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What Should I Wear To A Wedding

Do Make Sure Your Skirt Is At Least Finger

What to Wear to a Wedding | Men’s Wedding Guest Outfits

While not all weddings will take place in a church, Carillo told me “the best rule of thumb is, if you can wear it to church, you can probably wear it to a wedding.” While we agree you look hot in that mini dress you recently picked up, a wedding isn’t the place to show it off, so leave it at home and opt for something a little longer and more appropriate.

“Dresses and skirts should be finger tip length long as you will be doing a lot of sitting and it’s not fun having to constantly pull down your dress,” Carillo added.

Don’t Worry About A Hat

Hats were once de rigeur at formal weddings in the UK, along with their opinion-dividing cousin, the fascinator. It’s far less common nowadays – if a couple wants the female guests wearing hats, they will likely put this on their invitations. If it isnt mentioned, you will find many guests forgo hats and fascinators, so do what makes you feel most comfortable. You could always add a hair accessory to give your look that extra something special.

You Should Opt For Solid Colors Or Simple Patterns

While this may not be your wedding day, you know there will be cameras taking pictures left and right, so just like the bridal party and family, you want to look and feel your best. In order to do this, Event Planner Brea Carillo suggests that “most solid colors and patterns are probably fine.” She went on to add that navy is her favorite go to option in this scenario.

With that said, for years we have been lead to believe that we are best to avoid horizontal stripes and opt for vertical if we want to give off a tall, lean physique, which is safe to say is the general goal when we know we’ll be in some pictures. Turns out, the truth is actually the opposite, as studies have shown a narrower perceived width with horizontal stripes as compared to vertical. If you were planning on simple pinstripes for this wedding, switch and opt for horizontal.

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Festive Wedding Attire For Guests

Festive attire is a relatively new dress code for weddings. As such, it can cause quite a bit of confusion. Essentially, it is providing you with the freedom to have fun and be playful with your outfit. If youre unsure where to start, try aiming for cocktail party attire with a twist. Think bold colors, exciting embellishments and accessories, and unique textures and details.

Best Wrap: Linen Dress In Marlena


Courtesy of Etsy

This linen wrap dress is comfortable and versatile. It has deep pockets to hold your essential items and an enhancing shawl collar. The fabric is light linen, which is excellent for the warmer months. It also comes in multiple shades depending on the mood you want to set.

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Under $150 Formal Dresses

So many great dresses in todays post. But some may be on the pricier end. And while not everyone may not have the budget for a fancy ball gown, I also understand that even if you DO, you may not want to spend a ton on something youll only wear once or twice. Here are some of my favorite formal dresses for formal wedding dress codes that are all under $150.

Black Tie Wedding Accessories

Lastly, you want to ensure your accessories also match the dress code. Leave the espadrilles and leather purses at home. This night calls for sequins, sparkles and all things dressy. I like to always bring out my fun small bags like this calf hair lady bag, or a sequined clutch. For shoes, You can always be safe in these strappy Steven Madden shoes and get away with them just fine. But to go over the top and really lean into the formal attire, opt for sparkles! Plus, love these under $100 ones that are for sure going to be comfy with that block heel.

Jewelry can go a few ways. I like to keep things simple especially if the dress is bold. A simple gold hoop or stud works. But if you want something more fun, a sparkly earring or tassel like I did above is always a great choice.

Every Wedding Guest Dress Code Explained

Have you ever received a wedding invitation that left you completely clueless about the wedding guest dress code? Between “black-tie optional” and “semi-formal,” the language can be tricky to decipher.

“While many couples would like their guests to arrive in black-tie attire, the most common wedding dress code is formal attire,” says Alicia Mae, CEO of the New Jersey-based wedding planning company ILÈ Events.

Meet the Expert

Alicia Mae is a New Jersey-based wedding planner and the CEO of ILÈ Events. She has planned over 50 successful weddings and events.

Formal attire may be the most common, but there are plenty of other dress codes that may appear on a wedding invitation. Formal, semi-formal, and casual are a bit more ambiguous than, say, black-tie, and it can be difficult for guests to settle on the level of formality they want to go for.

One of the best ways to decide what to wear is to do some research on the venue. “As a guest, I would first think of the wedding location as the background that sets the tone,” says Mae. “A quick Google search of the venue can give you a feel of the wedding style, and the venue will have photos of past weddings that can inspire you.”

If you’re stressed out about style, we’ve got you covered with our handy guide. Here are the most common wedding guest dress codes explained so that you arrive appropriatelyand stylishlydressed for the celebration.


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A Formal Ballroom Or Golf Club Wedding

DO: Consider the setting. These settings walk the line between semi-formal and formal, so depending on the setting and the couples style, you could wear a silver lamé jumpsuit or a cocktail dress with statement jewelry, Hovhannisyan explains. For a ballroom celebration, you might want to go with a longer dress, while a cocktail dress is great for a golf club wedding. DONT: Forget to examine the invitation. When deciding what to wear to a wedding, the invitations wording and design will give you clues into what is a good fit: A sleek, shining invite is begging for that jumpsuit, while a muted design with a floral motif is probably not going to be the right setting for something so fashion-forward.

How Men Should Dress For A Wedding

7 Things You Should Never Wear to a Wedding

Generally speaking, you should:

  • Wear lighter colors in the spring, summer, and during the day
  • Wear darker colors in fall, winter, and in the evening

Weddings are great. If youre the groom, it will likely be the happiest day of your life up to that point. If youre in the wedding, youre on the receiving end of an honor that not many people get. And if youre a guest, well, theres no better way to party than to show up to a place where everyone is all happy and loved up.

Especially if youre a single guy, but thats beside the point.

Anyway, youre here because its important to know how to dress for a wedding. Frankly, we dont blame you for seeking advice on the Internet. While weddings often have similarities among themselves, theyre highly personal and thus variation is high.

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What Not To Wear To A Wedding

Though some weddings have a specific dress code, many don’t, and there are outfits that you should not wear. As you ponder on what to wear, always remember that the impression you make is important. Below are some outfits that you should not wear to a wedding.

  • Top with an extra-low neckline, especially if you have no bra. This may be particularly improper if it shows too much of your bust.
  • A white dress that can be confused with the brides gown.
  • Micro-mini skirt.
  • Transparent dresses or skirts, especially if it shows your underwear.
  • Office or business wear, although an elegant pantsuit with heels works if you don’t like dresses.
  • T-shirts.
  • Jeans.
  • Backless dresses that show your bra band. If you want to wear a backless dress, make sure it has a built-in bra.
  • A dress or skirt that shows your bike shorts underneath.
  • Flip-flops, unless its a casual, flip-flop wedding.
  • Plastic footwear.
  • Sportswear like a jogging suit.
  • Sneakers or tennis shoes.

If you avoid these types of clothing, you will have a clearer picture of what you can wear to the occasion. Avoid clothing that screams, Look at me! This can be seen as desperate and disrespectful to the bride.

Whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident will be perfect.

Dont Show Too Much Skin

Following on from the above point, sticking to a more conservative outfit is usually a good move when deciding what to wear at a wedding. Weddings are long days, and can involve a lot of sitting, standing, and in some cases, running around after small children. For this reason, you dont want to be worried about a wardrobe faux pas in the form of a wayward neckline or rising hemline.

A high neckline is obviously the most appropriate, but mid-neckline is fine, says Lucy. Just avoid anything too low cut or with a plunge. Dresses or skirts should not be ultra short, and covering the shoulders would be best. However this can be done with a cropped jacket. You could always wear a jacket during the ceremony and meal, and take it off for the evening party.

M& S x Ghose Satin Midi Tea Dress | RRP: £79 | Sizes: 6-20

This flowy tiered midi dress is made for special occasions. The satin-like fabric oozes opulence whilst the round neckline and long sleeves keep it modest and offers extra coverage for winter.

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Things You Should Never Wear To A Wedding

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As much as we want to say that you should wear what you feel like is the most YOU, we do have to also mention that wedding is one of those occasions when you need to make sure you know the etiquette and plan your outfit accordingly.

That is why we have compiled a detailed guide that will walk you through all the faux pas and dress-up qualms that you must avoid as a wedding guest.

These dos and donts apply to any wedding guest regardless of their height, weight and age.

What To Look For In A Summer Wedding Guest Dress

What Should I Wear to a Wedding?

If you’re attending a summer wedding, it’s wise to shop for dresses made from breathable and comfortable fabrics like linen and cotton. These lightweight fabrics will keep you coolespecially if the wedding is outdoorsand work for every type of dress code. When it comes to silhouettes, mini, midi, and tea-length dresses are ideal for warm-weather nuptials and work especially well for beach and garden venues.

Attending a summer wedding is also the perfect chance to experiment with fun prints and vibrant colors. For a more classic take on summer wedding guest attire, look for dresses in soft pastel hues and dainty floral patterns.

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Ever Wonder What To Wear To A Wedding Ive Put Together A Comprehensive Wedding Guest Attire Guide For You

Disclosure: Some of the links on this post are affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you click a link and purchase something I have recommended. While clicking these links wont cost you any extra money, they will help me keep this site up and running and keep it ad-free! Please check out my disclosure policy for more details. Thank you so much for being so supportive!

Dont you just love weddings?! Nothing more beautiful than witnessing two people express their love and exchange their vows to one another. Of course, its also fun to celebrate the event and get a chance to dress up! If you need tips or a little inspo on what to wear to a wedding, youve come to the right place. The wedding guest dress code can get a bit tricky between black-tie, formal, and semi-formal looks, so we are here to bre

To make it easier, Ive narrowed it down to several wedding looks for the different wedding themes:

  • Black tie

Before going through different wedding guest outfits, lets go over a few things.

What To Wear To An Indoor Summer Wedding

Indoor weddings during the summer come with their own unique challenges . The best way to prepare for rogue AC is to dress in layers. With a three-piece suit, you’ll look pretty sharp with or without the jacket. An understated pashmina is another subtle touch that can easily be added to an outfit. One more thing to keep in mind with certain indoor venues is modesty. You’ll want to make sure you’re appropriately dressed if the wedding is taking place at a religious site.

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Cocktail Attire Wedding Outfit Ideas For Women

Dont want to add another cocktail dress to your wardrobe? No problem. Rent a trendy design instead. The details of this dress make it a standout cocktail attire wedding option, from the flared skirt to the bows on the straps.

Likely Ellery dress, $45 for a 4-day rental,

A formal jumpsuit is a great choice for a cocktail attire wedding. The bow detail on the neckline of this jumpsuit gives it an effortless cocktail-appropriate design. Wear it with your favorite heels and a pair of sparkling earrings to finish off the look.

Vince Camuto bow neck stretch crepe jumpsuit in Black, $148,

Cocktail wedding attire doesnt mean you have to sacrifice fun prints. This floral jumpsuit is perfectly appropriate for a weddingâjust add a pair of nude heels and a shimmering bracelet to make this a great option for a spring or summer cocktail attire wedding.

ELOQUII tie front jumpsuit in Everfloral, $140,

Satin midi skirts are seriously on-trend, and its not hard to see why. This copper shade is a great cocktail wedding attire option. To make it fit the dress code, wear it with a formal top , dress shoes and a statement clutch.

Halogen ruffle neck top in Black, $59, Nordstrom.comSocialite bias cut satin skirt in Copper, $59,

Statement details like an oversized tie instantly elevate any outfit. Paired with shimmering jewelry and block heels, this bold jumpsuit would be a great choice for a cocktail attire wedding.

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