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When Do You Upgrade Wedding Rings

Should You Upgrade Your Ring

Let’s Make The Wedding Ring More OP – Dekaron

Whether or not you should upgrade your engagement ring is completely up to you and your significant other. Its essential to ensure that you are both comfortable with the decision and can afford or budget for an engagement ring upgrade. Since there are so many different options when it comes to upgrading, the price point will differ immensely. Asking for a quote from the jeweler youre purchasing from can help alleviate any financial concerns you have about this project. In the end, if you feel its important, then upgrading might be the right option.

Since your engagement ring is such a cherished part of your everyday life, it can be hard to part with iteven if its just a small change. You should know that its a completely normal and even popular avenue to embark on and you should feel proud of your decision. Your style changes throughout all stages of your life and it would be silly to assume the same wouldnt be true for your engagement ring style. There are many different reasons someone might want to upgrade their design, so whether or not its the right decision for you will depend on your specific situation.

Get Your Ring Remodeled

Whether you got divorced or are renewing your vows, you can always consider getting your ring remodeled. We dont just mean having your ring resized. Rethink your ring altogether! If you just got divorced, go for a wild remodeling. You dont necessarily want to remember your ex every time you look at your ring, so go for a design that is completely different and unique in its own way. Think of it as symbolizing your new life, growing out of your shell and coming into your own.

For people renewing their vows, you should consider incorporating the symbol of your love into your ring. What do you think of when you talk about your partner and your relationship? What is it that comes to mind when you say your partners name? Create a ring around that image. Itll help you merge the past with the present, without buying a new ring altogether.

The Best Option For A Trade

When you trade in a diamond, you want to get the highest value possible. You dont want to be cheated or ripped offlike the many people who dont know where to go for their trade-in.

The best way to get the maximum value for your trade-in is to find the company that offers the top dollar for buybacks. Not only should you seek the top dollar, but find a convenient trade-in option that works for you.

Thats why we so highly recommend Abe Mors Diamond Buying Program. Many of our readers have had exceptional experiences with selling their diamonds to Abe Mor. They received the highest offer possibleand ultimately gained peace of mind knowing that they got the value they deserved.

In our eyes, Abe Mor doesnt even have competition when it comes to selling diamonds. Theyre uniquely positioned to handle diamond upgrades and trade-ins. For instance, one of the first trade-in readers we sent to Abe Mor found the perfect fit. The reader upgraded their 4ct diamond to a gorgeous 8.50ct diamond, and Abe Mor even built them a stunning ring for the stone.

Weve reviewed other major online sites that you can sell your ring to, and they didnt even come close. Abe Mor even offers to pay for the insured shipping of the ring in order for them to inspect it. They also consistently offer higher prices than any of their competitors. Combining that with their professionalism is a winning scenario.

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Ways To Upgrade Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Written by Michelle ZOctober 14, 2021

Is it time for a wedding ring upgrade? Ready for something new? While engagement rings and wedding bands hold sentimental value for many couples, its perfectly reasonable to seek out an upgrade as you move through life. Perhaps youre looking to use old diamonds in a new ring, change the setting, or upgrade your diamond size whatever youre looking for, its likely you can find help from a jeweler whos in-the-know.

There are many different routes you can take to upgrade your engagement ring. Check out some of the options below for more details:

You Went Through A Divorce

Anniversary gift ideas? Upgrade her wedding ring

We might have said, Til death do us part, but lets be honest. Some marriages might make us wish for such reprieve. Its dark, but marriages are naturally tough, especially those that werent really meant to be. People change, and some spouses become different once theyve tied the knot. Maybe theres a side of them they never showed their partner, or maybe the stress of marriage really got to them. Moreover, that eternal flame can weaken with time, eventually sputtering out altogether.

Its not something you want to think about, but it happens. People drift apart. So is life. In such a case, youll surely want to rethink what you want to do with your wedding ring. For some people, this might involve getting rid of it altogether, whether its selling it to a jeweler or pawnshop or tossing it right into the trash. But if you dont want to trash your purchase, consider finding a way to repurpose it. Think of it as the ring earning a new life. Whether as a necklace or a new ring, it can be a future symbol for personality traits to avoid.

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When Renewing Your Vows

Renewing your vows is the perfect romantic time to upgrade your engagement ring, especially if it overlaps with a major anniversary. Vow renewals allow you to commemorate your unwavering love and can be as extravagant or relaxed as you want.

After you and your partner exchange your vows, you can opt for an upgraded engagement ring to make the ceremony extra special, symbolic of new beginnings.

Your Perfect Ring Awaits

Choosing to upgrade your engagement ring may be a big step for you and your spouse, and it certainly isn’t a decision you should make lightly.

However, it may be time for a change, and this may be the perfect way to symbolize how far you two have come together and to express your hope for new beginnings with one another. And with so many creative ways to reinvent your engagement ring, there’s never been a better time to take that step.

As you and your spouse look at unique ways to upgrade your engagement ring, we hope you’ll consider us at The Wedding Ring Shop. With our industry-leading design center, we’ll be glad to help you come up with the perfect way to upgrade your ring into the dream ring that will last you for years to come. Feel free to contact us on our website to set up an appointment, or give us a call at 945-7766. You can also submit your information below and one of our jewelry experts will reach out to you!

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Upgrade The Middle Stone

Now that youve got your budget in order, you can either upgrade the center stone on the ring. For instance, if you had initially got a smaller diamond stud set on the ring, but are having second thoughts, you can upgrade the ring by adding a larger stone. It should be on your discretion which stone to choose and whether it will comply with the initial Engagement ring style. & nbsp

This can be realized with a time, when you will be ready to change it as far as your character and personality would change with the time as well. There are many ways in which you can upgrade an existing stone on the Engagement Ring. The best way to go about doing that is by asking around or going online to find out different options. You will be surprised by the number of options of cuts and sizes that you will find online to upgrade your engagement ring.

Quite a lot depends whether you have bought ready-made ring or design it by yourself and how significant upgrade will be. In this case, price and work duration will differ, it should be taken into account and well-remembered.

You can choose another shape of the diamonds, few of little diamonds, another style of an engagement ring, which will make a difference. & nbsp

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Wedding ring UPGRADE for the wife ($16,000 Budget) #THEGAMBITS

A time may come where you grow apart from your wedding ring. Dont be worried if it happens. It has nothing to do with your marriage youre just in need of a ring upgrade. Check out our best-selling rings to find what most catches your attention.

Havent found what youre looking for? Dont call up Bono and U2. Instead, design your own custom wedding ring so you can upgrade to the exact wedding band of your dreams.

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You Could Only Afford A Certain Style When You First Proposed As You Have Grown Together As A Couple She Has Grown Out Of The Smaller Diamond Style And Wants To Upgrade To A Bigger And Bolder Stone

Often times you can still do this, as with changing your center stone when youve decided on a different cut while keeping the original shank and setting. If the larger stone you choose isnt too different in shape or you are going larger with, say, a new version of a cushion-cut diamond and your original diamond was round, you can have the shank adjusted to fit the larger and new cut of the stone. If your wife prefers a 3-carat emerald-cut and her first diamond ring was a small under-a-carat oval shape, you will need to go with a new ring altogether. This is okay. You can set the original diamond in a pendant or different style of ring.

A related Hollywood engagement ring story: In the mid-1950s when Grace Kelly found her prince, Rainier III, she became Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco. Prince Rainier originally proposed with a ruby and diamond eternity band the colors of Monaco but when he noticed that the American tradition lent itself towards bigger, flashier rings, he took no time in upgrading and commissioned a Cartier 10.47-carat emerald-cut diamond. Kelly also wore the ring in the film High Society in which she plays an heiress getting engaged. The emerald-cut diamond ring suited Kellys role in the film, her legendary Hollywood status, and her stature as a real, new princess.

Here are some brick-and-mortar retail stores and designers we recommend for these alterations.

Can The Original Wedding Ring Be Made Into A New Design

Simply put, the answer is yes. The original metal can be melted down and re-used. In addition, original diamonds can be re-set to create a new ring. If there is not enough metal, additional precious metal can be added to your new wedding ring. Provided the purity/type remains the same, this is all possible. Most noteworthy is the separation of your wedding ring metal from all other precious metals in the workshop.

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Gem Cutter Saves A Fireman’s Ring From Too Much Wear

Hans Durstling’s Amazing Gem Repair

When Hans Durstling, gemcutter extraordinaire saw this fireman’s ring he smiled. He likes a good challenge.

The sapphire, though a reasonably hard gemstone at 9.5 on the Mohs Scale of Gemstone Hardness, had seen better days. The magic he was able to create in bringing this gemstone and ring back is inspiring.

The fireman was suitably impressed and thrilled to see sparkle and glow once more from his ring.

When And Why You Should Upgrade A Wedding Ring

Should you Upgrade your Engagement Ring?

Buying a wedding ring is a journey. There are so many mens wedding band materials to choose from, and so many different styles and additions to consider. But you dont have to be as committed to your wedding ring as you are to your marriage.

We dont mean slipping it off when at the bar. We mean switching it out for an upgrade.

But why would you even want to upgrade your wedding ring? Better yet, when would you upgrade your wedding ring?

There are a number of situations where you and your spouse can decide to upgrade your wedding bands. These can be serious life events or the two of you hitting a special anniversary. But it could be as insignificant as just wanting a new ring.

Who doesnt love new jewelry to show off to friends and family? And, lets be honest: Our style tastes change with timeyoure not wearing JNCO jeans anymore. Twenty years down the road you might want a new ring on your finger. Make the purchase special. Get one you feel proud to wear and show off.

Here are a few different reasons why you should upgrade a wedding ring:

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Change The Center Stone

Wanting to upgrade your engagement ring doesn’t always mean your style has changed. You may adore your round-cut solitaire on an elegant gold band while still craving an update. Maintain the style and look of your engagement ring by simply upgrading to a larger center stone. You could also mix things up and try a different cut

Ten Reason To Upgrade Your Wedding Ring Now

  • You dont like your original design. Perhaps you got a simple solitaire and thought that was the ideal engagement ring but now you like the princess cut. Makes sense.
  • Your taste in gold has changed. Thirty years ago, I was all about traditional yellow gold. As I got older, my taste changed and now all my jewelry is white gold. Except my engagement ring.
  • Youve hit a milestone. Perhaps youve had a baby after 10 years of trying. Or maybe your youngest child has just left the nest. Celebrating your 20th anniversary? Why not upgrade your ring?
  • Your old engagement ring has a lot of wear and tear. Sure, your ring might last for decades, but that doesnt mean its looking its best. And since this is one of the most important pieces of jewelry youll ever own, dont you want it to?
  • It doesnt fit properly. I dont mean its a little loose, either. Perhaps you lost 100 pounds and now your finger has gone down two full sizes. Sure, you *could* get your engagement ring re-sized , but why not take this opportunity to upgrade? You know you want to.
  • You want a bigger diamond. Dont be afraid to say it. Many of us want the biggest diamond possible. Theres no shame in that. Heck, I do.
  • You lost your engagement ring. Hey, it happens.
  • Your original engagement ring isnt real. If youre wearing a CZ on your ring finger, its time for an upgrade.
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    Enjoy A Completely New Engagement Ring

    If you have your eye set on a completely fresh design, go for it. Dont worry, this option doesnt necessarily mean you cant honour the sentimental value of your original ring. Below, we suggest wonderful options for your original engagement ring. The two main choices in this category include staying with a similar style but changing the size of the diamonds, or completely changing the design.

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