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What To Do With Wedding Ring After Divorce

Here Are Some Ways They Dealt With Their Wedding/engagement Rings

Be Kind: NJ woman giving away her wedding, engagement rings after her divorce
  • I threw mine into the woods behind my new apartment to be rid of it.
  • I kept it for my son.
  • My ex took it.
  • Ill take it apart and have other jewelry made out of it.
  • I sold my large diamond and bought a piano to bring music into our home.
  • I’m turning mine into a diamond necklace.
  • Im keeping it for my oldest daughter, or will have it remade into something else for her to wear.
  • I sold both of our wedding rings, but still have my engagement ring.
  • I would love to have a mothers ring made out of the diamond .
  • My husband insisted I leave everything behind. It wasnt worth the fight.
  • I sent my wedding ring to my ex-wife with a letter offering her forgiveness.
  • I kept mine and havent decided yet what to do.
  • Id like to donate it to an organization that helps people in need, maybe a domestic violence shelter.
  • My middle daughter always said she wants my rings. Thats fine with me.
  • I took mine to a local jewelry store and sold it.
  • I took mine to a pawn shop.
  • Ive kept them for my kids. They might want to use the stones for their own engagement rings.
  • One of my wedding rings can pass as a righthand ring. So Ill just keep it and wear it.
  • Im thinking of having the diamonds reset. The large center one is more than a carat.
  • I kept my wedding ring because it was my grandmothers.
  • When I went to sell my ring, I discovered that my husband bought me a fake diamond. I sold it just for the gold.
  • I donated mine to be melted down for a fundraiser for an orphanage in Kenya.
  • Beautifully Broken Divorce Ring

    by Bryan Anthonys

    This dainty ring is indeed beautiful as its name suggests, even if the design symbolizes imperfection. Because nobody is perfect we are all real people, flawed in so many ways. Nobody has it together all the time.

    You never have to apologize for being broken. In the same way you should not apologize for being divorced. Wear your ring with pride and remember that its the cracks that let the light in.

    The Engagement Ring Symbolizes A Marriage Promise

    In other states, the situation is similar but slightly different. The ring represents a promise of marriage. If the bride walks down the aisle and delivers on that promise, the ring is freely hers. The ring, then, isnt subject to being returned in the case of a divorce. On the other hand, if she calls off the engagement, she must return the ring because she didnt deliver on her marriage promise.

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    Ways To Repurpose A Wedding Ring

    Are you of two minds about what to do with your old wedding or engagement rings? Some people stash theirs in a jewelry box or drawer, some bury theirs or throw it off a cliff or into the ocean.

    If you feel the need to do one of these things, we wont stop you. But before you go to extremes, take a minute to consider all your options. Why not rather redesign or repurpose your old wedding or engagement ring instead?

    One quick tip before we move on: though it may not be something you want to think about, you might want to consider seeking legal advice from a divorce lawyer to determine whether the rings are considered marital property, a conditional gift, or whether they have become your property as a marital asset. This could be complicated if the rings were a family heirloom.

    Regardless, just make sure that they legally belong to you before deciding to redesign, repurpose, or sell.

    Now, onto the fun ideas!

    Turn It Into a Divorce Ring

    If you love the look of your engagement ring, there might be no need to change anything about it. You could simply wear it on your right hand where it will not have the same significance as it had before.

    You could also consider changing the setting by having side gemstones or a gemstone halo added. By choosing colorful gems to compliment the original diamond, it will certainly look more like a dress ring, especially if you decide to wear it on your right hand.

    Turn It Into Another Piece of Jewelry

    Sell It

    Our Ringing Endorsement

    Beautiful Ideas To Redesign Your Wedding Ring After Divorce

    In A Divorce Who Gets The Wedding Ring

    Lucy Good Health and healing

    The familiar saying about Diamonds being forever rings absolutely true when it comes to breathing renewed purpose into your diamond rings.

    Repurposing diamond rings, heirlooms and other pieces of jewellery is something that has been practiced for years. This has also fast regained popularity when it comes to symbolising starting over after loss, breakup, or divorce.

    Finding inspired ways to come up with something new and functional is a rewarding step to creating new memories.

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    Sell Your Ring And Save The Money

    One way to get rid of the engagement ring or wedding band is to sell it online or through a private seller. Many jewelry stores will buy your ring if you want to sell it.

    If you have a relationship with a trusted jeweler, they may advise you and help you learn how much your ring is worth. Sometimes brick-and-mortar jewelry stores have a higher commission than an online retailer.

    Lets Not Skip The Meaning Of Money

    The saying goes diamonds are a girls best friend, but that adage is actually incorrect. Food is. Yup, why not take this thing of value that has lost its loving sentiment and use it to pay some basic billsor do a little celebrating of the start of your new life, even if it isnt feeling fully fabulous just yet.

    Virginia F. took this path when it came to her ring. This wedding ring is my heart, Virginia wrote us on Facebook. I tried the other day to rid myself of it. It came to a whole $100 offer at the pawn shop. I decided to keep it and throw it in the river as a testimony that my ex could never control my life again. As I threw my arms up to say goodbye, I changed my mind again. I got the 100 bucks and invited two friends for pizza and beer. Whether you use the funds raised to by basics or to say cheers with a few friends, it sounds like a great idea to us.

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    Gothic Script Divorce Ring

    by Etsy: IsabellaDayGoldsmith

    Posy rings were popular from the late medieval period onward and were used to communicate secret messages of love in this case, a message of self-love.

    We love the minuscule Latin inscription on this posy ring that reads Alis Volat PropriisShe flies with her own wings. This magnificent ring has been cast from an original hand-carved design and is available in silver, rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, and oxidized silver.

    Change In The Wind Ring

    Should I keep my wedding ring after divorce?

    by Etsy: thesilversmith

    This stunning sterling silver ring is half an inch wide, with vertical and horizontal indentations creating texture across its surface. This is intended as a reminder of how fickle life can be and how fast things can change. Its a sentiment we can all identify with, making this a perfect divorce ring to remind the wearer that nothing is permanent.

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    What To Do Your Wedding Ring After A Divorce Not To Spoil Your Personal Life

    What, according to popular beliefs, needs to be done with a wedding ring after divorce not to spoil your personal life? Many signs and superstitions revolve around wedding rings.

    Wedding rings are a symbol of a strong and happy family. The spouses exchange them as a sign of eternal love for each other. But, unfortunately, there are couples who are unable to cope with the burden of marriage and are forced to leave. Now the ex-husband and wife receive a divorce document and decide what to do with the wedding rings.

    Where did the tradition of wearing wedding rings come from?

    The tradition of wearing wedding rings originated in Egypt. Even in ancient times, people believed that a blood vessel goes from the heart to the ring finger, so it is responsible for love. Putting a ring on the ring finger shows that his heart is already busy. Many peoples have adopted this tradition. And even the church recognizes the ceremony of exchanging wedding rings as a symbol of loyalty and devotion.

    There are many ways to treat a wedding ring. Someone thinks it is just an adornment, but for someone, it is of great importance. There is a superstition that losing a wedding ring can bring misfortune into family life: quarrels will begin that will lead to divorce.

    What ex-spouses can do with a wedding ring after a divorce

    Dos and donts to do with a wedding ring after divorce, according to popular superstition

    Selling Your Wedding Ring Which Way Is Best For Me

    There are several ways to sell a wedding ring after divorce, and each one has its own merits and drawbacks.

    If youre looking to make a clean break and turn the symbols of a marriage into the banners of freedom of the next stage of your life, before deciding what to do with your engagement ring after divorce, you need to weigh the options:

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    Questions And Answers About Who Is Entitled To The Wedding Rings

    Updated by Lina Guillen, Attorney

    Wedding rings are symbols of a couple’s promise to marry, so they may carry deep meaning for both spouses. But, when a marriage breaks down, spouses often wonder who’s entitled to the rings after divorce. If the pair has only been married a short time, the engagement and wedding rings may be one of their most valuable assets.

    What Divorced Readers Did With Their Wedding Rings

    What to Do With Your Wedding Ring After Divorce: 4 Reasons ...

    A Magazine article on when to take off a wedding ring after a marriage fails generated a large response from readers.

    It came after Katie Holmes was photographed in New York without her wedding ring, having filed for divorce from Tom Cruise.

    The feature asked when it was appropriate to remove the band, and explored the symbolism of doing so.

    Here, readers share their stories about the dilemma of what to do with a symbol of marriage once the relationship has broken down:

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    Where Can I Sell My Wedding Ring

    Above anything else, make sure you are comfortable with whoever youre selling your wedding ring to. There may be many options for selling your jewelry, but not all of them are necessarily the best ones.

    Pawn Shops

    Pawn shops are usually the first thing to come to mind because its a place to get quick cash. However, pawn shops are not professionally trained to evaluate the value of diamonds and gemstones. They may not accurately assess the true value of your wedding ring, so chances are you wont get the best offer either.

    Jewelry Auction

    Many people opt to sell their jewelry via online auctions. This can be relatively hassle-free for the most part because the auctioneer does most of the work. Auctions may be time-consuming, though, and they cant guarantee the best price for your ring. There can also be fees that cut into what you actually take home. There are some auctions that have low reserves, or even no reserve, but this means that the seller cannot reject the bid, even if a buyer bids at a low price. If the bidding starts low and then you dont get a lot of bids, you could potentially walk away with a much lower amount than anticipated.

    Selling Your Wedding Ring on eBay

    Online Ads

    Online Jewelry Buyers

    Professional Jewelry Buyer

    Professional jewelry buyers, or reputable jewelry stores, have the proper training to know your wedding rings value and worth. Make sure you call ahead because not all jewelry stores are certified to buy jewelry.

    Save It For Your Kids

    Instead of selling your wedding ring or throwing it away, a great idea is to save it for your kids. When theyre older, they can decide how they feel about it and what they want to do with it. Like a wedding dress, this is a good way to recycle an emotionally-charged item and pass on the good memories to someone you love.

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    Give The Ring Back To Your Ex

    If you had a prenuptial agreement or verbal agreement with your ex, you will need to legally give the ring back to them.

    If you have an heirloom ring that belonged to his family, etiquette suggests that you should return it, even if the law doesnt require you to do so. Even if you are at odds now, that ring holds a lot of sentimental value within that family that cannot be replaced.

    Some people find it cathartic to just move on from a situation without any ties to it whatsoever. If you want to just cut ties with your ex and never think of him again, you may want to give it back. The clean break, especially if you feel pressured, may allow you to heal from the breakup much faster. That being said, if he is pressuring you to return the ring and doesnt have a legal right to it, consider your options carefully if you still want the ring or wish to sell it yourself.

    Who Owns An Engagement Ring After A Divorce

    Gary’s Tea: Should You Give Back Your Wedding Ring After A Divorce?

    Before a wedding, engagement rings are considered conditional gifts in many states ie. they have been given under the understanding that a wedding will take place. In most states, if the relationship finishes before the wedding then the ring usually needs to be given back to the potential groom.

    However, a marriage completes the transaction in the eyes of most governments, meaning that the ring now belongs to the bride, rather than the person who proposed.

    While items given to each other within marriage are considered joint property, the engagement ring was given before the wedding took place and is often considered to belong to the bride after the wedding as non-marital property. You should still check with your divorce attorney to find out about the laws in your state, as rings are sometimes considered joint property from the marriage and will need to be divided.

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    Couple Uses Ring Pops As Wedding Rings After Real Ones Were Stolen

    Horn said there was a certain sadness in finally selling her old wedding band, but because so much time had passed, it was an abstract sadness rather than an extra-kick-in-the-teeth sadness.

    In any case, watching the jeweler weigh the ring as she sold it was a moving experience.

    It was just so interesting to me seeing it on that little scale, she said. Its something that is so little, and yet is imbued with so much significance and so much emotional weight.

    Still, 10 years after her divorce, Horn was more than ready to sell the ring and use the profits to help others.

    It felt very good to have it gone, she said. As one could say, it went to a better place.

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