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How To Tastefully Display Wedding Photos

How To Display Your Wedding In Your Home

Frame your art with this super simple and stylish DIY project

Its never about the wedding. Its about the marriage. But I truly do believe that having tangible, real heirlooms and items in your home that remind you of your wedding day will make your marriage stronger. Itll remind you of all the thoughts that ran through your head, the little moments, the little memories, the people who showed up to support you And that will remind you of how you felt about each other on that day. Thats important. So today, lets talk about how to display your wedding in your home!

We personally dont love displaying tons of photos of ourselves on our walls But I think there are other equally-awesome ways to surround yourselves with your wedding photos after your wedding is over!

So here we go:

Build A Handmade Art Display

If you want to hang wedding photos at home, consider building an Art Display. It can be DIY that means you can handmade your art display.

We filled handmade things with love and emotions. Whenever you make something with your hand, you pour your effort and emotion into that thing. Making a DIY wedding photo display is a great way to be emotionally attached to that day. A handmade art display can be anything. You can make DIY frames with paper or wood. Attach some flowers around the frame to make it more beautiful.

Or take some Polaroid wedding photos, then stick them on the wall. After that, decorate the wall with fairy lights. This is a creative yet beautiful way to display wedding photos. Or you can make photo hangers with embroidery hoop wreaths. You can hang the hoop in your living room to decorate the place.

Noteworthy Wedding Day Shots Worth Getting:

  • One of the couple looking at each other and laughing or smiling. It should feel natural and candid. A talented wedding photographer will have lots of tricks to make sure this shot feels right.

  • The getaway shot, whether youre running through a tunnel of sparklers, being pelted with rice, or floating through a shower of flower petals.

  • A photo of your flower girl and/or ring bearer looking ridiculously cute.

  • One of you dancing with your partner, and another one of you dancing with your parents.

  • Candids from the reception. This includes the funny photos of your friends and family that youll later post to Instagram.

  • First look photos. We know these are often artificially created, but theyre a must-have romantic shot. Your photographer will know what to do to make it perfect.

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    How Do You Decorate A Gallery Wall

    To create a cohesive look for your gallery wall, use the same color frame for each of your photos. You can also use different sized frames to add some variety to your display. Create a beautiful display of love with a few family photos, a heart-shaped decoration and an illustration with a sweet saying.

    Hallway Gallery With Mismatched Frames

    Three Ways to Display Wedding Memories with Framebridge ...

    Mismatched frames may not be your first go-to when it comes to setting up a cohesive family , but the benefit of using up these frames is that most people end up with a stack of old photo frames at one point or another with no idea how to mount them in a way that looks good. If you want to lessen the mismatched look, you can always spray all of the frames the same color to add some monochromatic symmetry across the display. However, leaving frames mismatched like this display by House Mix has its own easy charm too.

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    I See That Guy All The Time

    Joe and I moved in together when we graduated from college, and weve spent the vast majority of our time in each others company ever since. I cant say that I could close my eyes and draw his face from memory Im no artist but I have a solid grasp of what he looks like. If oceans or truly punishing work schedules divided us, Id consider wearing a tasteful cameo with his photo and a lock of his hair. For now, Im set.

    Create A Gallery Wall

    Framing images is the best way to keep your images looking pristine it gives them an extra level of protection from dust and damage and a professional framing workshop can even help protect against fading and mold so that images will last for generations.

    You can frame a single image and hang it on the wall, but there are also other options if you want to mix it up. Some of our favourites are:

    • A grid of identical frames sets of 6 or 9 framed prints work well together.

    • A gallery wall of mis-matched frames Simply making sure the bottom or top edge is lined up is enough to make the gallery feel cohesive.

    Check out our article on How to Frame Wedding Photos for tips about where and how to get your photos framed.

    Photo: Parabo Press

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    Frame Your Shades Of Love

    Similarly to your love, theres a romantic and timeless quality to black and white photos. They can effortlessly complement a neutral space or provide an elegant balance to a bold colored room. Try hanging two of your most cherished wedding photos sans color, side by side in frames to bring a classic yet modern look to your home decor.

    Premium Leather Wedding Photo Albums

    How to Be Elegant and Sophisticated Girl

    Luxury at its finest. Exquisite black or white Italian Leather Photo Albums for those who want to preserve their special day in the most exquisite way possible. Add your own text or image to the cover or explore our exquisite Designer Cover options – both will add a unique and personal finish to your wedding album.

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    Design A Gallery Wall

    Designing a gallery wall for your elopement photos is an easy way to bring some style into any room and beautifully showcase your adventurous spirit. We love the idea of mixing landscape prints and wedding portraits into one wall collage. There is no one way to create a gallery wall which is why we love them! Theres lots of room for creativity here.

    Depending on your style, mix and match frames and photo sizes and get to planning. We suggest arranging your frames and photo collection on the floor before taking a hammer to the wall.

    Pro Tip: Consider bringing other details on to the walls! Like framing your handwritten vows or elopement announcements too. Weve even had couples press and frame their wedding flower petals, or have an artist press and frame your bouquet like this.

    Cool Ways To Display Family Photos

    Cup of Jo has been running for 13 years so weve decided that every week, well be highlighting one of the most popular posts from the past. Heres one of our favorites, originally published on March 26, 2018

    Where do you hang family photos? At the end of a long day, I love seeing baby pictures and vacation snapshots. You immediately feel right at home. As my sister said, You walk into your house, and youre like, THIS is who I am. Here are 11 ways to display your favorites

    By hanging photos on the kitchen fridge or backsplash, youll enjoy them every time you wash dishes or take out the trash.

    In our old apartment, we hung family pictures alongside artists artwork and posters.

    Kids drawings or spelling words can look as beautiful and personal as family photos.

    Small photos pack a punch next to larger art, and you can easily hang them with washi tape.)

    Vacation snapshots look pretty up the stairs. One year, we suffered a devastating loss, says Meta Coleman. The following summer, we took family trips to London and Portland, and they were both very healing and magical. Now, every time I see these photos, I think of that time we spent together and it makes me very happy.

    How sweet is this grandparents photo, hung by the front door?

    My sister Lucy balanced family photos on a hallway shelf. The black-and-white color scheme brings them all together.

    Mix all family art together, like this staircase, which displays smiling relatives and kids self-portrait drawings.

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    Polaroids And Photo Strips

    These are both no-fail options.

    Remember when I said go for candid, fun photos about 1,000 times? Polaroids and photo booth strips are at a 10/10 on the fun and candid scale. Theyre also the perfect art piece because no one ever knows what to actually do with them once you get them back from the camera or photo booth printer. Just slap them on the wall people! Its a win-win for everyone and you wont regret it. Heres a photobooth strip AND polaroid example that Em has in her personal gallery wall in the mountain house:

    When in doubt, float mount

    If you have an abundance of polaroids because you bought the polaroid printer that Emily is very obsessed with because you can print polariods from your IPHONE PHOTOS, then heres a way to frame them so they look awesome :

    Both Arlyn and Sara achieved this polaroid grid family photo look in their MOTOS . Were all super into this kind of thing and if you are too let us know in the comments

    I hope this helped and that you grabbed a couple of ideas from this so you dont have to coordinate matching outfits with your family this year . Wishing you all the best with your family photo framing and be sure to #showemyourstyled so we can see how they turned out!! Ta-ta for now.

    Washi Tape Gallery Wall

    This item is unavailable

    So what is washi tape exactly? Washi tape is a cheap masking tape for crafters that comes in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and sizes. This makes it a great option for jazzing up photo displays on the wall or any other wall decor. Another advantage of washi tape is that it can be easily removed from the wall when you want to move the photo display, unlike paint or other materials. Heres a tutorial for making your own DIY washi tape gallery wall over at Honestly WTF.

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    Family Picture Collage Coffee Table

    A coffee table collage is a bit more of an intensive project than some of these other family photo displays and galleries, but the end result is worth the effort. In this project from One Mom with a Mission, a glass top on a coffee table is arranged over an eclectic group of family photographs on a coffee tabletop to form a collage. The glass top on the coffee table is an effective way of protecting the photos so that they dont become damaged over time in a shoebox or stuffed in a corner somewhere.

    Canvas Or Wall Prints

    Canvas photo prints are a modern and tasteful way to display wedding photos, allowing you to treat your photos as pieces of art.

    With this option, your photos will be printed on a canvas and then stretched onto a frame, turning a special moment between you and your partner into a painting.

    And theyre versatile you can print in different sizes or print in color or black and white. You could even skip the frame for a modern, minimalist look.

    Plus, you wont need to worry about glare when admiring your special keepsakes!

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    Wedding Walls: A Designer Tells Us How To Display Wedding Photos Like A Pro

    Heres some stats for you on average, wedding photography accounts for 8-10 percent of a total wedding budget. Some estimates put this number closer to 15%. And yet, despite spending thousands of dollars having wedding photos taken and edited, many couples never quite get around to displaying those gorgeous images! Why not, you may ask?

    Because putting together a wedding wall is daunting! How many photos is too many? How few is too few? Should wedding pictures be in a public space in your home, or do wedding photos belong in more intimate quarters? Youve got these amazing photos but figuring out how to display them artfully in the home can feel like a job for a professional. Well, youre in luck!

    This week, FACET interviewed Lifestyle Design Mentor, Kelly Karwoski-Reykdal, for her advice on how to make a stunning, professional-looking wedding wall in your home.

    FACET: How do you start? Should it be with a photo for inspiration? Or by picking your wall, or start with something else?

    Kelly: Start with your favorite wedding picture of you and your partner. This is where the story begins.

    Then work your way out with family and wedding party photos.

    Then add in details from the daythe photos that best tell your story.

    You can always print a few extra photos and swap them around if you cant decide. Keep them behind your other photos in the same frame. This keeps the wall fresh and can bring up other memories from a special day filled with countless memories.

    Top & Bottom Hangers Are Classy & Economical

    The Waiting Bride

    We love this option if you’re wanting to hang a super large or irregular sized print for more of a poster look. This can often be a more cost-effective option for hanging large prints. In theory they hold the print with magnets, but we ended up using screws to make doubly sure the print wasn’t going to fall out .

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    Ways To Display Wedding Photos After The Day

    One of the best moments after your wedding isnt just heading off on your honeymoon. Its getting your photos back from the best day of your lives!

    Your wedding is going to be one of the most photographed events in your lifetime. So once youve chosen the amazing wedding photographer you want to spend 8 to 12 hours with on your big day, its time to start thinking about how youre going to display your wedding photos.

    There are traditional options such as a display on the wall or purchasing a photo album. And then there are those options that are a bit more quirky and fun to include.

    Whatever your house decor and preferences are, here are our favourite 10 ways to display wedding photos in your home after the big day.

    Wooden Or Stone Transfer

    While theyre no longer as popular, wooden and stone prints could be due for a comeback with the rise of bohemian and beach home decor. If youre not comfortable with some DIY artwork then consider booking someone to do this for you. An outdoor photo or photo in nature could be perfect for this design.

    It will make for a quirky display piece in your home while including pieces of one of the best days of your life.

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