recommendations are independently chosen by Revieweds editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

Weddings are celebratory events for our loved ones who have found the person to spend the rest of their lives with! When celebrating this marriage, a ring is an essential aspect because it means commitment. They’re worn on your ring finger, which has a vein that connects to your heart.

Get deals and shopping advice delivered straight to your phone. from the experts at Reviewed.

However, some rings can be costly, depending on what kind of material it’s made of and how many diamonds are on them. Sometimes you may not want to wear a pricey wedding ring 24/7. Fortunately, you have an option to swap your ring out for something lightweight and comfortable, like a silicone ring. Silicone rings are made from a rubbery material that won’t get scratched or give you discomfort.

These rings are pretty easy to find, but we’ve done the research to find the most stylish silicone wedding rings that have a luxurious look. Go for a classic black silicone ring or one that has laser-cut designs. No matter your taste, here are eight silicone rings you’ll want to occasionally swap out with your actual wedding ring.

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Gold Wedding Bands For Men

The Saga: Hammered Black Wedding Ring By Thorum

In the vain of tales old, we have the Saga ring from Thorum. Made from hammered black tungsten carbide, with a soft, smooth interior for comfort. You cant deny that this simple rustic ring doesnt scream Viking saga! So, we love Vikings, and any reason to be inspired by the past is a chance we will take every single time!

Those that have committed to the Saga have left reviews and have given it five stars all around the board on our website! So that’s a sure sign to start your own epic saga love story!

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Where To Buy Unique Wedding Bands

When shopping for unique mens wedding rings, three of the best options are Blue Nile, Etsy and .

Blue Nile is best for rings made of precious medals like gold and silver Etsy is your best bet for unique designs and artisanal rings made from cool materials, and Amazon basically includes all of the above, plus free shipping if you have Amazon prime.

Perfect For Durability & Sensitivity

Cool Men

Tungstens durability also makes it the perfect pairing for unique inlays in a wedding band. You can see many examples in Brilliances collection of Tungsten Wedding Bands for menfrom unique engravings to mother of pearl and even genuine dinosaur bone wedding bands! Tungsten wedding bands are perfect to protect and showcase these alternative materials. On the other end of the spectrum, tungsten is also a great option for those with sensitive hands. 10-15% of people are affected by metal allergies, often triggered by metal alloys found in jewelry and coins. These alloys may only be present in trace amounts, but prolonged contact with the skin can lead to irritation, even rashes, depending on the severity of your allergy. Fortunately, tungsten is hypoallergenic, so a tungsten wedding band will not trigger any reaction.

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Championship Wedding Rings For Sports Enthusiast

by Etsy: ScoreCustomJewelry

Dear brides: please dont hate us too much for suggesting these amazing sports themed mens ring designs.

We understand that not everyone enjoys sports one-half of L& L is included in that category! However, chances are your future spouse has a secret or not-so-secret obsession with football, basketball, baseball, or even cricket !

These baseball and basketball-themed gold wedding band designs have a classic appeal. Andrew could especially see himself wearing the basketball ring. Of course, the fact that hes watched NBA games for over 25 years could have something to do with it!

Definitely consider this a #1 draft pick for your mans wedding ring!

Best Celtic Knot Design: Brilliant Earth Celtic Eternity Knot Wedding Ring

Courtesy of Brilliant Earth

The Celtic knot is the well-loved symbol of two souls bound by love and is proudly displayed between two beveled edges in this special band from Brilliant Earth. The design comes in rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and platinum and is a comfortable 6mm width.

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Unusual Material And Nontraditional Wedding Bands

Titanium is one of the newest, most cutting-edge materials in jewelry. Coming from the world of industrial design, it is virtually indestructible and remarkably light. Here, a band of brushed black titanium is framed by beveled bands of 18-karat gold. $1,200

If you happen to have inherited any silver family heirlooms, you know that after a while they start to tarnish. That process is called oxidation and, when done by a metalsmith via a series of treatments, it yields striking black metal like this rope band. $180

Like titanium, carbon fiber is a new, techy material to enter the world of jewelry and watches. It is extremely scratch resistant and holds up against heat, water, and sweat. Joined with 18-karat white gold, its one hard-wearing wedding band. $1,550

Stripes are always a stylish addition to ones closet, so why not in ones jewelry? Here, a classic gold band is given an irreverent twist by way of black enamel stripes applied using a traditional Indian handicraft. $1,625

Heres another, more minimal take on enamel, which is a combination of pigmented glass and metal that, when fired in a kiln, creates a smooth, durable surface with deep color. In glossy black and 14-karat gold, this band exudes cool. $605

You Know The Most Badass Mens Wedding Rings

Are Tungsten Rings Safe?
Now Learn How to Look Like a Handsome Badass Yourself

Now that you know which of the options constitute the most unique mens wedding bands, youll be able to find the perfect wedding band to help your hand stand out from the crowd.

As a literal symbol of your love story, mens wedding rings obviously carry a lot of emotional resonance.

But the truth is that even the most badass mens wedding bands are really only one small part of the larger menswear puzzle.

If you really want to look sharp and stand out, you dont just need the right ring.

You need to know how to nail all the small but vital details that collectively make a huge impact on your overall look.

Enter your email address below and Ill send you a head-to-toe checklist that outlines the nine most important details you need to know, and show you how to put your best face forward by nailing each one.

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Incredible Selection Of Diamond Wedding Bands

We offer a wide selection of styles, ranging from traditional to trending, so youre guaranteed to find his dream diamond wedding band at Want to capture his unique personality? Express his passion for cars with our ultra sleek carbon fiber diamond bands. Show his kinship with the outdoors with a camo inlay diamond band or a sophisticated KOA wood inlay diamond band.

Cant find what you are looking for or want to wow him with a one-of-a-kind custom unique male wedding band? Reach out to one of Brilliances Diamond Experts today to bring any idea or design to life!

Mens Black Wedding Bands

Ready to bring the mood?! Mens black wedding rings have a certain way about them. They feel equally mysterious, rugged, and classy.

While black is certainly a classic color, we love that these types of rings definitely stand out amongst the typical metal wedding ring choices guys are usually offered.

If youre looking for the perfect wedding bands for men that have a little bit of edge and a whole lot of character, these are the ones were obsessing over.

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Common Metals For Men’s Wedding Rings

Gold, platinum, titanium, zirconium, palladium, wood, tungsten carbide and cobalt-chrome are all popular wedding band materials. Tungsten carbide, for example, has an extremely high melting point and scratch-resistant surface, but it’s not technically a metal . Platinum, a classic choice for guys’ rings, is more denseand therefore, more durablethan gold, but it’s also more expensive. Wood wedding rings are beautiful, organic and tend to be more affordable than metal rings, but they’re not as tough and might not be your best bet if you live a super-active lifestyle.

Silver Wedding Band Faq

15 Best Collection of Trendy Mens Wedding Bands

Learn more about silver metal

Pure silver is in fact too soft of a material to be used for a wedding band. What you will come across when searching for a silver wedding ring is sterling silver. That means a .925 hallmark stamp on the inside of the ring.

  • Sterling silver is 7.5% copper alloyed with 92.5% silver .

Why choose silver for a wedding band

No other metal has a natural brilliance and radiance than that of sterling silver. Compared to platinum or white gold, sterling silver rings are much more affordable. It is a malleable metal, which makes it a favorite choice among jewelers as design options are endless!

What does flashing mean in silver?

The term flashing has a naughty connotation. For wedding bands, you may come across silver rings that are treated with a process called flashing: the ring is plated with a thin coat of 99.999% pure silver to give it some extra shine along with a luster finish. This thin layer of pure silver will wear off fairly rapidly with everyday wear.

Ways to keep silver looking shiny

Another option is to treat sterling silver rings with rhodium plate , which will increase the shine and durability. As with flashing, the rhodium will wear off over time and the wearer will need to have the ring re-plated.

by: Rickson Jewelry


Yup, thats right. Elk antlers and sound waves made it onto our top list of titanium wedding bands.

I wonder what a soundwave ring for Mariah Careys voice would look like!?

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