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Where Do People Have Weddings

The Bride’s Father Was The Sole Benefactor

Inside Vanessa Grimaldi & Josh Wolfe’s Romantic Montreal Wedding | PEOPLE Weddings

In bygone days, the father of the bride was expected to perform his duty and shoulder the burden of funding the wedding. This practice stemmed from the ancient concept of the wedding dowry, in which the family of the bride would essentially pay the husband-to-be a sum of money as a sort of thanks for being willing to marry their daughter. While how each couple decides to handle the finances of their wedding varies on a case-by-case basis today, the notion that the bride’s family will unquestionably foot the bill has dissolved in the wake of modern society’s advances, thankfully.

To Change Your Name Or Not To Change Your Name

Cross going to the the DMV off your post wedding to-do list. In keeping with the theme of brides becoming less traditional, the American Wedding Study found that less women are taking their partners last name after the weddingjust 76 percent said they plan to in 2018, while 82 percent wanted their partners last name in 2017.

Parents Of The Bride/groom Roles

The parents of the bride and groom take a very active and honoured role in the wedding. They are giving their kids away, but also enjoy making this milestone everything that their children have ever dreamed of. However, every family is different, so feel free to shift around these traditional roles. Any mother or father figure in your life can be assigned one or multiple of these wedding positions.

Mother of the Bride

The role of mother of the bride is actually quite similar to a bridesmaid. She will help the bride plan the wedding, perhaps being more hands-on, and support her throughout the process. At present, she usually assists with planning the bridal shower, along with the brides aunts or cousins. If she likes, she may give a speech or toast at the rehearsal dinner or reception. Come the day of the wedding she will help orchestrate the chaos unless you hire a wedding planner or day-of coordinator. She will also take an active role in the ceremony itself, as a part of the procession.

Mother of the Groom

As the mother of the groom wedding tasks will vary. It usually depends on how much help the bride wants or needs. She often helps host pre-wedding events and supports her son throughout the wwedding planning and on the big day. She too may give a speech or toast, and will also enjoy a mother-son dance at the reception.

Father of the Bride

Father of the Groom

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This Is What American Weddings Look Like Today



Settle in, everyoneits time to talk weddings. Okay, we know what youre thinking: When isnt it time to talk weddings here at Brides? But here we are taking a dive into the 2018 Brides American Wedding Study, revealing everything you ever wanted to know about the cost, trends, and planning of weddings in America. Ready to see how your nuptials measure up?

We polled hundreds of engaged and newly married brides, discovering the average wedding budgets and favorite trends of real couples. What was the cost of the average wedding in 2018? What was the most popular time of year to say I do? And who the heck pays for everything? The results are pretty surprising, TBH, and they reveal some key details you should definitely consider while planning your own big day.

For example, the study reveals that more brides have been ditching tradition as of late, choosing to rock modern two-piece ensembles or funky jumpsuits in lieu of traditional white wedding dresses. The use of social media has also risen, with 94 percent of newlyweds incorporating technology into their big day.

People are saying farewell to the heat of summer weddings. With fall weddings making a leap, follow this trend by opting to tie the knot in September or October instead.

Want to know more? Read on below. Want to know how many bridesmaids a bride decides to have, or the average cost of a celebration? Heres what a wedding looks like.

Choosing Between Your Hometown Or Current Residence Can Be Tough So We’ll Help You Through It

007 How to have a wedding for under $1,000

If you grew up in a different place than you currently live, it can be tough to figure out where you should wed. Here are three questions to ask yourself while making the decision.

Photo by Bob & Dawn Davis Photography

After taking the time to enjoy your engagement, the first thing you and your sweetheart should do is decide on the location for your wedding. We dont necessarily mean picking a venue right away you may choose to bring on a planner to assist with that task. No, what you need to figure it out is what city or town will host the nuptials. Typically, the options are near the bride or grooms hometown, the current city where the couple resides, or a faraway destination. Some soon-to-be newlyweds grew up in the same area and possibly even still live there, which narrows the obvious choices. But for lovebirds who have roots hundreds of miles away and built a home together in yet another town, it can be a tough decision where they will have to factor in the various pros and cons of each spot.

Couples who choose to throw a destination wedding typically do so because they want a small, intimate celebration. You might think that if you want a small guest list, you can just invite fewer people, but an overseas event can help quell hurt feelings if there are a lot of people from back home who would otherwise expect an invitation.

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Why Couples Choose To Have Big Or Small Weddings

Owner of Sandy Malone Weddings & Events, Star of TLC’s “Wedding Island,” author and columnist

Do you want to have a ginormous wedding, or have you seriously considered eloping just to avoid the chaos? Did you have the kind of wedding that you and your fiancé wanted, or did you cave to somebody else’s wishes? I always find it fascinating to learn why brides and grooms have chosen the kind of wedding they’re planning.

Although the wedding day is supposed to be about the couple formally expressing their love, and making a commitment to one another, all the things you can have and do for your wedding often eclipse the main point of the day. It can be overwhelming and not that much fun for the couple if the bride or groom doesn’t enjoy being the center of attention at a large gathering.

Most of the brides who moan and groan to me about how they didn’t want to have a big wedding will blame it on their parents. I only believe that up to a certain point – I think brides and grooms get sucked into a competitive spirit when all their other friends are getting married around them.

Dr. Jane Greer, relationship expert and author of “What About Me? Stop Selfishness from Ruining Your Relationship” has some interesting insight to share on this topic. She says lots of couples cave under parental pressure.

I asked the doctor if brides and grooms today might be losing sight of WHY they’re getting married, and the whole point of having a wedding day.

Popular Wedding Destinations In Italy

If you havent yet picked a place for your destination wedding, why not consider these popular locations for a wedding in Italy? These regions to get married in Italy are bursting with authentic Italian wedding venues! From luxurious villas on Lake Como or rustic vineyards for a wedding in Tuscany, to historic places to elope in Italy s central Rome or a panoramic hotels in Amalfi.

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Basilica Hudson In Hudson New York

photos by The Portos // see more from this Stunning Geometric-Inspired Wedding at Basilica Hudson

Basilica Hudson, the newer wedding venue in Hudson, New York, was established in 2010 in a reclaimed 19th-century factory. Now serving as a non-profit multidisciplinary arts center, the venue represents a community of artists and musicians in the area. Oh, and since it is framed by the iconic Hudson River School and the Catskill Mountains, there is certainly no shortage of gorgeous views for wedding portraits.

photos by Jose Villa + Natalie Watson Photography

Tennessee plays host to one of our fave farm venues. The idyllic scenery and luxurious accommodations at Blackberry Farm will give your day a rustic, yet elegant, feel. The farm generates a range of heirloom produce + the farmhouse, built using reclaimed wood, is one of the propertys most noteworthy features. We can see why! It would make for a perfect backdrop for a stunning wedding. Dont you think?

Kapalua Maui United States

Couples Married for 0-65 Years Answer: What Marriage Advice Do You Wish You Had Gotten? | Brides

Kapalua loosely translates to “arms embracing the sea,” and this premier resort area in the northwest of Maui, at the foot of the Kahalawai mountains, has an understated elegance far from its commercially built-up neighbors. This hideaway has five bays and three white-sand beaches, one of which has been voted among the best in the US.

offer breathtaking settings with panoramic ocean views of the islands of Molokai and Lanai. The resorts have on-site restaurants with indoor and outdoor seating to accommodate large weddings.

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Historic Site Home Or Mansion

Youll love the hint of the past that comes alive with a wedding at a historic venue. Think rich architectural styles, such as Victorian, Colonial, or Romantic, and distinctive interiors. Homes on the historic registry often feature impressive grounds and gardens that are perfect for an outdoor ceremony and pictures. The San Francisco Mint opened in 1974 makes a striking wedding backdrop with its Greek Revival facade, sleek granite interior courtyard, and bridal suite in the Coiners Office.

What Paperwork Do I Need To Get Married In Massachusetts

You need to have a marriage license to get married in the Bay State. You can apply for a license from any city or town in the state it doesnt have to be from the town where you live or where your ceremony will be.

You should contact your city or town clerk to find out exactly what you and your future spouse need to do to get a marriage license, but in general, before your wedding youll need to:

  • Fill out a Notice of Intention of Marriage Form You and your future spouse will need to go in person to your city or town clerk to fill out this form. Youll need to provide:
  • Proof of your age, such as a birth certificate or passport
  • Your Social Security number

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Bridal Bouquets That Were Basically Deodorant

Yes, once upon a time, the bridal bouquet was not an aesthetic accent, but a necessary accessory. In the Middle Ages, brides would carry herbs with pungent scents, like dill and garlic, to ward off evil spirits and to mask the unpleasant scent of body odor. Also, apparently dill has the added advantage of being an aphrodisiac, so the bride would conveniently have it on hand for herself and her new husband to consume post-ceremony. And for some notions that actually amp up the romance, don’t miss 20 Marriage Proposals That Will Make You Believe in True Love.

Get A Replacement Licence

Jessica Mulroney I Do, Redo Canceled Weddings Coronavirus

You must apply for a replacement licence only if you still wish to get married and:

  • you or your future spouse have changed a name or since your unused licence was issued, or
  • you no longer have your unused licence

The replacement licence is valid for three months from the date it was issued. Couples should only apply for a replacement within three months of their rescheduled wedding.

When you visit a municipal office to get a replacement licence:

  • municipal fees may apply
  • there is no provincial fee
  • bring your unused licence
  • bring your identification documents
  • go to the municipality where you originally purchased your licence

If you are unable to go back to the same municipality where you originally purchased your licence, additional time and information may be required to issue a replacement.

Contact your municipality before applying for a replacement for more information.

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Why These Seasons Are The Most Popular

These months and seasons are popular for many reasons, one being the weatherWe all know that September is an absolutely stunning month with weather that is leaving the heat of the Summer and heading into cool Fall. And for brides wanting to do an outdoor wedding this range of months provides you with an array of color options.

May-July, on the other hand, provides brides with bright greens and pops of Summer colors that you can have lots of fun with. If youre looking to have fun by the pool with your wedding party during your wedding weekend, youll want to pick a Summer wedding!

Both seasons are great for either indoor and outdoor weddings and they dont force you to keep things inside! Another perk of fall weddings is the absence or lack of bugs! If youre wanting to do an outdoor reception or ceremony, many brides worry about the big bug problem, but planning your wedding closer to fall is a good way to make sure there are less bugs pestering your guests.

Primary Wedding Roles: Listed

First things first. Lets review the primary or traditional wedding roles! These roles are usually the first to be filled, as they ensure a much smoother wedding day. The majority fall under the category of wedding party roles, including the bride and groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen, and the officiant. The other wedding positions are optional, depending on your personal preference and if there are enough additional people to fill the roles.

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Race & Religious In New Orleans La

photos by Shelly Anderson , Theresa Elizabeth Photography + Perla Martinez Photography + Tamiz Photography

Known as New Orleans most distinctive location for weddings, Race & Religious can host up to 300 guests in its romantic historical compound. The unique indoor-outdoor space is comprised of two masonry homes built in the 1830s and provides a great backdrop filled with all that NOLA charm. To top it off, R & R would be perfect place place to get married if youre considering a destination wedding, because tell us one person who hasnt mentioned wanting to visit New Orleans!

Ask Yourself: Should I Have A Wedding

6 Reasons To Have A Courthouse Wedding!

When I got engaged after a whirlwind romance a decade ago, my mom was like, “Who were you even dating? Have I met him?” Everyone I worked with used the same voice to approach me that you would use on a kindergartner who steps out of the bathroom to proudly reveal her new DIY haircut.

Despite the weirdness we’d brought on ourselves, my future husband and I tried to plan our wedding, but after we each took turns freaking out and dropped out of pre-marital counseling, we did the only thing that made senseno, we didn’t break up we pranced on down to the county courthouse and got ourselves some legal paperwork to sign! Voila, with no money to our name, no home to call our own, and a hand-me-down Impala that slid through icy intersections, we were married!

That first year was just one long learning curve, but six years later, it’s actually working out pretty well. We got rid of that Impala, so things are basically perfect now. I have no regrets, including the decision to forego the big wedding and just get married so we could start our life together.

That’s not to say that each time a wedding invite lands in our mailbox these days I don’t gaze at the dates, the details, and the pretty calligraphy and feel a brief moment of longing for what I never hadI do . . . but then I remember all that I avoided.

Indeed, weddings are wonderful things if they’re your thing. But for those of us on the fence about such ordeals, here are ten good reasons not to have a wedding.

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