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White And Yellow Gold Wedding Bands

Why You Should Choose A White Gold Mens Wedding Band

Engagement Ring Guide- When white gold turns yellow- Before & After plus jewelry warranty advice

White gold is a more contemporary choice for mens wedding bands over the more traditional yellow gold. Its worth noting that white gold is a man-made metal since its created using a mixture of yellow gold, mixed in with white metal alloys such as silver or platinum. The ring is then finished off with rhodium plating to give it a bright finish.

Compared to its yellow gold and platinum counterparts, white gold mens wedding bands are an affordable alternative for couples on a budget. While white gold wedding rings are more scratch resistant than yellow gold, you should factor in that it does require maintenance to maintain the rings shiny look.

If you are looking for a mens wedding band that doesnt break the bank, then its worth going for a white gold wedding ring.

White Vs Yellow Gold: Which Is Toughest

White gold is often alloyed with stronger materials, yellow gold less so. This makes white gold more resistant to scratches. You can also go for a lower karat band when you pick a ring made with white gold, meaning that less of the ring is gold and there are more alloy metals. The major reason to pick a higher karat yellow gold ring is for the richness of its color, but white gold does not get its color from the gold in the ring so you can go with a more durable 14K option. Interestingly, rose gold is alloyed with copper and is the toughest of the three gold colors.

White gold might not scratch as easily, but it still needs maintenance. To maintain that white appearance, you will need to have the ring dipped every few years. Most jewelers do this for a small charge it costs $45 at one national chain and it may be free at the jeweler where you got the ring. But if you want a truly maintenance-free white ring, opt for a harder shiny metal such as steel or palladium.

Although white gold can be resized , it will likely need to be refinished afterward, whereas yellow gold will not need this step. The treatment might cost a bit more and take longer, but its something that youll need to do only a few times in a rings lifespan.

Winner: White gold is generally tougher than yellow gold.

The Best Metals For Wedding Rings

Theres no best metal for every wedding ring. Instead, each of the metals commonly used for wedding bands and engagement rings offers its own range of advantages and disadvantages, from color and other aesthetic qualities to durability and value for money.

Below, weve looked at the nine metals most commonly used for wedding rings. Many of these metals are also used to make engagement rings, meaning you can also use this advice to choose the right metal for your fiancé-to-bes engagement ring.

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How To Select The Best Metal For A Wedding Ring

Before we get into the specific metals used for wedding rings, its important to be aware of you and your partners needs and priorities from a ring.

For example, the different metals used for wedding rings can vary hugely in terms of durability, with some metals soft, delicate and easy to scratch, while others are hardy, durable and highly resistant to damage.

Wedding ring metals can also vary hugely in appearance, with some offering a warm look that matches certain skin tones and others offering a cooler look that suits a different range of skin tones.

Beyond this, theres the importance of matching the engagement ring and wedding band. If your fiancé-to-be already has an engagement ring, youll want to make sure that her wedding band is made from the same metal.

Also, you could think about having similar wedding band as your partner and finding matching wedding rings.

Finally, theres the pricing aspect. Some metals are more expensive than others, meaning you may want to prioritize metals that offer better value for money if you have a limited budget for your wedding bands.

Knowing what you need, as well as which metal is best suited for you and your partners skin tones, can help you choose the most suitable metal for your wedding rings.

If youre not sure what youre looking for, dont worry. Weve covered all of these factors in lots of detail below, including our expert tips on which metals are best suited for specific lifestyles, skin tones, and more.

Womens Wedding Bands At Michael Hill

Yellow and White Gold Brushed Mens Wedding Ring

When it’s time to say “I do”, let Michael Hill help you find a wedding band to complement your treasured engagement ring. Our range offers both simple and more intricate designs set in yellow or white gold so that no matter the shape, size, or colour of your engagement ring, we’ll have the perfect match. If you haven’t popped the question yet, you might also like to view our range of Bridal Sets which include a perfectly matched engagement ring and wedding band. Gemstone wedding jewellery is also a perfect alternative to diamonds, If youre looking for something with a vintage look, consider a ruby wedding band.

Discover our wide range of womens wedding rings at Michael Hill. Whether you want an understated approach to let your engagement ring own the spotlight, or youre looking for extra radiance, we have the perfect ring for you.

What is an engagement ring enhancer?

An engagement ring enhancer is exactly as the name suggests. Enhancers are designed to frame your solitaire diamond ring, drawing extra attention and adding beautiful additional sparkle to your ring. You can choose from enhancers featuring a simple double band set with diamonds, or a contoured shape to add interest.

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Why Should You Choose A Yellow Gold Mens Wedding Band

Yellow gold mens wedding bands are a classic wedding ring choice for men. This metal has been used for centuries for not just wedding rings, but other types of jewellery such as earrings and necklaces.

While a true gold ring will look beautiful on your fiances finger, its not best suited for everyday wear. All gold wedding bands are mixed in with other metal alloys to give the jewellery additional strength. If you work in a job that requires using your hands a lot, its worth picking a gold mens wedding ring thats between 14 and 18 carats.

If you are looking for a wedding band that works well in both modern and vintage styles, then its worth going for a yellow gold wedding band.

Yellow Gold Wedding Bands Collections

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White Gold Vs Yellow Gold

Two of the most popular metals for engagement rings are white gold and yellow gold. Some people love both and others will only ever wear one. Since this is a really important early decision when designing and deciding on an engagement ring, we wanted to put together a comprehensive comparison between the two so youre picking the best metal for you, and your ring.

Wedding Rings Yellow Gold White Gold

14k White Gold Wedding Band Casting: Moore’s Jewelers

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Why You Should Choose A Platinum Mens Wedding Band

Platinum is a more expensive metal than gold, but also a popular choice for mens wedding bands. This type of metal is extremely durable, making it well-suited for fiances who live active lifestyles as a platinum wedding band can handle stressful situations well.

Unlike white gold and yellow gold wedding bands, platinum wedding rings dont require as much maintenance compared to its gold counterparts. It means that your platinum wedding ring will continue to shine on your fiances ring finger for many months to come.

If money is no object and your fiance wants a durable ring that can be worn everyday, then you should choose a platinum wedding band.

White Gold Vs Yellow Gold: What Makes Them Different

So, whats the difference between white gold vs yellow gold? Spoiler alert: theyre both wonderful options for a gold wedding band or engagement ring, and if you cant decide, they pair nicely together too.

How Theyre Made

Its important to know how gold is made in order to understand the foundational difference between white gold and yellow gold. Gold, of any color, is made up of 24 karats. In its purest form, gold is 24K gold. Because of its malleability, pure gold must be combined with other alloys to make it durable enough for everyday wear. This is why fine jewelry comes in 10K, 14K, and 18K gold varieties. The parts that arent gold come from an alloy of other metals such as copper, silver, palladium, and nickel.

Pure gold has a yellow tint, so yellow gold doesnt need any additional elements to affect its color however, it does need additional alloys to increase its durability. You wouldnt want 24K gold because it is far too fragile to wear, and you wont find it anywhere because it is far too fragile to even make.


Yellow gold and white gold, while both containing elements of gold, are different colors, which is perhaps the biggest difference between the two and will impact personal preference the most.

Durability & Maintenance

Yellow gold and white gold also vary in how durable they are, which is important to note, especially if your lifestyle involves working with your hands or being active in a way that could damage your engagement ring.


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White Gold And Yellow Gold Wedding Band

How Alloys Affect Ring Color

Yellow and White Gold Satin Mens Ring

Rose, white, and yellow gold are all alloys. Rings come in a few varieties, most commonly 14 or 18 karat . Alloy metals increase the strength and durability of the rings. In white gold, alloys like nickel, palladium, manganese, and silver are used to give the ring the appearance of platinum further enhanced with a rhodium plating on the outside. Yellow gold, by contrast, is alloyed with copper and zinc to preserve the color of the gold in the ring. Rose gold, sometimes called Russian gold, is alloyed exclusively with copper and has, you guessed it, a rosy hue. These days you can also get green gold, which uses silver and cadmium to give the metal a greenish hue.

In terms of popularity, white gold is having a moment right now. When we look at the price of gold vs platinum jewelry we can see why many people elect white gold over platinum. While platinum has a slightly brighter sheen, this platinum ring from James Allen costs $750 while the same slightly domed 4mm ring made of 14 karat white gold will set you back only $430. White gold cant be plated in platinum, but to capture a similar appearance, you could use white gold without exceeding your wedding budget.

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What Is The Best Metal For Mens Wedding Rings

Mens wedding bands are available in a variety of materials, including precious metals, so you can find a ring you love and to match your partners wedding band if desired.

Gold wedding bands are among the most popular choice for men, as they offer a timeless look and lasting shine, crafted in precious metal. Choose from yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold, for a wedding band to suit your style.

Titanium is an extremely durable metal, making it a popular choice for rings that are worn every day. Our black titanium rings offer a modern yet classic look, and our styles featuring black diamonds have an extra unique touch.

Tungsten is a metal with a natural grey colour. It is a hard and largely scratch-resistant metal, making it a great choice for rings especially for those who work with their hands.

At Michael Hill our mens wedding ring designs also include polished, brushed, and patterned metal, so you can find the ideal piece for you.

White Vs Yellow Gold: Which Triggers Allergies Most

If you find that jewelry gives you a rash or soreness, its often a nickel allergy, so you would be wise to steer away from white gold. Instead, consider an 18 karat yellow gold ring, which has very little or no nickel and is likely to be a safer bet. If youre interested in rose gold, copper can also be an issue, so make sure to try a ring on before you buy it or perhaps try a copper bracelet as a cheap way to see if the metal bothers you.

Loser: White gold is more likely to adversely react with your skin.

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Pros & Cons Of Yellow Gold


  • 18K yellow gold is the purest formula of gold
  • Yellow gold looks great on everyone
  • Yellow gold goes well with diamonds and warm-toned stones such as ruby, morganite, and purple sapphire.


  • 18K yellow gold is the least durable and most expensive
  • Variations of yellow golds are harder to match
  • Yellow gold is more prone to scratches and denting and needs to be polished regularly

White Vs Yellow Gold Prices

Classic Luxury: Men’s White Gold Wedding Bands and Rings in 18K

In terms of price, white and yellow gold are often similar there is no clear winner, but the upkeep of white gold will cost a little more over time. This wedding band costs $395 in 14K yellow gold and white gold , and for price comparison, an 18K gold version would be $496 while the platinum version is $595.

If we compare white gold to 18K yellow gold, which many prefer for its hypoallergenic properties and darker hue, the difference is noticeable. This particular band costs $1,150 in white and yellow 18K gold , but goes up to $1,690 in platinum .

This 6mm band costs $1,090 in yellow 18K gold and $750 in 14K white gold . White gold is a lot cheaper than platinum, even though they look similar. The same ring in Platinum would set you back $1,390 , nearly double the cost of the white gold band. White gold might cost a little more in the long run as it will need refinishing every few years, but the expense is not huge.

Draw: Price-wise, there is no clear winner between white and yellow gold, but the upkeep of white gold will cost a little more over time.

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