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How To Find A Hair Stylist For Wedding

Who Pays For Bridesmaids Hair And Makeup

Become a Wedding Hairstylist

Generally speaking, bridesmaids are responsible for paying for their own hair and makeup, as long as they have the option to do their own. If you as the bride are requiring your bridesmaids and attendants to have their hair and makeup professionally done, its generally expected for you to cover the cost. Again, if youre giving them the option to do their own hair and makeup OR have it professionally done, its acceptable within modern wedding etiquette to expect your attendants to pay for those services. That said, how much should you budget for wedding hair and makeup?

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How To Find The Best Hairstylist For Your Wedding


There are a ton of places that you can search for a wedding hairstylist, but as a bride, you might wonder where to start. Instead of relying solely on the internet to guide your search for a wedding hairstylist, start by checking in with your current stylist. Chances are they are skilled in doing wedding hair, too.

If your trusted stylist cant tackle your hair on your wedding day, they can always make a recommendation. And, if that doesn’t lead to a great option, bridal hair expert Ben Skervin shares tips for finding the right wedding hairstylist below.

Meet the Expert

Ben Skervin is a celebrity hairstylist responsible for Ellie Gouldings wedding day hair.

Heres How To Find The Best Hairstylist Near You On Instagram

Instagram is one of the biggest and best tools out there for finding all kinds of things: recipes, lifestyle inspiration, self-care affirmations, fitness tips, and YES, this is how to find hairstylist. Maybe youre in a rut with your hair, havent had a great relationship with a stylist in a while, or recently moved and need a hairstylist in your new city. Great news! You can turn Instagram into your personal search tool, not just for a new look, but for the right professional to help you get there.

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What To Expect The Day Of Your Wedding

Your stylist will know how much time is needed to do your hair, so be sure to schedule that into the day. You’ll want to give yourself plenty of time, especially if you have long hair. Keep in mind the timing of your wedding party hair appointments as well, if they’re getting their hair done. Your stylist should know how much time to schedule.

Some brides with fine hair opt not to wash their hair the day of because the dirtier hair is, the better it will stay in an updo. Some brides also can’t imagine that. Bring extra pins and hairspray along to the reception, just in case your updo starts to fall. You can run a hair dryer sheet on your head if there’s static in the air and your hair gets frizzy.

Tip #: Look For A Solid Bridal Portfolio


The first step to receiving the wedding services you dream of comes down to getting the right portfolio. You will contact the people to receive a quote within budget and check the availability of it. You should allow for some time in between before you choose a hair stylist. The ideal timing will be anywhere from six months to one year.

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Should You Wear Hair Extensions On Your Wedding Day

‘This varies from person to person, style to style. If you don’t usually wear hair extensions but want a little extra volume that lasts all day, then clip-ins are the way to go. This is what I tell my brides to wear. They’re easy to clip in and out, and fill out your hair in minutes. If your hair is prone to letting styles drop, hair extensions will help hold your look, too. If you’re opting for clip-in hair extensions, make sure you buy good quality ones and book in with your hairdresser to get them cut and blended, so that when you wear them they are undetectable.’

Consider The Products They Use

Look into what brands Makeup Artists are using. Most will happily tell you. What you want to look for is professional brands and a variety of them. You dont want a one brand makeup artist as it might mean the look and finish will suit most but not everyone. You also dont want predominantly drug store brands as these wont hold up on a long wedding day.

If cruelty-free, sustainable and eco-friendly practices are important to you then this is something to consider as well. My kit is all cruelty-free and vegan but all the brands I use are pro quality and industry respected. I also recycle and use sustainable disposables like bamboo to reduce the waste I create in my business.

My Tip: Ask Makeup Artists what brands they use, if you dont know them by name give them a quick Google to verify their quality and reputation.

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What Do You Wish All Couples Knew

Every single one of these lovely suppliers either said how fast the day goes, or not to sweat the small stuff because at the end of the day its about the pair of you and your love. What absolute gems!

Laura Anne Makeup has over 16 years of experience and training in the industry, allowing her to offer brides a completely bespoke service to create something youll ultimately LOVE whether its natural, radiant makeup with relaxed, soft hair, or a smokey dramatic look with chic, sleek hair.

Lucy St John prides herself and her team on getting brides looking like the, at their best, naturally whether this is super glam or quite low-key. By taking the time in getting to know their clients, Lucy and her team can ensure they get it right every time. Her website is chocfull of great resources, including helpful videos, clear, transparent pricing, and a newsletter which contains some handy hints. Plus, when you book with them, you get a really helpful tips sheet too!

Rebel Rock are a sister duo specialising in hair and beauty with strong feminine style and a pinch of rock n roll. They love versatile beauty, which you can see on their website in all of their pictures

Time To Find A Hair Stylist

Finding Hair And Makeup Stylists For Your Destination Wedding

Are you picky about your hair? Then it’s probably difficult to find a hair stylist.

You may not find a stylist who fits your needs. You could also not be researching enough.

No two hair stylists are the same, so it takes some work to find the perfect one. It’s time you stop settling for a bad hair stylist and find someone you love. Use these tips to have the most amazing hair.

Are you in St. Louis? Book an appointment with us.

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Research Local Salons & Stylists

One of the best and most authentic ways to source a stylist these days can be through social media.

As you scroll through hundreds of images that flood your feed , select pictures that catch your eye. If you think, Hey that looks nice, click on it. It will take you to the stylists profile or bio page where you have a close look of their portfolio. From here, read the comments section for reviews.

Not all in search of a new stylist are into the whole social media craze. Ever met someone who feels like Snapchat is just the governments way to spy on us? Ok, maybe thats a little far out, but hey, thats why search engines like Google, Yelp and StyleSeat are great resources. Check reviews and browse pictures of passionate stylists.

Social media may be considered the new word of mouth but dont forget theres still the original word of mouth which is perfect for those that arent big on technology. Chatting with friends and coworkers happens naturally and you never know what great resources or ideas they may have.

When Should Your Last Hair Colour Appointment Before Your Wedding Day Be

‘Colour nowadays is applied to look effortless and natural, as such I’d recommend your last colour appointment before your wedding should be between 1-4 weeks before the big day, depending on a few factors. If you like a fresh look, a week away is the timeframe for you. This allows time to fix anything you might want changed. If you all about balayage, root shadow or an ombre hair colour look, opt for an earlier date. You want your colour to have time to settle in, you don’t want it to look too perfectly placed or freshly done. If you’re greying though, ignore all of the above and leave your last colour appointment to as close to the day as you can, just make sure to ask for your usual, and book in with your go-to, trusted colourist.’

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How To Find A Make

1. Start thinking about styles

As you collect more images, consider whether the skin tone and hair length or colour of the individual in the image is similar to your own. This can help determine how well the style will suit you.

We also recommend thinking about what you normally wear and how you style yourself. Yes, on your wedding day its an opportunity to step-up, but completely stepping away from your usual style can make you feel uncomfortable. Its a good idea to think of your usual style and then consider how that can be levelled-up a notch or two.

You should now have a good gallery of ideas to take to potential MUAs and hair stylists.

2. Consider the wedding location

Next, its time to think about where you will be on the morning of the wedding. You could go to a salon for your make-up and to another for your hair. However, this will introduce unnecessary stress and time pressure. Instead, we recommend choosing a mobile make-up artist and hairstylist who will come to your home, or to the wedding venue.

Secret Spa has a selection of wedding make-up artists in Brighton, London and Manchester who will come to your home or venue. Additionally, covering the same areas, our professional hair stylists can also come to you.

Once connected, you can ask to see examples of the individuals work. They should have plenty of photos to show you.

3. Request some testimonials

4. Check the pricing

Listen To Word Of Mouth Reviews

Bridal Hair Inspiration

Does your best friend rave about her hairstylist? Do you envy the perfect coloring your sister always seems to have? Ask around. Sometimes our family and friends can be incredibly useful in our search for a compatible stylist. They know you and they probably know what you do and dont like. So, ask if they think their hairstylist might be a good fit.

Get your loved ones to share their thoughts and experiences with you. What do they like? What do they not like? Are they happy with the results and overall experience? The people you care about can help you make an informed decision. And you never know, you may just find a hairstylist that works for your needs. Besides, word of mouth is one of the many ways hairstylists pick up new clients and hey, you could be next!

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How Do You Find A Good Hairstylist

First, pull up a list of nearby hairstylists on Thumbtack, and read their profiles to get an understanding of what they specialize in hair coloring, cutting, extensions, wedding hairstyles, etc. Then, start searching for stylists who have high ratings and customer reviews. You should also spend some time looking at photos that showcase their work. That way, you can determine if a stylist has the experience and skills needed to achieve the look you want.

When youve identified at least three hairstylists you like, ask them for a cost estimate and make sure they have the proper credentials.

What Else Do You Need To Consider When Discussing Makeup And Hairstyles For Brides

So far weve talked about cost, what to look for when choosing your wedding glam squad, wedding hair and makeup trials, and timing on the day-of. But here are some other important factors to keep in mind when choosing your bridal hair and makeup look.

No matter what bridal beauty look youre going for, were here to help you find the wedding hair and makeup artists who will make it happen. At Carats & Cake, you can check out wedding makeup artists and hair stylists for your dream wedding. Get in touch with wedding hair stylists and bridal makeup artists directly through our website to discuss a wedding hair trial or makeup look. Carats & Cake is the trusted resource that connects couples to expert vendors to build their dream weddingsalready with over 10,000 real weddings!

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Use Your Social Media Skills

Social media is your BFF when it comes to hunting for hair inspo and stylists. Its standard practice for wedding hair stylists to post their best looks on Instagram, so look there first. Try searching for salons close to where youre getting married and then dig a little deeper to find their top stylists. If youre a fan of their work, hit that follow button.

What To Look For In A Wedding Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist

How to become a bridal hairstylist and stand out

When looking at hair and makeup services for your wedding, youll need to look at each vendors portfolio to see if you like their work. You should also look for reviews and testimonials to see how many clients are satisfied with their services.

Its always worth having a trial with your wedding makeup artist or hair stylist – try to arrange it before a fun event like your engagement shoot or hen do, so youll have your hair and makeup professionally done for the occasion.

Your trial is a great way to see if you gel with the wedding hair stylist or makeup artist – remember, theyll be spending the morning of your wedding with you, so youll want someone you really get on with! But its also useful to see if your chosen hairstyle suits you, and will last as long as you need it to.

Make sure you save photos of styles of wedding hair and makeup that you like so you can show them to your makeup artist and wedding hairdresser, but also be open to their advice and suggestions, as they will likely know what will work with your hair and will have makeup ideas based on their experience.

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Questions You Should Ask

How many years have you been in business?

What you are really asking is whether they have been around a while so you can be assured that they wont just close shop a week before your wedding. One of the challenges of hiring vendors for destination weddings is that they can easily take a deposit and walk away with no repercussions. By hiring somebody who has been around for a while, the chances of that happening are minimized.

Do you work with brides exclusively?

Just because a vendor does not exclusively work with brides does not mean that they are not qualified. However, if your hair and makeup stylist exclusively does weddings, then their level of expertise will be far greater.

Can I see your work?

What is the total cost and what does that include/exclude?

Look to see how specific the quote is. Does it include hair and makeup? Does it include a trial session? Does the price include bridesmaids and your mothers? Is there different price for you versus your bridesmaids? Does it specify how much time he/she will be spending on you and on your bridesmaids?

Also ask what the price excludes. Many times, vendors will leave out specific extra fees which they tack on at the end. For example, some hair and makeup artists will charge a travel fee based on how far they have to travel to get to the wedding venue. Ask to see all fees that they charge including taxes and gratuities.

Do you offer packages?

What is the largest number of people you can accommodate?

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