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How To Sell My Wedding Dress

Be Honest About The Dress Making Sure To Disclose Any Imperfections

How to Sell your Second Wedding Dress | Wedding How To

To ensure that there are no issues with the transaction, make sure to disclose any imperfections, such as holes, tears, stains or fading. This will affect the sellability of your dress, but perhaps not as much as you think. If the hem is lightly stained, for example, you may attract a buyer who’s planning on having the dress shortened anyway.

Photo by Berit Alits Photography via One Fab Day

Best Places To Sell A Wedding Dress Online

Selling your dress online typically involves listing it on a clothing or wedding website and then shipping it to a buyer anywhere in the country. Going the online route gives you access to a nationwide audience, and many platforms have features that simplify the selling process. If you are looking to make money fast, this might be your best option.

Cash In The Attic How To Spot The Hidden Treasures In Your Home That Could Be Worth Up To 1000

And if you’re feeling nostalgic, you can always keep some of the accessories.

Holly said: “Whilst I did sell my wedding dress, I kept my veil as souvenir which I will pass down to my daughter when the time is right.

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Be Honest About Any Marks Stains Or Rips

Giving a detailed description ties in with the next point: youve got to be honest with your listing if you want to avoid any issues with the transaction.

If there are any stains, rips or marks its best to be honest from the beginning. Dry cleaning doesnt always remove every mark. But dont worry, stains and marks actually arent as likely to affect your selling prospects as much as you might think.

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Sell To A Vintage Or Second Hand Store

Should I Sell My Wedding Dress?

Siopaella – If yours in an alternative designer wedding dress, it may find a home in one of designer exchange Siopaella’s several stores throughout Dublin. Siopella specialises in designer clothing and accessories and while they are always on the hunt for a new or classic designer handbag, they could be interested in your wedding dress, or indeed your alternative wedding accessories, if it’s a good fit for them. Simply whatsapp them a picture of your dress or accessories or drop by a shop for an appraisal and you can take it from there. For more about selling with Siopaella, visit

Vintage stores – If your dress was a very unusual or vintages style bring it along to your local vintage store and see if they are interested in purchasing it from you. You may be able to strike a deal where they stock your dress for a few weeks and it it is not sold, give it back to you, however this is all usually done on an ad hoc basis. Even better would be to enquire with them before the wedding so you’ve something else ticked off the list for after!

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Understand The Real Value Of Your Dress

One of the most important factors that can influence whether you successfully sell your wedding dress is the price you ask for it. However, it can be tough to know exactly how much your dress is worth.

Here are some guidelines.

Wedding dresses bought in the last couple of years typically sell at between 50% to 60% of the price you paid for it. This assumes the dress is in like-new condition. Considering wedding dresses are generally only worn once, this is usually the case.

As dresses get older, the amount you can sell it for generally decreases. This is especially likely if the style of your dress isnt in demand. Dresses from high-end designers may keep their value a little longer than non-designer dresses.

When valuing your dress, look at posts on the sites listed above to find ones similar to yours. Consider setting your price at the going market rate. But you should be aware that just because a dress is listed at a certain amount doesnt mean it will sell for that price.

You could also consider using a wedding dress value calculator like the ones onPre-Owned Wedding Dresses orStillwhite.

If you really have no idea how much your wedding dress is worth, then consider using a consignment store or a service like Nearly Newlywed , which will take care of the selling process for you.

Finally, consider dry-cleaning your dress It can add a small amount of value to the total price.

The Best Places To Sell Your Wedding Dress Online

More about Stillwhite: is the worlds largest wedding dress resale marketplace. Sellers have already earned over $20 million through the platform.

I love how easy it is to list your dress. It only takes a few minutes and youre guided through the entire process. With the in-built messaging system, buyers and sellers can chat and exchange photos safely without sharing personal contact details and worrying about scams. When youve found a buyer, simply connect your PayPal account for secure payment. The best bit is you get to keep 100% of the sale when your dress sells unlike some of the other sites.

Selling wedding dresses is easier than you think with Stillwhites simple flat fee of $20 for a standard listing! So join thousands of newlyweds and turn your once-loved wedding gown into another brides something borrowed by posting it on

More about Nearly Newlywed:Nearly Newlywed is definitely our favorite destination for selling your wedding dress online. Not only is the site incredibly inspirational, but its also super user-friendly, transparent, and makes the process oh-so-simple! saves you time and hassle by fielding messages from potential buyers as well as handling the shipping. Its the modern, on-the-go brides go-to hack for reselling your wedding dress.

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What’s Your Wedding Dress Worth

Want to share your gorgeous dress with another bride? We can help you determine what it is worth.

“ provided the most qualified buyers quickly.”

Wall Street Journal

…I purchased a designer wedding dress I never would have been able to afford otherwise…

Sara L

…I purchased a designer wedding dress I never would have been able to afford otherwise…

Sara L

“ provided the most qualified buyers quickly.”

Wall Street Journal

…Another woman will enjoy my wedding dress as much as I did…

Rebecca H

Make Sure Your Listing Is Truthful And Detailed

3 Quick Tips for Selling Your Wedding Dress (or anything!) on Facebook Marketplace FAST | #shorts

Brides buying secondhand wedding dresses want as much information on the dresses theyre looking to buy so they can make the right buying decision.

When creating your listing, make sure that you include who designed or who manufactured it, what year, color, collection, and which store you bought it from. Also, indicate if you had it altered in any way.

If you had the dress professionally made, make sure you indicate it, as well as the exact measurements.

All of the information you include should be the truth if you lie, your buyer will find out when they get the dress anyway. You dont need the aggravation and bad karma of a return or a PayPal dispute, so just tell the truth the first time around.

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Make Sure You Have Accurate Measurements And Other Dress Details

When creating your listing to sell your used wedding dress online, youll need to provide detailed information about your gown, including its measurements, fabric, silhouette, neckline, and more. If you arent sure or have questions about your gowns details, you might look on the dress tags or the receipt for sizing information or search online to find similar dresses if you arent an expert in silhouettes or necklines. Try to be as accurate as possiblea gown thats misrepresented online will likely be returned.

Selling Your Wedding Dress Locally

If youd prefer to go a more traditional route and sell your wedding dress locally, head on over to your local thrift or boutique shop to see if theyll take it. You can also make use of platforms like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist to sell your dress to people in your area for no additional fees.

Thats it! Armed with this guide on how and where to sell a wedding dress, youll get your gown off your hands in no time.

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How To Sell Your Wedding Dress: A Handy Guide

Ready to say goodbye to the dress? We’ve rounded up everything you need to know.

One question we get asked time and time again here at One Fab Day, is, “Where can I sell my wedding dress?” It may be that your wedding is over and you’re ready to part with the dress, or perhaps you’re engaged, but you’ve changed your mind about the dress you bought . Or maybe you’ve had to cancel the wedding. Whatever the reason, our guide to selling a wedding dress has all the information you need – follow our tips and advice, and you’ll soon be introducing your dress to its new owner! Vines of the Yarra Valley has proven itself to be an iconic wedding venue and function centre in Melbourne. Book today so you dont miss out.

Saying yes to the dress can be one of the most important wedding planning decisions a bride makes. After the big day, some may choose to preserve, donate or sell the unique dress.

What to do with your wedding dress after the big day is a highly personal thing. Some women store it carefully in a box for future prosperity. In contrast, others don’t want it taking up valuable storage space .

More and more brides are considering a second-hand gown, especially when you consider some custom made dresses that are priced around the $20,000 mark.

  • 3 Tips for Selling Your Wedding Dress Online
  • More Money Making Tips

    Sell My Wedding Dress

    Check eBay first to see how much similar dresses have sold for search for lookalike designs , then pick “Sold listings” in the grey bar on the left.

    Be mindful, that if you do sell it through the platform you’ll most likely have people wanting to come to your home to try the gown on before they buy.

    Holly says that to get the most money out of it, it’s also good to check Facebook groups and specialised websites.

    Sell My Wedding Dress – is one of the most popular sites out there but you’ll need to pay to post your listing.

    The company doesn’t charge commission or referral fees but it will charge you £10 for 6 months to put a listing or £15 for 12 months.

    Another good one to try, is Preloved, which lets you post your listing for free withouy selling fees.

    Also worth including is The Dressmarket, where a basic advert with one photo is free.

    As a rough rule of thumb, eBay wins over the specialist paid-for sites if your dress sells for less than £100, according to MoneySavingExpert.

    You can also see if there’s particular interests for your gown on specialised Facebook groups like Wedding Dresses for Sale UK, which has nearly 3000 members.

    Holly told us that she did consider keeping her gown to give to her five-months baby daughter.

    But she then decided against is as it’s likely to be fashionalble anymore by the time she ties the knot.

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    Get Selling As Soon As The Big Day Is Over

    If your dress is part of a designer collection, the sooner you sell your dress, the higher the chance of selling it. If you sell your dress within three years of buying it, you’ll catch the brides who are hunting for that specific design, either because it’s no longer available or they can’t afford it at full retail price. Vintage dresses won’t date as quickly, but it may be worth noting which eras are popular and planning accordingly – for example, ’70s dresses are selling well right now, but there are a few years to go before ’80s styles make a comeback.

    Photo by Syona Photography via One Fab Day

    No : Be Precise About The Details Of Your Wedding Dress

    In your listing, share as much detail as possible about the gown, its condition, and any alterations.

    Details are particularly important when it comes to sizing. Wedding dress sizes tend to be quite different than sizing for regular clothes, so make sure you list measurements for the dress. If you had any alterations made to the dress that affect its measurements, include those, too.

    Im fairly short and wore flats for my wedding, so I had my dress hemmed quite a bit. The seamstress also took in the bodice about two inches to fit my waist. In my listing for the dress, I included the manufacturers original measurements taken from its website and my own measurements to highlight how the dress would fit someone else.

    I listed my dress with the following details:

    • Size 16W Alfred Angelo gown
    • Manufacturer measurements:
    • French bustle added
    • Hemmed to skim the floor for someone who is 54 wearing flats
    • Description: Used Alfred Angelo gown style 1136. Gorgeous satin A-line gown with beading at corset back. Semi-cathedral train. Worn at my own wedding. I spent about $350 on alterations to add a French bustle and to take in the waist. Its been hemmed to accommodate my height Im 54 and wore flats. The dress has been professionally cleaned.

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    How Much You Can Get For Your Dress

    If youve decided to bite the bullet and sell your dress, you probably want to know what its worth. If you purchased the dress within the past 30 months , you can potentially sell it for up to half the price you paid for it. Owners of designer dresses can sell their gowns for up to 70% of their original values.

    Want a better idea of how much your dress will sell for? A wedding dress shop has a value calculator for its wedding dress. Anyone whos purchased a wedding gown since 1940 can find out how much her dress is worth after entering the name of her dress designer, its condition, its current status , its retail price and the date it was purchased. The calculator also factors in whether the dress has been cleaned.

    As a general rule of thumb, a used gown thats in great condition and less than 2 1/2 years old can sell for 50 percent of the retail price. Gowns from recognizable names like Vera Wang and Monique Lhullier can sell for 60-70 percent of the retail value. But dont be discouraged if your dress isnt designer, Dinunzio said, brides across the spectrum are looking to buy used gowns. Dresses that retailed for $1,000 have as good a chance of re-selling as those originally priced at $5,000.

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