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How Do You Address Wedding Rsvp Envelopes

Confirm Rsvp Reply Date

Wedding Tips & Advice : How to Reply to an RSVP for a Wedding Invitation

Before you make your wedding RSVP invitations, you need to establish and confirm a reply date.

Guests should reply no less than 2 weeks before the reception. However, RSVP reply dates greatly vary and depend on a few things

You need to confirm the RSVP reply date with your venue coordinators and caterers. They need a final headcount by a certain date so they can plan everything accordingly.

Your florist and cake decorator may also need a final headcount. Florists need an idea of how your floor plan will be set up. Whoever is preparing your desserts needs to make sure there is plenty to go around.

You also want to give yourself enough time with the RSVP reply date. Youll need a headcount if you plan to provide your guests with party favors, for example.

If planning a destination wedding, invitees should get an RSVP card at least 2-3 months in advance.

Compile The Guest List

RSVP invitations should go out no less than 6 weeks before the wedding. Ideally, they should go out 8 weeks before the reception. Invitees should have received Save-the-Date memos even earlier.

If you previously compiled a guest list when you mailed out your Save-the-Date memos, great! It shouldnt be hard to compile your RSVP invitation list!

Youre going to want to number your guest list . Make a copy of the list, and keep a checklist of the RSVP invitations youve already sent out.

You also want to make note of peoples locations. Some guests on your list may live farther than most. You want to give them ample time to plan so they can make the trip in for your big day.

Be consistent with how you notify people about your big day. If you sent Save-the-Date memos in the mail, you should also mail out your RSVP invitations.

Brides traditionally mail RSVP invitations through the post office. But these days, more and more brides are opting to send RSVPs by email.

Regardless of how you send, if youre having a wedding reception, your RSVPs should be concise.

RSVP card from Minted

Wedding Rsvp Card Checklist

  • Pick your wedding day design scheme. An RSVP wedding card is a piece of the wedding stationery suite, along with the main invitation and any enclosure cards, if they apply. As such, couples choose wedding invitations and RSVP card sets that match the design scheme of their wedding day.
  • Finalize your guest list. You need a complete and final wedding guest list before you can mail out your cards. Remember, if youre hosting a ceremony-only wedding, RSVP cards are not required.
  • Confirm your reception dinner menu. Your wedding response card can also include a choice of entrees for your guests to pick from. But before you can add this to your card, you will need to decide upon your catering company and the final menu for your wedding day.
  • Pick an RSVP reply date: Set a date for three to four weeks before the date of your wedding when youd like invitees to reply by.
  • Choose your wedding cards and stationery. With both a wedding guest list and your design scheme finalized, you can shop for the perfect wedding stationery that reflects your unique vision for your big day.
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    How To Address Wedding Invitations To Children And Families

    Include younger guests on the inner envelope of their parents’ invitation by their name. For girls under 18, you can use “Miss” if you’d like. Boys don’t need a title until they’re 18then they can be addressed as “Mr.” As with the other guests invited, you can always forgo titles or use the gender-neutral title of “Mx.”

    Note: If you don’t include each child’s name, you’re implying that children are not invited. That said, don’t be surprised if some guests still mistakenly assume their children are welcome. If you’re concerned this will happen with your guests, ask your immediate family and wedding party to help spread the word that the wedding will be adults only and add the message to your wedding website. You may still have to follow up with guests who don’t get the message via phone to gently explain the situation.

    On the outer envelope:

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Abraham

    On the inner envelope:

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Abraham

    Daniel, Jeffrey, Miss Brittany and Mx. Kelly

    When Should Guests Rsvp To A Wedding

    Wedding RSVP Envelopes

    Its standard etiquette to ask guests to RSVP to your wedding around one month before your wedding date. Anything less than four weeks, and you run the risk of not getting an accurate headcount in time for your wedding vendors to properly prepare for your event. You will have guests who dont RSVP by your deadline, so four weeks prior to the big day allows you some extra time to hunt down those stragglers that have not yet replied. Read more about your wedding invitation etiquette timeline.

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    Wedding Rsvp Card Goals

    A well-crafted RSVP card should accomplish the following:

  • Provide a quick and easy way for guests to reply to your wedding invitations.
  • Communicate to you exactly who will be attending the wedding.
  • Give guests a clear deadline by which they need to send a reply.
  • Allow guests to pre-select their entree of choice, if you are serving a meal option.
  • Gather other helpful information from guests, such as whether they plan on using provided transportation.
  • Coordinate with your wedding invitation for a seamless, well-designed look.
  • A Few Tips Before Getting Started

    But first! A few helpful tips for wedding envelope addressing.

    • Miss, Ms or Mrs? Miss is for a girl under the age of 18. Ms. is used for an unmarried woman or a married woman who doesnt change her last name. If you are unsure how a woman wants to be addressed, use Ms.

    • Never use initials. It is acceptable to use middle names if you know them, but never abbreviate them. Mr. John I. Smith should be written as Mr. John Isaac Smith.

    • Keep proper nouns in mind. The phrases and guest or and family are not proper nouns and do not need to be capitalized.

    • Spell everything out. This includes state names, directional words , street titles , etc. You dont have to spell out street numbers , but if a number is the name of the street you may want to spell it out to prevent confusion . For especially formal weddings, spell out street number under 12, such as Twelve Dunmore Drive.

    • When in doubt, go formal. If you arent sure how someone should be addressed, go with the most formal option.

    • Everyone over 18 should receive their own invitation, even if they are part of the same household. This includes college-age children who live away from home in an apartment or live-in grandparents.

    • If your event is black-tie, use both inner and outer envelopes. Keep in mind your inner envelope will only include the names of guests invited with no address. The outer envelope will include their formal title along with their address, your return address, and a postage stamp.

    Mr. and Mrs. John Smith

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    Without A Preprinted Response Card

    Kentris calls this option a more free-form style, where a blank card is included to allow guests to write a personal message. Some couples may add a prompt at the top to guide guests on what they hope to receive back, be it well wishes, song requests, or attendance. Wiese Alexander states that this is actually the more traditional approach to the RSVPits a bit more old-school, but it is proper etiquette.

    On these replies, you want to include your full name and how many are coming in a full sentence as if you were speaking directly back to the host, matching the hosts formality. If addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Maggie, and Drew, an ideal reply could be: Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Maggie, and Drew will attend. The four of us wish everyone the best and look forward to joining you in May.

    If allotted a plus one, write your name first, and then your guests full name. Never assume they know your boyfriend of seven years last name, says Wiese Alexander. Always include a full first and last name for your guest no matter who it is.”

    Wedding Invitation Assembly Invitations Only

    Envelope Addressing – Wedding Addressing Etiquette Rules!

    Invitations should be inserted into the envelope facing upwards so that invitees should be able to read the invitation immediately upon removal from the envelope. In the past this was thought to mean that a right hander would be thought to be opening the envelope, however this is not a hard and fast rule in modern times.

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    How To Word Wedding Rsvp Cards

    Although they dont involve nearly as much information as the invitation itself, you should think carefully about your RSVP card wording to make the process as clear and simple as possible for guests. Since the attendance line is perhaps the easiest place to personalize your RSVP card language, here are some name and attendance line wording examples based on formality.


    ___ Sorry, wish I could be there

    Name: ___________________________________

    ___ Sorry, cant make it


    ___ Let the good times roll!

    ___ Sad to miss all the fun

    Name: ___________________________________

    ___ Free booze? Count me in!

    ___ Sitting this one out

    Introduction To Wedding Invitation Assembly

    Wedding invitation assembly is generally straightforward and simple to understand. Generally speaking, assemble your invitations in size order. Since the invite is the largest card, stack all other enclosure cards on top. Reply cards are placed face up, under the flap of the reply envelope they do not go inside the included reply envelope. Reply envelopes should be addressed and include a stamp.

    Your invitation should be inserted into the envelope face up so that the text is legible when pulled out of the envelope by your guests. When done properly the invitation should be legible when you remove the card with your right hand.

    At one time, all invitations were delivered to the customer with tissue paper. Tissue paper was used to prevent the slow-drying ink from smudging on the other cards. As printing technologies have improved, this is no longer a concern. Accordingly, tissue paper is no longer included.

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    Why You Should Properly Address Wedding Invitations

    The way you address your wedding invitations is crucial not only for etiquettes sake , but for logistical reasons as well. Youre sending a message, quite literally, about who is invited to your wedding. If you address your wedding invitations inaccurately, your guests might get the wrong idea about who exactly is expected to show up on the big dayand theres absolutely nothing more embarrassing for everyone than someone feeling unwelcome at the party you planned so carefully.

    Dont envision your cousins twin toddlers racing around your black-tie evening reception? Not sure what to write on your divorced, almost-mother-in-laws envelope? Well guide you through every addressing scenario possible to ensure your wedding invitations make a favorable first impression. Below, find out how to address invitations to different types of wedding guests or jump straight to the section most relevant to you:

    How To Address Bridal Shower Invitations To Multiple Guests In One Household

    Blush Pink The Future Mr. &  Mrs. RSVP Wedding Envelope Custom Return ...

    If you’re inviting multiple guests from the same household, traditional bridal shower etiquette dictates that each person should get their own invitation. The exception is if you’re addressing an invitation to a couple. That said, it’s not uncommon for some hosts to ditch this rule, in which case there are some examples you can use as a template. This is how to address bridal shower invitations to a family with children:

    Mr. Michael Smith and Mrs. Nicole Smith Sarah, Emma, and MarkNew York, New York12345

    The above is the most formal way to address a family without sending separate invites to each person. Alternatively, if you’re planning a casual event, you may feel comfortable using this format:

    The Smith FamilyNew York, New York12345

    Addressing wedding shower invitations to a mother and daughter? Follow this template if you’d rather not send separate invites to each person.

    To Mrs. Anne Jones and Miss Nicole Jones123 Oak Street

    P.S. Calligraphy

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    For The Wedding Guest: How To Fill Out A Wedding Rsvp Card

    If no ones ever walked you through it before, filling out wedding response cards can be confusing for guests.

    If youre perplexed by this small piece of stationery, dont worry. This list of dos and donts for an RSVP reply card will ensure that your card reaches its destination without breaching etiquette or missing key information.

    Addressing Wedding Shower Invitations: Return Address

    Proper etiquette for addressing bridal shower invitations should also be followed when it comes to the return address. A return address should always be included on wedding shower invitations so that undelivered invites can be accounted for. It also lets guests know where they can send a shower gift if the RSVP information on the invitation includes an email address or phone number rather than a physical address.

    Wondering whose return address you should put on the bridal shower invitations? It’s best to include the host’s name and address, since they’ll likely be keeping track of RSVPs. If another person has taken charge of guest responses , put that person’s full name and address instead. The main thing to keep in mind is that every invitation should have the same return address.

    Finally, the return address should be centered on the back flap of the envelope. It’s acceptable to use labels or a custom stamp to ensure everything looks identical . Just make sure that your labels or stamp have a similar style, font and overall look to the address on the front of the envelope. It’s considered good etiquette for everything to look cohesive when addressing bridal shower invitations.

    Petite Prints Calligraphy

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    What Does M Stand For In Wedding Rsvp Cards

    The M stands for the first letter to Ms., Mr., or Mrs. on a wedding response card. You are then able to fill in the rest of the initials for your particular title, along with your full name and the name of your guest . For example, some lines may be filled out as

    • Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
    • Ms. Jane Pearson and Mr. Jason Brown
    • Ms. Angela Branford

    Our Envelope Addressing Options

    How to Line a Wedding Invitation Envelope

    At Papier, we offer free recipient addressing and return envelope addressing for a little extra. Upload your guests addresses and a return address, special date or initials to the reverse of your envelopes, and well print each one neatly for you. Itll add a beautiful finishing touch to your Papier post and save you tons of handwriting, freeing up precious time so you can get on with planning the rest of your big day.

    Recipient addressing its free!

    You can upload your recipient addresses by downloading and completing our handy spreadsheet, or add them manually one by one.

    Add your return address $0.60 per envelope

    Include a return address or add your name, initials or a special date for a sophisticated touch. Whatever you write will show across the back of all your envelopes.

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