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How To Choose A Wedding Color Palette

Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Color Palette

How to Choose A Color Palette for Your Wedding or Event | Cherry Blossom Planning Factory

Image by Sophie Berard. See more of this real wedding here.

Before you start buying décor or even selecting your bridesmaid dresses, youve got to think about one of the most important aspects of wedding planningchoosing your wedding colors! Wedding color palettes are much more fluid than they used to be, including a wider range of hues added more subtly throughout the design of your day.

Despite the trends of mixing and matching different colors in decor and wedding party attire, choosing your wedding palette can be a bit of a challenge. Thats why were sharing six tips to make choosing your wedding colors a fun and easy process so you can tackle the rest of your wedding planning.

Neutrals And Metallics Count As Colors

Neutrals count as colors in your wedding palette. A neutral is a color that plays well with a lot of other colors: white, ivory, cream, black, gray, and even some brown and tans. A bridal dress will dictate one of your neutrals in your palette: is it stark white, creamy ivory, a little bit blush? The next neutral color will be seen in the suits: black tuxes, gray suits, burgundy velvet jackets with black pants?

Metallics are part of your wedding palette too. Not every wedding will have a metallic as a prominent feature in its decor. Thats OK. You dont have to include a metallic in your palette. But if you definitely want a lot of shine to be a part of your decor, add that metallic color to your palette. Shiny silver, gold, copper, rose gold, or platinum are all metallic colors that you can add to your palette to make sure that you incorporate them into your wedding decor.

Did those tips help you out? I see a lot of couples stress out over their wedding palettes. Use these 5 tips to choosing your wedding color palette as a starting point to choosing your colors.

S For Finding The Perfect Wedding Color Palette

When youre planning a wedding, its never too early to decide on your color palette. Your colors will set the tone for your wedding, and they should be featured everywhere on the big day from dresses to decor to party favors and more. And if youre really thinking ahead, colors will play an important role in your venue decision as well.

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Leave Out The Textures

Yellow satin, yellow velvet and yellow cotton will look completely different. So dont forget about the fabrics and other materials that will embody the color. They should match each other, such as cotton with wood, satin with metal, velvet with pearls. But for example, a black satin fabric and a wooden caddy will look very strange.

Reflect On Your Personal Style


Take a look around your home and notice what colors you use in your decorating. Open your cabinets and look at your dishware, and scan whats hanging in your closet. Do you seem to collect bright colors, gravitate towards muted pastels, or do you stick to neutrals? Since you want your wedding celebration to feel like a natural extension of you and your partner, pay attention to what youre both personally drawn to when you begin thinking about wedding colors.

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Keep Your Priorities In Mind

While the venue is usually the biggest choice you have to make in your wedding planning, sometimes there are other details to consider that might come before choosing your colors too. If you’ve always dreamed of having your wedding overflowing with purple dendrobium orchids, then you should use that as a starting point for your palette, instead of trying to figure out a way to work it in later. You don’t want to choose a color scheme only to find that a must-have, like your grandmother’s ivory table runner, looks out of place or may get lost in the décor rather than standing out like you want it to.

Get Inspired By Your Setting

First things first: location. Have a color palette in mind as you start your venue search. Think about what colors you’d like to use, and whether you’d want to prioritize finding the perfect venue or having your perfect color palette. If you find a venue that you love, but it doesn’t work with your colors, you’ll want to switch up a hue or two so you don’t bust your budget on trying to cover up or distract from the fact that it doesn’t match. Venues like converted warehouses, lofts and tents are all blank slates, meaning you can really add as much or as little as you want to carry out your vision for color and style. If you’ve already found the perfect venue, use the space to help you come up with your color scheme. The colors of your reception space and its surroundings, whether it’s the vintage Persian rug in the dining room or the view of the ocean, can spark an idea. And that way, you won’t have to work against a clashing color palette and your colors will enhance what you love about your venue.

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Ivory/champagne And Light Pink

Ivory/champagne and light pink were behind gold in 2019. Both were used by 33% of couples last year. Ivory/champagne has long remained a popular choice among to-be-weds, as the neutral tones are versatile, stylish and easy to coordinate . Light pink has remained a top choice for couples over the years. This pretty hue is a lovely selection for an ultra-romantic event.

What Are Traditional Wedding Colors

Choosing a Color Palette (for your stationery designs)

Traditional wedding colors tend to eschew eclectic or funky combinations. At PartySlate, we often see monochromatic color schemes that revolve around a single color be it white, pink, or blue.

We also find many wedding color palettes that combine two contrasting colors. Popular examples of this dual-color combination include:

Burgundy and Gold

Coral and Navy

Of course, thats just the tip of the iceberg . Search PartySlates Wedding Gallery to see real wedding celebrations. You can even filter your results by wedding colors and styles.

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Consult The Color Wheel

You don’t need a degree from art school to pick your palette, but there are some basic principles to follow. Typically, colors that go well together are ones that are opposites because they pair a cool and warm . Other color pairings that work are “neighbors”they’re similar to each other and share a primary color . A classic way to build your color palette is by pairing a bright, saturated color with a neutral, like violet and gray or blush and gold.

Light Sky Photography

Thinking You Need A Set Color Palette

Let’s face it: You’re probably going to get asked a billion different times what your wedding colors are . The good news is if you have no clue, that’s perfectly fine…seriously! As Burton points out, you don’t necessarily need to have wedding colors. “You may just want to use natural linens and wildflowers.” Think bohemian, eclectic cool at its finest. This idea works particularly well for woodsy weddings, garden parties, or any outdoor reception.

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How To Create The Perfect Wedding Color Palette

As soon as you step into a wedding reception venue or browse through our real wedding photos, what is the first thing that you notice? Perhaps it’s the decoration, the flowers, or it could be the carefully-selected color palette that pulls everything together in harmony. In fact, you probably don’t remember the particular details of a friend’s wedding you attended one year ago, but you might remember the shades of blue that dominated the whole setting.

A wedding color palette is actually one of the things that makes a celebration so remarkable and memorable. It also sets the overall mood and ambiance of the whole day, while aesthetically complementing the wedding theme at the same time. All in all, choosing the right colors for your wedding day is not a step to be taken lightly.

Today, we’re giving you a step-by-step guide on choosing the right colors for your wedding. A great color palette should be cohesive, beautiful, and most importantly it should reflect your personality as a couple. If you’re ready to start creating a wedding color palette, go ahead and follow our simple steps below.

Step #1: Picking your colors

First things first, you need some colors to start with. If you have a favorite color that simply must be a part of your wedding celebration, then you’ve got this step sorted out. However, if you and your partner don’t have a particular color combination in mind, here are some sources of inspiration to start with.

+ Trending Wedding Color Schemes To Steal This 2022

HOW TO: Choose your Wedding Palette

Jennifer Skulski

Get The Best Wedding Hashtags From Professional Writers

A prominent feature of all weddings involves their corresponding wedding color schemes. As you begin planning your nuptial celebration, deciding on your favorite wedding color themes may be one of the first objectives on your list.

If you and your partner are looking to keep up with the latest wedding trends, youll definitely need some wedding hashtags, and youll also need to consider your wedding color palette.

To inspire your search for the perfect palette for you and your fiancé, weve got over 70 different top wedding color schemes to choose from!

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    How To Choose Your Wedding Color Scheme

    Wedding color schemes can say a lot about you and your partners relationship and style. Are you yearning for a bright, bold, and energetic celebration or a more subdued and elegant atmosphere?

    Your wedding color palette can also greatly influence the feeling of your venue and the clarity of your wedding theme. Nautical or beach-themed weddings often feature a prominent blue scheme. Rustic weddings on the other hand feature more naturalistic and lighter colors.

    As you begin to explore you and your partners wedding color palette ideas, remember to keep both your wedding theme and wedding date in mind. Once you decide on a color scheme that matches your tastes and styles, you can begin putting that beautiful color scheme to good use.

    Cornflower Blue And Peach

    To balance a spring and summer look, try some shades or variations of cornflower blue. This soft cornflower invitation rejects nautical stereotypes with peach and blush roses decorating its borders.

    This rustic bouquet includes babys breath, giving it a relaxed barn vibe. The pops of cornflower are perfectly complemented.

    If youre looking to get extra rustic, lining your aisle with these arrangements in pink mason jars is super cute and cozy. It also shows how nicely the blue matches that of the sky.

    While this does literally say summer at the top, late May is close enough for this mood board to fit right in. The table settings here are incredible and theres even some natural wood involved.

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    Figure Out Which Colors Youre Naturally Drawn To

    Brides often feel overwhelmed when faced with choosing a color palette, but its important not to stress. Taking a quick look at your wardrobe and home decor is usually enough for most brides to discover what colors and patterns they tend to gravitate towards. If your clothes and wall hangings dont give you a clear answer though, create an inspiration board to catalogue your favorite colors and styles. As you add to your boards, youll be surprised at how quickly patterns and preferences emerge.

    What Color Should You Choose Based On Your ‘bridal Style’

    Stunning Elegant Perfect Gowns| Choosing a not traditional wedding| choosing a wedding color palette

    Your wedding should be a reflection of you and your fiance’s personality. If you’re still at a loss as to what color to choose, consider your own style and vision for the wedding. Still not sure what I mean? Dont worry, here are some colors to best suit your bridal style & personality:

    Trendy Bride Slate Blue, Sky, Bordeaux, Emerald, or Desert Rose

    Classic/Traditional Bride Navy, Black, Eggplant, or Blush

    Beachy Bride Navy, Blush, Sea Glass, or Deep Sea

    Girly Bride Blush, Bordeaux, Desert Rose, French Lilac, or Wisteria

    Rockstar Bride Black, Teal, Storm, or Dove

    Earthy Bride Slate Blue, Sea Glass, Fawn, Fog, or Dew Drop

    Sexy Bride Black, Bordeaux, Emerald, or Desert Rose

    Upbeat Bride Peach, Berry, Cantelope, Mint, or Cornflower

    Garden Bride – Desert Rose, Sea Glass, Fawn, French Lilac, or Wisteria

    Color-Loving Bride – Berry, Cantelope, Mint, Peony, Mulberry, or Cornflower

    Minimalist Bride – Black, Dove, Fog, or Storm

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    How To: Choose Your Wedding Colours

    Wedding colours are usually one of the first foundations of wedding styling that you lockdown, as theyre an important basis for your bookings in loads of other aspects of the wedding too thats why theyre so early on in our super useful wedding checklist!

    Its the kind of detail that is incredibly easy to get caught up in , but, counter-productively, it may feel like wedding colours need to be completely decided on beyond all doubt before you can move on to make any other detailed decisions.

    Fret not: weve compiled a list of things to think about in order to choose your wedding colours and choose them right.

    Not To Consider The Color Palette Of The Venue

    The grounds are the starting point for the decor. Creating a palatial atmosphere in a restaurant that resembles a pirate ship is a headache for decorators and a heavy blow to your wallet. In a bright restaurant it is problematic to realize the atmosphere of steampunk, and in a dark gothic room it is hardly possible to create something soft and gentle. Therefore, initially it is better to look for a venue where you can create the desired concept with minimal resources.

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    Introduction: How To Pick My Wedding Colors

    Is there a wedding somewhere in your near future? If so, then congratulations! If its your own wedding, or youre helping a close friend or family member with their wedding plans this is a happy, exciting time.

    Planning a wedding though is no small task.

    There are venues to scout, vendors to book, dresses to buy, meals to sample, and cakes to taste. And of course, all the decor needs to be arranged. Decorating for a wedding isnt as simple as just making things look nice although thats certainly part of it. You must decide on the specific look and feel you want to achieve in your decor. Do you want a rustic, country vibe? Maybe youd prefer a classic, elegant feeling. What about vintage charm?

    No matter what theme you choose, all the elements of your decorating need to work together and coordinate to help achieve this feeling. This includes the table centerpieces, the flowers, surrounding decor, the cake, and even the brides gown and the bridesmaids dresses. As you pull all these pieces together early on to create a cohesive theme or mood, youll make a lot of decisions in the process that dictate many of your decorating choices later.

    One of the most crucial decorating decisions is your color scheme. By necessity, this is one of the first decisions you make. Its difficult to start planning other decorations or specifics until you have your wedding color palette picked.

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