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What Do Men Wear To A Beach Wedding

A Guide To Beach Wedding Attire For Guests

What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

// by Cynthia //

This is the ultimate guide to beach wedding attire for guests! After reading this, youll know exactly what to wear to a beach wedding whether its casual, semi-formal, or formal. Not only are we decoding the dress code, but were also sharing the best colors, fabrics, and shoes to complete your beach wedding guest outfit! After you read these tips, make sure you check out this gallery of gorgeous beach wedding dresses for guests to get ideas of what you can wear, and find retailers that sell affordable beach wedding guest outfits.

Have you just opened up an invitation to learn that youve been invited to a beach ceremony? While this may be exciting, it may also leave you scratching your head wondering what to wear to a beach wedding? There are a few ground rules you should follow in order to look great, remain comfortable, yet formal enough for this non-traditional wedding.

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A Visual Guide: Wedding Dress Codes Decoded

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What Do You Wear To A Summer Wedding In 2021

Now that we know the general rules for wedding attire for men, we have a full breakdown of what to wear to a summer wedding. Taking into consideration high temperatures and 2021 spring trends, there are many ways that you can put a summer spin on wedding attire.

Lets start with a little bending of the rules. While black tie and white tie are very specific wedding dress codes, there is wiggle room for summer tuxedo hues. As a guest, you can opt for navy or grey instead of black. For a bit of flair, explore different patterns and colors for bow ties and pocket squares. Add a pop-of-color or non-traditional finish, like velvet, with your footwear. Try swapping out the traditional tuxedo for a dinner jacket and complementing pants, rather than a full matching set. A summer vibe enables you to express your style in your own unique way.

Wait, what is a dinner jacket? A dinner jacket is similar to a tuxedo jacket, however, it varies in color from the bottoms you pair with it. This type of jacket deviates from the traditional black tuxedo jacket and can be made in bright colors, extravagant patterns and lush textures, enabling you to personalize your summer wedding ensemble.

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Summer Beach Wedding Guest Outfits For Men

What should a stylish gentleman such as yourself wear to a summer beach wedding as a guest? In this fashion guide dedicated to male wedding attendees, you will find fashionable wedding outfit ideas that will make you look smart and help you to stay cool literally.

There is just something magical about white shirts and summertime, so you will be finding plenty of those in this gallery. Suit jackets are not very cooling but you will still find them among our outfit recommendations because sometimes its worth taking the heat for some extra style points. Suit jackets do a terrific job at making you look confident by correcting your posture, maybe superficially but that is working out really well for modern men.

What Is The Best Color To Wear To A Summer Wedding


Summer is known for its fun hues, but when it comes to color, look for these trends when deciding what to wear to a summer wedding. Depending on the specific wedding attire requirementsthis is the time to explore all spectrums of the color palette. From bold tones to pastel colors for a soft feel, use color strategically to achieve a fresh look that will wow any wedding you attend.

But is it ok to wear black to a summer wedding? Absolutely. A black and white combo is timeless and can be worn in any season. Is color not your thing? Instead of exploring color, play with fabrication and lighten the look with airy fabrics. Linen, seersucker and chambray are breathable options sure to keep you cool and wont compromise the appearance of your summer suit.

Bringing a date to the summer soiree? Coordinate your colors to complement each others summer wedding looks. Dont go all the way twinsies, from neutral to pastel. Find a palette that makes both of your looks shine.

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Pick The Right Shades

Sunglasses are the number one accessory you need to have if youre attending a beach wedding, they offer functionality and a great chance to show off your sense of style. You want your glasses to compliment your look and not be a distraction, so avoid glasses with colorful, reflective lenses. Styles such as wayfarers and aviators are perfect glasses for a beach wedding because they offer great protection for your eyes but still look classy. Different styles of sunglasses tend to look different depending on the shape of your face, so you should check out this great guide on how to pick the perfect pair based on your face shape.

Casual Wedding Outfits For Men: The Complete Guide For 2022

Women remain curious about weddings where men are not very nosy when it comes to casual wedding outfits for men. Not only for the groom but weddings are also important for the grooms mate. But what if the wedding is a casual wedding? The first question is What to wear to a casual wedding?

I know you are always perplexed when the topic is CASUAL WEDDING! Dont worry! From dresses to shoes to hairstyles, we are going to take you on a tour of the perfect casual wedding outfits for men. Are you ready for this?

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Cruise Ship Wedding Attire For Men

Depending on the formality of the wedding, a cruise ship wedding is the perfect opportunity to bust out a white dinner jacket. The ivory jacket was actually invented for use in tropical climates, where, weve heard, cruise ships tend to sail. But even if youre on one of those Alaskan cruises, a white dinner jacket will stand out at a black tie optional cruise ship wedding. If the dress code is more relaxed, watch the weather and dress accordingly: Lighter suit colors for warm weather, darker suit colors for cool weather.

Cruise Ship Wedding Attire Inspiration:

What Should Women And Men Wear To A Beach Wedding

Beach Formal & Beach Wedding Dress Code – What To Wear & What To Avoid – Gentleman’s Gazette

Men and women have different styles that they are more likely to wear to a wedding. Typically women should wear a dress or skirt to a more formal event, and men should wear a suit or a tuxedo.

With these differences, here are some separate suggestions for what to wear to a beach wedding for women and men.

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The Best Shoes For A Beach Wedding

When it comes to mens beach wedding attire , it helps to start at the bottomwith your shoes.

Beaches can be tricky places to navigate. Not only is the sand unstable , but sand has a tendency to find its way into socks and closed-toe shoes, which means that, if you wear the wrong pair of shoes, you could find yourself lugging around a pound of sand in each shoe for the entirety of the wedding ceremony and reception.

If youre going to a casual beach wedding, the best shoes that you can wear are sandals. Theres a reason why people wear sandals when they hit the beach for fun, as theyre easy to slip on and off when you have to walk across the beach, sand doesnt get stuck inside , and many are water-resistantso if the ocean splashes against your shoes, theres nothing to worry about. So, when choosing shoes for a waterfront wedding, look for a pair of comfortable sandals or flip-flops, which are the perfect blend of style, comfort, and beach-specific functionality.

Beach Wedding Wear For Hawaii

How do you know just what to wear to a beach wedding in Hawaii? This is one of the first things that comes to mind once a couple decides to make the trip across the Pacific Ocean for a destination wedding in Hawaii. There are many good reasons to have a beach wedding in Hawaii in the first place. But, then the question always comes up when planning, preparing, and packing for a beach wedding, What do you wear? Well, keep in mind you are coming to a warm tropical climate. So, comfort and function are key.

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Dressing Your Groomsmen For Beach Nuptials

Our advice as outlined in our general wedding guide still stands for beach weddings. A couple of common themes are:

  • Have everyone dress identically: Its simple, its easy, and it makes for continuity in photos. Everyone in matching suits, everyone in matching vests, everyone in matching shorts, whatever you like. The choice is yours.
  • Dress your groomsmen identically with you dressed a bit differently: If you prefer to have a bit of a spotlight on you as the groom, then this is definitely the way to go. A couple of ideas here are:
    • Groom in a suit, groomsmen in trousers and a vest in a matching color
    • Groom in matching trousers & waistcoat, groomsmen in trousers & shirts the same colors as the grooms
    • Everyone in matching vests, trousers, & ties, but groom in a different color tie.

    For instance, the groom and groomsmen can wear the same suit, but the grooms shirt, tie, and pocket square are all different. The suits could certainly benefit from some alterations, but the color story and general aesthetic theme are all there.

    Finally, consider a boutonnière to unify the wedding party with a pop of color!

    Cocktail Dress Code Weddings

    Best attire for groom and groomsman for beach wedding. # ...

    Nestled between smart casual and semi-formal is cocktail attire. For weddings, tailor it to the season and time of day. Suits in heavier wools and tweed materials are more appropriate for winter, while suits in cotton, linen and even seersucker can be worn in summer. For night-time weddings, stick to dark colours. For daytime, venture into light colours such as beige, smoke grey and even white or cream.

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    Rustic Wedding Attire For Men

    Is it required that the couple planning a rustic wedding have a passionate love of wood . What does that have to do with your outfit? It tells you that itd be a good move to incorporate varying textures, like a wool necktie, or a simple plaid linen bow tie . Itd also be wise to opt for a darker suit if youre a guesttan is a popular suit color for the wedding party at rustic weddings. Besides, a charcoal or navy suit will let those brass cufflinks shine. This is also the perfect time for a 3-piece suit, so dont forget the vest.

    What to Wear:

    Best Beach Wedding Shoes For Men

    Beaches pose particular issues regarding footwear for guys. For many of us, its difficult to picture wearing anything but a dress shoe with a suit. Being on a beach, however, changes the game a bit.

    Here are some of the best footwear options for men involved in beach weddings:

    The following sections include more information about mens beach wedding shoes and our top recommendations for each style of shoe.

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    What To Wear To A Beach Wedding: 8 Tips For Men

    The draw of a beach wedding is obvious, the romantic scenery, the warm sunshine, and the cool ocean breeze, but what is not obvious is how a man should dress for a beach wedding. Dressing for any wedding can be complicated, but when you have to account for factors such as sand and the hot sun, it makes choosing a wardrobe much more difficult. You have to be practical in deciding what to wear, think about not only how your outfit is going to look, but how it is going to feel to wear it at the beach all day.

    While finding the right outfit can be tricky, it is also a great opportunity to flex your style and to leave a great impression of yourself on the other guests. Beach weddings are usually less formal than your typical wedding, but that doesnt mean you can show up in trunks and a T-shirt. If you want to dazzle the crowd with your style, then its all about finding that perfect balance between casual and formal. Here are eight great tips will help you find the perfect look for a beach wedding:

    Creative Black Tie Wedding Attire For Men


    What It MeansThis code keeps the wedding formal, but eases up on all the rules. A tuxedo will fit in nicely with Creative Black Tie, but you can branch out a little, too. Dinner jackets are a good choice, and both neckties and bow ties are welcome in patterns or low-key colors. If you opt for a suit instead, just make sure you dress it up to keep up with the black tie part of the code.

    What to Wear

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    Dont Show Up In Sandals

    This wedding might be on the beach, but sandals are too casual for any event, much less a friends wedding. Go for a tan lace up shoe without socks works great, as do loafers. You can wear a sleek low top sneaker, and with the exception of light-colored leather, make sure you avoid heavy fabrics, like suede, which can throw a winter feel to that airy and cool look youre going for.

    creamy cropped pants, a white shirt, a green blazer, brown moccasins and sunglasses

    creamy cropped pants, a white shirt, a tan blazer and brown moccasins plus sunglasses for a beach wedding

    creamy jeans, a light blue shirt, a navy blazer, brown moccasins and sunglasses for a timeless beach look

    cremay pants, a pink striped shirt, brown shoes and a brown belt plus sunglasses for an effortlessly chic look

    grey chinos, a white shirt, brown moccasins, a tan blazer and sunglasees for a chic outfit

    grey cropped pants, a white shirt, brown moccasins and a watch are all you need to look cool

    grey pants, a white shirt, white sneakers and a chic watch for a stylish casual beach wedding

    khaki chinos, a white shirt and sneakers, a creamy blazer and a pocket square for a stylish neutral look

    navy chinos, a white button up with a navy collar and brown moccasins for a sharp and edgy look

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