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Which Order Do You Wear Engagement Wedding And Eternity Rings

Finding An Eternity Ring

Eternity Rings explained: Top 3 Questions

To purchase a beautiful diamond eternity ring that will match the style and personality of your someone special, look for one from a reputable vendor like James Allen or Blue Nile.

Cant decide on the right eternity ring? Need help identifying a ring that uses high-quality metal, diamonds or other gemstones? Contact our experts at any time for assistance in reviewing and assessing eternity rings and other high-quality diamond jewelry.

Wearing A Ring On Your Middle Finger

Although this may be unorthodox, some brides and grooms wear their ring on the middle finger. It may be down to a health complication that an engagement ring or wedding ring is unable to be worn on the usual finger, these may include a break to the finger, amputation, or arthritis.

Some suggest the middle finger represents balance. Although we rarely see rings worn on the mid finger, we advise simple, comfortable designs for wear on the middle finger.

Although the middle finger is at least two sizes larger than the ring finger, another example would be if someone has lost weight.

For rings unsuitable for size adjustments, it might be practical to change which finger on which the ring is worn.

CanadaMark diamond in a modern four claw setting, shown on the correct finger.

Should I Buy The Rings Separately Or Together

This wedding ring stack is flawlessly balanced, with its angular shapes and bands in order from smallest to biggest creating a strikingly powerful look. If you are looking for a stack where the engagement ring is the center of attention, this is a fantastic option, as the large cushion cut diamond engagement ring overpowers the stack and the larger band in the back really completes the overall look.

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Eternity Ring: Expert Buying Guide

Eternity bands make meaningful gifts for anniversaries, birthdays and other special celebrations.

The style and setting you choose is mostly based on personal preference, with options ranging from platinum pavé settings like this one from Blue Nile to white gold rings like this eternity band from James Allen. If the eternity ring will be worn next to an engagement or wedding ring, youll want to match the style and metal as closely as possible.

We highly recommend purchasing your eternity ring from a reputable vendor like James Allen or Blue Nile to ensure both the diamonds and jewelry are of high quality.

What Is The History Of Eternity Ring

Eternity bands

Historians believe that eternity rings originated 4,000 years ago in Ancient Egypt. Considered a romantic love token, Shen rings symbolised the eternal and were used by couples to mark special occasions. The eternity ring resurfaced in the 18th century and was often used by suitors as a promise ring. Unlike modern pieces which are usually encrusted with diamonds, 18th century rings typically boasted beautiful coloured gemstones. However, the eternity ring as we know it today was popularised in the 1960s by De Beers. They ran an enormously successful campaign targeting married couples with the iconic slogan, She married you for richer or poorer. Let her know how its going.

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Engagement Wedding And Eternity Rings

Just wondered if they should be any particular way round, from the base of my finger I have my wedding ring, then engagement the eternity, someone told me that this was the wrong way round and they had to be a certain way or else bad luck. I was told this today so it could be an April’s fools joke, but just wondered anyway. Thanks

Not sure about eternity, but wedding ring should definately be before engagement – it’s more important so closer to your heart. Aaahh

I wear my wedding ring, engagement ring then eternity ring in that order. That’s the way they fit best and spin around least.

I have wedding then engagement and my eternity ring is actually on my other hand

I wear my wedding ring, then eternity ring, then my engagement ring, for no reason other than they fit better on my finger that way!!

I didn’t get an engagement ring but have two eternity rings, does that count?

My eternity ring took an eternity to arrive. I’d hinted at it for my 30th birthday, my last child, my 10th wedding anniversary and finally got it 2 years ago as a christmas present. Not the ring that I would have chosen but a welcome surprise.

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What Order Do You Wear Your Wedding Rings

Weddings are beautiful occasions when two souls are joined as one in holy matrimony. Its truly an exciting moment for a couple, more so for the bride. As a woman, youve probably spent years dreaming of the day from childhood. It wouldnt be a surprise that you even planned everything to the tiniest detail, including the rings.

What most people never take time to think about, is when it is all said and done, how are you meant to wear your wedding rings. Is there a right and wrong way? What meaning is attached to the order in which you wear them? In this post, we cover all these questions as well as tips when it comes to properly wear your wedding set.

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How To Wear Your Engagement And Wedding Rings

Traditionally, you wear your engagement ring and wedding ring together on the fourth finger of your left hand. As far as how to stack them, tradition holds that you’ll wear the wedding band inside the engagement ring so that it’s closer to your heart .

That being said, some brides opt to wear their engagement ring on one hand and their wedding band on the other, especially if they’re very diverse rings that can’t be easily stacked.

Our Stunning Range Of Eternity Rings

Diamonique Solitare Eternity Ring, Sterling or 14K Clad on QVC

Since many women see an eternity ring as symbolising the continuing love that a man has for his wife, you can see why eternity rings are always sought-after by women of all ages.

Eternity rings have always been a display of continued health, wealth, and happiness that couples want to share together for decades to come.

Many questions arise when couples are talking about exchanging eternity rings. One of those questions may be on which finger is an eternity ring worn. Many will say that eternity rings evolved from wedding rings and are therefore worn on the ring finger. This is normally the third finger of the left hand. The truth of the matter, however, is that it can be worn on any finger you want.

A lot of women decide to wear their new eternity ring alongside their engagement ring and wedding band if they have a set that matches. You want to make sure that you are comfortable with wearing the jewellery and that it doesnt overpower the other pieces of jewellery you are wearing.

Another popular choice for many women is to wear their eternity ring with only their engagement ring leaving behind their wedding band in a safe location at their home. This is because usually the eternity ring band is the most expensive and carefully thought out piece of jewellery that many women own.

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How To Wear A Wedding Ring

A wedding ring symbolises the promise of a future together and its circular shape represents a love that is unbroken, that is eternal. Exchanged between the couple on their wedding, they are a universal symbol of love.

Wedding rings date back to the same period as the engagement ring, being popular among the ancient Greeks and Romans. Nowadays, both spouses wear them but before it was only the wives who were supposed to wear it. Some even had two, one to be worn inside and another to be worn in public. In the United States, the use of wedding rings for both spouses wasnt customary until the 20th century.

What Are The Reasons For Giving An Eternity Ring

To Celebrate a Significant Wedding Anniversary

An eternity ring is traditionally given by a spouse to their partner to mark a significant wedding anniversary. It is a very appropriate gift for the 60th or Diamond anniversary. However, many people are now choosing it to celebrate their first or tenth year together.

To Mark the Birth of Your First Child

A truly special life milestone, the birth of a first child is a momentous occasion that deserves celebration. Many people choose to commemorate this precious time with a beautiful eternity ring. Not only does show your partner how much you appreciate the labour that went into the pregnancy and birth, but it also is a great way to symbolise your eternal love and commitment to them.

In recent years, many couples have decided to break tradition by using an eternity band as an engagement ring. An ideal option for couples looking for something non-traditional but special, eternity rings are perfect because of their unique look and romantic meaning.

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Follow Tradition Or Become A Trailblazer

Years ago, it was tradition for a man to purchase an engagement ring with a diamond setting. However, times have changed. Other precious stones are also acceptable on an engagement ring.

Another tradition is for you and your spouse to have matching wedding bands. For instance, if you have a gold wedding band, then his would be gold as well.

Many couples are choosing to incorporate their unique style with traditional ring etiquette.There are no rules for most faiths on how to wear wedding rings. Whether you want to become an engagement band trailblazer or stick with tradition is up to you.

Engagement and wedding rings are more than beautiful, sparkling pieces of jewelry. They are symbols of your love and future and should be treated with care and respect.

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Why Are Engagement Rings More Expensive Than Wedding Rings

What Order To Wear Wedding And Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are more expensive than wedding rings because they typically feature a large diamond along with other intricate details like milgrain or pave. Wedding rings are usually more simple in nature, such as a plain metal band or a pave band with small diamonds.

The average cost of an engagement ring in the U.S. is $6,350, but the price can range anywhere from $500 to $45,000 and more. Most couples spend between $1,000 and $5,000 on an engagement ring.

The average cost of a female wedding band is around $1,000 while the average cost of a male wedding band is $500.

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Wear Both On Different Ring Fingers

Again, there is no rule set in stone. If you cant seem to make up your mind on which ring to wear on which days, then you can wear both at the same time.

But that doesnt mean you have to wear them on the same ring finger.

You can wear your engagement ring on your left finger and your wedding ring on your right one.

Its also a great option if you dont have a matching set and dont like how the rings look being stacked together.

What If Your Engagement Ring Wont Fit Onto Your Right Hand Or What If Your Engagement Ring Gets Stuck

There are two suggestions in this instance. Either leave your engagement ring on the existing finger. If you can remove your engagement ring, you could leave it in trust with a relative during the ceremony. Your ring might be challenging to take off due to swollen fingers, or even due to enlarged knuckles. If you really cannot remove the ring, our advice would be to seek professional help. It simply is not healthy to wear jewellery so tight that it becomes unremovable.

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Are Engagement Rings And Wedding Rings Different

Yes, they are different as engagement rings are given at the time of a proposal, while wedding rings are exchanged at the wedding ceremony. Engagement ring styles tend to be more intricate as well, such as one featuring a center diamond or gemstone. Wedding rings are usually simple in design, such a classic band like this rounded wedding ring from James Allen or one with smaller diamonds like this wire basket ring.

Engagement Ring First Wedding Ring On Top

The Meaning of Engagement, Wedding, and Promise Rings and What Finger to Wear Them On

Another popular choice is to wear them other way around. Logically it might make sense to wear your rings in the order you received them . Symbolically, the idea that your engagement represents a promise and your wedding ring crystallizes that promise might really speak to you. Wearing your wedding ring on the outside gives your engagement story a sort of figurative bookendfirst, you’re engaged, now it’s official. Time to start stacking with anniversary rings .

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Rings On The Right Hand

How to wear a wedding band may be determined by the area you are living in or the cultural traditions you are accustomed to. While wearing your rings on your left hand is common in many Western countries, you will see many couples wearing their rings on their right hands in Northern and Eastern European countries, such as Russia, Poland and Denmark. It is also common in India, Greece, Spain and Portugal. What’s more, in some countries, like Brazil, couples will wear their wedding rings on one hand and switch hands after saying their vows at their wedding.

How To Wear An Engagement Ring

According to history, the first engagement ring was given in 1477 and since then, the trend was picked up and quickly popularized and propagated by the European aristocratic community of the time.

This ring is presented to a woman of marrying age by her fiancé in proposition of marriage.

If this proposal is positively and affirmatively received, then the man can slip it on her finger and they may proceed on to plan the wedding.

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Do You Wear Your Wedding Band On Top Or Bottom

You can wear them either way you like. There are no hard and fast rules to this question as it boils down to personal preference.

You could wear your wedding band on top of the engagement ring because thats the order in which you received them or because you like how it looks that way.

Alternatively, the more traditional approach is to wear the engagement ring on top of the wedding ring to protect it and to keep it close to your heart.

Whether you are practical or sentimental, both options are a go.

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