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Where To Buy Wedding Suits

How Do You Pick A Groomsmen Suit

buy wedding suits for men

If you know you want your groomsmen in more traditional, matching suits, pick out a few different styles and talk to them about your vision (consider cost, color and your friends bodiesif theyre all about average, any suit style will do, but the same wont be true for men who are taller, larger or smaller than

Suggestions On What To Wear

Much as I like formalwear, its hard to recommend morning dress for weddings when they cost a fortune, and most men are unlikely to wear their rig a second time before losing their figure. The same is true for tuxedos, although you may get some use out of them for New Years Eve parties .

Most men will be better off in a dark suit, ideally in navy or charcoal, which they can wear again later. Try to stay away from black, however, as it can look too somber. Pair the outfit with a white, semi-spread collar shirt, a polished pair of black oxfords, and conservative neckwear . Throw a folded, white linen pocket square into your breast pocket and live happily ever after.

Reasonably, some men will feel this makes them look like theyre headed into a Monday meeting, rather than exchanging vows with someone they love. Here are some ways to personalize your ensemble around the edges, so that you can still make the day feel special:

Drakes glen check tie

What Should Men Wear To A Wedding

Dressing casual for a wedding is really just a nice way for the bride and groom to give permission to wear your suit or blazer without needing to buy anything new or something you dont already own like a tux with tails. It typically calls for a suit and dress shirt, but you can get by with a blazer or sports coat.

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What Are The Accessories To Pair With A Wedding Suit

Whether you are going for a formal look or a casual look, you can check out the following accessories to pair with your suit:

  • Tie clip: Even though it is a very simple and small accessory, it adds a different level of grace and class to your look. Of course, this accessory can only be opted for when the wedding outfit for men has a tie and they are opting for a formal look.
  • Cufflinks: This accessory goes well with all designer suits for men and in fact can be customized to match the design of the wedding suits.
  • Pocket Square: This little accessory refines your complete look. Many top designers consider a pocket square for the breast pocket to be an essential accessory that you cant miss out.

Should You Rent Or Buy Suits For A Wedding

Buy Black Slim Fit Shawl Lapel Tuxedo by GentWith

Buying a tux can be more cost-effective than renting if he plans to wear it two or more times, either as a best man or groomsman in another wedding, or to any black-tie affair. Renting may be easier on the wallet if he anticipates wearing his wedding -day tux or suit only once.

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How Is A Tuxedo Different From A Suit

Although the definition of a tuxedo has evolved over time, there are nonetheless several important elements that set a tuxedo apart from a suit. The primary distinction is that tuxedos have a satin trim typically on the lapels, buttons, and pockets. There are also satin stripes down the legs of the trousers. Standard suits, on the other hand, are generally made from the same material throughout.

Another key distinction between mens tuxedos and suits are the accessories. Classic wedding tuxedos involve a cummerbund and bow-tie, although modern tuxedo styles tend to be less formal and allow for long ties and vests. A tuxedo shirt is solid white with either a wing or turndown collar, whereas suit shirts can be made from a wider variety of styles and colors. Finally, mens tuxedos are generally worn with black patent leather shoes suits can be worn with a variety of dress shoes.

Tuxedos are worn exclusively for formal, evening events. Suits are more versatile they can be worn at any time of day, for both casual and formal events. Tuxedos tend to be more expensive than suits, but this can vary based on material, brand, and quality. If cost is an issue, groom tuxedo rentals are an affordable way to experience luxury attire at a fraction of the price. If youre not sure whether to rent or buy your groom tuxedo, check out Should You Rent or Buy a Tuxedo?

Still cant decide if a tuxedo is right for you? Take this quiz.

Experience The Ease Of Online Consultations And At


Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Tuxedo shopping is already a lot from color to fit and accessories , there’s so much to consider as a groom, groomsman, or wedding guest. But rather than throwing your hands up in frustration or allow overwhelmed feelings to take over, there’s a modern solution to purchasing a tuxedo or suit: a virtual experience!

Tuxedo shopping is evolving as brands and retailers implement virtual services from online consultations to at-home try-ons. For those who’d prefer to opt-out of an in-person appointment or shoppers without too many local optionsa virtual tuxedo shopping experience is a great choice.

While several brands are working hard to streamline the new processes, others were founded on the virtual concept and have quickly strived to innovate. Think more customized algorithms to improve self-guided shopping, expert interfacing for those wanting more direction, and increased flexibility with try-ons and returns.

Ahead, we’ve outlined the best places to virtually shop for a tuxedo online for grooms, groomsmen, and wedding guests, with expert insight from each brand or retailer.

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Where To Buy Groomsmen Suits Online

There are a few reasons why youll want to buy groomsmen suits online from here. We are outlining several reasons why your experience will be better at Todd Snyder than the competition.

1. The suit is made in your measurements.

Measure yourself at home with easy-to-follow instructions and order online! Andrew was very satisfied with the cut and fit of the suit he used the same measurements of a suit he already had and this suit fit him even more like a glove.

2. There are many suit styles from which to choose.

Whether youre planning a grand ballroom wedding or a casual beach reception, youll find a style of suit for your groomsmen from their fantastic and versatile collection.

3. Shipping was quick.

With such a high-quality suit, you may expect it to take forever to ship. Not the case here! We received the suit promptly.

4. The suit arrived beautifully packaged.

Other places youve probably shopped may result in wrinkling not here! The suit from Todd Snyder arrived carefully packaged and inside a beautiful suit cover with a zipper. The suit was hanging on a hanger and had no wrinkles. It was truly ship-to-wear.

5. The material is nice, thick, and has high-quality fabric.

6. These offer suiting options and tips.

See it for yourself! Here is the handsome Andrew wearing his suit from a recent wedding.

They make it easy to achieve a professional, tailored look, all online!

Lets take a look at some top picks in their store. For more options, check out their website here.

Where Can I Buy Cheap Groomsmen Suits

M& S Men’s Style: The Wedding Suits Guide

The Best Places To Buy Or Rent Groom & Groomsmen Attire Online

  • Ted Baker. Price range: $200 $800. It doesnt get much more dapper than Ted Baker.
  • TopMan. Price range: $200 $450.
  • J. Crew.
  • Mr Porter. Price range: $200 $5,000.
  • Calvin Klein. $150 $450.
  • Nordstrom. Price range: $85 $4,000.
  • BOSS. Price range:$150-1500.
  • Generation Tux. Price Range: $69 $139+

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Hugo Boss Regular Fit Suit

Hugo Boss is one of the most popular shopping destinations for men’s wedding suits, with one of its bestselling items being the Regular-Fit Suit.

A sleek design thanks to the slim tailored fit, which will not swamp the wearer but fit in all the right places.

The jacket boasts a two-button front, button sleeves, flap pockets, and a double vent at the back, while the trousers have two pockets at the front and back.

  • Hugo Boss Regular Fit Suit, £595 from Hugo Boss – buy here

Browse Our Sleek Wedding Suits For Men

We offer men’s wedding pants, jackets, dress shirts and more, all designed to provide a stylish look while keeping you comfortable. Spare yourself the stress of last-minute shopping by selecting a wrinkle-resistant wedding suit that’s ready to go whenever you are, or choose a lightweight option that keeps you cool and dry during outdoor ceremonies in the summer. You’ll also find jackets and pants with stretch fabrics that fit to your form, maximizing comfort and keeping you free of distraction.

With a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, you can easily buy a wedding suit that matches your style. Our fit types range from very slim to regular, always fitting to your form without constriction.

Enhance your wardrobe today by ordering your sleek wedding suit.

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Keep It Sleek With A Traditional Black Tux

The black tuxedo is the tried-and-true option for grooms interested in traditional attire. Its sleek, timeless, and sophisticated. For those who may be worried that the classic look might not offer enough personalization, fret not. While the color palette remains, there are still many ways to make it your own: the varying shape of lapels, fabrics, and jacket lengths. For evening weddings in the colder months, consider opting for a velvet tuxedo. If youre looking to switch up the silhouette a bit, double-breasted jackets are great for those who love a vintage moment and want to make their shoulders look very, very good.

Where To Buy A Suit In Calgary

1144 Mens Wedding Suit from Slaters

Look sharp for your wedding or formal event with a suit from one of these stores.

When it comes to dressing up, men have never had more options than they do today. While suits and tuxedos are still generally considered standard for most formal events, different colours, patterns, materials and styles help make ensembles unique. And while some men can fit off the rack suits, others are utilizing tailors and made-to-measure programs to make sure they also have the perfect fit. Here are some options for the next time youre looking for a suit.

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How Much Are Men’s Suits To Hire For A Wedding

Hiring a suit can be less expensive than buying a full three-piece suit.

Prices vary depending on the style, how long you hire the suit for, but at Moss Bros they can start as low as £59.95, but can fetch up to £160 for the full works, including tails, waistcoat, trousers, handkerchief, tie, hat and shoes.

While Suit Direct there appears to be a fixed rate of £100, but make sure to shop around.

It is important to note if the suits come back soiled there may be an additional charge, but it is important to check this before you purchase.

The Best Time To Shop For Wedding Suits:

  • Buy your wedding suit in the same season as your wedding, if at all possible. “This means you will have the largest selection to choose from,” the team at Louis Copeland & Sons explain. “Stores usually carry a larger collection of pale colours and lighter fabrics in summer and a larger collection of dark colours and warmer fabrics in winter.”
  • Avoid shopping for your wedding suit on the weekend. A weekday morning is the best time as the store is quiet and the wedding experts have plenty of time to show you all of the options and accessories available.
  • Fittings take between 45 mins to 1 hour, so give yourself an hour minimum between appointments.

Photo via Art Wedding Photography via One Fab Day

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Best Places In Toronto To Buy A Perfect Suit

Speaking from personal experience, shopping for the perfect suit is one of the most difficult tasks when it comes to shopping. Whether youre looking for a suit to wear to the office or a suit to wear to a wedding, its often incredibly hard to find the suit for you. There are so many elements to take into consideration from fabric, collar style, number of buttons, different cuts, colours, patterns and so much more.

Although the landscape of menswear will constantly be in flux, something that will never go out of style is a well-fitting suit.

The Best Wedding Suits For Grooms

Suits for Destination Weddings : Wedding Style

We offer a wide range of weddings suits for men to give you the opportunity to find the best suit for weddings. Welcome to a new way to find the right outfit for your special occasions.

Featured in:

How to choose your Wedding Suit

Select the Suit fabric

Choose from a wide range of Wedding Suit fabrics to find the one that matches better you for your special day.

Design your Wedding Suit

Personalize all details so you make your new suit a personal attire for the most special occasion.

Insert your measurements

Get measured at home. You don’t need a tailor, just some help from the bride, the other groom or a friend.

Wherever, However, and Whenever You Want it

Use our 3D men suits configurator to create the best wedding suit for the event of the year. Choose all the details from your Suit so you can create a personal garment that fits you perfectly in size and style.

Your unforgettable moments should be made-to-measure and so does your Suit. We offer a wide range of different Wedding Suits starting with the more classic Blue Wedding Suit and Navy Blue Wedding Suit, but we also provideWhite Wedding Suits. No matter what you want you can design your Suit online and we tailor it to your measurements.

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Boohoo Slim Fit Black Suit

Looking for a sleek suit on a budget? Try Boohoo.

The online retailer has a whole host of suits, and we think the Slim Black Suit is the ideal suit for exchanging your vows, especially when your purse strings are tight.

Shoppers can buy the blazer, waistcoat and trousers separately, as a two-piece or three piece suit, so there is something to suit everyone’s needs.

  • Slim Black Single Breasted Jacket, £35 , matching trousers, £17.50 , from Boohoo – buy here

Start Early Start Now

Back in 2010, Jesse wrote a great post about the old engineering saying, Good, Fast, Cheap: Pick Two. The concept also applies to shopping. If youre reading this site, Ill assume you want to get a good suit. The choice is then between getting one fast or cheap.

To be honest, fast may not even be an option anymore. The best suits are generally made bespoke by one of the few remaining tailors who are skilled in this craft . But those tailors tend to be based in Western Europe, and more often than not, around certain cities such as Naples and London. If youre not local to them, then youll have to rely on traveling operations, who will visit you once every three to four months. If this is your first order with that tailor, it can take more than a year for a suit to be delivered .

For ready-to-wear, youll want to leave yourself about the same amount of time to shop for a suit. It takes a while to try on different models and get a sense of what looks good on you. Buying jeans is hard enough. Tailoring is distinct in that small differences in the cut and proportion can make a significant impact on how you look. If you want to buy something good, but affordable, then you need to put yourself in a position to win. Be able to walk away from a deal until the right opportunity presents itself. Dont put yourself in a situation where you have to compromise. That means shopping early and shopping now.

Sartoria Formosa at No Man Walks Alone

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