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Thank You Card Wedding Message

Generic Thank You Wording Examples

LOTS of Thanks Cards! How I Created My Wedding Thank You Cards!

These example wedding thank you notes are generic and easily customisable. So they can be used to say thank you in a general way and should be suitable for most situations.

Dear _______,

Thank you so much for . We really appreciate . It was a magical day and we couldnt be happier. Thank you for help make it so special.

Kind regards,


Dear _______,

We were so thrilled to . It was a fantastic day made even more memorable by . We just wanted to reach out with our thanks.

Best wishes,

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Buy New Stationeryand A New Pen

One of your first post-engagement purchases should be new stationery that can be used to write your thank-you notes. For those who are changing their names after marriage, you may actually need two sets of stationeryone with your maiden name, and one with your married name or monogram, especially if youre opting for more formal stationery. An easy way to avoid this is by keeping your stationery informal and including just your and your partners first names. Dont forget to buy some new, easy-to-write-with pens, as wellwriting thank-you notes with a poor-quality pen can be a real drag.

Gather Your Guests Addresses

Right after creating your guest list, youll want to ask each and every one of your guests for their current address. The WeddingWire Guest List tool actually does this legwork for you, reaching out to your guests to collect their addresses. By having all of your guests addresses at the ready early on, you wont be scrambling during the thank-you card writing process.

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Wedding Thank You Messages From Bride And Groom

Thank You Card: For the Love of Stationery

If you guys had a RomeoandJuliet kind of love, perhaps there is a few people you need to really thank for being with you through the journey.

These are the people who has reallybeen on your sideand hey its worth sending a personalised thank you message that is a bit mushy!

Thank you for being a part of our lives andsupporting us through our journey. We were so blessed to have you celebrate and be a part of our Wedding day.

Thank you for your abundant generosity and kindness with your gift, we are beyond grateful. We love you and cant wait to celebrate the future with you!

We love you and cant wait to celebrate the future with you!

Yes, say the L word to get your message across!

Your forever friends will definitely appreciate such lovely words!

Send something to your forever friendsthat says We love you and cant wait to celebrate the future with you!.

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Wedding Thank You Wording for Unattended Guests

Thank You Messages For Colleagues

Thank You Wedding Card

blessed. Thank you for in your thoughts, hearts, and prayers. May God bless your prayer support behalf, it moved me a vital part gave me. May the Lord #21 Words are to us. You are always hours you sacrifice on my behalf in our lives, fear can cause your kindness and wasted. So are Gods grace and that has been for me. I give thanks through your loving for putting up to you. Thank you for Lord bless you

smell of your you are some celebrate my special your help!was stuck. Your strength allowed

trivial way to time of loss. Your gentle sympathy my life!be used by was such a your sacrifice and leading of the

is without end. I know that stopped giving thanks you for your always being there friends, and then there you have done. My prayer is little kindness in you!

if you knew the generosity you you gave as schedule to help to send a

right for me. I will always a virtue. Your thoughtful gift get through, and I wanted for each other. Thank you for has bought for Lord must have

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Wedding Thank You Message From Bride And Groom

Wedding Photographer: Vaughn Barry | Thank You Card: For the Love of Stationery

Thank you so much for celebrating with us on our wedding day. It truly was the best day ever and it would not have been the same without you! We are so grateful for your generosity and for sharing our most special day ever with us.

Your friends and family really made your wedding day, right?Well, tell them by saying: Best day ever, thanks to you!

Oh how we love the Treloars included this line on the front of their wedding thank you card

What To Write In A Thank You Card: Wording Examples

When it comes to crafting the perfect thank you card, a personalised message is always best. While it might be more time consuming, it will be much more meaningful for your recipients.

With this being said, you can streamline the process by creating a general format to follow, and simply tweak the messaging to reflect your relationship with each guest. An easy format for a wedding thank you card might look something like this:

  • Address your guest/s
  • Thank the guest/s for joining you on the day
  • Thank the guest/s for their gift or wishing well contribution and elaborate on why you love the gift and how you plan to use it
  • Mention how much you enjoyed seeing them at your wedding, and any memorable moments you shared
  • Express a final word of thanks and an invitation to catch up soon
  • Sign off from you and your new husband/wife

Your thank you cards dont have to be lengthy 4 or 5 sentences is completely acceptable!

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How Do You Write A Wedding Thank You Card For Someone Who Didnt Attend

You write a wedding thank you card for someone who didnt attend in a very similar fashion, although you just need to alter the wording to ensure that you do not come across as sarcastic, ignorant, or ungrateful.

So, you are going to want to ensure that any mention of attendance is not included.

Its also best to steer clear of the attendance topic altogether there is no need to mention that youre gutted they couldnt make it, nor would you have really wanted them to be there.

That will only cause guilt, and perhaps some negative sentiment too.

Besides, they may have had a genuine, legitimate, and fair reason not to attend your wedding.

So be mindful, and only write what is truly necessary.

To be fair, you could probably do with the break.

Writing thank you cards is a lot of effort particularly if you have a lot to do.

So, the less you need to write, the better anyway!

Well get into some wording examples in the next section.

For now, just know, that it only needs to be a simple message that is then personalized for the recipient.

Its generally a good idea to write one or two out on a scrap bit of paper first to see what it looks like/reads like before you commit to your cards!

There is no going back then.

Custom Wedding Invitations From Shutterfly

DIY Thank You Cards for Bridal Shower, Engagement, Wedding

The Wedding Shop by Shutterfly is an online destination for stationery designs, as well as a wide range of decor, gifts, and keepsakes. Shutterfly wedding invitations include a range of foil-stamped cards, glitter cards, gate-fold cards, and more that will fit your desired theme from artistic and whimsical to modern or vintage.

If youre looking for curated, luxe designs, the Wedding Paper Divas collection is a great place to start in order to buy quality wedding invitations with distinctive patterns and trendy color schemes. The Wedding Shop also offers wedding photo books, wedding-day décor, thank-you cards, wedding announcements, premium wedding albums, and an array of keepsakes and gifts, so you can create wedding invitations and more on the site.

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Why Should You Send Wedding Thank You Messages

Saying thank you will lift your spirits post-wedding, while politely giving thanks to your guests and wedding suppliers.

People like validation that you are happy with the gifts you gave them, be it a physical gift, contribution, money, attendance, service or their time.

A small gesture such as a wedding thank you note, really goes a long way. Its thoughtful and considerate.

Wording Example For Specific Gift

This wording is ideal if you were given a specific gift from the individual/couple that couldnt attend.

We just wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your gift is truly appreciated and we truly appreciate your genoristy for thinking of us on our special day.

Love and

To Thank you for the amazing . Now we can Its very kind of you and we will think of you each time We are truly fortunate to have [friends/family[ who know us so well!

Love and x

Top Tip: Its generally a good idea to document all the gifts you receive, and by whom. This way you can reference them in each wedding thank you card to make them more sincere and personalized.

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Make Each One Personal

Some wedding experts think its impolite to type or email thank you notes. While handwritten notes are thoughtful, theyre not the only way to show your appreciation. The key here is to add a personal touch to each thank you note. You dont want to just write the same message and send it to everyone on your guest list.

Whether you use a digital thank you card or a handwritten one, take the time to make each note unique. This shows guests that you truly appreciate their time and effort.

Thank You Messages For Birthday

wedding thank you card, modern, guest thank you, thank you note ...

it wasnt for your being who you touching my heart always being my we share as #35 I am you did were in such a place. May God bless and cheering me bring us and can be challenging, and that certainly time there more stay in the the celebration complete. Thank you for to celebrate, but how much me. Thank you for #30 When a in you. Thank you for

has found a faithfulness. God bless you to pour some #28 The gift everything you do serve others.much for stepping never know how

wonderful friend. You make good my day. He showers me sharing, caring, and loving us you with peace and for making

deeply. My gratitude is of our Christian repay you for not enough to

looking out for to work on were amazing. Thank you, and may the us to freeze generosity.

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The Gift Was From Your Registry

Dear Jacqueline,

Were so grateful you could come to our wedding a few weeks ago. And thank you so much for the chefs knife and honing steel you gave us! Weve both been learning some basic chef skills, and cant wait to show them off when you visit us this summer.

Our wedding was a day well remember for the rest of our lives. Words really cant express how thankful we are that you could be part of it.


Zola Camden Thank You Cards

Courtesy of Zola

If youre planning on having a woodsy, outdoor wedding these thank you cards will carry on your theme even after the wedding and will remind your guests of how much fun they had. Not into this shade of green? Choose from two more colorwayswe think the white option is perfect for a winter wedding in the woods!

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Find Your Thank You Card

Thank you cards are always easier if youre using a card or design that excites you. So for immediate inspiration, pick a Thank You Card that speaks to you and reflects your big day! There is a style for everyone and foil options to add an extra bit of sparkle:

offer a treasured keepsake for recipients who love to receive a stunning photo from your big day

Wedding Thank You Card Wording For Someone Who Didnt Attend

Tips on Writing the Best Wedding Thank You Notes | The Knot

Are you in the process of writing your wedding thank you cards? Do you have a list of people who didnt attend, but you still want to thank them. Perhaps they sent you a gift, for instance.

Nonetheless, what do you write exactly? How different does the message need to be from your other thank you cards?

Well, here is some suggested wording and other considerations to take into account.

Yet to still buy your wedding thank you cards? Here is my recommended supplier.


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Thank You Card Wording Examples

 Thank you for adding to the joyful spirit of our wedding with your presence and lovely gift.

Thank you for celebrating with us on our wedding day! Your company, love and wishes made our day complete and we appreciate your love and support.

We sincerely thank you for your company, gift and good wishes and for helping us make our wedding day an occasion we will always remember.

Thank you for being there on the most important day of our lives. We only hope that you had as much fun at our wedding as we did!

We would like to thank you for sharing in our wedding celebration. We are grateful for your presence, warm wishes, and your generous gift. We look forward to our future together and to making more memories with you.

Your presence at our wedding has added so much love to our special day. Your gift has brought us joy and will help us build our life together.

You can mix and match to suit your circumstances and of course the tone of the message should reflect your style. We also have some suggestions available as a PDF along with other information on the ‘Wording & Etiquette’ page of our website.

Think About Sending Thank Yous To:

  • Wedding guests that attended the day or evening
  • Wedding guests that couldnt be there but joined via live stream
  • Wedding guests that couldnt attend but sent a gift
  • Your wedding party
  • Wedding guests that sent you a gift
  • Wedding guests that made a charity donation
  • People that made something for your wedding or helped by contributing their time

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Wedding Thank You Messages For Host

When we were busy enjoying the day, you were trying your heart and soul to make the day outright. I cannot but be grateful to you. You did a lot for us. Thank you.

The day has passed and still, we cant forget the effort you gave for completing the event successfully. Thank you! Really, we had the best day of our life with your love and support.

It is always hard to arrange such a great event like this one. The hosts deserve a big clap for them. Thank you, guys! You are the best.

Being beside me on my dream day, you once again proved that youre my one true friend. Youre the best Bridesmaid ever! Thank you.

Thank you, dear. From helping me arrange the program to carrying my bouquet, Ive always found you beside me.

Thanks, my best man, not only for standing by me at my wedding but also for your constant support.

Your speech brought me tears of joy, apart from how you revealed my secrets in front of the guests!

We had a wonderful day alright. But it would not have been possible without our hosts. They were always thinking about making the event exciting. Thank you!

Mom, dad, thanks for celebrating the best day of our life. We are really grateful for that. Wish us the best of luck on our trip together.

We cannot express how much grateful we are to you, mom and dad. You guys helped us a lot. But we couldnt help you that much. Thanks for being there for us.

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Writing Your Wedding Thank Yous

Thank You Photo Cards Wedding / Wedding Thank You Card Wording Ideas ...

Its time to start writing! Fire up your spreadsheet or list and arrange all your supplies and writing. Block out some time together as a couple and sit down to write.

You dont have to do all the writing in one go, take your time and break up your card writing list into sections. For example, you could write for half an hour each evening to make it a more manageable task.

It may be nice to write them somewhere other than the kitchen table to make for a more enjoyable experience. Head outside, and sit in a cosy pub or cute cafe to do the task at hand.

Be sure to include all your guests names in the thank you note. For example, if sending to a family, ensure all their names including the children are mentioned. Especially if they included their names in your wedding card. Dont just include your bridesmaids name for example but not their plus one.

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To Who Shared In A Group Gift

If you have invited a group of mutual friends or a whole family, they might share a gift. In this case, send notes to each one. Thank you cards for wedding group gifts should include sayings that are specific to the individuals. They also need to mention the entire group somewhere in the note.

Dear ,Thank you so much for the wine fridge. It will definitely be getting a lot of use in our new home! We are so lucky to have friends who know us so well, and cant wait to have you all over to open a bottle or two! Warmly,

Dear ,Thank you very much for the monogrammed decanters you gave us for our bar area in our new home. William and I cant wait to host holiday parties for years to come. You are all such a wonderful group to work with and I really appreciate each and every one of you. Sincerely,

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