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Are The Engagement And Wedding Ring The Same

What Does It Mean To Wear A Wedding Ring On Your Right Hand

Engagement Ring VS Wedding Ring – What’s The Difference between them?

A: In some cultures, including many Eastern European, Middle Eastern, South East Asian, and Latin American countries, it is more traditional to wear a wedding ring on your right hand. LGBTQ+ couples will also sometimes choose to wear their rings on their right hands as a way to avoid heterosexual norms. However, this is a personal choice, and there is no rule stating that same-sex couples have to wear their rings on a certain finger!

The Profile Of Your Vintage Engagement Ring

What makes your vintage engagement ring stand apart from the crowd? This is referred to as the profile: the details and character that make your ring sing.

Flat Profile

This is a very popular choice for men due to its sturdy, stocky appearance. These rings have a flattened edge that wraps smoothly around the finger.

Court Profile

Youll see this profile pop up frequently in jewelry stores. Its curved inside and outside give it a classical feel that pairs with just about anything.

Flat Court Profile

Just as the name says, the flat court design combines the flattened affect with a subtle inner curve. Keep in mind everyones fingers are different, so this could be the perfect one for you!

Bevelled Profile

You might not notice the differences in this subtle profile, but its a distinctive choice! The bevelled profile is both angular and flat.

D Shaped Profile

Curious to see what else is on the table? The D shaped profile is very picturesque: just like the letter, the ring curves on the outside and sits flat on the inside.

Concave Profile

Last but not least, this profile is designed to be as custom as possible. It curves very subtly to create a snug, natural fit.

Need More Wedding Ring Advice

If youre a little stuck, or even in need of some guidance, were happy to talk you about matching wedding bands. Since we cost jewellery based on material costs and labour, with no hefty designer price tags, you can rest assured we do our very best on not only the item produced but also on the cost. contact us for more information.

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Can You Use Your Engagement Ring As Your Wedding Ring

Its absolutely okay to only wear one ring, even after youre married. While there are specific traditions surrounding engagement rings vs. wedding rings, it ultimately comes down to your own choice and what makes the most sense for you. Skipping either the engagement ring or the wedding band can give you more freedom in terms of style and budget, and it makes the most sense if you dont want to fuss over two separate pieces of jewelry.

What Is The History And Meaning Behind The Ring Finger

Engagement ring &  Wedding Band

A: While rings have been worn on all fingers from pinkies to thumbs since the dawn of time, the idea of a ring finger dates back to Ancient Rome. The Romans believed this finger had a vein that ran directly to a persons heart called Vena Amoris, meaning vein of love. It became popular to wear a ring that signified commitment to a spouse or lover on this finger because of its romantic and passionate symbolism.

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Why The Left Hand

It is believed that the tradition of exchanging rings to symbolize a union originated in ancient Egypt and then spread to other parts of the world over time. The Egyptians are believed to be the first to wear rings for love.

They believed that the vein in the third finger of the left hand ran directly to the heart. They saw this finger as a direct connection to the heart and that wearing the ring on that finger demonstrated the pledge of love and commitment.

The Romans later adopted this tradition, calling the vein the vena amoris which translates to the vein of love. This belief is what has influenced todays custom of exchanging wedding rings.


In reality, the vena amoris does not exist! While many people still believe in this today, it is a total myth. This is one of those beliefs that you wish science hadnt come along and debunked.

Regardless, it is the symbolism that counts and the meaning of wearing a ring on the left finger hasnt diminished.

Diamond Ring Shopping : How And Where To Buy Your Engagement And Wedding Jewelry In The Usa

Traditionally, nothing speaks of love better than diamonds when it comes to tying the knot with your special one. This goes true for choosing diamond jewellery for a wedding too. However, choosing a diamond engagement ring can be a tricky process than being just a heartfelt gesture. There are so many aspects to take care of before you select the one for you.

Here is a comprehensive guide with all the detailed information you need before setting out to buy your wedding jewellery a traditional diamond wedding ring or a diamond wedding ring from hair in the USA that you and your partner would cherish forever.

Select engagement rings and jewelries for your wedding can be tricky

Everything You Should Know Before Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring Or Wedding Jewelry

1. Understand The Diamond Basics

These four characteristics graded professionally on a consistent scale are a method of evaluating diamonds. The quality of diamonds is based on 4Cs. You can ascertain if a diamond is a high-quality one by reviewing these 4Cs.

A cutters skills are evaluated considering finishing details of the diamond, quality of the angles, facets, and proportions to determine the quality of the cut. The cut of the diamond determines how captivating it is to the eye.




2. Find The Right Jeweler
3. Get The Right Measurements
4. Always Buy Certified Jewelry
2. Online Vendors

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Top 3 Reasons You May Want To Have Just One Ring

But if you love your engagement ring, or if youâve already picked out the wedding ring you want, do you have to have the other one?

While itâs common to see both an engagement ring and a wedding ring, itâs up to your personal preference whether you want to have both or only one.

And if youâre not sure yet, hereâs 3 reasons why you might decide to stick with one ring.

Ring Traditions Elsewhere In The World And In Different Religions

Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring: What’s the Difference?

In some countries, its customary for the woman to wear the engagement ring on the fourth finger of the right hand.

This is the prevalent custom in many countries, including Russia, India, the Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Lithuania, Greece, Poland, Austria, Hungary and Venezuela.

In these countries, the right hand seems to be the established custom, regardless of religion. The engagement ring is usually put on first, followed by the wedding ring. This is simply for practical reasons, because of the order the rings were given in. However, this custom can vary according to what feels most comfortable to the bride.

In Germany, the fourth fingers of both the right and left hand can be used. As a general rule, the left hand is more prevalent among Protestants, and the right preferred by Catholics.

Modern Jewish couples often place the wedding ring on the right hands ring finger during the marriage ceremony and then wear it on the left hands ring finger post-ceremony. However, according to the old tradition, and also seen today in some of the more conservative Jewish ceremonies, the index finger or the thumb are used.

Curiously, although not for any religious reasons, in Brazil the ring is also first placed on the right hands ring finger then changed to the left hand during the wedding ceremony.

Engagement rings are worn in several Islamic countries in South Asia and West Asia, and men usually wear them on the right and women on the left hand.

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Tips For Wearing Engagement Ring And Wedding Band Together

As seen above, there are advantages that come with wearing single rings rather than combinations. However, this doesnt mean that you should not wear both rings, and if you are more comfortable or prefer wearing both the engagement and the wedding band at the same time, the tips below will help you to pull the combination ring look seamlessly.

1.Wear both rings are on your left hand

Pretty much anyone who wears both their engagement and wedding rings will have the rings on the left hand. This is the case primarily because it is the most traditional way of wearing rings.

This tradition was borne from the Ancient Egyptians who wore the ring on the left hands 4th finger because they believed that there existed an artery that ran from this finger directly to the heart, which meant that wearing the ring on this finger was the easiest way of keeping these symbols of love as close to the heart as possible.

The left-hand ring custom has lived on and is pretty much the only/ most recognized ring-wearing tradition across the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, Canada, and South Africa/ Africa, among many other Asian countries.

2.Wear the rings on the right hand

Then in countries like Brazil, couples will have their engagement rings on one hand, then they switch them out to the other hand when exchanging/ saying their wedding vows.

3.Wedding rings go in first, and the engagement ring is worn on top of the wedding band.

4.Engagement Ring then Wedding Ring

How Much Do Wedding And Engagement Rings Cost

Wedding rings and engagement rings can vary greatly in price depending on the materials used to make it, the size and your location. Most engagement rings include at least one diamond and most wedding bands do not have any gemstones, so engagement rings are usually much more expensive than wedding rings. A general rule of thumb that many people choose to follow is to spend about two to three months salary on an engagement ring. Of course, how much you choose to spend on any of your wedding jewelry is entirely up to your preference and tastes.

Photo Credit: Onewed

Your engagement ring and wedding ring both represent the unity and bond that youve committed to one another on your wedding day. Whether you choose to go with an extravagant jewel or an understated band, this piece of jewelry is something that will indicate to the world and to yourselves your commitment to one another as a married couple. Theres so many different types and styles of both engagement rings and wedding rings, guaranteeing that you and your partner will surely be able to find the perfect ones for you.

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How Should I Wear My Engagement Ring During The Wedding Ceremony

A: Many brides-to-be will switch their engagement ring to their right hand before walking down the aisle, so the wedding band can be slipped on to the left hand first. Brides will then move their engagement ring on top of the wedding band during or after the ceremony. Some people choose to get their engagement and wedding rings soldered together after the ceremony to make their bridal set one unified piece.

Classic And Modern Engagement Rings

Engagement ring and wedding band

Traditional ones consist of a diamond or gemstone in the center, while the setting is often gold or platinum. These days, new ring setting designs are put on the spotlight, but one major factor remains the same diamonds that provide a lot of sparkle, brilliance, and scintillation:

One commonality between most engagement rings is that one larger gemstone is situated at the center of the engagement ring and attracts all the attention. This, for instance, can be the case for three stone ring settings:

Engagement rings are usually more extravagant than wedding rings. Some types house colorful diamonds, mystical gemstones, or avant-garde settings. A pricing norm was also established by DeBeers decades ago, making men spend at least 2 months of salary for an engagement ring. But remember that the design, size, and price are subjective, so you have the final say.

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After The Wedding Ceremony

Let the festivities begin! Just try to make sure your rings stay clean during the day. Typical danger spots are when a woman puts on make-up or hairspray.

Do not get involved in any cake pranks like smashing cakes into each others faces if youre still wearing the rings. This might cause you to find cake chunks in the prongs which you will have to clean up. That said, it might be wise to remove the rings for this instance.

The History Of The British Ring

The UK wedding ring tradition is thought to have come from the ancient Romans. Who, in turn, inherited it from the Egyptians.

In Old Egypt, people held a belief that the vena amoris, or the vein of love, began in the fourth finger of the left hand and led all the way to the heart. Therefore, they felt this was the ideal place to wear a wedding ring, a symbol of love and commitment.

However, the Egyptians only wore wedding rings and not engagement rings.

So while the British wedding ring tradition goes back to Egypt, the engagement ring tradition is actually attributed to ancient Rome, where it was customary for suitors to give a pre-marriage ring to their brides-to-be in order to seal the commitment to marry them.

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Do I Need To Wear An Engagement Ring Or Wedding Ring

A: Wedding and engagement rings are traditional symbols used to signify your lifelong commitment to your partner, but they are not required. Throughout history, some notable figures exchanged other tokens to seal engagements or marriages. For example, iconic actress Elizabeth Taylor received a diamond tennis bracelet in one famous proposal and an emerald brooch for another. Some modern couples opt for symbols like finger tattoos instead of bands. Cultural or religious garments can also be worn to indicate that you are married, such as specific head coverings.

Using A Wedding Band Instead Of An Engagement Ring

How to choose a Wedding Band to suit your Engagement Ring

Brides who dont like the look, or feel, of wearing two rings at the same time, can keep things really simple by leaving their engagement ring in a jewelry box at home, and only wearing their wedding band. Because the wedding band is often more narrow and simple, it can often be the most comfortable option.

Moms sometimes choose to do this because a big solitaire can sometimes get in the way or scratch the baby if you arent careful. My wife started just wearing a wedding band when our children were young for that very reason.

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Choosing The Ring Metal

Again, there is no rulebook when it comes to picking the best metal for your bridal set. Most brides go for the same metal to create harmony and seamless beauty. Choosing the same metal for both rings is one of the most natural option, and a good idea if you want a well-coordinated wedding ring set.

However, you can also opt for contrasting metals for the two rings if you are looking for a unique bridal set. The two metals should have similar qualities including durability, ease of customization, hypoallergenic qualities, hardness and ease of maintenance. The idea is to have two rings with similar characteristics even when molded from different metals. Make sure none of the metals can wear out due to scratches.

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