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Polaroid For Wedding Photo Booth

What To Consider When Shopping For Instant Cameras For Weddings

Polaroid AtHome Instant Photo Booth

All of the instant cameras on this list are intuitive for beginners and durable enough to be passed around amongst guests. Some are better for lower-light situations, and some can even connect to an app that can give you extra filters, borders, and sticker options for fun effects although connecting to an app isnt a requirement to take and print photos. If youd like your amateur photographers/guests to have more control over the photos, you can also opt for an instant camera that has more settings and modes.

Battery Life & Photo Capacity

Most instant cameras are rechargeable, though some run on batteries consider what type youd prefer and how many shots you want it to take in between charges or battery changes. The rechargeable cameras on this list should give you the ability to take anywhere from 25 to 240 photos before you need to plug them in, while the ones running on AA batteries will get you 100 shots, and CR2 batteries generally take at least 300 pictures.

Type #: Gif Booth With Holographic Prints

Bring your GIF booth experience to the next level, with holographic prints.

This was first introduced by our team in 2016, and has since been recognised as one of the most innovative wedding photo booth experiences.

We create these 3D-like holographic prints right on-the-spot, with our unique software and process. Whats cool is that you can see us making them, and were faster than you thinkwe can make up to 150 prints per hour!

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Type #1: Robot Photo Booth

Thats right, you can now hire a cute robot to follow you around and take your photos. Isnt it like something out of a science fiction film?

The robot photo booth can talk to your guests in the same way that a chatbot or voice assistant would, and you can tailor its speech to match the theme of your wedding.

However, with its hefty rental fee, youre paying more for the novelty factor and less for the actual photo booth experience or photo quality. Nonetheless, because of its novelty, it will be the talk of your wedding.

How To Use The Polaroid At

Polaroid photobooth

To use the photo booth:

  • First, plug in the power cord and press the power button.
  • Add in your Wi-Fi information, which allows for digital photo sharing later.
  • Load ZINK paper by opening the printer door under the touch screen, making sure you place the blue barcode side inward. First, you will eject the blue film.
  • Use the self-timer to set it to 0,3, 5, or 10 seconds.
  • Pose and press the red shutter button.
  • Edit the image by clicking the pencil icon. Choose from various frames, stickers, and filters. You can also free draw. You can save the image using the download icon.
  • Upload the image to scan the QR code and share it via your smartphone, or tap on the print icon.
  • Collect the image from the print tray.
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    Create A Polaroid Photo Wall Next To The Booth

    A photo wall next to a wedding polaroid station is a fun way to decorate the venue for the big day and will quickly encourage guests to get involved, especially if you can only have one camera. Your photo station can be as simple as a wall with some blu tack, string, and pegs for a unique wedding reception idea on a budget. Just make sure theres enough space for everyone’s Instax wedding photos.

    Reviews For Polaroid Photo Prop

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Charlotte Patrick 05/03/2022

    I bought a personalised Polaroid frame and hired a copper stand from Featherbarn as opposed to hiring a photo booth for my wedding. I was so pleased with the quality of both the Polaroid and the stand. Communication was fantastic from the start, and the Polaroid makes a lovely memento from our special day! We had so many comments from guests saying it was such a lovely touch. I cant recommend enough thank you! xx

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Kendra 06/03/2022

    Absolutely loved our Polaroid style prop for our wedding!! Feather barn staff were amazing! So helpful and friendly. They were also incredibly accommodating to us when we had to reschedule our wedding date due to covid! We had already purchased our Polaroid frame with our original date. However, when I contacted them to order a new frame with the new date on they gave us a discount! Which I thought was so lovely of them as they are a small business and no doubt has their own shortfalls due to covid! But still went out of their way to help us to save some money too! Great quality product and HIGHLY recommend! Thank you

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    Using Instax Cameras At Your Wedding

    Instax cameras and film make great gifts for weddings, your bridesmaids, you name it! How fun would it be to document your honeymoon with these awesome cameras? It could make for a really cute addition to scrapbooking, or even just displaying around your home. One feature of Instaxs newest camera: the Instax Mini 70 is that it has a handy little mirror on the front of the camera so you can properly line it up to take great selfies. Pretty cool, right?

    Let me take a selfie.

    I really love this brand and their products are just so fun to use. I cant wait to make more fun projects with their cameras and instant film!

    All opinions are our own. The Budget Savvy Bride chooses to only work with sponsors and partners that we truly love and believe in.

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    Frees Up The Photographer

    Polaroid AtHome Instant Photo Booth

    Wedding photographers are certainly there to document the entire wedding, but there are a few moments that everyone requests: cutting the cake, the first dance, and the toasts, not to mention the standard portrait requests. As a result, they dont always have time to capture the candid moments, and similarly, they cannot afford to be distracted by the guests asking for pictures. A Polaroid wedding photo booth solves this problem.

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    Where To Set Up A Polaroid Guest Book

    Once you’ve gathered all your materials, its time to think about where to set up your Polaroid guest book. The exact location will depend on your venue, however, there are a couple of pointers to keep in mind. Put simply, your station should be in an area thats easily accessible to guests, wont get too busy, and has enough space.

    The best place to set up a Polaroid guest book is in an area that is well lit and that your guests can see throughout the night as well as in an area that is dry and not windy, explains Whitfield. Places not to set up your Polaroid guest book include next to the bar as its too congested, next to the band or DJ, or out of sight.

    Needless to say, your wedding reception is likely to be a busy affair. The last thing you want is for the photo station to be in the way of the soirée. Instead, guests should see it the moment that they walk through the door so they can wish you well, take a quick snap of themselves, and stick it in the guest book.

    Choose a location where the booth doesnt get in the way of the party or doorways, but also where guests wont miss the station, Miller adds. This could be next to the seating chart for the reception. The choice is yours!

    Polaroid Camera For Photo Booth

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    What Type Of Tech Equipment Do You Need

    You dont have to be overly tech-savvy when it comes to your DIY wedding photo booth setup. However, you need to decide if someone will take the photos for you or if you will rely on your guests and their camera phones. Take time to research the best app for sending and receiving the images so that everyone has access. You can also use an iPad for the station or an all-in-one photo booth rental option. You dont want your photobooth connected to someones actual phone but still have access to share photos with your guests.

    Other helpful gadgets would be:

    • a selfie stick
    • a ring light
    • a tripod

    Better yet if you want to rev up the sentimental factor, buy a polaroid and let guests walk out holding the images.

    Dont forget to tell the DJ or band to play Outkasts, Hey Ya! when announcing the photo booth location!

    Type #: Roving Photographer

    Late Summer Boho Oregon Wedding

    Credits: Benny Sibbit

    With roving photography, you get a photographer with a professional camera, rather than an automated machine. You can either have the photographer walking around your venue to photograph your guests, or have the photographer at a fixed locationwith backdrop and wedding props.

    With Pronto, our photographer will take not just photos, but GIFs of your guests. And you get your photos right after our photographer takes themno waiting time required.

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    What You Need For A Polaroid Guest Book

    Setting up a Polaroid guest book is both affordable and easy to do. If youre ready to DIY this part of your reception, you dont need to buy a load of expensive gear. Heres a quick shopping list to get you started:

    If youre looking to add some pizazz to the day , you could also invest in a few photo props for the pictures. Think about how this will fit with your reception before choosing yours.

    Set Up A Polaroid Wedding Photo Booth

    With a simple backdrop and a few props, youll have a fun polaroid photo booth wedding for endless amounts of wedding reception entertainment. One of the best instant cameras for photo booths is the Fujifilm Instax 300 Wide Instant Camera, which can produce vivid images with a broader point of view for fun group photos.

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    Have Unique Instax Wedding Guest Books

    An Instax wedding guest book is an adorable way for guests to share their emotions and tell the happy couple how much they mean to them. Allowing your guests to pair these heartfelt messages with an Instax wedding snap adds more meaning and dimension to what will be one of your most treasured items for years to come.

    Write Instructions For Guests

    Polaroid AtHome Instant Photo Booth

    Dont leave your guests guessing! While taking a picture and writing a message is hardly rocket science, your loved ones may need a helping hand. “Have a list of instructions for what you want your guests to do, adds Dilley. For example: Stand 6-10 feet away from the camera, take one picture, glue the image in the guest book and sign a short message under the image!'”

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    How To Make A Diy Photo Booth Frame That Looks Like A Polaroid

    DIY photo booth frame Supplies:

  • Minwax Jacobean Stain
  • Step 1. Cut plywood

    First, we used the table saw to cut the underlayment plywood to roughly the dimensions of a polaroid picture. TJ actually researched and found exact dimensions but rounded it off for this project.

    The plywood measured 48 high by 42 wide.

    We kept a 3 frame on the top and sides and a 10 frame on the bottom.

    We cut the inside out with a circular saw.

    Step 2. Stain plywood polaroid.

    Then, stain both sides of the polaroid. I used Minwax Jacobean stain color, which is a gorgeous dark wood tone.

    Im planning on using one side for the bridal shower and one side for the wedding.

    Let the stain dry thoroughly before moving on. Learn more about how long it takes stain to dry here.

    Is A Polaroid Wedding Photo Booth The Right Choice

    ErinDIY Photo Booth

    Nothing says nostalgia better than a Polaroid. Its why this fun instant photograph is seeing a resurgence. Theyre fun, quirky, and a great way to memorialize events of all shapes and sizes, including weddings while imparting a distinctly vintage flavor. But the problem with Polaroids is that the film is expensive and hard-to-find, and you may need lots of photos to get your shot just right. So if youre looking for a fun alternative to a Polaroid wedding photo booth, an iPad photo booth app could be the perfect solution.

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    Include Instax Photos In Your Wedding Reception Decorations

    Use your Instax camera to document the critical events leading up to the wedding day. Wedding dress shopping, the engagement party, hens and bucks nights, all these images, captured in that classic Instax-style, make excellent decorations for tables, party favours, or cake-toppers! Instax also offers a range of colours for your films border, such as this sky blue Mini Instant Film – so you can easily match your photos to your colour scheme.

    Zero Ink Technology Paper And Image Quality

    Polaroid Photo Booth Wedding : Giant Polaroid Photo Booth Frame Wedding ...

    The at-home instant photo booth uses Zero Ink Technology paper 2 x 3 inches in size. The article comes in packs of 10 photos, the maximum number of films the printer can hold. Putting more than ten photo papers in the door can cause the printer to jam.

    The ZINK paper has a peel-off sticker at the back, which works great to stick the pictures in scrapbooks and mood boards.

    The image quality is pretty decent. However, we found that you need to have the LED flashlight on to get a clear picture in most instances. An external ring light makes the photos look even better.

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    Send Out Instax Thank

    Once the honeymoon is over, its time to thank everyone who helped make your polaroid camera wedding memorable. Go back through your collection of Instax happy snaps and include them in your thank-you cards. Each photo will remind them of all the fun they had and how unique their presence was to you.

    Get Involved In The Fun Yourself

    We know this is your big day, and youre not going to have time to get your DSLR out and start shooting. However, if you are a photography enthusiast, having an Instax camera loaded and ready at the bridal table allows you to loosen up and have some fun the night. What’s the point of having a polaroid camera for a wedding if the bride and groom cant join in?

    The Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 makes selfie-shooting simple, thanks to a handy mirror at the front of the lens and a dedicated selfie mode, allowing you to simultaneously be the life of the party and the centre of attention in your photos!

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    An Instant Camera With A Print Or Delete Option

    • Youll only get 25 photo prints per charge
    • Reviewers note that photos are dark in low-light situations

    The Kodak Mini Shot 3 Retro is a photo printer and instant camera that allows you to point, shoot, and then decide if you want to print or delete the picture on the screen in the back. You can even print multiple copies of an image or add a border, but the photos arent saved unless you connect the camera to your phone via Bluetooth. If the camera is connected to your phone, you can also print photos from your own photo gallery. The app gives you access to filters, frames, collages, editing features, and effects, but you dont need the app to take pictures.

    The built-in rechargeable battery takes about 90 minutes to fully charge and you can take up to 25 photos on that charge. The camera comes with 60 sheets of paper and each photo is printed with lamination, so its water-resistant and fingerprint-proof. If you want some backup 3 by 3-inch paper , you can get it here.

    Helpful Amazon review: It’s a great camera at my wedding last Saturday. I think it would be good to take it out and use it on special occasions. The shape is cute, so it’s good to just put it on the table. I bought a white one and it was perfect!

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