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Where To Order Sparklers For Wedding

Where To Shop For Wedding Sparklers

Buy Sparklers – Wedding Sparklers

Make your grand exit from the wedding reception extra special with wedding sparklers! Learn where to shop for affordable and high-quality wedding sparklers!

Weddings are made up of many special moments. The hope is that your wedding photographers will capture all the best moments through their lens!

One of the most iconic photo-worthy moments of any wedding reception is the couples exit from the event as they leave as newlyweds. Who doesnt love a photo of a couple giddily walking amongst their loved ones as partners in life?

How will you commemorate your grand exit once your wedding reception playlist comes to an end? Many couples choose to get creative with their wedding exits to make that moment extra special. From tossing rice to blowing bubbles to being surrounded by glittering wedding sparklers there are many options to make the moment memorable.

I think anyone would agree that a sparkler exit makes for a magical ending to your wedding celebration. But it makes for even more magical photos! Just take a look at these amazing sparkler exits:

So, what do you need to know about using sparklers for your wedding exit?

The most important thing is:

Displaying Them In Buckets

One of the most elegant sparkler accessories we offer is our galvanized steel display bucket. Typically, they are used for displaying your items at the guestbook table. Additionally, you can use them for your floral centerpieces or other fun trinkets. Plus, if you like customizing your items, check out our chalkboard buckets. You can write whatever you want on the bucket!

How To Display Wedding Sparklers

I love how simple it is to display sparklers, adding an extra sweet detail to your decor. Just grab a glass vase and tie a ribbon around it. Make a simple little sign to tape to the front. We love this one that says Send us off in style. Sparks Fly at 10 PM so cute, right?

PS When you order wedding sparklers from Bride Envy, youll also get the chance to get a send-off kit completely for free! These kits have everything you need to display your sparklers and practice safety with your guests!

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The Best Length Of Sparkler To Buy And What To Avoid

When you first think of wedding sparklers, the 4th of July typically comes to mind and thats normal. Usually, when youre doing the fourth of July celebrations the length of the sparklers is very short 8-12 give or take.

Avoid these if you can, there will not be enough time to light a large crowd, let alone have the couple get through to the end, theyre just too short.

In the wedding industry, there as many different lengths to choose from ranging upwards of 36-inches. Honestly, 36 is too long and many of those will break apart as they burn, causing the bride or groom to get hurt, Ive seen it too many times.

The best size range I would recommend for you is an 18-24 sparkler with 20 being the ideal range if possible.

These tend to last about two minutes or so and they provide ample time for everyone to light them and usually give us videographers and wedding photographers a couple of takes of you walking down and back.

As a wedding videographer/photographer we prefer these sparklers from Sparklers Online, a website that is dedicated to sparklers in the wedding industry. The thing I like about these is the color of the sparkler itself, which is more like a candle color, or 4700K for those techie types. Since they provide more of a natural light color, theyre great for wedding exits.

As an alternate, you can try these links that weve found to be reliable and the sparkler color temp is great too.

Popular Ways To Use Sparklers For Weddings

Premium Gold 20"  Wedding Sparklers

With so many brides choosing to feature wedding sparklers in their celebrations, we hear a lot of feedback on how theyve been incorporated into ceremonies and wedding receptions. With all this great inspiration coming in, we have created a list below with some of the most popular ways to use them to help give couples ideas.

Sendoff Lines Featuring sparklers in sendoff lines has become a popular trend in the wedding industry. Also known as the grand exit or farewell line, theyre replacing items such as birdseed, rice, bubbles, and confetti in this timeless wedding tradition. The bride and groom are sent off in style as the sparklers light the path for their exit.

Memorable Photos Adding them to your most special moments can make the photos stand out in your scrapbook. Classic moments like the first kiss or first dance are beautifully enhanced with your guests using wedding sparklers in the foreground or background. The bride and groom can use sparklers to write words or shapes in the air. Some examples include: the wedding date, the word love, or a romantic heart. The lasting light image created can help frame a memorable photo that newlyweds will treasure for a lifetime.

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How Long Do Wedding Sparklers Last

Wedding sparklers last for more than 10 years, so theres no rush to light up those sparkly canes any time soon. They work just as well after three years as they do after three months, so no need to concern yourself with a decline in quality over time if you choose to order ahead. Also, the leftovers are great mementos to keep for your first New Years celebration as husband and wife, or even to commemorate your one- and five-year anniversaries, reveling in your continuing love and commitment to one another.You might also consider letting your guests take any extras home with them, but keep in mind, if they traveled to you by plane, theyre not passing through airport security with a fire-flaring pole on hand. Those who road-tripped to your venue or live nearby may want to hang onto one or two for their next 4th of July party.

What Makes A Sparkler A Wedding Sparkler

Chances are youve probably used sparklers at some point in your life.

Most likely, at a Fourth of July cookout or a New Years Eve soiree.

However, there are some key differences between regular sparklers and wedding sparklers.

The main difference is that wedding sparklers are typically manufactured with a steel wire core, as opposed to a bamboo or wood core.

This small difference has a pretty major impact on the finished product resulting in a much longer burn time and a virtually smokeless burn.

These two key features make wedding sparklers ideal for use during wedding send offs.

Some of the reasons for this include. . . .

1. Wedding sparklers are easier to photograph

Even if you arent a professional photographer, you can probably see why the longer burn time and smokeless nature of wedding sparklers results in higher quality photos.

The longer burn time gives the photographer extra time to capture the perfect shot and also ensures that all of the sparklers stay lit for the photos.

Meanwhile, the lack of smoke and ash, results in clearer photos that you will treasure for many years to come.

2. Wedding sparklers ensure your send off is perfectly executed

When it comes to wedding send offs, timing is everything.

And thanks to a longer burn time wedding sparklers are key to ensuring perfect timing.

With traditional sparklers the first sparklers lit may have already burned out by the time your last guests have lit their sparklers.

3. Wedding sparklers wont make a mess

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Who We Are And What We Do

Buy Wedding Sparklers has emerged as the internets highest quality and lowest priced retailer for wedding sparklers, color sparklers, and specialty sparklers. We are proud to offer the largest selection of wedding related products at rock bottom prices and we never sacrifice customer satisfaction just to make a buck. We pride ourselves on offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all of our customers. We work day and night to make sure your buying experience is the best it can be.

Additionally, we know how important your wedding day is and that each and every detail makes the day even more magical. Whether youre looking to do a wedding sparkler sendoff line or use them for your reception table centerpieces, our huge selection of products last longer and perform brighter than the competitions at the lowest prices youll find anywhere.

If youre looking for inspiration on how to use wedding sparklers as part of your celebration, please take a look at our photo gallery and wedding sparklers blog to give you some great ideas. We love to share inspiration on ways to use them as they are discovered! That way, you can make your big day the way that you see it in your dreams. From everyone at Buy Wedding Sparklers, we hope you have a magical celebration!

Why Purchase Sparklers And Celebration Supplies From Sparklersus

Buy Sparklers Wedding Sparklers

Excited to take the perfect pictures at your event? Our wedding sparklers are smokeless and available in a number of sizes for your convenience. You get all the dazzling magic of sparklers on your special day without clouds of smoke fogging up your photos and venue. is here for you throughout the party planning process. With a selection of confetti, wedding tags and novelties, all of your party supply needs are covered. The sky is the limit at!

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Choosing The Right Wedding Sparkler Accessories

There are several great options from which to choose when it comes to wedding sparkler accessories. Fortunately, we offer the largest selection in the country right here on our site! We have everything you need from torches to light your sparklers for the send-off to display buckets that match your style. Additionally, our items are the highest quality available, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best value for your money.

How To Plan For Wedding Sparklers At Your Reception Or Ceremony

Making wedding sparklers a part of your big day takes some planning to pull it off without a hitch. As with every other perfectly prepped detail of your matrimonial celebration, you want to ensure you have everything you need to dazzle your guests with a brilliant display of precisely designed sparkle. Dont let the moment sizzle out due to poor planning. Instead, prepare to shine!

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Section : An Introduction To All Things Wedding Sparklers

Learning a little bit more about what, exactly, wedding sparklers are, how they work, and their history in weddings, will help you decide if a wedding sparkler send off is the right fit for you.

In this section we take it back to the basics and answer some of the most common questions we hear about wedding sparklers.

Our Expert Answers To Wedding Sparkler Faqs

Where to Buy Sparklers for Your Wedding (+ What Size To ...

We get a lot of questions on choosing and using wedding sparklers, so weve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions here in hopes that they will make your wedding planning a little bit easier.

Do sparklers expire?

As long as they are stored in a cool, dry place your sparklers should not expire.

How do you store unused sparklers?

Store unused sparklers in a cool and dry place to ensure they are not damaged.

You should also store sparklers in a safe place away from children.

How many sparklers should you purchase for your wedding?

We suggest purchasing more sparklers than you think you will need since you never know what could go wrong.

The experts at The Budget Savvy Bride suggest buying multiple sparklers for each guest to ensure there is plenty to go around when it comes time for the grand exit.

When purchasing from a quality retailer, like Bride Envy, you should only need one sparkler per guest, but you should plan to purchase extra for additional photos you may want to take.

The best part is, you can always use any leftover wedding sparklers for New Years Eve or the Fourth of July!

How long will sparklers last?

This completely depends on the size and quality of the sparklers that you purchase.

As mentioned previously, cheap sparklers tend to have a shorter burn time since they contain less of the flammable compound.

The length of the sparkler affects burn time.

Bride Envy sparklers burn anywhere from three to five minutes depending on the type you choose.

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What Makes A Sparkler Sparkle

To answer this question, youll need to dust off your high school chemistry book and put on your thinking cap.

There are four main components of wedding sparklers, including:

  • An oxidizer
  • A binder
  • A fuel
  • A colorant

The combination of these four elements creates a sparkler.

When lit, the oxidizer compounds in the wedding sparkler begin to decompose, producing oxygen.

This reaction forcibly ejects bits of the burning powdered metal from the sparkler, which creates the luminous and magical sparkle created by wedding sparklers.

Check out the graphic below from CompoundChem if youd like to see the science behind a sparkler!

Buy Sparklers For Your Big Day

Whether you choose the red hearts for Valentines Day, the 20-inch sparklers for a birthday party, or 36-inch long sparklers for a wedding send-off, your big day will be remembered for years to come. Make the best memories you can with our brilliant event sparklers. Each order arrives with an instruction card to best ignite them– and a free sleeve of 10-inch sparklers for lighting. Thank you for choosing I Love Sparklers.

Awesome sparkler options! I ordered the longest-lasting sparklers and received them very promptly and well packaged. The guests at our wedding really enjoyed them!

Marissa Dimas, Facebook

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Are The Sparklers Smokeless

Yes. When we describe our sparklers as smokeless, we take that to mean they emit less smoke. Where theres fire, there will always be some smoke. Our goal is to make the amount of smoke produced negligible. The same rising smoke you might see from a candle flame is the same tiny amount of smoke you might see emitting from our wedding sparklers. You shouldnt notice the smoke, but if for some reason you are not 100% satisfied with our smokeless sparklers claim, you can contact us for our wedding sparklers guarantee and we will be happy to refund your purchase.

Where To Buy Wedding Sparklers At The Last Minute

About the Sparkler Superstore – Where to Buy Sparklers

Some couples find themselves in a real time crunch and need to buy wedding sparklers at the last minute. Though its always better to give yourself as much time as possible, sometimes its completely unavoidable. Your best option in this scenario is to head to your local fireworks store. Unfortunately, youll have to make do with what you have. Typically, it only takes a few business days to have wedding sparklers shipped from our store or another online specialty shop. However, a fireworks store will be your fastest option to get the product in your hands.

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