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How To Decorate Wedding Car

Weave A Few Flower Crowns

How to decorate Wedding Car | Huamama

KT Merry Event Planning by Bellafare Floral Design by Fern Studio

So easy a child could it! Freshen up those carefully-cultivated crown-weaving skills from your youth and plait a few floral crowns for your bridal party or tiny attendants. No need to get too elaborate, a simple daisy chain is oh-so tender. Or, use fresh greens, ferns, foraged flowers, garden finds, baby’s breath, chamomile, or dried flowers for an organic touch. We especially love bunny tails for their rustic elegance and youthful innocence.

Don’t Forget The Table Ends

Tony Wodarck Event Planning by Courtney Tibbets of After The Engagement Floral Design by The Lavender Rose

It can be easy to get swept up in designing centerpieces and table décor and completely forget the ever important table ends that anchor those designs from the ground up. Stay aligned with your tablescape by using the same flowers, greenery, and tones for your table ends. Cluster everything together for a full look of varying heights. Make sure to include some candles to illuminate each table, as well.

Red Car Decoration For Marriage

Red cars are trending amid millennials cause this colour looks good in the pictures and it elevates the entire ambience of the wedding area. Red colour denotes auspiciousness as per Indian mythology and is symbolic of a brand new beginnings. So here we bring forth car decorations for red cars. Be it a trendy vintage car or a regular car- decoration on a red car looks spectacular. Here are some pin-worthy inspiration for red car decoration for marriage.

Image Credits – Diamond Events

Are you a bride that does not like an extravagant show of flowers? If so, choose wreaths instead. For a subdued look, try decorating your car with a classy garland wreath or a cluster of small wreaths spread all over. You can add a hint of floral touch to the greens by using less bright flowers. You can place a garland wreath on the trunk along with a just married board or banner or on the bonnet along with ribbons.

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Quality Bridal And Wedding Car Decoration Singapore

For the joyous wedding day, decorating the bridal and wedding car is of great importance for the couple. Our Flower Delivery for the wedding include the flowers for the car decoration. Little Flower Huts Florist is the expert when it comes to floral decorations of the bridal car. They can create hundreds of modern floral car decorations based on the couples preference, personal style, or wedding theme. In line with the bridal and wedding car decorations, there are some factors to consider if you want to make the floral decoration of high quality, more appealing, and cost-effective.

Get Creative With Corks

45+ Awesome Wedding Car Decorations Ideas


After creatively upcycling all those wine bottles, you undoubtedly have a ton of corks laying around. Let’s put those babies to good use by cutting into them horizontally to create place card holders or a display stand for polaroids. Or, the perennial classic: Fill hurricane votives or jars with them for vino-themed decorative accents

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Get Artsy With Leaves

Sara Lobla

What’s more budget-friendly than leaves? They literally grow on trees. They’re also the perfect, natural canvas for organic escort cards, table numbers, exit tosses, even chargers if they’re big enough. Here, monstera blades were completed with gold calligraphy and transformed into dramatic table markers. Expert calligraphy skills are not needed, just some neat handwriting and a gold pen will do.

Sergio Sandona Event Planning by Stationery & Paper Goods by Epoch Design

Table settings need not be overly complicated. At the end of the day, all you really need are plates to hold the food, utensils to consume it with, a napkin for the sake of propriety, and a place card if you opt for assigned seating. To give each setting a little visual pizzaz, choose one element to stand out over the rest. Here, the brushed-gold cutlery provides texture and blends exquisitely with the blush-toned, woven linens. Or, you could put the focus on the plates by sourcing ones with an intricate print or go for an eclectic, mismatched look.

Pat Furey Rentals by Tableset Luxury Rentals

Laying out tinted glassware is an ultra-fresh approach to injecting pigment into a tablescape. Stick to one shade for a uniform verve of color all throughout your table or mix and match different tones for an eclectic vibealso great if you’re sourcing from vintage finds or pulling together from what you already own. Our personal favorites are of the amber or blue-hued variety.

Holiday And Event Ideas

  • 1Get spooky with pumpkins and ghouls on Halloween. Your car can be scary, too! Grab some cardboard cutouts of pumpkins, ghosts, or monsters and attach them to your car with masking tape. Twist orange and black streamers together and attach them to the side of your car with masking tape, or draw some pumpkins on your windows with window paint.XResearch source
  • You could even set a skeleton in the seat next to you for an undead passenger.
  • For extra doom and gloom, use red window paint to make bloody handprints all over your car.
  • 2Make your car patriotic on Independence Day. Its all about America on the 4th of July, so stick with a red, white, and blue color scheme. Use streamers, balloons, banners, and colorful duct tape to show your support for the nation as you drive around. Bonus points if you put on a sparkly top hat to dress up like Uncle Sam!XResearch source
  • You could also attach flag posts to the sides of your car and wave some real American flags as you drive.
  • 3Rock the schools mascot for a graduation parade. Get a cardboard cutout or a car decal of the schools mascot and stick it on the side of your car to show your support. Grab some streamers or balloons in the school colors and make a personalized sign congratulating the graduate.XResearch source
  • If you have a gift for the graduate, you can hand it to them out the window or toss it on their lawn as you drive by.
  • You can also write your congratulations on your car window with window paint.
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    Get Covered For The Getaway With Direct

    Before you hop in the ornately decorated car and make your escape from the reception, make sure you have the right car insurance coverage by talking to Direct Auto. If you have any questions, were happy to answer them. We can also help you figure out if combining policies could be the best option for you. Give us a , stop by one of our locations or visit us online.

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    Car Decoration For Wedding With Ribbon

    How to Decorate a Wedding Car With Flowers : Wedding Decor

    Image Courtesy: Punjab Wedding Cars

    A car can look glamorous with just a simple net bow with a floral bouquet. You dont need to deck up your car with plushy accessories to stylise it, as these simple net decoration ideas will help you for a perfect wedding car design. A simple and big net bow along with a matching floral bouquet at the centre of the cars trunk will look tasteful and elegant. This type of car flower decoration suits folks that do like to keep everything simple.

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    Wedding Car Decoration: 25 Fancy Ideas To Getaway In Style

    Wedding car decoration ideas that truly stand-out! If youve cared to notice, the little wedding car has a life of its own. Its got a personality, a character and a feel that is very its own. Those getaway cars are a part of your wedding story, and the parting picture is always the just married wedding car with those dangling cans. Read on, as weve got quite a list of wedding car decoration ideas for super cool getaway cars that will make your first ride as a wedded couple very memorable.

    Orchestrate An Exit Toss

    James & Schulze Event Planning by Décor & Design by Eclectic Hive Floral Design by Bare Root Flora

    Natural alternatives to exit tosses and sparkler send-offs are not only eco-friendly but also a great crafting project. Fill up paper cones, linen sachets, or any other creative vessel you can think of with fresh petals, olive or eucalyptus leaves, fragrant lavender buds, or aromatic herbs.

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    Lay Out A Comfort Station

    Aaron Delesie Event Planning by EKS Events

    Be the consummate hostess that you are by considering guests’ needs. A comfort station is the perfect way to ensure they have everything they may require to fully enjoy the festivities. Visualize all of your wedding plans to better understand how the day will play out and gather a few things that you believe could mitigate any factors of stress like parasols, blankets, flip flops, etc. Then gather vessels like baskets, barrels, and trunks to artfully display those items in a stunning visual.

    Wedding Car Decorations That Grab Attention

    Wedding Decorations For Car Spring

    The excitement that comes with tying the knot is contagious, so milk it! Spread the happy news on your way to the venue and when youre getting away. How to do that? A just married wedding car decorations is your best bet. As you move, horns will blare for you, hands will wave to you, songs and good wishes will pour in from strangers, people who you may never meet again. How memorable is that?

    There are endless creative options to decorate a just married car. Think fancy tins, ribbons, banners, balloons, garlands, flowers, quirky, fun. Etc. The idea is to follow your wedding style, be sure about what you want, and weigh the advantages of your choice. Also, be certain about the car to use, the wedding timeline, and when to decorate. With these considerations in place, lets inspire you with these wedding car decoration ideas.

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    Garnish With Fresh Herbs

    Jennings King Event Planning by Fox Events Floral Design by Poppy Custom Floral Paper Products by Studio R & J.Lily Design

    There’s nothing like sourcing your wedding décor from a grocery store or farmers market. Herbs are not only aromatic and fresh but also provide an organic aesthetic to any celebration. Use a sprig or two to accent a table setting, garnish the drinks, or display them in potted form throughout the venue. We love the idea of sticking to herbs that are featured in the menu’s offerings for a sense of culinary foreshadowing.

    O’Malley Photographers Event Planning by Valley and Co.

    Put empty wine bottles to good use, and enjoy drinking their contents in the process. Instead of traditional signage, paint table numbers on them , fill with flowers for centerpieces, or use them as water carafes for the tables. We even have some creative uses for the corks later on.

    Wedding Board Design For Car

    If you are someone that is not looking for the mundane and done to death floral arrangements on their wedding car, then this car flower decoration idea is the best one for you. Deck the bonnet or the top of your car with attractive and cute figurines along with flowers and bouquets. Some ideas that you can try are:

    • Place two white dove figurines holding wedding rings along with a heart-shaped floral bouquet on the bonnet of your car.

    Do you want a simple yet cute car flower decoration idea? Well, deck the trunk of your car with a simple just married board along with flowers of your choice. This idea is pretty easy to incorporate and does not require you to spend big bucks. All you need to do is paint a wooden board with just married sign, and add a charming touch to it by placing a floral bouquet on the top. You can also team it up with cans and streamers.

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    What Colors Will You Choose

    Most couples prefer gaudy colors for wedding cars because they want something cheery and vibrant. Some prefer to have monochromatic shades. When it comes to the choice of colors, the flower color choice should complement the style of the car and the theme of the wedding. For all these, our florist delivery of the wedding flowers should include those for the wedding car.

    Concot A Beverage Station

    Decorating wedding car with ribbon bows

    Branco Prata Event Planning by Jeannette Tavares of Evoke Design & Creative

    Self-serve beverages for the win! Dream up a beverage display that is oh-so summertime fine by pre-mixing some of your favorite drinks and serving them en-mass in glass dispensers. These in particular were filled with tequila-rich Palomas but you can go for more wholesome options like lemonade or iced tea. Let the glassware dictate the vibe with mason jars creating a rustic aesthetic or champagne flutes for a more refined touch.

    Jennings King Event Planning by Fox Events Floral Design by Poppy Custom Floral

    Transform your wedding signage into pieces of estate décor by utilizing imaginative canvases. Here, a vintage mirror adds opulence to a bucolic setting. Write out your message with a marker or have a decal custom made. For a more rustic and natural aesthetic, stick the decal to plywood or use stencils to paint your wording.

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    Quirky And Trendy Flower Decoration

    Image Credits – Stories by Joseph Radhik

    Choose a car flower decoration idea that celebrates the very essence of marriage. Yes, having a happily-ever-after board or a banner on your car is the perfect way to announce that you are in bliss and are ready to begin a new life. Banners look very trendy and are in vogue these days. Simply, team the banner or the board with a garland wreath or a floral bouquet. Now we hope you know how to decorate a wedding car. We know that you must have picked your favoutire car flower decoration inspirational idea from here

    So be it bridal car decoration, net decoration ideas for a car decoration or a marriage car decoration for a groom, you can implement these car flower decoration ideas with the best of flower decorators in town. We hope you likes these wedding flower car designs here.

    With Words by Aanchal Bhatia

    How To Decorate Wedding Cars

    There are hundreds of agencies that offer wedding car decoration. But such agencies charge plenty of money. Furthermore, you cannot create design of your own choice. Decorating a wedding car is not hard, if you have all the required material.

    You can be as experimental as you want, but make sure the driver faces no difficult due to flowers and other decorating stuff on the front screen.

    Things Required:

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    Forage For Aisle Dcor

    Caroline Yoon Event Planning by Emily Coyne Events Floral Design by Rion Designs Rentals by Encore Event Rentals

    Typically when one thinks of aisle décor their mind immediately jumps to floral runners snaking their way down the sides, but the same vibe can be achieved by far simpler means. Elevate the look by tying clusters of freshly foraged flowers and greenery to the sides of the first chairs for the same lush aesthetic.

    Pat Furey Rentals by Tableset Luxury Rentals

    Boho rugs have had a serious resurgence, and for good reason. The colorful textiles add texture and personality to any venue, as well as a decidedly bohemian aesthetic. Hit up a thrift store for some retro finds and use them to cushion out a lounge area, line the aisle, or anchor the ceremony space.

    Sasithon Photography Floral Design by Wildflower Floral Events

    If a chuppah or wedding arch is something you’ve always wanted, why not design your very own? Whether curved, square, or in a modern pyramid-shape the simple structure is easy to put together with reclaimed wood. This couples chuppah was built with bamboo and topped with fabric, while vibrant astilbe and yarrow flowers were draped from the beams for the finishing touch.

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