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How To Ship A Wedding Dress

What Should You Consider When Packing A Wedding Dress & Gown For Shipping

Packing a cotton shirt for shipping is a cinch: fold it, put it in a labeled poly mailer, then ship it. When the customer receives it wrinkled, all they need to do is iron it out.

Meanwhile, a wedding gowns complicated design and delicate fabric make it harder to package. You want it to get to the bride wrinkle-free so it saves her the hassle of ironing, which can ruin the dress if shes not a clothing professional. You also want to ensure that all the pieces are intact when they arrive.

So to make sure that your client sings your praises on her wedding day, you must take note of the following details when shipping her dress:

Type & Style Of Dress

Weddings are not meant to be expensive rather, memorable. They may cost a lot from the flowers to the dresses. That is why it is essential to have an overview of these costs for ones big day. Whether you are selling your wedding gown creations or simply sending a hand-me-down, it is essential for you to know the costs of shipping wedding dresses.

From your local boutique to designer brands, wedding dresses could cost an arm and a leg, normally ranging from $500 to $4000 or sometimes even more. Alterations for ready-made dresses would add up to the total costs. Thus, although pricier, a custom-made wedding dress is technically the more reasonable choice.

How To Ship A Wedding Dress

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Are you having a destination wedding or finally sold your wedding dress online and now need to figure out how to ship it? Today is your lucky day because we have put together the ultimate guide on how to pack and ship a wedding dress.

  • Package it properly. This will ensure the dress is not damaged in transit. .
  • Insurance: insure it for the value/selling price.
  • Tracking: use a trackable method and require a signature release.
  • International shipments will have import duties and fees: buyers should be aware of their country’s duties and taxes when importing a dress from another country. Each country is different!
  • Who pays for shipping? Typically, the buyer pays for the shipping cost . This amount is added to the asking price for a final amount.

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How To Travel With A Wedding Dress

  • Hang the wedding dress on a hanger and prepare a garment bag
  • Pull the hanging part of the hanger through the opening of the bag so that the bottom half of the dress is outside the bag
  • Hold both sides of the bottom of the dress towards the waistline
  • Roll the train up so that it will fit inside the bag
  • Close the bag carefully to prevent the zipper from snagging the garment.
  • Verdict: Use Online Resources Or Wedding Resale Websites To Sell Your Wedding Dress

    30 Ready
    In conclusion, we recommend selling your wedding dress online above selling locally. Why?

    Online wedding dress resale sites are the most convenient way to resell your wedding dress. Listing a secondhand wedding dress for sale online opens you up to a much wider audience of potential buyers. This creates more competition and a greater possibility of getting more money for your used wedding gown.

    So if you want to sell your wedding dress fast and get the best possible price to recoup your investment, use one of the recommended sites above! Whether your heart is set on a Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta or a Monique Lhullier, you are sure to score a deal, or at least recoup your costs by taking advantage of a wedding dress marketplace like the ones listed above.

    So tell us are you thinking of selling your wedding dress after the big day?

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    Seal With Adhesive Tape

    Use thick adhesive tape to seal the box shut. You may need go over the opening several times. If you have a printed shipping label, tape it to the box, avoiding any seams and cover the whole label with tape. Be sure to remove any existing labels that may be on box – you don’t want the dress going to wrong destination!

    Finally, mark the box with the words “WEDDING GOWN” so that delivery people know to treat it with respect.

    How To Pack & Fold A Wedding Dress

    Learning the best way to pack and fold a wedding dress may give you more peace of mind, even if youre traveling short distances. Plus, after the ceremony is over, youll need to know how to safely store your wedding dress. Were giving you the scoop on everything you need to know about how to safely and carefully transport your wedding gown!

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    How To Properly Pack And Fold A Wedding Dress

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    I bet youve been dreaming of your wedding dress since you were a little girl. And now that youre all grown up, its time to hunt for that perfect gown. Buying a gown youll love is no easy task in fact, many brides say theyve tried on over 20 gowns in the quest to find the perfect one.

    After months of hunting, saving, making alterations, and countless fittings, your dream dress is finally ready.

    According to data from The Wedding Report, the average wedding dress costs about $1,250. If you think that seems like a lot to spend, remember that Kate Middletons dress was rumored to cost over $430,000!

    Still, with the investment of time and money youve made in your dress, you want to make sure youre keeping it safe.

    These days, 1 in every 4 weddings is a destination wedding. That means youre going to need to know how to properly pack and fold a wedding dress to travel to your destination. Even if youre getting married locally, you still have to transport your dress.

    How Do You Ship A Formal Dress For Shipping

  • Prepare the correct size box and tape the bottom portion for durability
  • Line the bottom interior of the box with bubble wrap
  • Place several newspapers taped together the same length as the dress over a flat surface
  • Lay the dress over the paper face down
  • Fold the arms and sleeves of the dress and put the paper between each layer
  • Put a piece of paper on the back of the skirt of the dress and fold the sides of the skirt towards the center
  • Put paper between the fabric layers
  • Roll the skirt up and put the dress inside a garment bag
  • Use a separate bag for the train if the dress has one
  • Put the dress in the box and layer it with bubble wrap at the top
  • Close the box without bending the flaps and secure it with tape
  • Attach the shipping label on the box, but be careful not to put it over the seams or edges where it can get damaged
  • Attach fragile stickers outside the box
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    Tips For Shipping Your Wedding Gown To Your Destination

    Owner of Sandy Malone Weddings & Events, Star of TLC’s “Wedding Island,” author and columnist

    I’m constantly being asked for tips about how to transport a wedding gown to a destination wedding in the easiest and safest way possible. Is it okay to ship? Is that absolutely taboo? How do they fit that huge garment bag on the plane? It’s a real concern, especially for brides who’ve invested literally thousands of dollars in a designer wedding gown for their special day. And airline carry-on restrictions haven’t made things any easier.

    How do you think wedding gowns get from the manufacturer to the bridal shop? It’s perfectly safe to ship your wedding gown to your destination IF YOU HAVE SOMEBODY TO RECEIVE IT ON THE OTHER END. I don’t mean the banquet manager at some random hotel — I mean a wedding planner or a specific vendor you trust or who is handling all of your other shipments. To send it blind to a hotel or rental agency is foolish as you have nobody to hold accountable when you arrive and nobody can find the box. Don’t risk it.

    But if you do have a landing point you trust at your destination, shipping your wedding gown works just fine. Just following these five tips:

    3) Label the box “WEDDING GOWN” in huge letters all over, and write the receiver’s phone number on it in several locations. Delivery people are human beings with feelings, and most of them will take extra special care if they know they’re carrying your wedding gown.

    Want To Sell Your Wedding Dress After The Big Day

    If so, you might be wondering:

    • Should I sell my wedding dress locally?
    • Are there places that will buy my used wedding dress?
    • Whats the best way to sell my wedding dress?
    • Which wedding dress resale sites are the best?
    • Are there fees for selling my dress online?
    • How do I ship my wedding dress?
    • Is it safe to sell a wedding dress online?

    Maybe you splurged on your dream designer wedding dress and want to recoup some of your costs on an item you only wore once. Or perhaps you bought a dress and had a change of heart.

    No matter why you want to sell a wedding dress, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to navigate all the different resale sites, especially if you are determined to get the best price for your gown!

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    Courier Services For Shipping A Wedding Dress Internationally

    If you need to ship a wedding dress outside the US, our discounted courier services can help you ship to over 240 destinations worldwide at an affordable price.

    DHL Express International is the quickest way to send a wedding dress to an international location, with delivery times from the US to most major destination in 1-6 business days.

    Looking for cheap express delivery?

    Express services do come at a more premium price, so to reduce your delivery costs,consider booking a package drop-offwhere possible. Our own-brand International Priority Drop Off serviceoffers excellent value anddelivers to major destinations in Europe in just 1-3 business days.

    Processing & Shipping Time Frames

    Fast Shipping Princess One Shoulder A

    When you add an item to your shopping bag, we estimate the processing time and standard shipping delivery date. Expedited shipping options are available at checkout.

    You will receive a shipment notification email when each item is shipped. Orders with multiple items may ship at different times in separate boxes.

    To ensure that your items arrive in time for your event, refer to the estimated delivery dates quoted in your shopping bag, as many of our styles are made to order. We take great care to ensure the quality of each product and prepare it for shipping, and we appreciate your patience while we process your order.

    Please allow additional processing time for special order and personalized products, as they are made just for you.

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    Bridesmaids Flower Girls Maternity & Jrs Bridesmaids

    Orders below $400.00

    10 business days $17.75

    7 business days is $35.00

    5 business days $55.00

    2 business days $75.00

    *Delivery time and Shipping charges are two different charges. Delivery time is the time it takes to make the dress and the shipping charge is what we charge to ship the dress to your address.

    *Rosebud Flower Girls, Joan Calabrese, Marys Flower Girls and Lexie by Mon Cheri is $26.75

    How Do I Ship Jeans Or Pants

    Whether you’re sending a pair of jeans as a gift or you’re delivering a consignment of pants to a retailer in another state, shipping jeans or pants is easy once you know how. Here are the steps to take to get your jeans or pants ready for shipping:

    • First, determine how many pairs of jeans or pants you are shipping. This will help determine the type of packaging you should use. One pair can reasonably fit into the correct-sized poly mailer, which can be a cost-effective choice for shipping small quantities of clothes. However, multiple pairs will more than likely require a box.
    • To fold pants or jeans, ensure they are smooth and lay them flat on a clean surface such as a table or counter. Fold the pants in half lengthwise and smooth them down, then proceed to fold the pants three or four times, smoothing and flattening as you go.
    • Place the pants into the mailer or box. If youre sending multiple pairs, ensure the pants or jeans are stacked neatly on top of each other. As with shipping shirts, consider using individual plastic bags if the pants you’re shipping are new.
    • Ensure that the box is adequate to hold the weight of the garments you’re mailing. Use bubble wrap or other suitable packing material to prevent the clothing from sliding around in transit. Then securely tape the mailer or box, making sure you have placed any paperwork inside first.

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    Look To Aps For Wedding Dress Shipping

    APS Fulfillment Inc. is a leading order fulfillment service company that operates out of Miami, Florida. Our integrative and careful approach will ensure that wedding dresses, or anything else, will get to their destination quickly and in top condition. Weve stored, sorted, delivered, and quality-assured products of all shapes and sizes for all kinds of companies across a wide variety of industries. Contact us by phone at 954-582-7450 or reach out to us by email at for more ways our fulfillment services can support wedding dress transportation.

    Use A Traceable And Fast Shipping Method

    Wedding planning is a stressful and sometimes chaotic activity. Among the many questions that need to be decided about venue, catering, and other organizational elements, the one query that shouldnt be asked is: Where is the dress? Take advantage of expedited shipping in order to minimize downtime and the length the dress languishes in a pile with other boxes potentially stacked on top. Using a shipper that offers delivery tracking means that you can give your customer accurate and up-to-date ETAs and status updates for their peace of mind.

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    How To Ship A Dress

    Dresses made from delicate fabrics such as silk, lace, satin, and chiffon can be cumbersome to pack. Simply dumping them in a box could deform their shapes or create creases and wrinkles that could make them look like youve been sleeping in them weeks.

    To ensure that the delicate clothing is in excellent condition when the recipient pulls it out of the package, here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship a dress.

    To minimize wrinkles and creases, use tissue paper when packing delicate dresses. Lay out a sheet of tissue on a flat surface like a table or bed, place the dress on top, and lay another sheet of tissue on top. Carefully fold the dress in half , then cross-wise before rolling it up but not too tightly. Rolling the dress will minimize the chances of getting stubborn wrinkles.

    For hard to roll fabrics, just fold the dress as neatly as possible with tissue paper in between folds. Longer dresses can be folded in thirds lengthwise.

    Place the rolled or wrapped dress inside a large Ziploc bag, remove any air from the bag and seal. This will protect the dress from moisture and dirt in case the package gets exposed to the elements during transit. Alternatively, bubble wrap can be used instead of a bag. Just make sure that the wrap is well secured with tape to keep it from unraveling.

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