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Gold Wedding Bands For Couples

A Wedding Band Set That Mirrors The Power Of Your Love

Gold Love Bands | Couple Wedding Rings|

Every relationship is different. But certain elements are abundant in each and every truly successful relationship. Indeed, the most successful relationships of all are built around complementing qualities that couples bring to each other, like puzzle pieces that fit perfectly. Alone they are fine, but together they transcend, reaching heights unattainable without the bond. And that beautiful bond is what a wedding ring set represents, the inevitable and glorious bond that happens when two perfectly matched individuals cross paths and become one.

Like perfectly matched couples, his and her wedding ring sets are designed for each other. Individually, the rings are beacons to style and intelligence thats undeniable. But when combined when those individual rings become a wedding ring set the radiance multiplies exponentially. Does that sound quite a lot like your love? It certainly should.

For an example of how beauty expands when matching rings are paired, consider the stunning combination of our The One and Onlyengagement ring in rose gold with our The Excalibur wedding band with a beveled edge, also in rose gold. Individually, both rings are gorgeous testaments to elegance and style. But when paired, when hands donning these rings become entwined with each other, the rings’ craftsmanship offers a crystal-clear message: They are, without question, the perfect match.

Additional Gold Ring Collections

Damiani Jewellers is thrilled to offer our clients the finest gold engagement rings from world-class designer ArtCarved. ArtCarved was founded in 1850 by J.R. Wood and continues to provide memorable and brilliant keepsakes for those special moments in a persons life. ArtCarved is a master at developing exquisite carved detail across its engagement rings, including yellow, rose, and white gold rings. ArtCarveds Classic collection features ageless silhouettes including solitaires, side stone gold rings, and halo ring settings. The Contemporary collection features modern touches such as intertwining shanks, mixed-metal rings, and ropelike designs that truly make a gold ring stand out.

His And Hers Wedding Rings: Finding The Perfect Match

His and hers wedding bands are the perfect rings for couples. Having a ring set that matches your partner’s is a unique way to symbolize your true love for one another. Whether you prefer simple details or something more classic, with our collection of beautiful matching wedding rings, we make it even easier for you to find the perfect style and design at an affordable price. Each piece of jewelry in our collection has been made with precious metal and stones, providing you with a set of rings that will be able to withstand the test of time. If you are looking for a unique ring set for you and your partner, consider shopping our selection of wedding rings for him and her at Modern Gents Trading Co.

Our line of affordable and matching sets range from 925 sterling silver, titanium and tungsten. Our couple rings also have colors ranging from rose gold, yellow gold, silver and more! If youre already shopping around for womens wedding ring sets, why not find a set of matching couples rings to show your commitment to one another.

The days of searching for the perfect matching wedding band sets are over. You’re a perfect match, and your wedding rings should be, too. We offer a variety of unique rings so you can find the design and style that fits you best. Looking for a different piece of jewelry? We also offer a wide selection of affordable engagement rings, promise rings for men and women, earrings and necklaces to choose from for yourself or your special someone.

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Tiffany Classicwedding Band Ring

Gold wedding bands for couples. 14k yellow gold has a warm yellow tone and contains 58 pure gold. Our his and her matching wedding bands are true to the ideals of love respect and can be engraved with you special message. CM2021 Click Here To See Items.

Our gold jewelry in the natural yellow is a timeless classic. Discount Cyber Monday special Select Items 40 off use coupon code. Of course you could switch who gets which ring and still look just as freaking awesome.

Tiffany 1837Ring in Yellow Gold with Diamonds Narrow. Explore wedding bands for women Kay Jewelers wedding rings and shop wedding rings near me. 1110 CAD 30 by Barrys.

DAISY DIAMOND WEDDING RING FOR HER. Matching rings remind the partners of their commitment to each other. From mens gold wedding bands to womens white gold bands find a ring to encompass your love.

Couples Ring Set 14k Gold Fill Promise Rings For Couples Engagement Matching Wedding Bands His And Hers Affordable Hammered Minimalist. When you buy gold wedding rings online at BlueStone you get to choose from a wide range of pieces in 18kt and 22 kt gold. The gold ring designs are becoming more personalised and elaborate than the classic plain gold.

200 coupon applied at checkout. And your wedding bands are an integral part of the day. Tiffany ClassicWedding Band Ring.

Fine wedding bands for men and women in 14k gold 18k gold and platinum. BONNIE DIAMOND WEDDING BAND FOR HER. 18k white gold 062ctw diamond eternity wedding band.

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Couple Gold Wedding Bands

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Create Your Perfect Set

Were thrilled to offer an unrivaled collection of wedding and anniversary rings to make your vision a reality. Many of our his and hers matching wedding band sets can be customized to help you achieve the exact look you desire. We invite you to contact us to learn about custom engraving options, or discover how to design your own rings. We look forward to helping you choose a set of rings youll cherish for years to come.

His And Hers Wedding Bands

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Popular Mens Wedding Band Collections At Damiani Jewellers

At Damiani Jewellers, we offer a range of collections. When it comes to a wedding band, you want something that will reflect your personality. Some couples want bands that more or less match, or at least complement one another. The elegant, simple Ritani collection is one of our most popular offerings. This range is full of traditional, simple mens wedding bands. They are available in differing thicknesses and angles. Sometimes, they also feature diamond accents or design elements like milgrain detailing. Styles from the CrownRing collection can be vintage or contemporary looking. They incorporate rope-like braided designs that evoke traditional Celtic designs. There are also hammered wedding bands, and bands with onyx accents for a sleek, modern look.

The Triton collection incorporates a variety of non-traditional metals. Options like tungsten are lightweight and resistant to scratching and tarnish. They can also be made in bright color combinations, if desired. UV resistant coating protects all the design elements of a tungsten air ring. Our ArtCarved collection also offers fairly elaborate wedding rings. Many designs combine white and gold metals and use different finishing techniques. Hammered metal looks, braided designs and other options are available.

Karat Gold Wedding Bands Most Demanding

Making a Wedding Ring from a Wheelchair?! – Titanium & Gold!

Selecting the perfect and real wedding band or ring can be overwhelming, and confusing. For Gold wedding rings, you need to choose different karat like 14 or 18k.

A 14k gold wedding band is more popular as it’s affordable and can be used to wear regularly. However, 18k Gold rings are more soft, beautiful, and have a higher composition of pure Gold.

However, a 14 karat Gold wedding band is more demanding as its perfect balance of pure gold and other metals for strength and durability at affordable rates. Compare between these karats and decide on the karat you want.

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Characteristics Of Mens Wedding Bands

A wedding ring is the most important, enduring piece of jewellery you’ll ever buy. Traditionally, men’s wedding rings are elegant in their simple design. The band’s circular shape symbolizes eternity, as the couple pledges to be together forever. Mens wedding bands tend to be much less complex than men’s fashion rings, with fewer design elements. Even today, most men will opt for a simple golden ring. Sometimes, the band will also feature a personalized, engraved message on the inside. This message of love adds a personal touch that lasts forever. These days, non-traditional metals including tungsten, titanium and palladium can be used in wedding rings.

Watch Service & Warranty

Damiani Jewellers offers on-site watch repair and servicing of most makes & models. Being an authorized Rolex dealer, our factory-trained watchmakers are specifically trained to attend to all of your Rolex watch repair & servicing needs.

Each watch brand that we carry offer their own warranties on their products.

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Why Love Wedding Bands

We are a family owned, privately held company that believes in quality over quantity. With more than 25 years of experience, we have built a solid reputation among our customer base. At Love Wedding Bands, we take pride in bringing our customers the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality. Our team of highly skilled professionals is here to help you find the ideal piece of jewelry to symbolize your love and will make your shopping experience memorable.

His And Hers Matching Wedding Band Sets

Handmade Gold Dome Plain Matching Wedding Bands Couple Rings

The most beautiful his and hers matching wedding band sets are designed to capture a moment and last a lifetime. By choosing a matching set of rings, you and your partner can commemorate your bond with a gorgeous style you both can share. Explore our selection of brilliantly-designed and expertly-crafted his and hers matching wedding ring sets to find the perfect pair.

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How To Clean Your Wedding Rings

Your wedding rings are a symbol of your love, and represent the special bond you share with your partner. Maintaining the beauty and longevity of your wedding ringGLOBAL – wedding_wedding-bands – PLP – FAQs – How to clean your wedding rings will ensure its heirloom status.

The accumulation of dirt, oils and other particles is inevitable, especially on jewellery worn every day. Restore its lustre and breathe life back into your wedding ring with a simple clean you can complete in minutes at home. For your most precious pieces, we recommend bringing them to your nearest Michael Hill store for professional, complimentary cleaning.

If your wedding ring is crafted fromprecious metals such as gold, platinum, or silver, submerge it in warm, soapy water and gently brush it with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Do this every few weeks and your ring will shine. For extra shine, try polishing your ring with a polishing cloth every few months.

Which Hand Does The Wedding Ring Go On

Traditionally, wedding rings are worn on the left hand on the ring finger . The left hand is closest to the heart, and the ring finger was believed to internally connect to the heart, creating the ultimate symbolism for ever-lasting love and affection.

Early Romans believed the ring finger had a vein that connected to the heart, and called it Vena Amoris the vein of love. This symbolism has held strong for generations, even when modern anatomy proved this singular vein didnt exist, and instead is present in all fingers.

During the wedding ceremony, the engagement ring is temporarily shifted to the right hand. Once the wedding ring is placed on the left hand, the engagement ring is moved back to sit neatly above the wedding band .

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Why Shop At Damiani Jewellers

Damiani Jewellers has been proudly serving the Greater Toronto Area for more than 60 years. We consistently bring our clients the finest jewellery and high-end timepiece styles in an array of high-quality metals and precious gemstones. Nearby residents of Toronto, Mississauga, and Richmond Hill can visit our full-service jewellery store in Woodbridge, Ontario for jewellery services such as jewellery repair, watch service, in-house appraisals, and custom jewellery design. For more information about our products and services, contact Damiani Jewellers at 905-850-4653 or send us a message at .

Where To Buy Gold Wedding Bands

Most Stylish & Attractive Couple Wedding & Engagement Bands Ideas In 18Carat 14Carat Gold

Shopping for Gold wedding bands and rings can be time-consuming as there are two people involved, their choices, likes, dislikes, etc. Aydin’s offers handcrafted and intricately designed rings with utmost care and passion keeping in mind the latest trends and styles. From matching couple wedding bands to different wedding rings to match your preference, you can find everything under one roof. Buying wedding rings online can be convenient and affordable as you can compare prices, styles, designs, metal compositions and select the best design from the wide range of Gold male wedding bands collections.

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Popular Gold Ring Collections

Damiani Jewellers offers customers a wide range of popular gold ring collections from leading jewellery designers. Amden Jewelry is an innovator in high-quality jewellery designs including gold rings. From an inspired CAD ring design to a complete and striking work of art to be worn on your finger, gold rings are meticulously crafted into Amdens beloved collections. Amdens Glamour collection caters to the diamond lover in all of us. Find bold and daring designs on larger-than-life gold rings in the Glamour collection. The Seamless collection incorporates rows of diamonds and gold metals in restrained and elegant gold ring styles.

Affordable Wedding Ring Sets For Him And Her

Looking for matching wedding bands? There’s no reason you have to buy men’s wedding bands and women’s wedding bands separately. Our line of affordable wedding band sets for him and her can be paired to match colors and themes. Here, you’ll find some of our more popular combinations to help aid you in finding the perfect set of inexpensive rings.

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What Do Wedding Rings Symbolise

A wedding is a joyous occasion a merging of two spirits in a promise to live their lives together as one. Extending this love into something tangible, such as diamond wedding rings, naturally absorbs this romantic declaration and enhances this promise. The wedding ring is a real and wearable symbol of this vow.

Precious metal represents strength and durability a symbol of an unbreakable bond. While coloured gemstones allude to many different things, such as enhanced intuition, bringing abundance, and strengthening family bonds. The shape of the ring is round to fit the finger, but it also holds its own meaning. Much like the promise of forever, the circular shape of the wedding ring represents eternity, with no beginning or end.

How To Choose Matching His And Hers Wedding Rings

Classic Name Engraved Couple Bands

Are you looking for wedding bands that complement well with your engagement rings? Wedding bands are generally set with diamonds to match the gems on the engagement ring’s band. Platinum and white gold have long been the most popular metals, but in recent years, yellow gold, rose gold, and even two-tone jewelry have made a strong resurgence.

The appearance of men’s wedding bands is typically significantly simpler. The bands are frequently wider with cleaner, masculine angles because the rings are worn alone and most men have bigger and longer fingers than women. Men’s bands don’t usually feature diamonds, though some men love them, and while basic smooth metal is the most popular, there are plenty of other intriguing and distinctive possibilities.

The idea of having wedding bands or matching couple rings that complement each other is both romantic and appealing. Plain smooth gold bands are a popular option, but they are not the only option. At Love Wedding, you can explore a vast and diverse collection of his and hers wedding bands available in white gold, rose gold, yellow gold and platinum.

When it comes to matching wedding band sets, you can have a plethora of options to choose from. But before you start the search, it would be best to define your choices – metal you need, stones, color, design element, price, finish and so on. If you feel overwhelmed with the shopping process, our team of professionals are always glad to help.

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