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Table Place Cards For Wedding

How Should I Address My Wedding Place Cards

DIY Place Cards | Cricut Wedding Card w/ Pine #DIYwedding

You now know place cards have your guests names on them, but you might be wondering how to address everyone. Heres a rundown of the best way to address your guests on their place cards:

For Married Couples:

When addressing married couples, their last name with “Mr. and Mr.,””Mr. and Mrs.,” or “Mrs. and Mrs.,” preceding the surname is correct. If more than one couple shares the same last name, include the first name of the spouse whose surname they share, or include each persons full name. You could also use each persons full name without a title, especially for less formal celebrations. For married couples with different last names, feel free to either omit the title completely or write out each of their names in full with their respective titles.

For Unmarried Couples or Single Guests With Plus-Ones:

For unmarried couples, youll generally follow the same format as married couples with different last names, but instead of Mrs., your female guests will be either Miss. or Ms. While youll want to follow the above rules for your invited guests, you might be wondering how to handle their plus-ones place cards.

While you could address them as Mr. Xs Guest, consider asking for full names of guests with your RSVPs, or have a member of the wedding party reach out and get the name of plus-ones ahead of making your place cards, as its much more polite.

For Single Guests Without Plus-Ones:

For Children:

A Note About Pronouns:

Oh So Many Wedding Place Card Styles

Seating cards, place cards, name cards – they go by many names, but whatever you call them, they’re a formal and fashionable way to greet and direct guests at events of all sorts.

At LCI, we offer hundreds of place cards to suit every budget, style, and need. Whether you’re hosting a small party, a wedding, or a large corporate event, we have something for you.

Are Wedding Place Cards Necessary

If you’re not having a seating plan and are happy for guests to sit where they like, you clearly don’t need place cards. This kind of thing works best at an informal wedding, such as a back garden celebration. However, if the food is being served by waiting staff, some venues will insist on a seating plan, so they know where people are who have allergies and need special meals. You may want to have a seating plan anyway. In those cases, place cards make it much easier for guests to find their seats.

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Where To Print Wedding Place Cards And When Should I Order My Placecards

Its best to order your placecards when you order the rest of your wedding stationery, so it doesnt get forgotten or left to the last minute. Free wedding place cards templates are available from online marketplaces, along with printable wedding place cards, however these will be limited by the functionality of your home printer. You would miss out on a professional printer’s options such as folded wedding place cards, white ink printing, gold foil or die cut finishes. There is also the option to create your own handwritten wedding place cards, however it is not ideal for large ceremonies.

Do Get Printed Table Place Cards

Pin by Lacie Shepherd on Eco Friendly Natural Wedding

Unless you plan to get blank place cards like these and use stellar penmanship , printed place cards will look exceptional and pull the look together nicely.

It is best to get printed table place cards done for you so you dont have to write the names yourself. You can get them here. Just upload the guest list and the names are printed onto table cards for you.

by kelly schmidt

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Wedding Place Cards With Free Guest Name Printing

Design the perfect wedding place cards to match your wedding suite. Choose from a folded or flat instantly customizable place cards. Just like all of Basic Invite’s invitations you are not limited on your colors or font styles.

Don’t settle for a generic place card where you have to hand write in each name of your guests. Basic Invite is proud to be one of a handful of companies online that makes it easy to quickly add your guests’ names via spreadsheet or manually into our one of a kind editor. Once your names have been added you can preview what each name will print like to ensure each name looks just like you would like it.

Do Wedding Escort Cards And Wedding Place Cards Have To Be Actual Cards

Definitely not! As we mentioned, a seating chart sign can replace traditional escort cards, which can theoretically be anything you want. Mini potted plants, artisan water bottles, and even edible options like cake pops are just some out-of-the-box escort card ideas we love. The same goes for your wedding place cards. While you can’t go wrong with classic paper cards, you can also get creative and use objects like painted leaves, mini chalkboard signs, and acrylic squares. Don’t be shy about using unexpected ideas to match your wedding style!

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Mapaparties Lemon Place Cards

When life hands you lemons, make these fun place cards. While youll need to provide the lemons and pin, these small place cards are the perfect accent. You can choose your card stock color , font style, and ink shade. Just one look at these and were instantly transported to the Amalfi Coastan ideal pick for an Italian-inspired indoor wedding.

When Should I Make My Wedding Place Cards

DIY Place Cards Custom Cards for Cricut Wedding | How to Add Tails to Fonts

Creating wedding place cards can be a time-consuming process, but you want to wait until your seating chart is set and youve received your RSVPs before diving into the process. This is so you can plan for table numbers, as well as not spend extra cash on cards for guests who RSVP their regrets. Ideally, you want to have your place cards completed about a month before your wedding date, so theres a little wiggle room for any edits, additions, or replacements needed.

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Whats The Purpose Of A Wedding Place Card

Place cards serve as a way to tell guests where to sit. While you might think just providing chairs is all you need, place cards can cut down on confusion and costs. They help ensure that you have the right number of seats so that you dont pay for extra chairs, and they give your attendees a place to sit back and relax. Place cards can also help facilitate traffic for buffets, and separate any family or friends that need to keep their distance from each other.

Why Choose Basic Invite For Your Wedding Place Cards

Guest Name Printing

Save yourself time by adding your guests’ names to your place cards at no additional cost. Upload or add your names manually to get them printed directly on your cards.

Flat Or Folded

Basic Invite understands each couple is unique and has different ideas on how they want to use their place cards. Basic Invite allows you to design a single card and then decide if a flat or folded card fits your needs.

Almost Unlimited Color Combinations

No matter which wedding place card design you choose you can change the color of each and every element to one of over 160 colors, giving you almost unlimited color combinations.

Instant Previews

At Basic Invite you don’t need to wait to see what your place cards will look like in your colors and with your guests’ names. See every change real-time as you make them with our revolutionary card designer.

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Do I Need Wedding Place Cards

Wedding place cards are always a good idea, no matter how elegant or casual your celebration is. Place cards can literally help you plan, as they help your guests feel at ease knowing where to sit and whom to sit by, plus they can even help your vendors when it comes to delivering food/beverages and directing traffic. In general, wedding place cards might be small in size, but they serve a big purpose that can help your celebration run smoothly.

So, why cant you just allow your guests to choose their seats? People naturally spread out when doing so, which means that youll have random chairs in between groups that will cost more, and it might make it so that some people dont have chairs. This could result in more open seats or lost meals, which can increase your final cost and create frustration. The only instance where you might really be able to skip place cards and seating charts is if youre having a small celebration, such as in your backyard. Typically, if youre having over 20 peopleespecially if youre mixing groups or renting tables/chairsa seating chart will come in handy.

That being said, as with everything wedding-related, its your day to make your own! While place cards are recommended to make your guests comfortable, help you plan, and manage the crowd, theres no rule that says you have to have them.

Redwood & Vine Black & White Ampersand Monogram Wedding Place Card

rustic 300

Courtesy of Zazzle

These sleek black and white cards are an excellent choice for a minimalist indoor wedding. They’re utterly timeless and easily adaptable to work with any decor scheme. You can choose from six different paper stocks and can add on envelopes for an additional cost. Just FYI, make sure you have good handwriting if you go with this pick since its on you to write in the names and table numbers.

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Engravedsensations Laser Cut Names Dinner Place Card Napkin Holder

Courtesy of Etsy

Place cards can in fact be both pretty and practical, and these are proof positive. The personalized, ring-shaped napkin holders come in a variety of finishesthree different wood options and four metallic/mirrored optionsto pair with various wedding themes and color palettes. The shop also offers custom orders if you want something specific. Since they’re crafted from wood or durable plastic, they’re ideal for indoor and outdoor weddings. You could also order a set for your home since they would look great on a holiday table, too.

Design Lotus Signature Style Placecards

Courtesy of Minted

If you have a black and white wedding, try these abstract escort cards from Minted. They add an artistic and fun touch and are available in folded or flat card options. If you aren’t partial to black and white, you can choose from several other color schemes, including cabernet, coral, and more. They are available in three different paper stocks and have matching accessories like menus and place cards to go with them. Use them for a modern indoor wedding.

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Wishfulpaperie Greenery Place Card Template

Courtesy of Etsy

A greenery illustration coupled with simple black fonts makes this an option that works with almost any style or decor aesthetic. They come in a digital download, making these great for those couples who are on a budget for their wedding. And since you’re printing them on your own, it’s incredibly easy to make any last-minute changes should they pop up. They work great for indoor weddings or outdoor weddings with a covering to deter any weather mishaps.

Is there anything more glamorous than the gold tassel on these stunning place cards? We think not. Choose from a black or white circular card, accented by this glam touch. We see these as an ideal option for those going after a Great Gatsby-type vibe. They’re printed on high-quality, heavy cardstock, so they’re durable enough to last the entire nightalthough since it is on paper, we do recommend them for indoor weddings.

What Are Place Cards Anyways

How to make place cards in Microsoft Word | DIY table cards with template

Here’s the basic description of a place card, courtesy of Wikipedia:

A place card is a piece of paper indicating what table a guest at an event, such as a wedding or banquet, is assigned to sit.Place cards generally have the guest’s name and table number, and frequently have some design as well to add style.

Doesn’t get more straightforward than that!

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What Are Wedding Escort Cards

Wedding escort cards are an alternative to a table plan. You put all the cards in one place, often at the entrance to the reception room. Ahead of the wedding breakfast, each guest picks up the card with their name on, and this tells them which table to go to. Once they’re at the table, they either find their designated seating by looking at the place cards, or choose their own seat, depending on what you’ve decided in advance.

Thesunshinegarden Eucalyptus Place Card Template

Want to print your own wedding place cards but aren’t feeling the design side? You want a wedding place card template – like this chic eucalyptus design. Simply download, customise and get printing. Doing it this way means you can make place names whenever you want, which could come in handy if there are any last-minute changes.

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Other Table Cards To Coordinate With Your Name Cards

Dont forget to order your other table cards when you order your placecards, and try to make sure they work together to create beautiful tables. After all, your tables are the focus of your wedding reception or other sit-down event.

The table cards to consider ordering include:

  • Table numbers – to help servers and other staff members find the right tables for food and drinks.

  • Menu cards – to let guests know what theyll be eating. Its up to you whether you provide a menu to each guest as part of their place setting, or just a couple per table.

Do You Put Full Names On Wedding Place Cards And Escort Cards

Thoughtful diagnosed wedding decor ideas Visit us at

Yes, you should include guests’ full names on wedding place cards and wedding seating cards. For formal weddings, you can include optional titles, such as Mr., Mrs., or Miss. This should be followed by the guest’s last name only, unless there are two guests with the same last namefor example, two unmarried sistersin which case you can include a first and last name for clarification. For semi-formal or casual weddings, a simple first and last name for every guest is appropriate. If you’re giving any of your guests a plus-one, include a space on their RSVP card where they can write in the full name of the guest they are bringing.

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Where To Order Wedding Place Cards


There are so many different places to order wedding place cards. You can always enlist the help of a professional stationer to create custom name cards for your event. Alternatively, you can purchase the materials at a craft store and write them by hand yourself. For a more efficient option, consider purchasing pre-printed place cards off an online retailer. The Knot Invitations carries dozens of different designs to accommodate every kind of theme, color palette, style and wedding decor. Psst: The Knot Invitations sells seating cards that will match your wedding stationery perfectly.

Splendidmoment Minimalist Modern Wedding Place Cards

Courtesy of Etsy

If you have a sleek, modern, and minimalist wedding theme, look no further than these rectangular place cards. They come in a digital download, so you can choose what paper to print them on, and they have easy-cut lines to cut them out. Their streamlined shape adds dimension when laid across any type of table setting. You can also purchase a matching menu from the same Etsy shop as well. In terms of customization, you have the option of tweaking the font, font color, and background color to match your wedding color scheme. Overall, these are a great choice for an indoor wedding.

Another beautiful choice that pulls double-duty as both a place card and place setting, these smooth stones are topped with hand-painted calligraphy in your choice of gold, copper, rose gold, or silver ink. Theyre also ideal for anyone who doesnt want everything to be so matchy-matchy since the stones vary in size and color because of the natural variation. We imagine these for a tranquil outdoor garden wedding. We also love that they’re a great sustainable pick and can be used as a keepsake for your guests to take home after the wedding.

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Minted Plain Paint Placecards By Phrosne Ras

Courtesy of Minted

These escort cards are a great way to add a subtle touch of color without it being too in your face. A painterly, almost marble background is available in eight subdued hues accented by crisp white text. Choose from flat or folded and three different paper stocks, including a pearlescent option that adds a beautiful sheen and a recyclable paper choice. You can also add on matching accessories, including place cards, menus, and more. We recommend using these for an indoor wedding to avoid them being ruined or lost by the weather.

Put Your Seating Chart Into Action With Wedding Place Cards

DIY Place Cards & Table Numbers
  • 3.62″ x 2.12″ with space for names, table & more
  • Unfolded shape fits standard place card holders
  • Choose your favourite paper, design & colours
  • Upgrade to backside printing to add extra details

After âI doâ comes the celebration, and you can help each guest transition from ceremony to reception with a custom wedding table name card. Also known as escort cards, place cards typically include a guestâs name and table number â and weâre proud to offer design options for every wedding style. Plus, itâs easy to make your friends and loved ones smile by adding personal touches, such as your monogram or a custom wedding hashtag. You can even upgrade to backside printing to include a heartfelt thank you note or favourite quote.

To start creating your custom wedding name cards, explore our design gallery â you can see all of our options together, or filter them by style, colour and more. Once youâve found an option you love, make it yours by adding custom touches. After perfecting your design, simply place your order and let us take care of the rest.

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