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What Is A Wedding Hashtag

Wedding Hashtag Ideas And Hashtag Generators

How to Create a Good Wedding Hashtag // What is a Wedding Hashtag? // Wedding Hashtag Ideas

Weve come to the end and we sure hope you feel inspired and are already using a wedding hashtag generator to give you more ideas! Honestly, we would love to see what you come up with so share your unique and personalized wedding hashtag ideas with us. Need more tips and inspiration? Browse through our other articles to get the cool juices flowing!

What Is A Wedding Hashtag Anyway

A hashtag, in social media terms, is a word which is made discoverable on social platforms such as , or , when a hash sign is added to the front. For example, the word fruit becomes a discoverable hashtag on social media when it is written like this: #fruit.

By adding a hashtag to an image, the image is then categorised under that word and is therefore searchable on social platforms. For example, if an image of a banana is posted on Instagram along with the hashtag #fruit, then anyone searching the term #fruit on Instagram will see the image of the banana appear.

A wedding hashtag has been created by an engaged couple with the intention that the hashtag will accompany any images of their wedding day that have been posted on social media by family or friends. Here are some examples of awesome wedding hashtags used by real couples.

Once a couple decides on a wedding hashtag they will often share it with their wedding guests, and encourage them to use it when posting images from their wedding day. This is a great way for newlyweds to acquire an online catalogue of all the happy snaps from their special day.

There are a few different techniques you can use to create a catchy and unique wedding hashtag. Here are eight of them:

Why Bother With A Wedding Hashtag

Maybe youre not a big fan of using hashtags in general. Or maybe you feel like creating one for your wedding comes across as a bit cheesy or the such. We get it. The hashtag certainly has its share of fans and its share of detractors, but hear us out because there are some solid reasons to consider creating the perfect wedding hashtag. Here are our top ones:

  • All of those pictures and communications associated with the event will have one home.
  • Even if youre going unplugged , and have asked your guests to put the phones away for the ceremony, you can still get plenty of mileage out of a hashtag. Ask your guests to use it to tag pics from the bachelor and bachelorette parties, rehearsals, rehearsal dinners, etc.
  • You and everyone else associated with your nuptials will have a quick way to search up info across social media platforms. Youll get to see stuff ASAIU by your guests.
  • Your vendors will also benefit by using your hashtag to showcase their work and draw more traffic to their accounts.

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Now Go Get Your Wedding Hashtag

The amazing thing about wedding hashtags is that theyre something you can get started on today! Wedding planning can be a lengthy process, but you can check off wedding hashtags from your list as soon as youd like.

Get started with your hashtag experience by visiting a professional writing service site like Wedding Hashers and typing in your details. As soon as tomorrow, you can have an awesome personalized hashtag that you and your partner can start putting to good use.

Once youve obtained your wedding hashtag, dont forget our top tips for making your hashtag most effective. Include your hashtag on your wedding website, on your invitations, on wedding signs throughout your venue, on props at your photo booth, and on your wedding favors.

Add Your Hashtag To Decor Pieces

What is a good wedding hashtag?

Another way to get the most use out of your wedding hashtag would be to use it in various decor pieces. Think of all the ways you can creatively add your hashtag to your tablescapes for each guest to see. Having your wedding hashtag easily accessible is a great practice in order to remind your guests to use your hashtag throughout the night while also being a reference as to exactly how its spelt.

You can consider adding your hashtag to napkins, napkin rings, cups, wine glasses, utensils, and more. Even having a simple sign at each table that displays your wedding hashtag on it can be a fun way to decorate your venue.

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What Is A Good Wedding Hashtag

  • #MorganHeBargainedFor.

Keeping this in consideration, Are wedding hashers free?

Wedding Hashers: The original option for human generated hashtags. Wedding Hashtag Wall: Free and simple to use, automatically generates dozens of hashtags from just 5 input fields.

Secondly How do you make a unique hashtag? 7 Techniques to Create a Hashtag that Boosts your Brand

  • Make it Brief but Unique.
  • Evoke an Emotion.
  • Have a Hashtag for Events.
  • Incorporate Humor or Cleverness.
  • Keep it Consistent with Your Brand.
  • Proofread it and Look for Hidden Meanings.
  • How do you make a catchy hashtag?

    Here are some tips on how to create an effective hashtag for your business:

  • Reflect your Brand.
  • Make Sure No One Else is Using your Hashtag.
  • Can I Create My Own Hashtag

    If you have your own hashtag and it clicks, it will start spreading and your brand will reach more people. You have to make it your central business tag. When all your communication is tagged with one particular hashtag, the chances that people will like and start using it in their own posts increases significantly.

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    Wedding Hashtag Examples Az

    In addition to the generated hashtags above, romantic adjectives and verbs make for great and unique hashtags. Catchy hashtags can be created with alliteration, rhyming and combining words and names. No matter the combination, you and your guests will love using this hashtag to celebrate your special day.

    • At last
    • Happily Ever After
    • Head Over Heels
    • Hooked On
    • Off The Market
    • Over The Moon
    • Officially
    • Tie The Knot
    • Under the Spell
    • Wooing

    A excellent way in creating your wedding hashtag is to incorporate things that are meaningful within your relationship. These unique hashtags will be easy to come up with and will play an important role in the use of the wedding hashtags in your wedding decorations. Whether its a play on words with combining your names and wedding date or if you started out your relationship long distance, these wedding hashtags will be a memorable part of capturing your wedding day.

    • #NoahAndEmma2021 Combining both your names and your wedding year.
    • #TennyBecomeOne Combining different parts of your names to create one new name .
    • #1576MilesLater For couples whove spent long distances apart.
    • #FromCAToTX Incorporating the states where you lived in while dating.
    • #EE4Ever2021 Use the first letter of your names and add a date, this will reduce the chances of the wedding hashtag being used more than once.

    Why Should You Have A Wedding Hashtag

    The Wedding Chronicles : How To Pick A Hashtag

    There are two main reasons why couples choose to incorporate a custom hashtag into their wedding day. First, it is a great way to be able to communicate information with your guests before the wedding. Everything you post on your social media from your engagement, bachelorette/bachelor, or even a picture from your coffee date with your wedding planner can be tagged and found altogether when you search for your hashtag. The process from engagement to wedding day is full of so many exciting things and I guarantee you will be thankful when you can look back on all of those memories in one place.

    Secondly, think about how many people will be capturing your big day on their iPhone and sharing those pictures on their social media accounts. Youre going to be living in the moment so much on wedding day and the days following that youre not going to have time to sit on your phone and scroll through the pictures of your wedding. Once you have the time to look through all those posts finally, they wont be on your feed anymore. Luckily for you, you would be able to search for your hashtag and find all those pictures shared from your wedding!

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    Are Wedding Hashtags A Thing

    Sure, wedding hashtags have their benefits, but well admit that we arent sorry to see that this wedding trend is waning in popularity. For one thing, coming up with a hashtag is yet another responsibility to add to the bride and grooms mile-long to-do list. A small task, yes, but another task nonetheless.

    The Weirdly Entertaining History Behind Wedding Hashtags

    I really, truly love puns to the bottom of my being. Theyre one of my favorite things. Because of this, I love the heck out of wedding hashtags and would love to have one for my wedding. In fact, the idea of getting to come up with a wedding hashtag about taking my partners last name is so entertaining to me, that its actually a point in favor of taking his name. But my partner John? Not so much. The following conversation has actually happened:

    Me: If anyone ever calls me Mrs. John LastName I will divorce you on the spot.John: If anyone uses a hashtag for our wedding, I will divorce you on the spot.

    Bobbie and Mario knew a ton of their guests would be using Instagram at their wedding, so they posted a little sign letting everyone know… Read more

    We were both kidding, but also were pretty serious about our strong objections to both things. So. There you go. I suppose were not having a wedding hashtag. But as a classic overthinker, I wanted to learn everything about them anyway.

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    Wedding Hashtags On Wedding Favors

    As a parting memento to thank your guests for their support and presence during your big day, many couples decide to offer wedding favors. These favors are traditionally displayed near the exit of a venue for all the guests to take home when leaving for the night.

    Not only are wedding favors a sweet souvenir to commemorate your big day, but they also are the perfect place to put your wedding hashtag. This will be the last subtle reminder of your special slogan and will hopefully serve to remind your guests to use your hashtag as they sort through their memories from the night and post their favorites in the days to follow.

    Furthermore, having your wedding hashtag on your favors just makes for lovely keepsakes. Choose to stamp your hashtag on matchbook favors or print your hashtag on the label of your souvenir candle or homemade honey. No matter what favors you decide to give out, theres definitely a creative way to incorporate your wedding hashtag onto it.

    Check That It Hasn’t Been Used Before

    How to Come Up With The Best Wedding Hashtag Ever?

    Before you print those save-the-dates, do a quick check of the wedding hashtag to see if there’s already been something tagged to it and, if so, how many photos. If there’s only a handful of other pictures that don’t seem wedding related, go ahead and use it, but if there’s a whole other wedding with the same exact hashtag, you may want to switch a letter to a number or pick a different rhyme to avoid getting the photos mixed up. “Hijacking someone else’s hashtag is no good,” Haack says.

    Evynn LeValley

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    You Found A Great Hashtag Now What

    Now that the hard part is accomplished, its time to put that hashtag to work! Think of your hashtag as a photo album for your wedding: what you ate for lunch on the day you went dress shopping is a fun detail to include, but not every delicious meal you share on Instagram belongs in that hashtag category. Share things like addressing invitations, attending bridal showers, and meeting with your planner. It will be fun for you to look back on all the planning and see the process that brings you to your big day.

    Sometimes Only A Few People Participate

    If your friends and family don’t get word of the hashtag in time, the next morning when you scroll through Instagram, you might be disappointed to see only a few posts. Plus, there’s a good chance your guests will solely post pictures of themselveswhich is still great, but probably not exactly what you’re looking for when you’re trying to find some candid photos of your cake-cutting or first dance.

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    What Is A Good Hashtag

    Use Only a Few Hashtags

    Create a hashtag strategy that matches your channel and audience. In Twitter use on or two hashtags. Instagram is where you can go a bit wild, and a good number of hashtags is 8 to 10. Use of hashtags helps you to capture the attention of those who do not follow your brand yet.

    How To Display Your Wedding Hashtag

    Tips for wedding hashtags | Wednesday wisdom
    Real Trends
    16 min read

    This post is brought to you by our friends over at Wedding Hashers: the largest network of professional wedding hashtag writers. They make it easier than ever to create a fun, memorable & unique wedding hashtag for your big day.

    Wedding hashtags are one of the biggest wedding trends to emerge over the past few years. It’s such a fun & creative way to involve your wedding guests in celebrating your special day. From cute puns to romantic plays on words, wedding hashtags are a great way to build hype for your wedding!

    how to come up with the best wedding hashtag

    Coming up with the perfect hashtag is no small feat, especially if youre taking a long last name or one without any obvious rhymes. Some great examples of wedding hashtags are: #AllenPartyof2, #HappierEverAllen, and #AllenSaysIDo. That being said, there are some great options out there for creating a catchy and memorable wedding hashtag.


    The key to a great hashtag is making it easy to remember! If youre creating your ownhashtag, start by looking up popular hashtags on google to get the creative juices flowing. Most couples use puns or rhymes for their hashtag, or simply plug their name into a common wedding phrase. Adding a dash of alliteration in your hashtag is bound to make it extra snappy.


    How to display and promote your hashtag

    props for the photo booth
    The welcome sign
    At the bar
    Directional Signs
    party favors
    Neon Sign
    cake topper

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