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Does Wedding Day Diamonds Buy Jewelry

Need Help Buying A Diamond Ring

How To Buy An Engagement Ring Online, Offline & Custom + DO’s & DON’Ts + Diamond Shopping Mistakes

Buying a diamond can be a confusing process, especially if you have specific requirements or a certain budget. If youd like help searching for a high-quality diamond, reach out to our experts. They can help you review diamonds or source diamonds based on your specifications.

We help hundreds of readers get the best deal on their dream diamond engagement ring every month, and wed be happy to help you review different diamonds or compare options based on your tastes and budget.

Blue Nile

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After Valentines Day In The Spring

Get ahead of other spring and summer proposals by shopping soon after Valentines Day and in early spring. One advantage of shopping during this time of year is that you wont feel under any pressure from holiday sales or large crowds.

During spring, jewelers and vendors will generally have more time to spend with you, making it easier to get your questions answered. Some spring promotions may be available, but they arent as frequent as during the holidays. Youll have plenty of time to look for the right engagement ring like this one from Blue Nile.

How Jewelry Impacts Women Emotionally Personally And Professionally

Women are no longer waiting for men to buy them jewelry.

Jewelry commercials are very romantic, sentimental and touching. For example The Tiffany and Lady Gaga 2017 Superbowl commercial introduced us Lady Gagas sensitive side, as she played a harmonica and opened her heart to the world about her teenage life in New York City.

Does jewelry impact you in some wayemotionally, personally or professionally? It definitely influenced me ever since I received that very special girl friend ring from my first boyfriend. It was young love, and we were so close, even when were apart. We were like an amulet that was separated at birth. I cherished every piece of jewelry he gave me, especially my engagement ring. But after we broke up, I sold my ring, and every scrap of jewelry he gave me! That was the only way I can release the emotional burden he left behind, and for me to successfully start the next stage of my life.

I love to buy myself jewelry and no longer wait for a man to buy them. After I got my first job, I was so elated, and bought myself jewelry matching ruby diamond earrings, necklace, bracelet and ring set!

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Over 40 Years Of Buying And Selling

Not only do we sell jewelry at competitive prices, but we will also buy yours at unrivaled prices. Throughout our 40 years in the business, we have established meaningful connections with buying partners worldwide, so when you choose to sell your items to IDC, youre sure to get the most value for your pieces.

Reasons To Buy Off Season

Uncover true romance with a pair of diamond wedding rings ...

When is the best time to buy an engagement ring? In general, we recommend that you start the research process two to three months before you plan to propose, then get the ring as early as possible before your planned proposal date.

Its absolutely okay to buy a ring outside of seasonal sales and discount offers, even if it means buying in season. However, buying an engagement ring off season does offer a few potential advantages:

  • Youll save a reasonable amount on the setting. Although reputable vendors rarely offer discounts on diamonds, many offer generous discounts on settings. This can be extremely helpful if you have a limited budget and want the best possible value.Discounts on settings can be especially good for saving money if youre considering a side-stone, pavé, halo or three-stone ring.
  • Although rare, some diamonds may be discounted. Its very uncommon to see big discounts on diamonds. However, some vendors may provide small discounts on their loose diamonds during seasonal sales.As we mentioned above, if you see a big discount on a diamond, proceed with caution and make sure to compare it to similar diamonds from other vendors.
  • Youll likely get bigger discounts on other types of jewelry. Although diamonds are rarely discounted, other jewelry is. By shopping during a sale, you might be able to pick up some other gifts, such as bracelets, earrings or pendants, at great prices.

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Nikos Koulis Yellow Gold Ring With White Diamonds And White Diamond Baguettes

Courtesy of Nikos Koulis

This yellow gold band with beautiful white diamonds is simply something special. For the understated bride who also wants something a little different, this may be the perfect fit.

A once-in-a-lifetime ring for a once-in-a-lifetime love. Spectacular diamonds encompass the entire circumference of this platinum band, so there’s no sparkle to be missed.

Lab Created Diamonds Are Bad For The Environment

Hello, carbon footprint. Were all trying to do a little better these days, and the diamond industry isnt historically known for being super transparentso its good to know what youe getting into.

First things first: Lab grown diamonds are made with electricity. Electricity is bad for the environment. Lab created diamonds use 250 million joules per carat. Seem like a lot? Mined diamonds use 538.5 million. But some lab diamonds, like Diamond Foundrys, are grown with 100% renewable energy. If thats important to you, just ask!

Beyond electricity, lab created diamonds consume significantly less water per carat than their mined counterparts18 gallons vs. 126 gallonsand have startlingly lower carbon emissions. Bottom line, if you believe in global warming, theres no better way to flaunt your support than with a big, shiny, lab created rock.

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Sober Up With Amethyst

Ancient Greek mythology tells of amethysts powers to hinder intoxication. The Greeks drank from goblets made of amethyst to help them stay sober. Interestingly enough, amethyst translates to amethystus, which means not intoxicated.

One Grecian story explains how Dionysus, god of wine, desired a young mortal named Amethyste. She hoped to remain chaste, so she prayed for protection and was magically transformed into a white slab of quartz. Frustrated and thwarted, Dionysus poured his wine onto the quartz, staining it a deep purple hue. Thus, Amethyst was born!

How Do Wedding Jewelry Rental Services Work

The 2ct Pear Shape Diamond Necklace MADE for Her Wedding Day By Bonnie Jewelry

Wedding jewelry rental services provide access to a diverse mix of delicate fine jewelry, fashion-forward statement pieces, and unique vintage items, so brides can find that extra-special something borrowed for each of their events. They deliver value and style, without breaking the bankor offending Aunt Maeve, when you politely decline to borrow that hideous pair of earrings for your wedding day.

Brides can choose from one-time rentals for a must-have to monthly memberships that deliver a steady stream of swappable styles. With minimal financial commitment, brides can wear jewelry on repeat, trade in a piece for something new, or purchase a style they love for hundreds of dollars less than retail.

Wedding jewelry rental services also eliminate the exhaustive search process, as many companies have a dedicated bridal edit of styles for the engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette, rehearsal dinner, and wedding day.

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Engagement And Wedding Ring Etiquette

So, which finger does a wedding ring go on during your wedding ceremony? This can cause confusion if your engagement ring is already on your designated finger the fourth finger of the left hand. But its perfectly natural to wear both the engagement ring and the wedding ring on the same finger during your wedding ceremony. If youre unsure on appropriate wedding ring etiquette or youre simply wondering how to wear rings on your wedding day, our guide has you covered.

A Very Special Thanks To The Folks On The Jewelers Helping Jewelers Facebook Group For Sharing Their Jewelry Superstitions To Inspire This Post

Kyle Carriere

I’ve been with Stuller since June 2016 I make the blog happen Recent marketing graduate from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Spotify is my favorite app Music festival-goer I endorse Pop’s Poboys in downtown Lafayette wholeheartedly GIFs and memes are my second language Best advice I can offer: Everything will turn out alright.

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Where To Buy A Diamond Ring

As we mentioned above, we highly recommend buying your diamond engagement ring from a trusted online vendor, not from a brick-and-mortar jewelry store.

Buying an engagement ring online gives you access to a larger range of diamonds and settings, all with more competitive pricing. It also makes it easier to compare the different deals available for Black Friday, Christmas, Valentines Day and other holidays.

In our experience, the best places to buy an engagement ring online are James Allen and Blue Nile. Both have huge inventories of beautiful diamonds and settings at industry-leading princes, all with generous return and ring resizing policies.

For exceptionally well-cut diamonds, we also recommend Brian Gavin Diamonds. Leibish & Co. are also a fantastic option for fancy color diamonds, such as pink, blue, champagne and Argyle diamonds.

Hold Back Heirloom Jewelry

Earrings diamond wedding brides (51)

Some jewelry superstitions warn against handing down heirlooms to new brides and grooms, especially if the diamond came from a rocky relationship. Supposedly, heirloom jewelry from a failed marriage could impart negative energy onto the new relationship, thereby dooming the new union.

Moreover, in the wedding tradition, something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, if that something borrowed is jewelry, the items lent should come from a happy marriage. This folklore claims that borrowed jewelry carries the sentiment of the marriage from which it came .

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You Cant Get Lab Grown Diamonds Appraised

A diamond is a diamond is a diamond, no? Just as some grading labs have started offering certification for lab created diamonds, jewelry appraisers will also appraise themas they would any natural diamondin line with their current market value. Yes, your appraisal might say lab created on it. Thats what it is. Just remember, an appraisal isnt the value of your diamond, or what you paid for it. Its meant to evaluate the cost of replacing it, for, you know, insurance purposes.

Side note: please, please, puhhhhleasssse get your precious jewelry appraised and insured. Theres nothing worse than damaging or losing the symbol of your love to teach you this lesson. And as diamond values fluctuate, consider getting your diamond reappraised from time to time to make sure youre not overpaying on your insurance.

How To Wear Rings On Your Wedding Day

With the big day approaching, you may not have even considered whether to wear your engagement ring on your wedding day until now. So how do you wear your engagement ring on your wedding day? You have a choice of three options for wedding ring/engagement ring etiquette:

  • Option 1: you can wear no engagement ring on your wedding day. That way, your finger will be available for when the wedding ring is placed upon your finger. However, this is often not a popular choice, as its likely the bride will want to show off the engagement ring as much as possible on their special day.
  • Option 2: you can also wear your engagement on the right hand . Tradition suggests that engagement rings should be worn on the left, but wearing it on the right instead during the wedding ceremony would not cause too much concern. After the ceremony has finished, you can simply swap it back over to the correct finger to join your wedding ring.
  • Option 3: do nothing. Its perfectly natural and very common for the engagement ring to remain on the wedding ring finger during the ceremony. Although its tradition for the wedding ring to sit underneath the engagement ring, you can simply swap these over later.

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Something Blue Jewelry For Brides

The color blue stands for love, purity and fidelity – all important qualities for a happy and successful marriage. To put a checkmark on your something blue box, consider our blue topaz & diamond infinity drop pendant. This beautiful pendant features a round blue gemstone center stone surrounded by 32 accent diamonds. Crafted in 10 karat white gold, this pendant adds a perfect and subtle pop of color to your wedding ensemble. Plus, its infinity shape symbolizes your happily ever after! This pendant is a gorgeous piece to wear day-to-day, or you can tuck it away and save it to give to your daughter or niece for her something blue or something borrowed.

Shop our entire collection of blue gemstone jewelry to find the perfect piece of jewelry for this tradition.

Best Wedding Day Jewelry For The Bride

making a two diamond rings for wedding & engagement | custom jewelry

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something bluetraditions are special, especially when it comes to weddings! Wearing something old represents a brides past, while wearing something new symbolizes a couples happy future. Something borrowed is supposed to be something from someone happily married, so the good fortune rubs off on the new bride, and something blue denotes fidelity and love. While these somethings can be anything from hair pins to ribbons to earrings, its no doubt that on your wedding day, the jewelry that you wear is incredibly significant.

Your expert friends at Rogers & Hollands and Ashcroft & Oak have tons of unique and special wedding day jewelry options to help you feel even more fabulous on your big day. We can only guess that mom has been in your ear about what you should wear but sometimes, mother doesnt always know best! This day is all about you – whether you go bold or simple with your wedding day jewelry choices, youll remember the jewelry you wear on your wedding day forever. Maybe youll pass these pieces down to someone special on her big day, or keep them forever as a special memento of one of your most favorite days! Either way, we have the perfect list of jewelry for your wedding day.

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You Can Only Buy Small Lab Grown Diamonds

This one definitely used to be true. But its also been rapidly changing. Check out the team at Ausburg University, who, in 2017, grew a 155 carat diamond in disc form, putting an end to this rumor once and for all. Its only a matter of time until you can swing that 15-carat J.Lo look alike on your pretty little paw.

After Christmas Before Valentines Day

Some promotional sales will be happening, although youll generally see minimal percentages in terms of discount offers with high-quality vendors like James Allen and Brian Gavin Diamonds .

While discounts on diamond jewelry generally arent that big, Valentines Day can be a fantastic time to get other jewelry at a great price. Weve talked about this more and shared some expert tips in our Valentines Day jewelry guide.

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