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Do I Need A Wedding Planner

They Will Turn The Wedding Preparation Process Into A Nice And Even Enjoyable Experience

What Education Do I Need to Become a Wedding Planner? 5 Ways to Educate a Wedding Planner

It is common to think of the wedding planning phase as a stressful moment in your life, where you are always tensed up, running out of time, feeling stressed out But that does not have to be that way. In fact, a wedding planner will make you enjoy not only your W-day, but also the preparation process. And you will become an essential part to the decision-making process after all, you are a team! They will guide you and assist you at all times so that you never feel like a fish out of water. He/she will be someone to count on, someone available whenever you need him/her.

Do You Need A Wedding Planner

Today were answering a question about something that is close to my heart: Do I need a wedding planner?

Yes my friends- you NEED a wedding planner, you DESERVE a wedding planner, and you shouldhave a wedding planner. Every engaged couple NEEDS a wedding planner. Planning a wedding is stressful, and no one should have to have any additional amount of stress than what they already have!

Before getting into any of the details, lets talk about something wedding planners arent just for daddys little girls, movie stars, and debutantes anymore! Forget what you see in the movies and on TV. Thats not real life. You planning your wedding and wanting to just elope because its so stressful? THAT is real life- and you can do something about it.

What Type Of Bride Hires A Planner And Is It For You

  • Do you and your partner work long hours?
  • Is your job stressful and demanding?
  • Do you have to travel frequently with your job?
  • Are you living outside the area of which you plan to marry?
  • Do you want your wedding to have the wow factor?
  • Are you worried about putting pressure on your Mother?
  • Do you want a professional edge to your wedding?

If you answer yes to any of the questions below you may wish to consider hiring a planner. But, how can you ensure the wedding planner you hire is professional and experienced? One way is to visit for a list of members all of which have been vetted and comply with a code of ethics. Alternatively start looking through the internet for planners in your area or the area you wish to marry, the Hitched directory is a good start. Look at some of the sites and instantly dismiss those with badly designed websites and/or spelling mistakes, if they cannot get their own material correct what hope is there for your wedding?

Arrange to meet 2 of the planners for a consultation personality is a huge part of being a wedding planner. They will be privy to personal and confidential issues so they have to be someone you trust. Prepare a list of questions to ask them to check their experience and suitability.

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Always Have A Plan B And C For Everything

Okay, so your DJ bailed out on you, or your marriage officiant is in the hospital unexpectedly. What do you do next? That’s when you turn to the next plan on the list.

Without having other alternatives or ideas in mind, your wedding budget can go astray, you may end up impulsively hiring someone else not competent in their field, or may have a decoration disaster.

Think of the worst that could happen during your wedding planning, and think of what to do in those cases .

Your Organization And Planning Skills Are Subpar

Florida Keys Wedding Planners

When talking to prospective couples, Leah Weinberg of Color Pop Events in Long Island City, New York, always tells them to be realistic about the bandwidth they have to plan a wedding and also about their strengths and weaknesses. If spreadsheets and to-do lists just aren’t your thing, bring in a pro instead of trying to do it on your own and letting things slip through the cracks, she says. Having a full-service wedding planner help keep you organized and on track is going to give you such a confident feeling that the price tag will be well worth that value.

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Types Of Wedding Planning Services:

There are a couple of core wedding planning package options. These range from full-service to on-the-day services. Heres what they usually each entail:

  • Full Service Wedding Planning Package: Choosing this package means that your wedding planner will likely guide and assist you through every single stage of the wedding planning process. From setting out a realistic budget, finding the perfect venue, right through to booking your hair and make-up and arranging your guest favors. Your wedding planner will also be there on the day of your wedding to ensure that everything runs smoothly and according to plan.
  • Month / Week of Partial Package: Here you will have completed the bulk of the project creation and planning tasks yourself, including conception creation, budget management and vendor research, selection and scheduling. The planner will jump in during the final weeks / days to take over the reigns of the project as youve planned it, so that you are freed up to focus on getting yourselves ready for the wedding.
  • On-the-day Co-ordination Package: This and the previous package are good options for couples on a budget who would still like their wedding day managed by an experienced wedding planner. While you are busy being the bride or groom on your wedding day, you can relax knowing that proceedings will run as smoothly as possible according to your plan, because of the the help of trusted professional.


Youre Having A Marquee Wedding

Its no secret that marquee weddings involve a LOT more work. After all, you are building your perfect wedding venue and, generally, this involves a lot more suppliers and logistics. If youre planning a marquee wedding, Id recommend getting a wedding planner on board from the start. This way, you can ensure that you are booking a trusted, reputable team who will fully deliver your vision.

For more information on how to plan a marquee wedding, visit this post.

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A Great Planner Will Put Out All Fires

Wedding planners come with HUGE amounts of experience, and they offer a stress-free environment for the engaged couple. Knowing how to run a wedding day successfully comes with tons of knowledge and experience. Planners can be truly incredible, and they work so hard, giving the bride and groom so much. A great planner will put out all fires without you even knowing that they are happening. Furthermore, a good planner will assist with the bride getting ready details and guide the groom in getting ready.

Consulting & Planning Why You Should Hire A Wedding Planner The Wedding Planning Process Can Be A Long And Complicated Journey This Journey Can Also Be Fun And Exciting For A Diy Newlywed

Do You Really NEED a Wedding Planner?

It is a given that wedding planners and consultants help soon-to-be-newly-weds plan their big day of their lives! Hiring a wedding planner will definitely come at a cost, but if you need professional assistance, then it will be definitely worth the investment!

The training, experience, organization/essential/people skills, and creative talents that wedding planners and consultants have will help you create and design the wedding of your dreams and execute it seamlessly.

Lets go over the demands of a wedding.

  • Tracking of progress / Follow-ups
  • These are generally the main things that soon-to-be-newly-weds have to tackle. Depending on the size of your wedding, these demands may and will vary.

    Going over the general demands of a wedding will help you evaluate how you can fit it into your current schedule and/or workload.

    Generally, a wedding planning process looks like this:

  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Execution
  • Understanding what you can and cant handle will help you decide if you do need a wedding planner or if you need to speak to a wedding consultant.

    Even in the beginning, speaking to a wedding consultant will help you compose your thoughts and gather essential information to help you start your wedding planning.

    ** PRO TIP: A wedding company or event consulting firm will usually have a wedding planner that offers planning, coordination, and consultation.

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    Coordinator Vs Plannerwhats The Difference

    That is the question! The title wedding planner gets thrown around a lot, sometimes incorrectly. Lets go ahead and clear things up. Both coordinators and planners are fairy godmothers on a mission to make sure your wedding goes off the way you pictured without a hitchtheir level of involvement in making that happen is the difference.

    In most cases, planners are with you from the get go, usually before any major decisions have been made. They do major hand holding through every step of the process, from choosing your venue, to figuring out your style and/or theme, creating a budget, selecting vendors, managing said vendors, and most of the necessary nitty gritty. They do all that plus everything that coordinators do.

    Coordinators come to your rescue one month before your wedding day. Its a bit of a Jesus, take the wheel situation. Youve already done all the heavy lifting, and they tie everything up in a pretty bow. They create your wedding day timeline, act as the middle man between you and your vendors, oversee setup, manage the flow of the day and keep an eye on the details. They line up your bridal party for the ceremony, bustle your gown, let you know when its time for the special stuff , and cue the DJ/bandthat way you can focus on the fun and celebrate on auto-pilot!

    Photo by Cassandra Eldridge

    Five Reasons Why You Need A Wedding Planner

    Well, weddings are very stressful despite the fact they are happy and joyous occasions and for some people, the sheer amount of work and organisation can be overwhelming and really take the shine off their big day. And, of course, some people just dont have the time to organise a big and complicated event.

    A good planner can help in all sorts of ways including:

  • Negotiating better rates with venues and suppliers to save you money
  • Getting you booked into a venue that you thought impossible
  • Helping you stick to your budget
  • Deliver on your vision when so many others will want to have a say in your special day
  • And of course, all the arrangements for the day
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    What Kind Of Planner Are You

    Wedding management or coordinators mostly work two to three months out and facilitate wedding logistics, organization, final details and day-of coordination, according to Jason Rhee, the owner of the Rheefind Company in West Hollywood, Calf. These work for budget-conscious couples who have done all the hires, he said, and the planner connects with each of them. They also create a timeline, run the rehearsal and help execute the wedding.

    Mr. Rhee noted that partial planners start work four to six months before a wedding. They do all of the above, while also referring vendors, advising on floor plans, seating, tastings, and making final decisions. Full-service planners, especially those with designer backgrounds, typically work a year out and produce your wedding from start to finish, Mr. Rhee said. Last on the list are on-site wedding coordinators. These planners meet the needs of the venue rather than the couple. They focus on anything pertaining to the venue instead of services or logistics that happen outside that space, he said, such as the invitation process, guest list management, and guest accommodations.

    Do You Need A Wedding Planner 10 Reasons Why You Might

    Do You Need A Wedding Planner?

    Do you need a wedding planner? Many brides and grooms begin planning their dream wedding without considering the fact that investing in professional help could pay huge dividends in time, stress, and even money. Whether you and your fiance are way further behind in your wedding planning than youd like to admit, or if youre just curious about the wedding planning process, this top-10 list will help you determine if you should say I do to adding a wedding planner to your vendor team. If you answer yes most of these situations, then you might want to consider connecting with a professional planner.

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    You Have A Very Demanding Job

    If your job feels more than full-time, it might be a good idea to hire a wedding planner so youre not spending every lunch break and evening wedding planning. Planning a wedding becomes a part-time job and takes a lot of hours, says Nickel. Vendors work business hours and typically are not available on the weekend since they are executing weddings, so if you work full-time, save your sanity, save a ton of stress and hire a wedding planner.

    Youre Feeling Stressed Or Overwhelmed By Wedding Planning

    Planning your wedding can be a stressful experience, but it doesnt have to be! A wedding planner will be a trusted planning companion and, above all else, a friend to you throughout your engagement. Meaning that when youre feeling overwhelmed or stressed by wedding planning, youll always have somebody on your side to take the reins.

    Get in touch to schedule in a complimentary consultation and have a chat about whether Im the right wedding planner for you. Id love to hear from you!

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    What Exactly Can A Planner Help With

    Most planners have a mix of packages and tailor made services to choose from. It really is up to the client what the planner can do for them, every wedding is different.

    • Recommending suitable venues
    • Producing your budget & ensuring you stick to it
    • Arranging payments to all suppliers
    • Creating a wedding theme and design
    • Sending invitations
    • Managing the wedding day itself

    Dont forget to use your planner as an inspirational source, family mediator and financial advisor. Keep your planner informed of any changes in order for them to organise your wedding proficiently.

    Bernadette Chapman

    Reasons To Hire A Wedding Planner

    Do You Really Need a Wedding Planner The MUST HAVE for DIY Wedding Planning

    They are full of resources. A wedding planner is involved with the entire team youve hired for your big day, and theyll even provide you with the recommendations you need if youre not sure who to hire for a particular service. Theyve worked with all kinds of vendors and can lead you to the ones who will be the best fit to accomplish your goals. If you think theres no room in your budget for a wedding planner, they can easily make up for the expense with all the money-saving resources they have at their fingertips. A lot of factors go into the cost of a wedding planner, but as a guide, a wedding coordinator can be hired for as little as $1,400 in New Jersey.

    Organization is their specialty. A wedding planner will help with all the details, the big ones and the little ones you dont even think about. They will help you plan out your wedding day timeline so things run smoothly and on time. Some may even put together a timeline for your wedding party and parents so theyre in the loop!

    Wedding planners are good at handling people. They can put out fires for you if you have a guest who is causing any issues for you. Theyre a neutral party who isnt emotionally invested in the situation and they can think quickly on their feet to help out under any circumstance.

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