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What To Wear To A Beach Wedding As A Guest

What To Wear To A Beach Wedding: Women

What To Wear To A Beach Wedding: Wedding Guest Outfits & Ideas | Next
  • If the invitation indicates that you should wear beach formal attire, then a long, elegant gown is perfectly appropriate.
  • Semi-formal beach attire calls for short or tea length dresses, which are great because they wont drag in the sand, plus they transition beautifully to a reception venue held at a restaurant or oceanfront hotel.
  • Are you wondering what to wear to a casual beach wedding? Our advice is a nice Maxi dress. A maxi dress is loose fitting, especially around the bottom of the dress so you can easily sweep it across the sand and brush it clean on land for a seaside reception.

A Guide To Beach Wedding Attire For Guests

// by Cynthia //

This is the ultimate guide to beach wedding attire for guests! After reading this, youll know exactly what to wear to a beach wedding whether its casual, semi-formal, or formal. Not only are we decoding the dress code, but were also sharing the best colors, fabrics, and shoes to complete your beach wedding guest outfit! After you read these tips, make sure you check out this gallery of gorgeous beach wedding dresses for guests to get ideas of what you can wear, and find retailers that sell affordable beach wedding guest outfits.

Have you just opened up an invitation to learn that youve been invited to a beach ceremony? While this may be exciting, it may also leave you scratching your head wondering what to wear to a beach wedding? There are a few ground rules you should follow in order to look great, remain comfortable, yet formal enough for this non-traditional wedding.

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What Should Men Wear To A Destination Wedding

Pay close attention to what the invite states as the dress code. Theres a big difference between a beach wedding attire and tropical formal or tropical elegant attire. If the wedding youre attending leans less formal, you wont be expected to wear a suit and tie , and youre definitely not expected to go black-tie. However, with a tropical elegant or tropical formal dress code, you should assume a suit or blazer , and you should refer to the dress code to see if you should wear a tie or not.

No matter what, unless its strictly stated somewhere, stay away from sandals, shorts, or anything overly casual. This is a wedding, after all.

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Gorgeous Beach Wedding Dresses For Guests

On this page, youll find some dresses that I think are perfect for a beach wedding. I hand picked these dresses because theyre the perfect colors, fabrics, length, fit and styles for a beach wedding. Depending on the accessories and shoes you wear, most of these dresses can be dressed up or down to match the formality of the wedding.

These are all sold by my affiliate, Lulus and any purchase you make via these links may result in a small commission to Destination Wedding Details at absolutely no additional cost to you. Its just a small way we keep this site running. Now, the reason I chose to curate dresses from Lulus, is because I am absolutely in love with this online store.

Lulus has been around since 1996 thats more than 23 years so you know theyre doing something right! They have a huge collection of trendsetting and chic clothing at really affordable prices. But in addition to all the nice clothes, they also a great refund policy and support. Ive personally put their refund policy to the test and I can attest to the fact that they make it really easy. And you can even live chat with a stylist to get professional styling tips before you buy. Its pretty awesome. Ive spent wayyyy too many hours on their website because they have so many stunning outfits.

Wedding Guest Dresses For Grown Women: 40+ Best Ideas Of What To Wear To A Summer Wedding

Beach Wedding Guest Dresses Petite

With our country opening up, many of us are receiving wedding invitations in the mail. After a year at home and such a drastic change in fashion trends as of recent, it’s hard to know what a grown woman should wear to a wedding this summer. What is considered stylish, and what looks too try-hard? Is it possible to be chic and comfortable?

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Avoid Tuxedos And Suits

If you are the type of person who cant wait for an opportunity to don a tuxedo or a suit since they are the ultimate conveyor of elegance, be wary. Any suaveness that you might exude wearing your sharpest suit may diminish if you start sweating profusely and start exuding, well You get the picture.

If you are a suit aficionado, wear a suit made of light, thin fabrics like seersucker. Alternatively, you could swap your suit jacket for an equally dashing blazer, vest or suspenders, as these garments are less stuck up than suits and tuxedos, but still sufficiently elegant. For those who are unfamiliar with how to incorporate these elements into their outfit, take a look at tips on how to wear a vest or how to wear suspenders effortlessly.

Best Tropical Beach Wedding Guest Dresses $89

This is one of the most popular tropical beach wedding guest dresses of the year, probably because of this stunning shade of sage green and the gorgeous silhouette. This dress features thin straps, a deep v-neckline, and a waist tie for a flattering look. The length of the skirt is a floor-length maxi, made for dancing! Buy here.

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What To Wear To A Casual Beach Wedding As A Guest

As we have explained in the previous section, casual beach weddings are the simpler, more custom versions of beach formal weddings. However, be careful dont show up to a beach casual wedding wearing the following garments or footwear:

  • Your old rubber flip-flops
  • Hawaiian shirt
  • Plaid button-up shirts

A better approach is to keep it simple, as we noted above, with quality linen or cotton garments. So, the same thing a groom might wear works for the guests as well. Other than that, you could introduce a sports jacket in various different colors, however, you can, but you do not have to stick to any particular color scheme like pastel colors and muted colors, which is, of course, a characteristic of beach formal dress code.

In terms of shoes, the shoes that work for beach formal also work for beach casual. Basically, the only thing you have to pay attention to is to not go overboard and come to the wedding wearing clothing that is too casual. Just use common sense and youre good to go to one of the most enjoyable and magical locations where two people can get married.

What To Wear To A Beach Wedding: Men

Beach Formal & Beach Wedding Dress Code – What To Wear & What To Avoid – Gentleman’s Gazette
  • If the dress code is beach formal, you should wear a traditional suit and tie, especially if the reception is being held near the beach in a restaurant, resort ballroom, or on a yacht.
  • If semi-formal beach wedding attire is required, then you should wear slacks and a button-down shirt. You can also wear a suit jacket or vest, but you can forego the tie! It is not needed since the venue is non-traditional and can make you feel restricted and overheated in warm/tropical weather.
  • Long pants and a light color button-down shirt with short or three-quarter sleeves is appropriate casual beach wedding attire for male guests.

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Beach Wedding Guest Dresses

Are you wondering what to wear to an upcoming beach wedding? We have selected beach wedding guest dresses for every dress code! You’ll be able to create the perfect beach wedding guest outfit with one of these dresses. From casual sundresses for informal ceremonies to breezy gowns for formal beach club ceremonies, we’ve found a beach-ready dress. Perfect for coastal weddings and tropical beach destination weddings!

Shopping and image sources: Dress: ASTR the Label Santorini Dress in Navy Blue Floral from | Earrings: Vanessa Mooney The Interlocking Hoop Earrings in Gold from Bracelet: Kendra Scott Davie Cuff Bracelet in Gold Dichroic Glass from | Clutch: KAYU Cassia Clutch in Gold from |Shoes: Steve Madden Lori Kitten Heel Sandal in Tan Lizard from

A Visual Guide: Wedding Dress Codes Decoded

Links to details product sources for the individual collages created by Dress for the Wedding Beach Chic: Outfit for an Outdoor Summer Wedding | Daytime: Pretty Yellow Printed Dress | Cocktail: Sequin Cocktail Dress for a Wedding Guest | Black Tie: What to Wear to a Fall Black Tie Wedding | | Formal: High Low Ball Gown | Destination: Blue Strapless Dress for a Wedding Guest | Afternoon: Coral Lace Dress | Rustic: Cold Shoulder Floral Maxi Dress

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Dokuritu Lace Maxi Dress

Flowy, floor-length dresses always fit the bill for beach weddings, and this lacy maxi from Dokuritu is perfect in every way. Its crochet detailing elevates its classic silhouette while also adding a sexy element with a sheer waist. The ruffled skirt makes it feel more formal, giving you the perfect amount of flair when worn with your favorite heels . “It’s very soft and comfortable,” a shopper said. Their review was followed by another customer that wrote, “I wanted to find a cute and airy dress for a wedding, and this dress did the job. Not too hot and it’s very cute.”

To buy: , from $38

What To Wear To A Formal Beach Wedding As A Guest

A Guest

Now that we have covered the main no-nos of a beach formal look, there are a few things that are gladly admitted to a beach formal wedding. Since beach formal dress code is an interesting mixture of formal and informal, it may be tricky to pinpoint just what the perfect balance between these two extremities is. So, lets take a look.

  • Wear bright or light colors
  • Play around with the details
  • Wear light, breathable fabrics
  • Pay attention to the theme
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    What To Wear To A Beach Wedding That Has A Set Dress Code

    Lucky for you, in the case of beach weddings, the dress codes that may come into consideration are miles away from traditional menswear dress codes. So, the pesky task of coordinating colors, the appropriateness of wearing garments that adhere to the rules of any given dress code and all other dress code guidelines that are set in stone remain faraway on the mainland. If you want to wear, say, white pants and black shoes, you can as long as you keep in line with the established dress code or the underlying idea and theme of this particular wedding.

    Take for example the aforementioned Hawaiian shirt. There is scarcely an event to which you can show up wearing this idiosyncratic motif. But if the dress code or the theme of the wedding allows it, then sail away!

    Now that weve cleared off this contentious matter, lets take a look at which dress codes you may encounter at a wedding that takes place on a paradise resort.

  • Beach formal
  • Beach casual
  • We will first focus on beach formal dress code since it is a peculiar melange of formal and informal features.

    Be Sure To Wear Bright Or Light Colors

    To sport a perfect beach formal look, the beach part of beach formal can be expressed by wearing bright or light colors, especially by opting for details that are in these colors. The formal part will be conveyed by garments that are on the preppy side of the formality spectrum. The base of your outfit can be light think white, tan, khaki. Beside these colors, pastels work great pastel pink, pastel blue, etc. Furthermore, you can play around with details and introduce colored garments to the look. Here are our color and garment suggestions. Any of these colors works for any of these garments or accessories.

    Beach Formal the dissection

    Orange and red peach, corn rose, burgundy Brogues, loafers, shoelaces, socks

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    Best Maxi: Birdy Grey Gene Dress Curve

    Courtesy of Birdy Grey

    Size Range: XS-3X | Length: Floor-length | Material: Polyester, spandex

    Simple and sophisticated, this maxi dress comes in a color appropriately called “sea glass.” Between the criss-cross back, the halter neckline, and the slit, it would be a great choice for formal and semi-formal dress codes.

    Bridal Dresses: What To Consider For The Coastline

    What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

    When browsing bridal dresses for a beach wedding, finding the balance between practicality and style is everything. The number one thing youll want to consider is how much of your wedding will take place on the sand. If the majority of your festivities will be oceanside, skip the ball gown. Instead, opt for more comfortable beach wedding attire like an a-line dress or a sheath silhouette. That way, you wont have to worry about the layers of your gown blowing in the wind or collecting debris.

    Feel free to go more casual than you would if youre getting married in a ballroom or another formal venue. Get ready to say I do in an eyelet midi frock. Explore the little white dress trend in a lace-covered cocktail dress. You can always dress up your bridal outfit with a veil or hair accessories. Not a fan of the traditional white-wedding look? Complement your paradisal surroundings with a blush, tiered maxi or an almond-tone off-the-shoulder dress. Best wishes!

    Stylist Tip: Wearing a long dress? Heres a hack to avoid tripping while you make your grand entrance. Be sure to inform your alterations professional that youll be walking down the aisle on the beach. Your feet sink as you walk in the sand, so youll need a higher hem than youd need on solid ground.

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    Best Beach Wedding Jewelry

    To accentuate your beach-inspired dress, pick statement jewellery with the same motif. Drop earrings are chic .

    Dont bring your entire jewellery collection just choose two gorgeous sets you can mix and match and layer on or off as needed from day to night.

    Just a reminder: exposure to saltwater and sand can damage your jewellery, so choose materials that wont easily corrode. Avoid items plated with gold, rhodium, and vermeil.

    Beach Wedding Guest Dresses & Gowns

    Attending a wedding is a fun, festive and celebratory occasion that shouldn’t be stressful or cause you to lose sleep. But for those wedding guests who aren’t sure about what to wear, it can be overwhelming trying to find the best styles to suit the setting. Which is why Show Me Your Mumu offers a stunning selection of picture-perfect wedding guest dresses and gowns suited for gorgeous coastal weddings at the beach. So, if you’ll soon be attending a sandy wedding celebration by the sea, you’re in luck! With all the latest beach wedding guest looks to love, you’re sure to find favorites to feature on the big day at the beach. From casual and cute dress codes, to more formal affairs, we have all the best beach wedding guest dresses for any beach setting. Whether you’re looking for a flattering floral maxi dress to feature, wanting a high-low wrap dress to wear, or browsing for a bright and bold bohemian style to show off, our beach wedding guest dresses are designed to deliver effortless elegance the whole day through. Complete your eye-catching beach ensemble with some fashion jewelry, a fabulous pair of shoes and a playful purse.


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