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10 Year Wedding Anniversary Ring

Whats A Good 10th Wedding Anniversary Gift For My Husband

Reese Witherspoon Celebrates 10-Year Wedding Anniversary To Jim Toth

A good 10th wedding anniversary gift for your husband is something that reflects his style and embodies his personality.

When selecting a jewellery gift for your husband on your 10th wedding anniversary, consider embracing the traditions of the occasion and opting for something featuring diamonds. A men’s diamond ring or men’s pendant necklace featuring diamonds is a beautiful choice, while a men’s diamond watch will keep him punctual as well as stylish. Whatever you choose, a gift from the heart will always be well received.

What Are Traditional 10th Anniversary Gifts

The traditional 10th anniversary gift is tin or aluminium, which represent strength and flexibility – both important for a successful relationship.

While a tin or aluminium gift may not sound too exciting, the modern equivalent – diamonds – certainly does! If youd like to stick a little closer to tradition, tin and aluminium are both metals – so why not get a little creative with a metal anniversary gift in precious gold or sterling silver?

About 10th Wedding Anniversaries

This is the first seriously epic milestone of your married lives: the 10th wedding anniversary. Popularly known as the Tin Anniversary, it marks 10 years since you shared your wedding vows an initial decade of cherished memories, reinforced commitments and notable stability as a married couple.

The traditional 10th anniversary gift is tin, symbolising how a successful marriage needs to be flexible and stable, and able to be bent without being broken. Tin symbolises preservation and longevity.

In the past, food was stored in tin-plated iron cans. The tin protected the iron from rust and corrosion, preserving the food inside potentially forever.

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Th Anniversary: Golden Jubilee

Its called your golden jubilee for a reason this important milestone is the perfect opportunity to commemorate your love with gold jewelry. 50th anniversary rings range from yellow gold to rose gold, usually with inset diamonds and other gemstones.

Recommended: This beautiful 14k Rose Gold Riviera Pavé Diamond Eternity Ring from Blue Nile.

Where To Buy An Anniversary Ring

25 Photo of Ten Year Anniversary Rings

To pick the best design, consider not only the tradition but also the personal taste of the wearer and your couples style. This way, you will ensure that the anniversary ring is not an empty piece of jewelry but the symbol of the bond between you two. Diamond Registry experts will be happy to assist you! We pick the diamonds of the highest quality for the wholesale price to celebrate the special occasions in your relationship.

Feel free to contact us!

    Color intensity: Faint – Fancyi

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Rules To Choose Anniversary Rings These 3 Rules That Will Make Your Anniversary Ring Purchase Safe And Well Deserved

Rule #1. Play on the contrast or underline the similarity

Since you already have the wedding ring, you have two options to supplement your jewelry piece: either opt to something completely different or as similar as possible. Simultaneously, consider your partners ring to pick something that will suit everybody.

Thats a precision job, but its totally worth dedicating time and energy. If youve chosen your anniversary ring carefully, you can get the matching set that will please your eyes and amaze your spectators every time youre out. For this, you can wear both rings on the same finger as a beautiful set with a special meaning.

How to choose contrasting rings in the right way? Thats all about the nice-looking difference between the precious stones. A diamond works as a perfect contrasting jewel, fitting emeralds, sapphires, and rubies in the same great manner. Also, dont limit yourself to wearing your anniversary and wedding ring on one finger. That will bring you more freedom of choice and flexibility.

Rule #2. Decide on the jewel and metal

Once youve chosen how your anniversary ring will look, its time to decide on the exact precious stone and metal. Here, your primary source of information is the taste of your partner. One option is to go to the shops together or discuss how you see this jewelry piece.

Rule #3. Communicate your choice

Best 10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Every single anniversary is a reason to celebrate, but to reach a decade with your partner is a significant milestone! Its essential to make sure you pick out the perfect 10 year anniversary gift. You will want to choose a gift that represents the strength and beauty of your love, as well as the value of your lasting relationship.

The next significant anniversary youll likely celebrate will be your 25th, and then your half a century! So you should make sure to enjoy lifes most memorable moments and think about your anniversary gifts with care.

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Common Questions About The 10th Wedding Anniversary

Q: What is the 10th wedding anniversary called?A: The 10th wedding anniversary is known as the Tin Anniversary.

Q: What is the 10th wedding anniversary gemstone?A: The 10th wedding anniversary gemstone is a Diamond or Blue Sapphire.

Q: What is the 10th wedding anniversary symbol?A: The 10th wedding anniversary is symbolised by Tin.

Q: What is the 10th wedding anniversary colour?A: The colour synonymous with the 10th wedding anniversary would be blue or silver, just like the gem for this anniversary.

Q: What are the traditional and modern gifts for a 10th wedding anniversary?A: The traditional gift for the 10th wedding anniversary is Tin, and the modern gift is diamond jewellery.

Q: What is the 10th year anniversary flower?A: The classic flower for 10th wedding anniversary celebrations is the Daffodil and symbolise new beginnings and rebirth. Theyre a positive, life-affirming symbol.

Anniversary Rings By Year


Each anniversary can be represented by a gift of gemstones or a metal used in jewelry. You’ve probably heard of the silver anniversary or the gold anniversary marking the big ones of 25 and 50. And just like those, every year has a specific metal or gemstone associated with it.

This makes anniversary shopping not only easy, but fun too! When you’re ready to begin shopping for your special anniversary, our guide of anniversary rings by year will send you in the right direction.

The first year anniversary is the sweetest — a couple is probably still in the honeymoon phase and all is right with their world. But starting a life together may not leave a whole lot of disposable income. A simple gold stacking band or right hand ring are great ideas for him or her.

Though garnet comes in several colors, including yellow, green and pink, the color most often thought of is red. Red garnet — sometimes called rhodolite garnet — is the classic garnet choice for use in jewelry. It’s a relatively hard stone and can be used in any jewelry piece or design, including rings. Red garnet really pops when set in a white metal, like white gold or platinum.

Ten years of marriage qualifies as a milestone, so diamond jewelry is a great idea! For her, this is a perfect opportunity to stack a diamond anniversary band into her engagement ring and wedding ring set.

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Why Is The Diamond The Traditional 10th Anniversary Gift

The traditional gift for the ten year anniversary is aluminum or tin, not very memorable or glamorous for a ten year milestone, although there are some nice gift options available. The contemporary 10th anniversary gift option is the diamond. The diamonds clarity, beauty, strength and durability, is a timeless symbol of bright burning passion, togetherness and eternal love. Just like 10 years is a milestone, diamond jewelry is also a memorable and special piece of jewelry.

Th Anniversary: Silver Jubilee

Your first major celebration, your silver jubilee marks 25 years of marriage. As youd expect from the name, the focus here is on silver. A silver sterling band with your partners favorite gemstone can be the perfect gift here, especially if it matches their engagement and wedding rings.

Recommended: Any silver jewelry is a good choice for this anniversary. Blue Nile offers a wide range of sterling silver pieces, from timeless pendants and lockets to bracelets, silver earrings, engravable silver gifts and more. If youre looking for a 25th anniversary ring for your wife, consider a classic luna diamond ring that resembles silver.

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Select Size To See The Return Policy For The Item

These rings can simply be gifts that represent your love, or could even be replacements for more simple engagement sets. I wanted something classic that could be worn with everything, was different than yellow gold and would pair well with my more elaborate engagement ring that had belonged to my grandmother, which my grandparents had given to me and my husband. Our mens rings range from traditional to bold.

Choosing A 10 Year Anniversary Gift Which Is Right For You

25 Photo of Ten Year Wedding Anniversary Rings

UUltimately, the very best 10-year anniversary gift will be one that is thoughtful and best for the partner or to share together. Every relationship is unique, and when a couple has been true to one another for ten years, it is important to be true to each others style and preferences for a perfect anniversary gift that will be beloved for the next ten years. Whether that is a traditional type of gift or something completely off the wall, if it is special to the couple, it will be the best anniversary gift of all.

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Year Wedding Anniversary Ideas And Ways To Celebrate

Written by Shutterfly Community Last Updated: Feb 28, 2022

There are a variety of ways to celebrate your 10th wedding anniversary, whether you want to get away with your partner or spend time with family and friends. While 20th or 25th anniversaries get the most attention, you dont have to overlook your 10th wedding anniversary when it comes to finding ideas.

Anniversary Bands By Year

The old-fashioned list of anniversary gifts states that couples should give each other specific types of gifts for each year that they are married. For example, wood for their fifth anniversary, tin on their tenth, and once you get to fifty years married gold! I dont know about you guys, but having to wait fifty years to get some jewelry for an anniversary seems like a bad deal. The modern list is a little easier, which states that diamond jewelry should be given on your tenth anniversary. Our list says: Buy an anniversary band whenever it feels right. If the element of surprise is important to you, consider giving her a ring in an off year anniversary . That being said, heres a few guidelines that can sometimes be helpful:

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    How To Wear An Anniversary Ring

    Making My Ten Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

    Theres no hard rule on which finger you should wear your anniversary ring. Some women wear the rings in a stack alongside their engagement and wedding rings, and others wear their anniversary ring on a completely unrelated finger altogether. Some choose to wear their anniversary bands instead of their engagement ring and wedding ring, and some women trade in their wedding band to put that value toward a more expensive new anniversary band! This is a totally personal choice and theres no right or wrong way to wear an anniversary ring.

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    Anniversary Ring Etiquette: How To Wear An Anniversary Ring

    Theres no set rule about which finger to wear your anniversary ring on. Your partner can wear their ring on any finger they like and on either hand. Some wear their anniversary ring alongside their wedding and engagement rings, while others place the ring on the opposite hands ring finger. Some choose to forgo their engagement and wedding rings and just wear the anniversary band. You can also trade in your wedding band and put the value toward the anniversary ring.

    So what finger do you wear an anniversary ring on? There isnt a rule, but most commonly, people wear their anniversary ring on their right-hand ring finger . This allows the anniversary ring to stand out without distracting from the beauty and original design of their engagement and wedding rings.

    What Type Of Jewelry Will She Like

    Diamonds can be intimidating and you may not be sure where to start. Diamonds are valued by their carat weight, clarity and color. Prices will vary according to those guidelines so you can choose the best gift option for her. The cost of these popular 10th anniversary diamond gifts will vary not only based on price, but also based on the setting. You may choose pink, yellow or white gold settings as well as platinum, which is the most expensive and durable option.

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    Th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Her

    What should I buy my wife on our 10th wedding anniversary?

    Pretty clear this one The best gift for your wife when celebrating a 10th wedding anniversary would be jewellery that symbolises 10 years of marriage: blue sapphires or diamonds or an item encrusted with both gemstones.

    Peora 14K Gold Pendant with Diamond & Sapphire

    Anniversary Rings: When Exactly To Give Them

    17 Best images about 10 Year Anniversary Ring Ideas on Pinterest

    In the line of jewelry, the anniversary ring has a special place. This gift tells about your love’s maturity and longevity, proving its strong enough to stand all the challenges and difficulties of life. But how to celebrate an anniversary right and what is the anniversary ring tradition? Check this guide to get the answers.

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    Year Wedding Anniversary Tin Rings

    Th Wedding Anniversary Diamond Eternity Ring

    Celebrate your 10th anniversary by adding a diamond eternity ring to your wedding and engagement ring set. This can be no easy task as both the design and fit need to perfectly marry with and enhance your existing rings. For this you need a bespoke jeweller to create your ring for you. If you want complete design freedom you could choose to wear the eternity ring on a different finger. Anything goes when it comes to how you wish to uniquely mark your tenth wedding anniversary. Take a look through our diamond eternity section full of previous commissioned jewellery to inspire you.

    The symbolism of ten stones, one for each year, creates a perfect half eternity ring. Half eternity rings can be a good option as they are far more easily sized that full eternity rings. Full eternity rings however contain that extra element of symbolism with their never ending ring of diamonds.

    Whatever you choose make sure it is special to you, your favorite metal, gems, diamond shapes and design. You might even think about including your families birthstones or a personal motif or some gold or gemstones from inherited heirloom jewellery.

    Talk to our designer today about commissioning your 10th anniversary diamond eternity ring

    read more…

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    Year Anniversary Gift Ideas For A Decade Of Memories

    With a decade of memories together, youve surely seen each other through it all. Like your wedding vows may have said, you have seen sickness, health, date night, arguments, passion, and stress. Your partnership has weathered the test of time for 10 years and is absolutely worth celebrating. Ten years is a testimony to the love and commitment youve both put so much effort into. Theres a lot to celebrate therefore, you will need the perfect gift for this beautiful milestone!

    Picking out a 10-year gift that represents your love for your special someone can undoubtedly be a daunting task. So weve compiled a list of the best gift ideas to help show thoughtfulness and love. This list will also help you make your celebration as magical as your relationship.

    Read on to learn about these 10-year anniversary gift ideas. We will also give you some examples of what kind of special gift you can give your spouse to celebrate a decade of love.

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