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What To Wear While Getting Ready For Wedding

Wedding Attire For Women

Outfit Ideas to Get Ready for Indian Festivals & Weddings – Fashion Tips Every Girl Should Know!!

Whether you are headed to one wedding or your fridge is covered in invitations, the first question that probably pops into your head is what to wear. Women have a lot of choices when it comes to black tie, formal, semi-formal, or cocktail dresses.

Your ensemble also has to include the right shoes, jewelry, and other accessories to really set off your look for these extra-special celebrations. There are a few simple rules that every gal can follow to stay on the best-dressed list.

What To Wear While Getting Ready

No, a lot of those photos arent from a styled shoot. They are from a well organized bride who clearly planned ahead to achieve a similar look.

It may seem obvious, but wearing a shirt that you have to pull over your head after having your hair done is a disaster waiting to happen!

As a rule of thumb, whenever professionally getting hair and makeup done, wear a robe like this one below from BHLDN or a button-down shirt as a getting ready outfit. That way you wont need to worry about pulling a piece of clothing over your face and potentially ruining all the wonderful work.

Things You Should Wear To A Wedding And 7 Things You Shouldn’t

We all hit that age in our mid-to-late 20s when all of a sudden it seems like every person we know is getting married. For some, that may even include their own wedding. I am not yet married, but many of my friends are. Now, at 30 years old, I’m in my craziest year of weddings to date.

It may seem like wedding attire should be fairly straightforward, but you may be surprised to find out it can be a bit more intricate and, regardless of how long it’s been since you last attended a wedding, we could all use a little review on what is acceptable to wear to a wedding and what should stay at home in our closets. I spoke to the experts and here’s what they said you should and shouldn’t wear to a wedding.

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Items For Your Makeup And Nails

58. Makeup eraser cloths. Makeup eraser cloths are reusable and eco-friendly. Just add water and touch up mascara spots or lipstick smudges.

59. Clear nail polish. Cover snags and polish scratches with clear nail polish. You can also use clear nail polish for scratches on surfaces you want to protect. Choose a fast-drying version for best results.

60. Nail polish remover. If you find some leftover nail polish on your clothing, you can always add nail polish remover to take it away. Or if somebody’s manicure or pedicure gets messed up, they can easily wipe it fresh and start over with clear nail polish.

61. Pedicure set. Nail files, clippers, and other tools will make it easy to freshen up any details that were overlooked while getting ready. For example, some people may have planned to wear closed-toed shoes at the ceremony and forgot about getting ready for the open-toe shoe they have planned for the reception.

62. Eyelash glue. Eyelash glue is great for reapplying lashes as needed. It can also be used to attach facial gemstones or other types of glitter.

63. Translucent powder with a brush. Translucent powder will keep faces from being too shiny in photos. It’s also great for drying out oily skin even if you’re not wearing makeup.

Be Careful Not To Over Accessorize


While it’s nice to find a few pieces of jewelry or other accessories that go with your dress, the best rule of thumb is to keep it simple. Schweitzer suggests avoiding “jewelry that symbolizes your own faith when attending a wedding of another faith or religion.” She went on to add, “Accessories should be a subtle embellishment. Overly large, bright, or colorful accessories can be a distraction from the ceremony.”

Looking for an excuse to buy a large feathered hat? A wedding is not the time or place.

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The Cutest Getting Ready Outfits For The Wedding Day

Looking for the perfect getting ready outfits for the wedding morning for you and your bridesmaids? Check out this epic roundup of affordable styles your whole party will love!

One of the most fun parts of the wedding day is the time you spend getting ready with your bridal party. Surrounded by your bridesmaids and best friends, getting pampered with hair and makeup is a memorable experience. And these days, its also a time thats getting documented in photos. So much so, that many brides are choosing to have matching wedding getting ready outfits for themselves and their bridesmaids!

There are several important things to keep in mind when deciding what to wear while you get ready for the big day. Namely, whether youre doing your own hair and makeup or hiring a professional makeup artist and hairstylist, youll want to make sure that changing from your getting ready outfit into your wedding attire doesnt do anything to ruin your final look! This means choosing an outfit that wont brush against your face or pull through your hair when you remove it. Essentially, youll want to select items that dont need to be pulled over your head!

The Importance Of The Wedding Dress Code

A wedding dress code is a major contributor to the overall theme and mood of your celebration. If you set the stage with champagne and chandeliers, then youll love how all of your guests look in gowns and tuxedos. However, its a totally different scene if youre getting married on the beach.

While formal attire may be the most common type of dress code, there are many other ways to ensure your guests attire matches the theme and tone of your wedding event.

Is a wedding dress code really that important?

Yes! Its actually one of the most important points to establish when preparing your wedding. Its also a great way to ensure that you and your guests feel their absolute best at your celebration.

Couples typically set the wedding dress code to coordinate with guests and set the tone they have planned for the day.

It can truly elevate any wedding if everyone wears formal attire. Still, you can also make the dress code something completely unique to match the personality of the couple and their wedding tone.

Knowing what to wear to a wedding is important, and its one of the first questions youll be asked by a wedding planner. Thats because the invitations should always specify the dress code and any other expectations so that guests can properly prepare.

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Do Opt For Comfortable Shoes

While it should be fairly common knowledge, I’m not talking about wearing your bright pink running shoes to a wedding. Rather, nice dress shoes that you can comfortably wear for a few hours. Alyce Head, wedding manager for Hamilton Place at Pursell Farms, suggests, “Choose shoes that are wearable for four hours.”

While we would all probably leave our shoes under the table and head back out to the dance floor during our high school proms, we should know better these days. “This tip combines etiquette and style,” she added. “It’s just not good form to be barefoot and carry shoes, or create a pile of discarded shoes in the corner of the reception space.”

While it may be tempting to buy those extra cute heels to wear just for the occasion, before throwing down your credit card, I highly encourage you to walk around the store and see if you could be comfortable wearing them for hours. If the answer is no, then either reconsider the purchase or pack a pair of flats you can change into between the wedding and reception and leave the extra in the car!

Bridesmaid Sweatpants And Hoodie

Groom Forgets To Bring Trousers To Wedding! | Countdown To I Do

Not all weddings are done in a warm place or in a venue in which the temperature is just right. So, for weddings done during a cold season or in an extremely cold place, keep your bridesmaids warm and beautiful as they get ready wearing this Bridesmaid Sweatpants and Hoodie. Made from 52 % Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton and 48% polyester fleece, this set is available in black and tan. Pants and hoodies fit small to double extra-large.

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What To Pack In Your Wedding Overnight Bag

Now, your personalised packing list will of course vary depending on whether you’re getting ready at home and heading to your wedding straight from there, or if you’re prepping in the bridal suite and spending a few nights away from home. This helpful list is an overall guide to help you make your own, so take what applies to you, and ignore the rest when it comes to packing your own wedding overnight bag.

  • Toothbrush
  • Hairbrush
  • Wedding night lingerie
  • Heavy duty make-up remover – oil based ones are great for lifting layers of makeup
  • Cotton wool

Photo by Bethany M. Poteet via instax

Option #: Matching Hoodies

Everyone loves hoodies! Theyre great for lounging around on weekends or venturing out when its just a tad too cold to go without that second layer. When you opt to give your group a matching hoodie, they can flaunt their status while staying warm and cozy on the morning of your wedding. A wedding-related inscription is a great choice here, or you can choose to personalize with each bridesmaids name for more general wear .

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Quick Guidelines For Wedding Dress Codes

If the dress code is specified, but youre not sure what that means, weve got a quick guide on the most popular dress codes and some other guidelines to decode what wedding couples are expecting you to wear.

White Tie Dress Code

A white-tie wedding is a very formal event. The couple is expecting you to dress in tuxedos and floor-length gowns. Tuxedos with tails are typical for these extremely upscale weddings with a formal white shirt, white vest, and bow tie. White gloves, formal footwear, and respectful color choices are also expected.

What to wear to a Black Tie Wedding?

While less formal than the white tie, black-tie events also require a floor-length gown for female guests and tuxedos for male guests. Men are expected to have a black bow tie, black vest, or cummerbund, as well as dressy oxford shoes to go with their tuxedo. In some cases, a very formal or sophisticated cocktail dress may work for women at a black-tie event.

Black Tie Optional or Formal Dress Code

The couple wants to let you know that they expect formal wear, but its not as formal as a black tie or white tie. Its more acceptable to wear a formal cocktail dress or stylish suit to these weddings. Even a dressy pantsuit may be appropriate for female guests. Men should expect to wear a formal dark suit, conservative tie, or a tuxedo.

Cocktail Dress Code

Semi-Formal Dress Code

Casual Dress Code

Tropical or Destination Wedding

Come As You Are

Tips For Packing For Your Wedding

Seven Pretty Pieces to Wear While Getting Ready With Your Bridesmaids ...
  • Obviously this is a list for brides but it’s important to note, items like the paperwork, wedding rings, or the supplier payments are for both of you to remember, the burden shouldn’t be on just one half of a couple!
  • You might only be going away for one or two nights, but weddings come with lots of ‘stuff’ as standard, so don’t try to cram it all into a small weekend bag , take your big suitcase so there’s lots of room for everything you need.
  • Make like a pro traveller and use packing pouches to keep things together, that way you’ll have all the elements of your different outfits organised together, and you’ll be able to find things when you need them
  • Shawls for the bridesmaids, a basket for the flower girl… divvy out any accessories or items for the wedding party in the days or weeks before the wedding so it’s no longer your responsibility to look after them.
  • If you’re getting ready at home and heading straight to the ceremony, have someone reliable bring your overnight bag to the hotel or accommodation ahead of you. Ensure it’s delivered to your room, and any important items are hung up. Don’t just bring it in the wedding car with you, you might forget about it, and it’ll be left in the boot or, worse, head off with the driver!
  • Need help packing for your honeymoon too? Check out our ultimate honeymoon packing list!

Read our tips for keeping calm on the morning of your wedding!

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Dressing Up // What To Wear While Getting Ready On The Wedding Day

Its practically a given these days that part of your wedding planning and shopping will be for special outfits that you and your bridal party will wear as you get ready on the big day. Youre going to have your photographer and videographer there to capture those last touches of hair and makeup and the moments leading up to you getting into that fabulous wedding gown, so you want to look and feel your absolute best. And what would look better in photos and on video than to have your whole bridal party in matching outfits as you primp, preen and celebrate together with a champagne toast before the wedding? Plus, these pretty outfits make the best bridesmaids gifts too!

Luckily, there are so many clothing options for what to wear when you get ready that its easy to find a favorite, flattering style thats comfortable for everyone. And the best part is that most can be worn time and again after the wedding day has come and gone!

Bridal robes: These are the number one wedding morning staple, tried and true. Both short and long robes are popular in solid hues to match your wedding theme colors or in gorgeous floral patterns in sumptuous silk.

Matching pajama sets: Choose matching sets with long pants if the weather is cooler or ones with shorts for a spring or summer wedding. Nothing is softer and more comfortable than a pair of silk pjs!

What To Wear Under Getting Ready Robe

Posted in Wedding Attire1

Hey guys! Im just trying to figure out what my girls and I should wear under our robes while were getting ready? Shorts, or leggings maybe? I cant wear a bra the day of because it will leave lines so maybe a loose tank top? Or just underwear? Im so unsure so any suggestions are appreciated!

on September 20, 2018 at 10:05 PM

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