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What To Bring To A Wedding

Do: Have Your Bra Measurements Taken

What to Bring to a Bridal Show as a Wedding Photographer

Yes, we know that having someone loop you with a measuring tape in a tiny changing stall isnt everyones favorite experience. However, avoiding it for years means that a lot of us are wearing the wrong bra sizes. Have your measurements taken again before your bridal appointment, especially if youve been losing weight ahead of the wedding.

Your dress cant lay properly unless your undergarments fit like a glove. When your bra is too big or too small, the bust of a gown may fit quite differently than it ought, affecting your perception of the dress. The right bra will help you find the right gown.

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Bring A Large Gift To The Wedding Venue

Don’t bring large wedding gifts to the ceremony because there probably isn’t a good place to put it. Think about it. If everyone brought the gifts into the church, seating would fill up fast with toasters, mixers, and place settings rather than people.

It’s always best to have your gift delivered to the bride or groom’s home, at least a day before the wedding. You don’t want to burden them with having to transport large packages at a time when they need to be on their way to their honeymoon.

Can Any Guests Be Left Off The Plus

Many engaged couples find themselves facing pressure from friends and family who want to attend the wedding. It can be difficult to keep your wedding budget in balance without excluding or disappointing anyone. If you can afford it, sure, include a plus-one for all of your guests. But if not, some of your guests will probably be receiving solo invites, and thats OK!

Dont beat yourself up for leaving any of the following people off your plus-one list:

  • New couples or those who are casually dating. Engaged couples shouldnt feel any pressure to include new couples on their plus-one list. Its up to you, but Cousin Tim probably doesnt need to bring his Tinder date to your wedding ceremony, OK?

  • Single guests who know everyone. Do you have a close family or circle of friends where everyone knows everyone? Will your single guests have friends or family at the wedding? If so, theres no pressure to extend a plus-one. They will have a great time surrounded by the comfort of familiar faces, even without bringing a date.

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What To Wear To A Formal Beach Wedding

Beach = casual, yes? Thats typically a solid conclusion, but all those assumptions quickly get tossed out the window when you receive a wedding invitation with the words beach formal stamped on it. Youre probably wondering what that means for the guest dress code. The answer isnt as complicated as you might think. If its a formal wedding, dress for the occasion.

Beach formal is just a fancy way for the hosts to communicate that although the wedding is set on a beach, guests shouldnt show up in their usual beach getup, like shorts, tank tops, or a bathing suit . If youre invited to an event of this sort, we recommend cocktail attire with a beachy twist.

For Men

  • Boat shoes, loafers, or leather sandals

For Women

What To Wear To A Wedding With Traditional Cultural Attire

How to Make a Wedding Veil in 5 Easy Steps. DIY bridal ...

If youre invited to an event that calls for traditional clothing typically worn during specific religious or cultural wedding rituals, its important to do your research and dress the part. Ask for assistance if you need it, and respect the couples wishes and their traditional customs.

For Men

  • Appropriate attire to match the traditional religious/cultural celebration

For Women

  • Appropriate attire to match the traditional religious/cultural celebration

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Everything You Need To Plan A Wedding

Almost everyone has a dream wedding plan in their head: white dress, smart tuxedo, that first dance, leaving for your honeymoon in a beautiful vintage car.

While its easy to get caught up in the romance of it all, there are a lot of things big and small that you may not think to consider when preparing for a wedding. With a wedding, the detailswhether its gifts for your groomsmen or having a repair kit handycan make or break the day.

Below, you can find a checklist to help you make sure that youve thought about and planned for every part of your wedding: from the earrings worn by the flower girls to the ribbons on your car.

Some items also have recommended places to source them. Hopefully this guide and checklist will help you have a happy wedding day!

Destination Wedding Packing List: Important Paperwork

  • Copies of all vendor/Resort/Venue contracts
  • List of all vendor contact info
  • Proof of down payments youve made to vendors
  • Receipts for favors/welcome bags
  • Trip insurance
  • Your wedding planning binder with all the details youve already arranged, printouts of all email communications with vendors, contracts, etc
  • Phone number of the closest US embassy
  • Marriage certificate if you had your legal ceremony at home and will be having a religious ceremony abroad

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Bring An Uninvited Guest Without Asking

If your invitation clearly states that you may bring a guest, then by all means, bring one. However, if your name is the only one on the invitation, don’t ask that cute girl you just met or the guy you’ve been dying to go out with to go with you.

Find another opportunity to get to know these people and go to the wedding alone. And who knows? Maybe you’ll meet someone even better while line dancing at the reception.

Follow The Dress Code

Wedding Photography: 5 Things to Bring to Every Wedding

In the world of wedding guest attire and fashion faux pas, several rules exist. For female guests, it’s best to avoid wearing head-to-toe white unless instructed otherwise. Guests should also avoid wearing anything flashy or provocative, and they must be aware of specific dress codes for multicultural weddings.

Most wedding invitations or wedding websites will include a dress code, leaving it up to the recipient to interpret it with their own flair. The nature of the event is the first point to consider. Brunch weddings, for example, will often feature softer color palettes and floral patterns, while men will turn to lighter suits with crisp shirts and ties. Black-tie weddings or more formal affairs are accompanied by the most stringent guidelines for guests .

When attending a wedding, guests should follow the suggested dress code and avoid wearing anything controversial. Seasonality also impacts dress codes . Finally, guests should keep in mind the rules of, say, a religious sanctuary where shoulders might need to be covered. If you’re ever in doubt about the wedding day dress code, simply ask the couple what they would like to see their guests wearing.

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Tips For Packing For Your Wedding

  • Obviously this is a list for brides but it’s important to note, items like the paperwork, wedding rings, or the supplier payments are for both of you to remember, the burden shouldn’t be on just one half of a couple!
  • You might only be going away for one or two nights, but weddings come with lots of ‘stuff’ as standard, so don’t try to cram it all into a small weekend bag , take your big suitcase so there’s lots of room for everything you need.
  • Make like a pro traveller and use packing pouches to keep things together, that way you’ll have all the elements of your different outfits organised together, and you’ll be able to find things when you need them
  • Shawls for the bridesmaids, a basket for the flower girl… divvy out any accessories or items for the wedding party in the days or weeks before the wedding so it’s no longer your responsibility to look after them.
  • If you’re getting ready at home and heading straight to the ceremony, have someone reliable bring your overnight bag to the hotel or accommodation ahead of you. Ensure it’s delivered to your room, and any important items are hung up. Don’t just bring it in the wedding car with you, you might forget about it, and it’ll be left in the boot or, worse, head off with the driver!
  • Need help packing for your honeymoon too? Check out our ultimate honeymoon packing list!

Read our tips for keeping calm on the morning of your wedding!

Have A Discussion With Your Photographer

“Leave nothing to chance. Give him or her a list of people you’d like to have photographed together,” advises Pryor. “He’ll probably get the obvious ones, but if you want a picture of your sorority sisters or everyone who flew in for your wedding or your new husband’s coworkers, let your photographer know in advance.”

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What To Expect From Your First Wedding Dress Appointment

Youve got that ring on your finger and a date in mind, so now comes the fun part of shopping for your wedding dress. Its a super exciting time and the temptation is to go to every single bridal shop and try on every wedding dress every made. Before you get booking your consultations, take a look at what to expect from your first wedding dress appointment.

1. Do your research

Take to the internet to work out what style of dresses you like and whether there are any designers you are particularly fond of. This will give you a good feel for the boutiques you may want to visit. Draw up your short list and make your appointment. Saturdays draw the crowds so booking in advance is always advisable.

2. Get visiting

Initial appointments tend to be about an hour long, during which you can expect to try on a selection of different gowns. Keep an open mind and try different styles, even if you think you might not like them youll be surprised at what suits you and what doesnt. Boutique stylists will listen to your desires but are also well versed in finding dresses that compliment your body shape, wedding theme and, most importantly, your personality.

3. Sample sizesThe wedding dresses in bridal boutiques are all sample sizes, because we cant carry every dress in every size . This means that the dress you try on might not fit you perfectly, but dont worry, well do our best to show you how the same dress would look in your size.

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What To Pack For A Destination Wedding

Please bring a recipe invitation inserts Bridal Shower ...

There are a lot of details to worry about when planning a wedding, especially when travel is involved. The last thing you need to stress over is whether you remembered to pack everything you need. Thankfully, with Adventure Weddings, most of what you will use for the ceremony itself will already be there waiting for you. For everything else, follow our recommendations on what to pack for a destination wedding to make sure youre fully prepared for your special day.

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What Should I Bring The Night Before My Wedding

The night before your wedding can be a bit hectic making you feel stressed and forgetful.

If youre planning an Indian wedding in the U.S., our downloadable Indian wedding packing list will help you not forget those important items ensuring your wedding weekend goes a lot smoother!

Because, trust me, the last thing you want is to realize you dont have your bindis or cufflinks when it comes time to put on your outfit!

What To Wear To A Spring Wedding

Have you recently been invited to a spring wedding? The formality of the event will heavily influence what you wear, but the season can influence the shade and material of your outfit choice. Spring weddings are all about embracing natures renewal, so mirror the seasons soft color palette and pretty blossoms through your choice of pastel, floral, and breezy attire.

  • Colors: pastels or neutrals
  • Fabrics: linen, cotton, silk, or seersucker
  • Patterns: gingham, madras plaid, florals, paisley, pinstripes, or polkadots

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Winter December January February:

Not too many people choose to have their wedding in the winter , but those who do get a truly unique experience. If youre attending a winter wedding, pack warm clothing you can layer, and choose deep, earthy colors. Tights, boots, and a scarf will keep you warm even in a dress, and dont forget a wool coat and gloves.

Churches, temples, and religious spaces

Beach weddings Beach weddings are nearly the opposite of church weddings in terms of what to wear . Most beach weddings are very casual, so dont overdress. Since itll probably be warm, choose lightweight, breathable fabrics, and avoid anything synthetic. A sundress or maxi dress is probably the best choice for women. Youll be on the sand, so plan your wedding footwear accordingly flat sandals will be the most convenient. And dont forget sunscreen and a hat or sun umbrella.

Bars If youre traveling for a wedding, chances are youll be hitting the bars at least once. Regardless of what you wear for the ceremony, make sure to bring some clothes for going out. A cross-body bag is also a good idea at bars, so you can easily keep it on you at all times. Youll probably want to stock it with your make-up and cotton swabs for touch-ups after a long day.

And For Unforeseen Incidents

What to Bring to a Wedding | What’s in My Bag Wedding Photography Gear

Maybe you didn’t know one of your vendors doesn’t accept credit cards, or someone unexpectedly goes above and beyond the call of duty. Either way, you don’t want to be stuck in a position where you either have to run out to an ATM in the middle of the day, or leave someone in a lurch. Be prepared: Bring the cash.

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Respect The Seating Chart

The couple has done their due diligence with the seating arrangement and has taken into consideration, life stages, personalities and dynamics. Never, should a guest move place cards or rearrange the seating chart at their own whim. It is an extreme faux pas. Instead, check the seating chart and take a seat where you’ve been placed. Once other guests have made their way, introduce yourself with a brief overview of how you know the newlyweds. Be attentive to anyone who may feel out of place too. If, for any reason, you feel severe discomfort at your seat, turn to a planner or coordinator to discuss what they can do for you.

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