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Men Wedding Rings White Gold

K Yellow Gold Comfort Fit Wedding Band

Classic Luxury: Men’s White Gold Wedding Bands and Rings in 18K


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Conveniently determine your ring size using our downloadable Ring Sizer. When you print the ring sizer, you must set the Page Scaling to None in your printer dialog box. Otherwise, the ring sizer will not print to the correct scale.

Dont See Your Ring Size?

Free Lifetime Ring Sizing from Shane Co.

Your rings will always fit perfectly when you buy from Shane Co. because our Free Lifetime Warranty includes complimentary ring sizing for life. No one takes care of your jewelry like Shane Co.

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What Is The Best Metal For Mens Wedding Rings

Mens wedding bands are available in a variety of materials, including precious metals, so you can find a ring you love and to match your partners wedding band if desired.

Gold wedding bands are among the most popular choice for men, as they offer a timeless look and lasting shine, crafted in precious metal. Choose from yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold, for a wedding band to suit your style.

Titanium is an extremely durable metal, making it a popular choice for rings that are worn every day. Our black titanium rings offer a modern yet classic look, and our styles featuring black diamonds have an extra unique touch.

Tungsten is a metal with a natural grey colour. It is a hard and largely scratch-resistant metal, making it a great choice for rings especially for those who work with their hands.

At Michael Hill our mens wedding ring designs also include polished, brushed, and patterned metal, so you can find the ideal piece for you.

Do Men Select Their Own Wedding Ring

It is up to the couple how they go about choosing their wedding rings, but an engaged couple will usually shop for wedding rings together. Whether or not you choose matching wedding rings, it is a good idea to shop together, as these are significant pieces that you will wear for life. It also ensures that you can each choose a ring you love.

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Men’s White Gold Wedding Bands

  • Men’s 14k White Gold Textured Wedding Band

  • Reg.$300.00
  • Men’s 14k White Gold Double Channel Wedding Band

  • Reg.$3,100.00
  • Men’s 14k White Gold Brushed Wedding Band

  • Reg.$1,750.00
  • Love Always 10k Gold 3 mm Men’s Wedding Band

  • Reg.$450.00
  • Men’s 14k White Gold Satin Stripe Wedding Band

  • Reg.$4,100.00

    Stella Grace Men’s 10k White Gold Sapphire & 1/4 Carat T.W. Diamond Wedding Band

  • Reg.$2,350.00
  • Men’s 14k White Gold Brushed Wedding Band

  • Reg.$1,600.00

    Men’s 14k White Gold Rope Wedding Band

  • Reg.$2,350.00

    Men’s 14k White Gold Wire Finish Wedding Band

  • Reg.$2,250.00
  • Men’s 14k White Gold Diagonal Brushed Wedding Band

  • Reg.$2,350.00

    Men’s 14k White Gold Wire Finish Wedding Band

  • Reg.$3,900.00

    Men’s Two Tone 14k Gold Satin Wedding Band

  • Reg.$1,900.00

    Men’s 14k White Gold Wedding Band

  • Reg.$4,700.00

    Men’s 14k White Gold Milgrain Wedding Band

  • Reg.$2,250.00

What Is The Difference Between 10k 14k And 18k Gold Wedding Rings

Brushed White Gold Mens Wedding Ring

The purity of gold is measured in karats. Each karat represents that the metal is 1/24th gold. This means 24 gold gold is 100% gold, 18k gold is 75% gold, 14k gold is 58.3% gold, and 10k gold is 41.7% gold. The amount of gold in the alloy can alter the color of the gold. You can see examples of the gold colors in the different karat amounts here.

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What Are The Differences Between Yellow Gold Rose Gold And White Gold Mens Wedding Bands

Yellow gold is naturally warm in color and is the normal color of gold. Depending on the karat in the ring, it will vary from a light yellowish-gold color to a darker more pure gold color.

Rose gold has a pink hue to it, similar to copper. It is a gold alloy that gets its color by adding copper to the gold. Higher karat rose gold gets a warmer color to it and can start to appear a little less pink due to having more natural gold in it.

White gold has a silver-white color. It gets its color from mixing metals such as palladium, silver, and nickel into it to create the white gold alloy. It is also plated with rhodium to give it an even more of a white color. White gold doesnt vary much in color based on karat count.

Mm Handmade Rope & Flat Woven Men’s Wedding Band

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8.5mm 14K White Gold Woven Handmade BandTreat yourself to this woven comfort fit 14k white gold band. Intricate braid pattern framed by a cord and high polished edge give this ring an exquisite look.Buy luxurious jewelry at affordable prices at GoldenMine.
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How Much Are Mens Wedding Bands

Wedding bands for men can range pretty wildly in price. The reality is, you can buy a silicone band for $20 or you can buy an 18K gold band for a couple thousand. We wholeheartedly encourage you to set aside industry averages and truly think about what feels right to you.

What are you comfortable spending on your wedding band? Your ring is a symbolic representation of your marriage, but it also doesnt have to break the bank, either! Like anything in the wedding planning process, think about your budget when looking at band options.

We also recommend thinking about how price plays a role in how long your ring lasts. If a rings price seems too good to be true, what material is it made out of? How long will that material last?

And are you ultimately looking for a ring that lasts a lifetime or would you rather swap out for new styles as time passes. There are no wrong answers here! The right price for a mens wedding band is ultimately what prices feels right to you. And that answer will vary for everyone.

In this guide, well share rings from various price points, so you can shop with confidence for the perfect fit.

How To Pick Mens Wedding Bands

Mens Diamond Wedding Band Ring in 14k White Gold

When choosing the perfect mens wedding ring, think about your unique style and what you want your ring to say about you. Engagement rings tend to get a lot of the attention, but we cant forget that your wedding band is a ring youll wear every dayand it should reflect your unique personality.

When thinking about your style, do you like the glimmer of gold and silver? Or do you prefer the rustic look of a wood wedding band? Or perhaps the rugged and intense look of tungsten is more your vibe. There are so many unique mens wedding bands to choose from, but the first step is narrowing down the materials and styles you love.

From there, think about the lifestyle you lead. If you live an active life and plan on wearing your ring on your adventures, consider metals or materials that can handle bumps and scratches.

The more pure yellow gold gets, for example, the more susceptible it is to scratches. Similarly, wooden rings can be fragile as well. Meanwhile tungsten and titanium are some of the strongest materials you can choose for a wedding band. Which material you choose really depends on when and where you plan on wearing your wedding band.

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Why Is Gold A Popular Material For Mens Rings

Gold is a naturally beautiful metal. It has lusters and colors that are unlike any other material. It is also very malleable making it easy to work with, but still durable enough to be used in mens rings. Gold has a high resistance to rust, tarnishing, and corrosion. It also doesnt fade over time. These characteristics along with its rarity are what has made it a popular choice for mens rings throughout the ages.

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Moissanite Men’s Wedding Ring 14k White Gold 165 Ct Round Cut Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Ring Handmade Jewelry Birthday Gift Ring

Price: $133.02+

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Rare find this item is hard to come by.


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Gold Wedding Ring Pros And Cons



  • Gold wedding bands are traditional and timeless.
  • Gold wedding bands are suitable for everyday wear.
  • Gold rings can be customized with finishes and engraving.
  • Gold rings are available in yellow, white and rose gold.
  • Gold looks very similar to platinum.
  • Gold wedding rings are easy to repair and resize.
  • Gold rings hold their value and often increase in value.


  • Because gold wedding bands are an alloy of pure gold and other metals, they are not hypoallergenic.
  • Gold scratches rather easily, so if you are looking for a ring that will stay perfect its not the best choice.
  • Rhodium, a common coating, may have to be reapplied every couple of years to boost its former sheen.
  • Gold isnt as durable as some other contemporary metals, like tungsten and titanium.

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Mens White Gold Wedding Ring

Mens Wedding Ring Designs: A History

Rings, especially wedding rings, have a rich history that can be traced back to as far as 6000 years ago. It is believed that ancient Egyptian couples exchanged braided wedding rings made of reeds or hemp. For them, the circle signified eternity and the wedding ring represented the eternal love between the man and his wife. In many western cultures, however, the wedding ring was worn only primarily by a woman as a symbol of her fidelity and commitment. The widespread practice of men wearing wedding rings, as we know it today, began in the US during the period of World War II.

In India, this custom emerged much later in the twentieth century, but it quickly deepened its roots across regions and religions. Today, Indian men wear wedding rings as much as women do and the use of couple bands has become the latest trend among modern and urban Indian. Naturally, the jewellery industry is quick to come up with mens wedding ring designs that abound in styles and patterns.

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Ode Double Row Diamond Wedding Band In 14k Yellow Gold


Dont Know Your Size?

Conveniently determine your ring size using our downloadable Ring Sizer. When you print the ring sizer, you must set the Page Scaling to None in your printer dialog box. Otherwise, the ring sizer will not print to the correct scale.

Dont See Your Ring Size?

Free Lifetime Ring Sizing from Shane Co.

Your rings will always fit perfectly when you buy from Shane Co. because our Free Lifetime Warranty includes complimentary ring sizing for life. No one takes care of your jewelry like Shane Co.

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Do Mens Wedding Bands Incorporate Gemstones

Platinum on a Budget: 10K Men’s White Gold Wedding Rings

Modern wedding bands utilize all types of materials, and many of our mens wedding rings include beautiful gemstones. Shane Co. offers rings for men in hundreds of distinctive styles with diamonds, sapphires and rubies. All of our stones and diamonds are ethically sourced, hand-matched and hand-picked in Antwerp, Tel-Aviv and Bangkok.

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Know Your Options Before You Buy Mens Wedding Designs

There are many ways to express your love for your man and touch his soul giving him a precious wedding ring is one among them. Now you can buy men’s wedding ring designs from online shopping portals where you can find a great range of designs. Even after centuries, the traditional wedding bands retain their charm and fervour. Though gold is the most preferred metal for making mens wedding rings, a delightful range of pieces in white gold and platinum are also available. Dazzling designs with diamonds embedded in the ring are also popular among modern Indian men, not to mention the popularity of designs with coloured gemstones and precious stones. Look for a beautiful and classy design when you buy mens wedding rings online and you are all set to start your conjugal journey with a little bit of glitter and lots of love.

The Cool Allure Of White Gold Wedding Rings For Women

White Gold Wedding Rings for Women have been popular since your Grandmothers times. White Gold was seen to symbolise the purity of a White Wedding, and it still does for many couples. The Ladies White Gold Wedding Rings popular today differ from those our Grandparents cherished, they are a lot whiter, and far more reflective. For Wedding Rings, White Gold, which once spoke to modesty, now has a daring, icy attractiveness to it. This is because it is coated with Rhodium, an extremely rare precious metal which would not have been easily available in the past. This Rhodium plating means a White Gold Wedding Band sparkles with a scintillating sheen that catches the eye and will add to the brightness of all your memories of your happy day. The highly reflective quality of Rhodium also means that patterns engraved on our Ladies White Gold Wedding Rings are made all the more attractive as they seem to capture and radiate their own light in the way a single candle can illuminate an entire hall of mirrors. Browse our galleries to get an idea of the staggering scope of the designs into which White God can be fashioned to create stunning Wedding Rings to suit any bride on her big day and throughout her married life. All these factors make Wedding Bands in White Gold a cool, sophisticated choice for twenty-first century brides.

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Wedding Rings For Men

Mens wedding rings come in many different metals, settings, and designs. Heres what you should know when shopping for the right wedding ring:

Choose a Metal: Start your search for the perfect mens wedding ring by choosing a metal. Platinum, white gold, and yellow gold are popular choices however, these are high-end and expensive precious metals. If these premium precious metals are out of your budget, choose an inexpensive alternative such as cobalt or tungsten. Both of these metals look similar to white gold and platinum, but they are far more affordable.

Choose a Band: Another factor to consider is the width of the band. Wider bands will stand out and look more masculine on men with large hands, whereas they may overwhelm men with slender fingers. Many men find narrower bands more comfortable than wider bands, but the truth is that both styles can be comfortable as long as they fit correctly.

Choose a Finish: Next, its time to think about the finish of the ring. Matte finishes are understated and modern, whereas high-polished finishes are traditional. You can also get the best of both worlds by choosing a men’s wedding ring that incorporates both finishes into the design.

Finally, consider the extra details to include in your ring. Do you want diamonds? What about gemstones? He will wear this ring for the rest of his life, so its essential to choose one that has everything hes ever dreamed of!

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