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When Do You Send Wedding Save The Dates

When To Send Save The Dates For Local Weddings: 4 To 6 Months Before The Wedding

Do You Really Need To Send Save-the-Dates?

Your ceremony and reception venues are in your hometown, and most of your guests are local. For a local wedding, give your guests at least four to six months advance notice of your wedding date, and follow up with your invitations as soon as possible.

Expert Wedding Planning Tip: It is important to think about large seasonal events that may impact the receipt of a save the date, if possible do not send save the dates during the peak of the Christmas holiday season, as they can get lost with all of the other mail that arrives during that time of the year.

In summary, heres a basic timeline for when to send save the dates:

  • Choose your location and set the date. These two items are intertwined. You may fall in love with a location and select from available dates. Or you may choose a special date and a venue in your preferred location later down the line. The location can be approximate a city will do.
  • Take your engagement photos. You can schedule your engagement photo shoot any time after the proposal.
  • Design your save the dates cards. Use your engagement photos in your design for the ultimate personal touch.
  • Mail your save the dates. The basic rule of thumb is to send save the dates 6 months before the wedding. For a destination wedding, it is customary to mail save the dates 8 to 12 months in advance. For a local affair, send save the dates 4 months in advance.
  • Follow your save the dates with your formal invitations about 8 weeks before the wedding.
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  • Being Unclear About Who’s Actually Invited

    It’s best to be as clear as possible about who’s invited to the wedding, even this far in advance. By including the actual names of every intended guest on the envelope, you’re less likely to have any assumed invitees , or general confusion . Being up front about who’s invited also gives families with uninvited kids ample time to plan for child care, and out-of-towners time to figure out hotel room shares.

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    Why Send A Save The Date

    Sending save the datessenddate

    Mail your save the dates. The basic rule of thumb is to send save the dates 6 months before the wedding. For a destination wedding, it is customary to mail save the dates 8 to 12 months in advance. For a local affair, send save the dates 4 months in advance.

    Furthermore, who gets a save the date? 3. The recipients. Everyone on your “A” guest list-even your maid of honor who found out the second you booked the venue-should receive a save-the-date. .

    Considering this, are save the dates really necessary?

    No, save the dates aren’t mandatory. But they are an expected courtesy if you’re having a destination wedding, an extended wedding weekend, or a wedding during peak travel times or holidays.

    What does save the date mean?

    It means “reserve this date.” For example. Someone can send a wedding invitation for a wedding scheduled to occur on 10/1/2016. “Save the datemeans please remember to not schedule anything else on this date.

    Does Our Save The Date Have To Match Our Wedding Invitation

    When to Send Save the Dates

    Save the dates tend to be less formal in style than the wedding invitation, so this is your chance to give your guests a glimpse of you as a couple. If you’ve taken engagement photos, choose a couple of your favorites to incorporate into a . Having a destination wedding? Play up your wedding locale with a save the date design that highlights the setting . But you can never go wrong with classic stationery choices, like elegant calligraphy, romantic watercolors, and metallic foils.

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    What Information Do I Need To Include In My Save

    The most obvious piece of information is the date of your wedding, or dates if youre hosting a wedding weekend. Other than that youll want to include both of your names and a general location for the wedding. You dont need to know the specific venue, but knowing the city will be beneficial for guests who will be traveling to attend . The save-the-date should also include a note that a formal invitation will follow. If youre planning on having a wedding website or have one already set up, you can also include the URL on your save-the-date. That way your guests will be able to get more information as it becomes available. Including the wedding website is especially important if youll be having a destination style wedding since youll likely have a lot of information that needs to be conveyed to your guests.

    When Do You Send Out Save The Dates If Youre Hosting A Local Wedding

    Couples hosting hometown weddings can be a bit more flexible when it comes to when to send save the dates. We recommend sending save the dates between four and eight months in advance of your nuptials for hometown weddings. If a good portion of your guests are traveling to your event or if your event is taking placing over a holiday weekend, send save the dates around eight months in advance, but if most people are local, four to six months ahead of time is fineanything later than four months in advance, your guests may already have conflicts on their calendars. As with a destination wedding, your wedding website should be relatively complete by the time those save the dates go out. Your guests will likely refer to your wedding website immediately after receiving your save the date to check your registry and other details, and the last thing you want is them to be greeted by a blank page.

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    Not Saying The Location

    Although you may not know the exact venue yet, try to decide on a destination and include this on your save the date cards, especially if its going to be abroad. If youve always lived in London and you send a save the date, people may assume thats where youre getting hitched but that may not be the case.

    When Do You Send Out Save The Dates When Youre Hosting A Destination Wedding

    When To Send Wedding Invitations (AND SAVE THE DATES)

    If youre hosting a destination wedding and most of your guests will have to travel to the location, its extra important to consider when to send save the dates. Youll want to ensure that your guests have enough time to clear their schedules and book flights and hotels . A good rule of thumb is to send save the dates for destination weddings eight to 12 months before the big day. Make sure that youve already reserved room blocks and have listed travel information on your wedding website before sending your save the dates. That way, your guests will be able to take action as soon as they receive their save the date. By not having a completed wedding website, you run the risk of guests totally forgetting to make travel plans until its too late.

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    When Should I Ask For The Rsvps Back

    Even after sending your save the dates and wedding invitations months in advance, there is always a handful of people who leave it until the last minute to RSVP! Clearly state on your RSVP and wedding invitations a specific date you want them back by and make this date between 2 3 weeks before the wedding, giving you enough time for a final head count. Dont be afraid to give a friendly reminder in person or via email about the due date a week or so before hand and if there is anyone who hasnt gotten back to you by the cut off date, pick up the phone. After that, their time is up!

    The Countdown To Your Wedding Day Is Officially On

    From all of us at Greenvelope, we hope your wedding is completely magical. As you create your guest list, send out your save the dates, and receive each response for your big day, we can only imagine how your excitement will build. And were here to help you through each and every step.

    Whether youre sending out your save the dates or hoping to beat the post office rush with your official wedding invites, Greenvelope can send out beautifully-crafted invites in very little time. With Greenvelope, you can customize your own invitations and send them directly to your guests inboxes. That way, theyll have plenty of time to make the necessary arrangements.

    On your wedding day, youll be surrounded by those you love and care about. Were just here to help you get the word out.

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    Should Save The Dates Have Last Names

    It is a good idea to include your names, first and last, especially if you are not including a photo on your save the dates.

    DO include last names on save the date cards.

    If the design looks better with first names, thats okay just make sure your last names appear in the return address so guests know exactly who is getting married. 🙂

    What Should Save The Dates Say

    When do you need to send your Save the Dates? It depends ...

    This is an important one: save the date cards shouldnt be overly wordy, but you also dont want to leave out important facts.

    DO include your names, the location of the wedding, and the wedding date on save the dates.

    Yep! Heres all you need to include on save the dates:

    Your Names

    The Location of the Wedding

    The Wedding Date

    Its also a good idea to include:

    Formal invitation to follow


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    Let Postable Help Make Your Wedding Planning Life Easier

    With all of that said, Postable can help take some of the wedding planning weight off of your shoulders. Gather your guests mailing addresses, send out your save the dates and wedding invites all in a matter of minutes and without ever leaving your couch. Seriously, the easiest part of planning your wedding. Then theres the part where you can write all of your wedding thank you notes without developing carpal tunnel.

    Sending Electronic Save The Dates

    One of the main reasons to send digital save the dates is convenience. Traditional save-the-date cards require ordering, proofing, printing, waiting for delivery, addressing, applying postage, and physical mailing, all of which can take weeks.

    Since most online stationery sites are so easy to navigate, you can select and pay for your design within an hour flat, all with a few clicks.

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    They Can Say No To Other Commitments

    Having your wedding day marked on their future calendars will give your nearest and dearest a chance to make plans around your wedding weekend and ensure they don’t accidentally double-book. Plenty of personal and professional events and travel plans are confirmed months in advanceincluding work trips and conferences and annual family vacations, to name a few. The greater notice you give your guests, the greater likelihood they’ll be available to attend.

    To Whom Do I Send My Save The Dates

    How to uninvite wedding guests when you’ve sent a save the date

    Your save the dates should be sent to all of your guests, which means you should have a finalized guest list before sending them out. Some couples create A, B, and C guest lists and only sending save the dates to those on the A-list, but thats not something we recommend. In fact, we don’t recommend having A, B, or C lists at allit’s best to just have one final guest list, rather than multiple lists with potential invitees. Its possible that those family members and friends on your B and C lists will find out that save the dates went out , and they werent includednot ideal.

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    Are Save The Dates Necessary

    Do you need to send save the dates? Do you need to send save the dates to everyone?

    YES, and yes!

    DO send out save the dates to guests.

    And not just the guests whom you think will appreciate a save the date or live far away. Proper save the the date etiquette dictates that you send save the dates to ALL guests on your wedding guest list.

    by morgan kendall

    Do Include A Wedding Website

    This can be a great place to give your guests all the extra details that a wedding invite simply doesnt have space for. Loading your invites with additional details is not ideal. You can include helpful maps, hotel and travel info for out-of-town guests on your wedding website. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness and you wont have to field 20 different calls about where the closest Sheraton is.

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    Save The Date Etiquette: Addressing

    We mentioned one of the save the date DOs and DONTs is to address the save the dates properly, but you dont need to be overly formal about it. If you shop save the dates at Minted, you get a huge bonus: free addressing on your envelopes.

    This will help you to know exactly how proper save the date etiquette should be followed for addressing, given the examples provided. As a plus, the envelope addressing matches your save the date styles perfectly. One less thing youll need to worry about!

    Do Save The Dates Have To Be Formal

    What to include on a wedding invite

    Not necessarily. As we mentioned above, try to follow the formality of your save the dates along the lines of what youre planning for your wedding. Your save the dates are a great place to kick off the fun of your theme, tie in your motif, colors, etc. if you have them already! Have fun with it.

    DONT stress about save the dates and how formal they are.

    Your save-the-dates are also a great way to show off your personality, so have a little fun with it!

    by mc designs

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