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How To Set Up A Wedding Expo Booth

Booth Ideas For A Bridal Fair As A Venue Vendor

How to setup a Bridal Show Booth

Bridal fairs help give public visibility to vendors associated with weddings, which includes wedding planners, dress designers, cake bakers, jewelers, caterers, videographers, photographers and entertainers. Many bridal fairs are held in big hotels or convention rooms, which create a built-in spectacle atmosphere. Since weddings involve spending thousands of dollars, wedding financiers try to make careful choices when hiring for the memorable occasion.

Trade Show Booth Costs: The Variables

Variable features will influence your booth cost. For instance, if you order customized graphics that are large or arranged in a complicated shape, youll typically pay more than you would for simpler graphics. Other customized elements, such as a digital display wall, also increase costs.

On the other hand, if your design is simple, and you havent opted for complicated A/V systems, your trade show booth cost will be lower.

The average exhibitor spends 6% of their budget on the design and production of graphical elements. This is a relatively low figure, likely because exhibitors are increasingly opting for digital graphics, which are easier to create than print graphics.

Boscos Quick Tips For Effective Bridal Show Follow Up

Send a postcard instead of email. Bulk email almost always ends up in the Spam folder.

  • Include a handwritten note and make sure the image on your postcard ties into your bridal show display to make it easy for the bride to remember you. Oh, yeah! He was the cool photographer with the photo of the dog in a wedding dress.
  • Whether you follow up by phone, email or mail, always reference the bridal show where you met. Hi, this is Stephanie. We met at Boscos Bridal Expo
  • If you are recommended by the brides venue, mention it in your follow up.
  • Be mindful of the brides schedule when following up. DONT call her at 7am when she is getting ready for work.
  • Collect multiple phone numbers for the bride: work, home and cell. Use her cell phone number to text her.
  • Thanks for sharing this killer info, Bosco!

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    Meet The Other Exhibitors

    After you set up your booth, walk around and meet some of the other exhibitors at the show. Learn what goods and services they offer. Not only will you be able to refer customers to them and they to you, but youll develop good business relationships that may last far longer than the individual leads each of you generate.

    My Booth Stayed Busy Until The End Of The Day

    Wedding Photographer Booth Ideas for Bridal Show

    “I had a fabulous first experience at the show. The number ofbrides far exceeded my expectations. My booth stayed busy until theend of the day. Next year I’ll bring even more materials to giveout.”

    Christina, Christina Ward Photography

    “Fabulous turnout – very organized and great location. Can’twait for next year!.”

    Paula Coakley, Crowne Plaza Boston Woburn

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    Interested In Exhibiting At The Bridal & Wedding Expo

    There is no industry like the bridal industry. Couples are spending more than ever to ensure their special day is a timeless and unforgettable experience for friends, family and themselves.

    With nearly 2.5 million weddings every year in the United States, the industry continues to flourish and grow.

    If you’re looking to capture your fair share of this market, American Consumer Shows – the largest producers of consumer shows in the United States – hosts extraordinary Bridal & Wedding Expos in some of the most desirable markets in the country! ACS produces over 100 bridal shows and over 40 home shows annually, we help thousands of small and large businesses meet face-to-face with consumers in two of the highest growth segments in the U.S. economy.

    ACS events consistently attract a large, qualified audience, ready to buy and eager to learn about our exhibitors’ offerings and services. Our extensive experience advertising shows enables us to deliver brides directly to your booth at each of our events.

    Over 4500 Attended 2020s Show And Over 1500 Limited Attendance In 2021

    We have long believed that the Wonderful World of Weddings is the place to be for the couple-to-be. Without a doubt, its also the place to be for bridal and wedding businesses looking to grow their unique enterprise.

    Each year, our prestigious wedding show presents 200 exhibitors from every aspect of wedding and event planning. From wedding gowns and tuxedos to music, photographers, reception halls, limos and more, our impressive list of exhibitors gains valuable exposure, name awareness and most importantly, high-quality leads. Dont miss this business-building opportunitybe sure to join us in 2022 and get a table display at a bridal expo you wont want to miss!

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    Get Outrageous With Marketing

    Essentially, you need to narrow down your very best prospects and then throw your entire marketing budget for the month at them in a clever way. For instance, if you make cakes, send a box of cupcakes or cookies to a few select prospects I guarantee they will remember you! If it fits your business, why not have an invitation-only event for your prospective clients?

    Cake Pull Special Offer

    Setting Up Our Wedding Show Booth (Time-Lapse)

    Commitment: Prize value must be a minimum of $50 off goods or services. Choose this prize carefully, so that it positively affects your bottom line.

    Benefits: Every winner that chooses to redeem the prize will result in business for you. Take full advantage of the follow-up email feature during or after the show to keep brides and grooms excited about being winners.

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    What To Hand Out At A Bridal Fair Booth

    When a bride enters the area of the bridal fair, she receives a bag with the wedding shows logo on it. As she walks through the fair, the bride will use it to hold all the items she receives at the fair. Usually, the bride will then take the bag home and examine all the items. Because of this routine, it is best to create an advertising piece that will stand out from the other items in the bag. In fact, to receive the most attention, create multiple pieces. A brochure or flyer, a coupon, and a small giveaway will put your information in front of the bride three times during her bag exploring.

    When designing the handouts, be creative. Try a die-cut design or bold colors. Referring to the above-mentioned disc jockey example, the disc jockey may want to create a flyer with the company information on one side and a list of wedding songs on the other side. The bride will, most likely, keep the list of wedding songs and, by default, the disc jockeys information. Please, please, please, remember to place your name, logo, and contact information on every item given out.

    Offer Something Everyone Wants

    Have you ever found yourself on the hunt at a trade show for an intriguing item you spotted someone else carrying?

    There is an art to swag. The perfect free giveaway will not only make your brand stay top-of-mind, but also attract others to your booth. If youre in the gardening or landscape business, think rooted cutting, flower or seed packets. For the auto industry, consider sunglasses, bumper stickers or a car air freshener.

    In the age of technology, a free charging boost is another major attraction. Trade show attendees spend a lot of time on their phones checking email, calling the office and engaging on social media. All that activity drains battery power quickly, creating a bothersome hurdle.

    Attract more people to your booth with a convenient remedy for those common tech issues. A charging station for various devices is simple enough to set up, and keeps visitors in your booth for long enough to learn more about your business. Create a high-top charging station with cords for different types of devices. Cover those tables with custom table toppers that bear your companys logo and key message. While guests charge their devices, they gain exposure to your company.

    You can also use this time to engage with visitors. Set up a screen with a video presentation that explains your business, or provide iPads with an interactive experience related to your company. Ask them questions about their current problems and needs as they relate to your products and services.

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    What Is A Bridal Trade Show And Expo

    A bridal trade show, or bridal expo, is an organized event where brides and grooms attend in order to meet wedding service providers congregated in one place. Caterers and bakers may provide food and cake samples and vendors will have their booths full of merchandise and wares from their specialty profession. Some expos also have a fashion show, giveaways, raffles, speakers, food, drinks, prizes, and other bonus items. It’s important to learn everything you can about shipping to a bridal expo. There are many different types of bridal shows so its important to know which one is the right fit for you and your business. Expos are generally the largest, with about 50-100 vendors, and can have thousands of attendees. They can be free to the public, or require an entrance fee, and can take place over a weekend or several days. Smaller trade shows can be on a weeknight at a smaller venue for only a few hours, with perhaps 15 vendors. Then there are bridal shows that fall between the two spectrums of a large expo and smaller trade show.

    Need help shipping your trade show booth and materials?Fill out a short form or give us a call and one of our trade show specialists will answer your questions.

    Will Definitely Be Back Next Year

    30 best {Bridal Shows} images on Pinterest

    “This was our first event here at the Shriners and it was one ofthe most well run events we’ve attended. The staff is wonderful andso helpful – we will definitely be back next year!”

    Wendy Feener, Tuscan Brands

    “This experience was too amazing for words but all I can sayis…Totally Worth The Money!!!”

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    Trade Booth : How To Get Noticed On A Crowded Expo Floor

    A good event can lead to valuable orders, partnerships and exposure.

    Printing services, small business, trade show

    Your first trade show or expo is an important rite of passage for small businesses. A good event can lead to valuable orders, partnerships and exposure, but that can’t happen if your booth doesn’t get noticed.

    “Attendees are on their phones, coordinating meetings and relaying info back to the home office,” says Tremayne Cryer, a Carrboro, NC?based designer and trade show veteran. “After combing aisle after aisle, they will barely notice a booth before stumbling into it. Anything you can do to raise your visibility in a unique way will help.”

    When planning your trade show booth design, consider the following:


    Securing the most strategic space you can afford is one of the best trade show booth ideas you can have. “Position yourself near traffic,” Cryer suggests. “Attendees naturally navigate counter-clockwise, programmed by supermarkets to pick things up in their right hands, and throngs of folks will head to the snack bar and bathrooms. If your booth presentation is engaging, then facing the end of a long row, with folks meandering toward you all day, is a good way to burn your brand into their brains.”

    Pro Tip: If good space is too expensive, ask partners and vendors if you can rent some space in their expo booths, or go in with another small business to share the costs.






    What Kinds Of Purposeful Handouts Will You Give The Brides You Meet

    Before registering for a Bridal Show, you also want to find out how many people to expect. There is also a big difference in the cost you need to invest and the materials you need to have prepared ahead of time for a show expecting 25 brides versus 300. You want to make absolutely sure that you have enough business cards to hand out, and additional handout for each bride. On average, someone needs to see or hear your business name seven times before they will trust that you can take care of them. Giving them multiple ways to interact with you in the beginning is a great plan.

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    Create Buzz With Good Promotional Items

    The promotional items that you choose to hand out at your booth will impact the way customers view your trade show presence. Giving away a free pen to everyone that walks by doesnt really cut it anymore. Get items that you know will be as unique or high-quality as the product youre actually offering. Consider things like speakers, wireless radios, power banks, or even personalized items like name plates or custom flags all items your customers will use.

    Collect Information At The Show And Be Sure To Follow Up

    bridalshow booth setup 2015 | Bridalshow Booth ideas | Bridalshow Booth | Palm Beach

    Showcasing your brand at the Georgia Bridal Show gives you a unique opportunity to cultivate new relationships, find clients, and build your network. The most successful vendors make it a priority to collect as many contacts as possible, and then follow up with the connections shortly after.

    Asking for visitors to sign up directly is always an option, but there are a few other ways you can gather information in a non-invasive way. Aside from placing a traditional signup sheet at your booth, you can do a raffle or giveaway to entice clients to share their information. Offering a discount on goods/services is a powerful incentive for potential clients who may be hesitant to provide contact information.

    Aside from the clients, bridal shows are also a great place to expand your network with other vendors. More often than not, youll meet vendors who can provide referrals for your business and vice versa. Shared leads are one of the largest benefits of having a sizeable network within the industry.

    No matter how many connections you make, none of them will return any value unless you reach out to them while theyre interested. Be sure to follow up with leads and new industry connections within a week or two to continue cultivating the relationship.

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    More Than Anything Be Helpful

    There is a really strong chance that this is the first experience for a lot of brides. A large show can become very overwhelming very quickly for them, especially if they’ve just gotten engaged or they don’t know anything yet. Make a script and run through it in your mind. Ask them if they will be in need of stationery services, and if they say yes, explain a bit about what you do. However, if you notice that they have that “oh my goodness, so. much. information” look in their eyes, offer them a kind word and let them know that you are here to help and guide them as much as you can to make this easy.

    The main Bridal Show that this post was inspired by welcomed 400-500 people every year, and on average we met with about 200-300 brides in a 4 hour period. That show in particular had 150 vendors – it is huge. And when you think about it from a bride’s perspective, that is a lot to process. The majority of vendors are asking them questions about their wedding, about the proposal, what they want, what they have planned, what their date is, etc. That is a lot of conversations for someone to have in a very short period of time.

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