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Where To Buy Vases For Wedding Centerpieces

Trumpet Vases And Clarinet Vases

Fake Wedding Flowers? Or Real Wedding Flowers? | What To Consider

For a decorative glass accent made for celebration, trumpet vases and clarinet vases are the best glass vases wholesale choice for explosive upscale floral arrangements. In large spaces such as hotel lobbies, ballrooms, and restaurants with high ceilings, trumpet vases and clarinet vases enhance the splendor of these spaces. A marvelous celebration can be made more magnificent with any elegant piece you choose in our trumpet and clarinet glass vases wholesale collection.

Save When You Shop Our Selection Of Value

Our variety of value-priced vases offers a little something for every need. Shop vases for centerpieces, candy buffets, home décor, DIY crafts and more! Our quality collection also offers a variety of unique designs and shapes, as well as bowls and jars. Plus, vases are great for nearly every occasion. Use them for baby showers, wedding showers, wedding receptions and more!

Whether you’re planning a wedding reception or a hosting a baby shower, one thing’s certain: You’re sure to find a vase for your event when you shop our selection! Stock up on glass jars and vases in a variety of sizes and use them to create a glorious sweets station or find a large vase, get just the right amount, fill them full of flowers and then place one on each table at your corporate event. Attendees are sure to notice! If you’re going for a rustic wedding theme, our galvanized pots are sure to help you achieve the look. Simply tie on a ribbon and set on tables for a centerpiece at your wedding reception!

Are you hosting a birthday or baby shower? Two words: Candy buffet. Candy buffets not only make for one sweet setup, but the jars and vases you use to create the candy buffet also make for great home décor once your celebration wraps. No matter the occasion, we have a little something for every celebration! Shop square vases, bottle vases, votive holders, glass bowls, tall vases and more!

Wholesale Flower Vase Adding Elegance To The Venue

Planning a wedding is the most hectic job. There are so many details you have to take care of. So many things that always need your attention. The location, the seating, the food, everything must be on point. Because, it is one of the most special days in a person’s life. So we do everything we can to make everything quicker and easier. Every wedding needs centerpieces. They are the main attraction of any table. A centerpiece is essential to complete the aesthetic of a room. And everyone wants that perfect centerpiece, the one that doesn’t overpower the room. The one that just enhances the beauty. A perfect centerpiece is hard to find. An essential part of the centerpiece is the vase. The vase is the base of any centerpiece. The flower arrangements get their stability and whole look from the vase. Which is why you cannot compromise even a bit when it comes to vases the shape, design, color, every factor is a big one. All these factors help shape the end look of the arrangement. And it’s not only about weddings, but all formal events also need centerpieces on the tables. It is a way to show elegance.

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Centerpiece Glass Vases And Candle Holders

Centerpieces are more than just objects that make a table pretty. We believe they represent the heart of your decorative designs. Any scene you create is tethered to this choice, and every additional element is expected to pivot around it in synchrony. When youre looking for something to place at the center of any table, you must consider the goal and character of your choices. That is why Vase Market provides a diversity of quality choices in both vases and candle holders that we believe will not only supplement your tablescapes, but enhance the visionary designs of your special events.

Wedding Vases Props & Decorative Columns

Pilsner Vase Centerpiece With Ivory and Blush Flowers

Our premium collection of wedding vases, props & columns for wedding cater to a wide variety of tastes. Available in a myriad of designs, these items have a wide application. You can use them in gardens, in homes, offices, parties, courtyards, backyards, and terraces and so on and so forth.

Made from premium material, these upscale wedding decor items look delicate from the outside but are highly durable and tough from the inside. Colorful wedding flower potssitting on the heads of tall white wedding pillars would make anyone gasp with wonder.

The Pedestal Column Plant Stand is for sure to make a powerful impression. Our 24″ Chrome Gold Ombre Glass Reversible Latour Trumpet Vase is another glam piece that would be a feather in your cap. Having it along with a 24″ Gold Hurricane Crystal Beaded Floral Vase would be an icing on the cake.

Let your interiors and exteriors shine with our superior collection of Vases, Props, & Columns. You just need to let loose your imagination and pick the pieces that add to the ambience of the spaces. Fortunately, we offer an exclusive collection of wedding centerpiece vases, wedding props, and wedding columns to help you achieve your desired look. Visit us and explore our collection today.

1. How to decorate vases for weddings ?

2. How to decorate columns for a wedding reception ?

3. Where to buy vases for wedding centerpieces ?

4. Where to buy columns for weddings ?

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Wholesale Vases For Centerpieces & Floral Arrangements

With a range of flower arrangement containers available, from cylinders to bowls and urns, you’re sure to find the vase that will work for your floral arrangement or centerpiece. Shop the basics, including our clear glass cylinder, cube vases and bud vases. For a vintage look for your wedding or event centerpieces, choose from our large selection of mercury glass vases. Or, for a classic wedding centerpiece, we offer metal urns in silver, brass and nickel finishes and julep cups in a range of sizes.

Rustic & Natural Vases

For the nature-loving client, you may want to consider decorating with some of our wooden vases. We have mango wood in various shades, white birch and kiri wood collections that add a rich wood-grain texture to any centerpiece. Designers love our Zinc French vases that also come in an antique finish. Theyre a fresh addition to any country-style décor motif. Available in different heights, they make a pretty trio display.

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Porcelain & Ceramic Vases

Our porcelain and ceramic vases have rich colors and beautiful glazes, and work with both traditional and modern flower arrangements. In our ceramic collection, we have white linen, black linen, matte black, brown linen, teal linen, antique cream, striped styles, terracotta, and more. Just take your pick for a vase thats sure to offset any arrangement nicely!

Glass Vases Wholesale To Spruce Up Your Plain Tabletops


If you have the perfect vase, you can make a regular floral arrangement look even more incredible and display-worthy. Adorn parties and home spaces with inexpensive Glass Vases Wholesale that look great even without flowers in them. For instance, these home accessories should always be a part of the room and should not only be taken out when there are flowers around.Glass Vases Wholesale is a primary staple for occasions, cafés, and other types of interior design. It is one of the easiest ways to add effortless elegance and luxury into areas of the house and all sorts of gatherings and festivities. Bring a modern twist to any flower arrangement using our heavy-duty and high-quality wide glass cylinder vases.

You can also dress up your plain tabletops with the exotic French charm of Eiffel Tower Glass Vases. These glass vase centerpieces are perfect for dusty sprays, frilled blossoms, or spring pastel flowers. Let these glass cylinder vases bulk wholesale highlight the regal significance of your wedding reception, birthdays, showers, or home décor.TableclothsFactory offers an immense variety of Glass Vases Wholesale. Furthermore, we always make sure that we have all the varieties of tones, materials, and styles available. All this to ensure you discover the items you are looking for and fulfill the plan you have visualized for your home decorating needs or as a decorative accent for events.

1. How to decorate glass vases with different things ?

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Create Your Own Diy Wedding Decorations

With vase styles to match popular wedding trends like gold wedding decor, geometric decorations and more, Oriental Trading helps you put together stunning wedding table decorations. Your guests won’t believe you made them yourself!

Lucky for you, we’re a one-stop wedding shop! Pair the vases you choose with other wedding table decorations found here on our website. Table runners, table numbers, battery-operated candles¿ you need it, we have it!

Wedding Decor And Event Centerpieces

Tabletop accents, dining table centerpieces, and floor vases are among the most common uses for these particular glass vases, trumpet vases, and candle holders when it comes to decorating celebrations and special events like weddings, quinceanera, debutante balls, galas, dinner parties, anniversaries, and holiday gatherings. Bring in these exquisite hand crafted glass accents and customize them with your vision of divine splendor.

Take our glass cylinder vases as an example. We offer glass cylinder vases in so many different sizes that you can find something suitable for every type of tabletop decoration, from bud vase, to floating candle holder, to full blown floral centerpiece or wedding aisle floor vase. For professionals in the wedding industry, our diverse collection is every wedding planner’s dream.

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Variety Of Wedding Vase Colors And Styles

The variety of colors and styles will let you pick the perfect vase for stunning wedding centerpieces. We have glass, crystal, frosted glass, silver mercury glass, wood, metal and colored glass vases. Our vases are available in cylinder styles, trumpet-style, square, bud vases, hanging tube vases, pedestal, faceted crystal and more. A seemingly endless selection means that youre certain to find the perfect vase type to complement your arrangements!

Whether you want country rustic or uptown chic or anything in between, youll find exactly what you need to match any theme or color palette. Our vases enhance a single stem as well as a full bouquet. Many of our vases have numerous sizes available in the same style, which makes for gorgeous ensembles in any space or venue.

And because we have vases in every shape and size, from small bud vases to tall cylinder and trumpet vases, you will be able to create breathtaking centerpieces for the tables and amazing large floor vase arrangements.

Buy Wholesale Flower Vases Online

11 Great wholesale Trumpet Vases for Weddings

If you are planning a formal event, then you are going to need stylish and elegant vases. Buying these vases can be a thing you can do quickly and fast from your home. That’s right, let’s scratch out a name from the list of things you need to do. Just go online and buy vases in bulk. You can browse whenever you want and wherever you want. You can do this task on the go or while doing something else. Time is precious especially while planning a wedding. There are some things which will require your physical presence, like choosing your wedding cake. But this you can do while lying in your bed, at any time of the day. You can find twice as many varieties online at affordable prices and assured shipping. To make matters more comfortable, if you don’t know where to find bulk flower vases for sale, just go to This is a website with all the flower accessories including vases. Here you can see many designs in vases along different shapes. You can explore, take your time and choose the one that seems perfect for your choice of flowers.

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The Popular Tower Vase

Our eiffel tower vases come in many sizes in clear, frosted white or black. These taller vases as well as trumpet vases are perfect for displaying our famous ostrich feathers.

If you plan to use lighting inside the eiffel tower vases, we recommend frosted white to hide the lights but allow their ambience to shine through! Trumpet vases are also offered in many sizes, and perfect for flowers or feather arrangements. We suggest our water gel beads as filler. Our discount prices are available to the public. Save by purchasing in bulk.

Where To Buy Wood Slices For Wedding Centerpieces

Firstly, there are a handful of places to get wood slices for wedding centerpieces / decor / cake stands, but you never really know what youre getting until it arrives. Am I right? Secondly, Ive seen some wood slices in craft stores but they are so expensive and theyre not as beautiful as the ones Ive seen online, especially when you can see them being used in wedding photos. Moreover, you dont want to waste money on wood slices that dont look as nice as youd hope, which brings you all the way back to square one. No one has time for that!

Therefore, weve identified a few places to buy wood slices for wedding centerpieces in this list below, along with some photos to show you what they look like. In case youre wondering how much they cost, heres some good news: these are some of the best cheap wood slices you can buy.

Hope it helps!

1. Wood Slices in Bulk

I know you can get a pretty great deal on these wood slices in bulk for weddings from DinDinToys.

buy here

2. Rustic Wood Slices

These are one of the most popular places to source wood slices, which are hand-cut from poplar trees. They are then kiln dries to prevent cracks and sanded down on both sides for a smooth finish. Quality makes all the difference.

buy here

4. Thick Round Slabs

viaherevia here

5. Hardwood Log Slices

Nice hardwood slices make great additions to rustic weddings and are available in many sizes. However, this large size might be my favorite! By RogerDodgers.

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Small Vases For Centerpieces

We also offer a range of small vases, perfect for centerpieces. Shop our bud vase collection for small vases of all forms, sizes and colors. Our mini milk bottle bud vases will bring rustic charm to any event, while our leaning crystal bud vase will add a modern edge to your centerpiece. Our perfectly-sized small vases are also available in bulk to optimize savings!

Make A Statement With Candelabras

Flower Vase making ideas || how to make vase || diy paper craft || homedecor ideas | wedding decor

PHOTOGRAPHY by Branco Prata PLANNING by Jeannette Tavares of Evoke Design & Creative FLORAL DESIGN by Areias do Sexio RENTALS by Aqueduto Events Rise Portugal

The presence of a candelabra brings a decidedly elegant factor into the mix at the reception. Even if you prefer a minimalist feel, a single piece of design like this will make a big statement, as it takes up more space on the table and the overall design, and will potentially be more cost-effective than individual candlesticks.

The addition of a combination of candles in various colors makes it even more interesting!

PHOTOGRAPHY BY Lisa Poggi PLANNING BY: Exclusive Italy Weddings FLORAL DESIGN BY La Rosa Canina

One of my favorite ways to decorate is potted plants, says Cole. Blooming florals, citrus trees, potted ferns in pretty containers, you truly can keep these and pop them in your garden, pot them at homeyou can even donate them to the church or synagogue you were married in for them to plant on the property! Your selection could include your personal favorites, or perhaps even something thats prolific within the area. Its the gift that keeps on giving.

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