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How To Fold Napkins For Wedding

Space Saving Paper Napkin Folding

DIY Wedding: 5 Ways to Fold Napkins

This fun fold design is the best napkin folds when limited space at a party! Looks so impressive on the buffet table for summertime, I like to use colorful napkins for the best effect. How to fold a napkin to look like a straw I saw it at my friends house in Russia for the first time and like very much because it is the decor and useful purpose at the same time! We can use various prints, patterns, and colors of the napkins to dress the table. It is the perfect choice for a kids party or other informal occasions as well. It is not time-consuming because fold not complicated, a great project in front of the TV.

To roll napkin I like to use a kebab skewer because napkin unroll easy and from my experience pencil not works well as a skewer.

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Urquid Product Recommendations For Stylish Napkin Folding

Below are some of our favorite picks for cloth dinner napkins for weddings that can make your reception feel and look unique.

Whether youre looking to fold these table linens with flatware cutlery or opt for something more simple, our picks are versatile and stunning enough to get the job done.

Premium Poly Poplin Table Napkins:For a simple, yet elegant look that you can use for just about any design plan, opt for these classic beauties.

Lamour Dull Satin Table Napkins: Looking for something classy and polished? These napkins create a high-class look without breaking the bank.

Shantung Satin Table Napkins: Take things a step further with these double-sided napkins that feature a shiny, eye-catching finish.

Poly Prints Table Napkins:Both sides of these beautiful printed napkins can be used to create the table display of your dreams.

Be sure to check out our other products if youre still in need of other elements of your table setting. We have all you need to plan and execute a wedding reception thats truly unforgettable.

Wedding Napkin Folds To Inspire Your Unique Place Settings

Napkins are a core part of wedding table etiquette. They make up one of the practical elements of your wedding table, along with cutlery, plates and glassware. So its a great idea to be considering your wedding napkin folds.

Not only can napkins elevate your wedding table look, but they can add personality and nail down your theme or style. Whether down to your choice of napkin fold, or fabric you can totally make your napkins unique to your day.

Wedding Suppliers We Love

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Angled Pocket Napkin Fold

Pocket napkin folds allow you create small folds or pockets in your napkin to display other things, including name cards, notes, tableware, and more.

For a more fancy napkin fold, opt for a pocket look that incorporates multiple pockets or, in this case, creates pockets that are angled rather than straight.

Angled pocket folds, especially a diagonal pocket napkin fold, are great if youre looking to tuck your tableware or silverware into your linens.

How Do You Arrange Wedding Napkins

Ways To Fold A Napkin

Depending on the type of fold you do, the napkins can be standalone on the table, or you put them over or under other items. For example, knotted napkins can be put over the plate.

You can also do the same for some rectangular napkins, then secure them with the menu or smaller tableware. You can even put the silverware over them or inside their folds for other napkin folds.

Another option is to have the napkins running under a plate, then let them cascade at the edge of the table. Then for bigger napkin folds such as a fan or pyramid fold, you can have them by the side of the plates.

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How To Fold A Napkin: Letter Fold

This napkin fold makes an adorable fabric envelope. Tuck a menu, special message, party favor or dinner mint inside the pocket.

Step 1

Start with a square napkin. Fold in half to form a large triangle.

Step 2

Fold the bottom two corners together, having the points overlap slightly in the center.

Step 3

Taste of Home

Fold in the edges again having the folds meet in the center. You can see the envelope starting to come together.

Step 4

Taste of Home

Fold up the bottom edge of the napkin to form a pocket. Fill this pocket with a note or party favori.

Step 5

Fold the envelope flap over and seal.

How Do You Fold A Napkin For Weddings

To use decorative napkin folding at your wedding or event, youll first need a good understanding of how to go about preparing them! There are dozens of options to choose from, all the way from basic shapes to farmhouse napkin folding and sophisticated pocket folds.

Below, well break down some of the main ways you might fold napkins to make your wedding one-of-a-kind. Generally, though, youll want to keep in mind that different types of folds might serve different purposes: some may be better at creating a certain look while others may be easier to create and manage.

Before you begin with your napkin folding, make sure your linens are clean and ready to go. Its not a bad idea to do a few practice runs before you start folding in earnest, too, especially if youve chosen a fold style thats a bit complicated.

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How Do You Fold A Napkin For A Wedding

Once youve chosen your ideal wedding napkin fold, get practising! The simpler the fold, the easier set up will be before the wedding so do keep that in mind. Especially when folding 50+ napkins or delegating the task to your venue or wedding party.

Take a look at photos for inspiration or head to Youtube for tutorials. Be sure to select an appropriate fabric and dont forget an iron, creased napkins wont look the part on a crisp formal table.

Essentials For Putting Together A Formal Wedding Place Setting

3 Elegant and Easy Napkin Folds for your Wedding Step by Step

Traditionally, formal dinners involve a minimum of three courses, but many brides are opting for a more casual buffet-style reception. However you plan for the meal to proceed, providing your guests with the proper serveware is vital. Depending on what you are planning to serve, the list of items you may need can include bread and butter plates, salad plates, as well as the main dinner plates and fancy charger plates that go underneath. When it comes to utensils, the essentials generally always consists of an array of knives, forks, and spoons. Glassware itself can extend to goblets or the more classic beverage glasses.

The types of table linen you can choose are far reaching and can include tablecloths, overlays, and table runners, with chair decor encompassing covers, sashes, and caps. One linen in particular that might be overlooked in the grand scheme of things is the napkin. While small, the linen napkin plays a critical role in your guests’ dinner proceedings, but also can have a huge impact on your tablescape presentation as a whole.

The art of folding napkins is definitely an easy way to personalize your tables and capture your desired theme especially at wedding dinners. From crafting rustic, chic wedding napkins to modern wedding napkin folds, with help from our easy DIY napkin folding guide, the process can be as easy as tying your shoe.

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Types Of Napkin Fold For Weddings

Below weve come up with some of our favorite types of napkin folds for weddings to provide some inspiration for your own event.

Not all folds are made equal, so be sure to choose something that makes sense for what youre hoping to achieve. Want something that elevates your wedding to a new level and communicates a sense of formality? Choose a napkin fold that fits.

Wedding Napkin Folding Ideas

I saw this beautiful and very impressive wedding napkin folding on Instagram and like very much. The featured wedding table decorated by Rachel. She loves party planning, you can find more information on her website On the photos she decorated a wedding table for her beautiful stepdaughter Jennifer. I like Rachels clever ideas how she folded napkins for the wedding because it is not complex to fold and so perfect ideas for a wedding table. I appreciate she let me share with you her photos.

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Is It Cheaper To Make Your Own Napkins

It can be cheaper to make your own napkins, but it could also work out more expensive. It depends on which fabric youd like and any customisations. Do your research and price up both options before committing to buy to ensure the most cost-effective option.

So there you have all the napkin fold ideas you need for your wedding. And your wedding napkin questions are solved! Hooray.

Hopefully you’re now armed and ready to tick off wedding napkins from your to-do list.

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Napkin Folds That Will Elevate Your Reception Tables

Pin on Parties

Attention to detail is one key factor that separates good weddings from truly great ones, and creative napkin folds are the perfect example of how the littlest details can make a major impact. While napkins are undoubtedly a necessary part of your tabletop design, their method of display doesn’t need to be standard or plain. In fact, we think it should enchance the rest of the décor choices you’ve made.

Gone are the days of triangular pyramid napkin folds: From elegantly decontructured folds to crisp and contemporary napkin designs, couples are getting more creative with these dinnertime staples. Why even bother with special napkin folds? Well, first impressions matter, and this is a great way to set the tone for your celebration. Maybe you chose to have a traditional ceremony but you want to let loose at your reception and really get the party started. An edgy tablescape with dark napkins will immediately communicate to guests that they’re in for a change of pace. Alternatively, a linen hemstitch napkin with a fold highlighting a custom monogram will let guests know to expect a classic, elevated evening. Whatever artistic direction you choose, a thoughtful napkin fold that matches your wedding’s style will leave a lasting impression.

Ahead, we rounded up more unique napkin folds and accessories to inspire your own big-day choices. No matter your aesthetic, you’ll find your perfect finishing touch here.

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How To Fold Napkins With Silverware

If your plan is to fold napkins with flatware cutlery or silverware, youll want to consider this as you decide how to style your linens.

Youll need to choose a napkin fold that allows you to add in your flatware or incorporate it into the fold itself. To do so, ask yourself some questions, like:

  • How big or heavy is the flatware?
  • Will you incorporate other elements into the set-up? If you wrap silverware without rings, for instance, youll need a different approach than if you do wrap silverware with rings.
  • What is your overall design goal? Is it to create a formal table setting? Something fun? Romantic?

Knowing these sorts of details makes it much easier to know how to get started when tackling linen napkin folds with cutlery.

We recommend a pocket napkin fold of some kind these allow you to add your flatware right into your napkin display and are so versatile that just about anyone can make them work.

How To Fold A Napkin: Flower Fold

Grab your favorite napkin rings for this super-simple fold.

Step 1

Taste of Home

Open a napkin flat. Hold two adjacent corners and fold the napkin in half with the corners slightly askew.

Step 2

Take the center of the fold and pull it through a napkin ring.

Step 3

Fluff and add to your place settings.

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Paper Napkin Fan In A Fork

Cant be folding paper napkins easy than the fan in a fork. The paper napkin fan makes great table party decoration. When I saw a decorated table with a paper napkin fan at my friends house, every guests expression was WOW. It looks so pretty and the best to use just solid color napkins.

So cute, if we decorate Thanksgiving outside table! The fan looks like a tail of the turkey. Ideal if you can find a name holder in the shape of a turkey.

I like so much how the orange fan looks on the Halloween table! It gives dimension to the table and looks so good with plate design.

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How To Fold A Napkin In Six Beautiful Ways

5 Stylish Napkin Folding Ideas (Easy Wedding DIY)

Add a special touch to your wedding breakfast or dinner party with these easy napkin folding ideas. All you need to get started are a few napkins and our step-by-step instructions and video demos below. Our preferred textile is linen it adds soft colour and texture for a more relaxed, informal look.

Not only are napkins are the most elegant way to dress up your place settings but they can add personality to your table too fold them, drape them, wrap them, tie them with ribbons. From a “pocket fold” to hold your cutlery to a “gift gather” tie to wrap a wedding favour, we have a napkin presentation style to suit any style of event. If you’re short on time, we have a simple, no-frills “thrown on the plate” look too. Of course, a napkin’s nothing without something floral or herbal so always add a little sprig of something green to complete the look!


Lay the napkin out flat, fold in half into a rectangle before folding it again into a square. Turn it so you are viewing it like a diamond shape with the folded corners at the top and sides and the four fabric flaps facing your body. Consortina fold the top layer of the napkin into three upward folds to the first point of the diamond. Do the same with the second layer of fabric in two upwards folds until it reaches flush with your first fold. Turn it over and fold in half upwards, then turn over once again so you have the rectangle and ‘pockets’ to display your items. Add cutlery, herbs, menus or place names to finish.

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How To Fold A Napkin In 10 Beautiful Ways

Know when to wrap ’em, when to twist ’em up, and when to go for fun. We’re talking about napkins, of course. They’re the easiest, most elegant way to dress up your place settingsand they add a big serving of personality to your table, too. To inspire you, we present over a dozen ways to spiff up a plain napkin.

A beautifully folded napkin sets the scene for a meal to remember. While the debate is out on whether the formal dinner table is a conventionality of the past, any hostess knows the inherent value of napkins. When your guests sit down to the table, they serve both a practical purposeby tucking in utensils, displaying menu cardsand purely for decorative flair by completing the theme in the place setting.

For these ideas and more, we present the step-by-step tutorials on a dozen ways to spiff up a plain napkin.

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