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How Much Is A Platinum Wedding Ring Worth

Where And How Much It Was Bought For

White Gold vs Platinum… What Is a Better Metal for Your Engagement Ring?

When it comes to selling and setting realistic price expectations for your ring, you should expect to receive between 25%-45% of the original retail price. However, it is important to note that large retail jewelry stores have higher markups than smaller, local jewelry stores. The lower the markup, the more you will receive at resale.

Furthermore, designer pieces such as Cartier and Tiffany rings perform well on the secondhand market, as most buyers will pay a premium for the brand name. If you still have the original box and papers that came with your ring when it was originally purchased, this will also add to its value.

Palladium Vs Platinum Ring: Hardness & Scratches

Palladium and platinum are both extremely durable metals. Compared to a gold wedding ring, youll get a significantly higher level of durability from either palladium ring or a platinum one.

However, palladium is very slightly harder than platinum, meaning a palladium wedding band will usually be a small amount more resistant to scratches than a platinum ring.

Palladium and platinum are both extremely durable metals. However, palladium is very slightly harder than platinum, meaning a palladium wedding band will usually be a small amount more resistant to scratches than a platinum ring.

From a raw strength standpoint, platinum is a slightly stronger metal than palladium, with better corrosion and rust resistance. However, the differences are relatively minor.

The metal used for palladium and platinum rings doesnt wear off when scratched. Instead, it simply moves around on the band. This means that palladium and platinum rings wont wear down over time, as can happen with a gold wedding band.

Overall, both materials are hard and durable. Its important to remember that any wedding band will get scratched over time. Both palladium and platinum develop an attractive patina if theyre scratched, making both metals a good choice if you value durability and aesthetics.

If you dont like the look of this patina, its easy to get your palladium or platinum ring polished to restore its original shine.

Platinum Ring Making Process

The grains or the nuggets of pure platinum are sometimes extracted and found naturally in nature, but in most cases, platinum is found as an alloy with a high concentration of platinum. The other metal alloys present in platinum include gold, copper, iron, and nickel. Nickel is not commonly found in platinum, though.

Platinum that is found in its purest state is known as the native platinum. But unlike gold, the small platinum nuggets are largely inconspicuous.

These forms of platinum all feature a dull, blackish, or grayish color. The platinum pieces do, however, have an extraordinary heft that they are known for. Iron is one of the metals present in platinum, which makes it slightly magnetic.

Platinum extraction process

Platinum mining takes place underground, and miners have to use explosives into the drilled holes in the rocks to allow for blasting of the large platinum rock deposits into smaller pieces. The ores and the platinum pieces will then be collected before they are transported back to the surface for processing.

The refining process is a very laborious one, taking 2-6months for every batch of the core to be processed. One of the processes necessary for the processing and the extraction of pure platinum is flotation separation, in which air bubbles are blown through the platinum ores/ mixture, carrying the platinum particles to the surface where the platinum rich mixture is then skimmed to the surface and let to dry as a concentrated powder.

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Resizing Rings: Palladium Vs Platinum

Theres a common misconception that its impossible to resize a palladium ring. This isnt true. It is possible to resize palladium rings. However, resizing a palladium ring is a difficult process that can often be quite expensive.

Because palladium is so difficult to work with, many jewelers will charge a premium to resize an engagement ring or wedding band thats made from palladium. Others may not offer resizing for palladium rings at all, either due to the difficulty or due to a lack of trained staff.

If youre considering a palladium engagement ring or wedding band, its important that you know your fiancé-to-bes ring size ahead of time to avoid any resizing issues.

In comparison, resizing a platinum ring is a simpler process that usually wont cost you as much as a consumer. While resizing a platinum ring is more difficult than resizing a ring thats made of gold, its a far more popular service that most jewelers can perform.

Advantages Of Getting A Platinum Ring

1.29 carat Platinum
  • Platinum is an incredibly rare metal. It is thirty times rarer than gold. The only reason gold is more expensive is that it has a higher demand. But that is slowly changing with a shift in trends. Your platinum ring will only become more valuable with time.
  • Platinum is hypoallergenic. They are a great choice for anyone who suffers from metal related allergies.
  • Platinum rings are also heavier than other rings of the same volume. Most people prefer its heavier weight on their fingers.
  • Platinum is incredibly fashionable these days. So if you like keeping up with the latest trends, a platinum ring is definitely the way to go.
  • Platinum is an incredibly strong metal. So these rings are built to last, adding a nice symbolic gesture to them. They also wont require any sort of special or frequent maintenance. A platinum ring is less likely to dull or fade compared to rings made of White Gold.

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Determining The Price Of A Platinum Ring: Purity

One of the key factors in determining the price of a Platinum Ring is its purity. Platinum, in its pure form, is very dense and strong. This makes it less malleable. Hence, to increase the malleability, it is added with some sort of alloy metal .

Just like the purity of gold is measured in karat, the purity of platinum is measured on a scale ranging from 850 to 999 . This purity level determines the price of a platinum ring. You will find the purity level mentioned in the form of a hallmark when you buy the ring.

Your typical high-grade platinum ring has a purity of at least 900 or 90%. What this means is they contain 90% platinum and 10% alloy metals. The highest grade platinum rings that sell in your average market have a purity level of 950 or 95%. These high-grade rings are marked as PLAT, PLA, or PLATINUM.

Of course, it isnt that higher grade platinum rings are simply more expensive for no reason. They actually shine more and are much stronger. These are both parts of the natural property of platinum. This makes 95% pure platinum a great choice for wedding rings.

You can expect to be charged anywhere from $700 to $800 for a typical 4mm 95% pure mens wedding ring.

Whats The Difference Between Gold And Platinum

Platinum is more expensive than gold but it is not necessarily better. Both materials are considered precious metals and have been standards in jewelry for over a century. In the early part of the last century, platinum was the preferred metal for wedding bands, but the US government controlled its use during the Second World War because it had military value. Today, platinum is seen less often than gold, but is an increasingly popular choice.

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White Gold Vs Platinum: Which Is The Best Metal For Your Ring

Sorry, your quest for the perfect engagement ring doesn’t end at the diamond or gemstone. When crafting the ring, you need to contemplate the band on which the stone is set. Ideally, the band for an engagement ring is made of either gold or platinum. The debate tends to get heated when you start talking color they look similar, so in the white gold vs. platinum rivalry, who should win?

Although white gold and platinum look similar, sharing a silvery hue, the two are actually quite different in terms of color, durability, and price. Platinum is somewhat whiter, somewhat stronger, and definitely more expensive than white gold. Read on to find out which choice is best for your preferences and budget.

White Gold Vs Platinum Brittle Or Bendy

Engagement ring and Wedding ring – How much should an engagement ring cost

The white gold prongs will need the re-tipping before platinum in many cases. However that doesnt mean that platinum is automatically your best choice. Platinum has its own little quirk. Because it is a malleable metal, it tends to bend more easily than white gold.

Over the years I have observed a similar amount of little side diamonds dropping out of platinum settings compared to white gold settings.

Strong But Movable Platinum Responds to a Hard Hit by Moving Aside

What often happens with platinum is that the ring receives a direct hit on a prong and that prong responds by bending away from the pressure and lets go of the little diamond. So your platinum prong is still intact, but bent off in a different direction.

Now lets talk about what happens in that same case with the white gold prong. It receives a direct hit. The white gold with its stronger, stiffer metal alloys stands firm. But if the hit is severe, the metal cracks in response to the shock as opposed to bending.

If the hit is hard enough it cracks completely off. If it is just under the crack-it-off level of hit, the prong, probably at the base, will be cracked and cause a problem down the line.

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How To Sell Platinum In 2 Easy Steps

Just as you might sell gold or silver, you can sell platinum in a number of ways. The most common of these is to bring your silver to a pawn shop, a metals exchange, consignment shop, a local jeweler, or by using an online website. To find someone local, do a search for platinum buyers near me.

Before selling your platinum, its important to understand the current going price for the metal so that you will not be ripped off.

First, check Kitco’s platinum price. Kitco’s exchanges are widely accepted as the going price for precious metals.

Typically, youll never get the exact spot price , but you can shop around to find the buyer who is willing to give you as much as possible for your metal.

Second, seek a reputable buyer to sell your platinum .

How Much Is A Platinum Ring Worth Asked Leonor

I own a beautiful platinum ring and I would like to find out how much a platinum ring is worth. Im completely unfamiliar with the determination of value of jewelry especially because the platinum ring I speak about has diamonds and gemstones included, hence I strongly rely on your help. I dont plan to sell the platinum ring right away but if you could offer me a good price I would think about selling. Leonor from San Francisco in California

Thank you very much for contacting us Leonor! Its my pleasure to assist you with the evaluation of your platinum ring. Platinum rings are generally wide spread in the US and very popular for the older and the younger generation. Please be so kind and send me some pictures of your platinum ring so that I can get a better impression of the appearance and characteristics of your ring. If possible, please provide me with as much background information as possible. Platinum rings were also common and popular in the Art Deco time from the 1920s to the 1940s so maybe your ring is a little piece of history, we will see. reDollar appraiser,

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Is Platinum Better Than 14k White Gold

In terms of hardness, platinum outperforms 14K white gold in terms of scratch resistance nevertheless, platinum is stiffer and does a better job of keeping the diamond securely in place over time. Neither is too fragile to be worn on a daily basis, and they are both much more durable than yellow gold.

How Much Can I Sell My Diamond Ring For

Platinum 6mm Cross Hatched Plain Wedding Band Ring, Size 10.75 BELOW ...

Because no two diamonds, vendors or potential buyers are the same, theres no precise answer to this question.

As we mentioned in the section above, youll almost always lose money if you sell your diamond ring or other jewelry. The precise amount youll lose depends on several factors:

  • Where you bought your diamond ring
  • How much the diamond is worth
  • Where and how you choose to sell the diamond

Lets start with the first factor. When you purchase a diamond from a jewelry store, you not only pay the market value for the diamond you also pay the markup added to the price by the retail store thats selling you the diamond.

This markup can vary depending on where you buy the diamond. To explain this, we need to go into a bit of detail about how the supply chain for diamonds works.

Obviously, retail jewelers dont mine, cut and polish their own diamonds. Instead, they buy them from a wholesaler, who in turn buys them from a diamond manufacturer. Each link in the supply chain results in an additional margin being added to the price the jeweler pays for the stone.

Then, theres the markup added to the diamond by the retailer. Since brick-and-mortar jewelry stores need to pay for things like rent, staff salaries and utilities, their diamond markups can be very high.

In some cases, diamonds sold by brick-and-mortar jewelers are marked up by 100% or more of their cost to the jeweler . Essentially, youre paying twice what the jeweler paid the wholesaler for the diamond.

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Which Metal Is More Expensive

Until quite recently, palladium was a significantly less expensive metal than platinum. However, the price of palladium has risen recently due to a massive increase in demand for palladium by industrial customers.

Although palladium is best known as a metal for jewelry, its most common use is in cars. About 85% of all palladium is used to produce car exhaust systems, specifically components designed to reduce emissions of toxic pollutants.

With restrictions on vehicle emissions growing more strict, theres been a huge increase in the demand for palladium by car manufacturers. Palladium is also heavily used in the production of electronics, dentistry equipment and other products.

Until the last year or two, youd generally pay less for a palladium ring than you would for a ring of the same style made in platinum. Today, theres much less of a difference in price, with both metals priced similarly when used for engagement rings and wedding bands.

Currently, rings made from either metal are significantly more expensive than those made from 14k or 18k gold.

Its important to remember that the prices of precious metals can fluctuate, meaning theres no set price difference between palladium, platinum, gold, silver and other metals commonly used in wedding bands. If the demand for palladium or platinum changes in the future, one metal might become a more cost-effective option than the other.

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