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Day Of The Wedding Checklist

Start Looking For Wedding Party Outfits

Wedding Day Checklist: You DON’T WANT TO Forget THESE!

Theyve said yes and now its time to find those all-important wedding party outfits. It could be that you ask your wedding party to rock their own attire. You could rent clothes, give them a budget to choose their own or go out shopping together to find them.

Find out my picks for where to buy bridesmaid dresses online in the UK as well as outfits for mothers of the bride/groom.

Shop For Wedding Bands

Don’t forget about your wedding jewelry! This is one of the most exciting tasks on your wedding planning checklist. Around six months out from the date, start shopping for your wedding bands. It’s common to buy through the same retailer or jeweler that designed your engagement ring, especially if you want a wedding band that corresponds with the designbut the choice is ultimately yours. What matters most is that you give yourself ample time to try different styles to find the perfect fit. “I tell people to really take their time and think about what speaks to them and to find something that represents their love and partnership,” says Toni Zehrer, SVP and Chief Merchandising Officer of Signet Jewelers . “Couples often come into a store thinking they want one thing, and sometimes choose something completely different, yet still perfect for them.”

This process generally takes six to eight weeks, though it may take longer if you’re opting for custom designs. We recommend starting to shop as early as possible to ensure the rings are in your possession long before the day of the wedding.

Host Your Stag/hen/fox/sten Parties

After all that wedding planning, you totally deserve to let your hair down. The two-month mark is a great time to host your stag or hen parties, your sten party or fox party which will get everyone even more excited for the big day.

Theres not much you need to do here, since your chief wedding attendants are in charge of sorting everything out. Just turn up, have a wonderful time and forget about wedding planning for the night.

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What Is The Specialty Of A Planning Checklist

  • There are a number of activities that are present prior to and on that occasion of wedding. All can be tabulated and managed within a limited time.
  • Generally a wedding planning starts off prior to 6-8 months of the wedding. Hence, there are a number of appointments and registration process associated to this. With a wedding checklist timeline, these appointments and registrations can be followed up in the correct manner.
  • Presence of a checklist with more than a single person ensures that there would be proper coverage of every event. Thus, no missing out on your special day!

Touch Base With Your Wedding Party

Pin by Tessa Borchardt on Wedding

The easiest way to ensure everyone in your wedding party is where they need to be when they need to be there is to provide them with a chronological schedule of events. Compile all the crucial infotime and place for rehearsal, time and place for where theyll get ready, time and place for wedding party photos, etc.into a single slide the size of a smartphone screen. Have them screenshot the slide and then add it to their Favorites photo album. That way, theyll always have easy and immediate access to the deets.

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Meet With Your Florist

At the ten month mark you should meet with your florist to finalise your order. Wed recommend meeting them at your wedding venue, because although youre unlikely to have forgotten anything, they might be able to recommend different ways of elevating your floral design to really bring the space to life.

To 18 Months Before The Wedding

  • Announce your engagement.
  • Work out a budget.
  • Make a preliminary guest list.
  • Determine whom you want to have at your wedding party. Make the calls and get their acceptance.
  • Select and book a caterer, a location for the ceremony, and a reception location.
  • Interview and hire all your wedding vendors and officiant.
  • Select your wedding gown, accessories, and associated events clothing.
  • Mail Save-the-Date cards to your A list guests.
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    Start Shopping For Your Wedding Dress

    You may know exactly what you want or you might not, which is okay, too. To get you started, here’s an ultimate guide to dress shopping. Also, visit these places in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York Citybecause finding a gown may be a matter of trial and error, but finding a salon shouldn’t be.

    Do I Need A Wedding Website

    SIMPLEST Wedding Planning Checklist and Timeline EVER | Plan Your Wedding Like a Pro

    When planning your wedding, you may be wondering if you need to create a website, but it all depends on you. If your event is small, you may not need a website. However, if you want to make sure that all of your guests can find information about the wedding and contribute to your wedding in any way, then a website makes it easier to organise everything.

    Creating a wedding website has many benefits. For starters, you can keep all your guests updated, and it allows them to connect with each other online. This can be especially helpful for out-of-town guests who may not know many people at the wedding. Additionally, a website provides all of the necessary information about the event, from the date and time to directions and hotel information.

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    Groomsmen Checklist For The Wedding Day

    Like bridesmaids, groomsmen have some jobs to do on the wedding day, such as:

    • Show up on time the morning of the wedding.

    • Help the groom stay calm and get dressed.

    • Be available to help with any last-minute emergencies.

    • If the groom does not have ushers, help guests to their seats at the ceremony.

    • Stand at the altar with the groom.

    • Help guests carry gifts and navigate the venue.

    • Give a speech if asked.

    • Dance and encourage guests to dance.

    • Help carry gifts and other items after the wedding.

    Meet With The Officiant And Invite Him Or Her To The Rehearsal Dinner

    Lots of things to consider when asking someone to marry you, but your main concerns are availability, eligibility, fee, and fit. Can your officiant of choice lawfully, affordably, and meaningfully help you two become one? Once you’ve chosen, make sure he or she is on the same page as you about your expectations and the overall tone you want for your ceremony. And if youve recruited a recently-ordained bestie to head up the charge, heres an article on how to officiate a wedding ceremony you can send along.

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    A Template For Your Wedding Day Timeline

    Here are the main steps to your wedding day schedule started. Use it as a first draft, adjust it to your preference, and make sure you add to the list all the key moments you would like to include in your wedding:

    • The bridal party usually arrives before the guests and takes their seats at the front of the ceremony room
    • After everyone has arrived, the ceremony begins with an introduction by the master of ceremonies
    • The bride and groom then make their way down the aisle, accompanied by their parents
    • Following the ceremony, there is usually a receiving line so that guests can congratulate the newlyweds
    • Then its time for photos!
    • After photos, its off to find your seat at the wedding breakfast or lunch
    • The speeches usually take place after dessert. The best man usually goes first, followed by father of the bride and mother of groom speeches
    • Wedding dances typically begin once all speeches have been made. First dance take place, and next anyone can join in!

    Wedding Plans Checklist Is It Inevitable

    • In case this is a joint wedding, tab on expenses can be kept.
    • If you have any pre wedding appointments, with doctor, or tailor, designer, a track can be maintained. It so happens that with a track as this, chances of missing out are nil.
    • Do you have to select a wedding venue? With a track from wedding registry checklist, you would get to know immediately if you have completed the registration process or there is still lot left on the plate.

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    Find Your Wedding Venue

    The next logical step is to find your perfect wedding venue. Your venue will then dictate your wedding date and the number of guests you can invite. If you are looking at more than one venue, perhaps if you are thinking of hosting your ceremony and reception in different locations. Then you will need to coordinate your dates with both settings.

    If you are thinking of a humanist ceremony, look to book your wedding celebrant now. Dont forget your wedding marquee or tent too.

    Apply For A Marriage License

    This is one of the most important month-of wedding checklist tasks to completeafter all, you can’t get married without a marriage license. This legal document is your ticket to saying “I do.” Once you know the municipality where your nuptials will take place, locate where you can obtain your license. This can be at city hall, the city or town clerk’s office, or the marriage license bureau. Requirements vary by state, as do the timing deadlines. Some states require a several-day waiting period between granting the license and your nuptials taking place. Also, most marriage licenses are only valid for a window of timeanywhere between 10 days and a yearduring which you must have the ceremony, sign the license and file for a certified license and marriage certificate. Start this process now to make sure your paperwork is ready to go.

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    Try New Skincare Treatments

    “If youre doing anything new to your skin,”chemical peels, fillers, Botox, etc.”try to do it for the first time at least two months prior,” says Folayan. Even better: go a few days before your hair and makeup trial! That way, if you like the effect, youll have a good idea of how itll look on your wedding day.

    What To Include In The Day

    Ultimate Wedding Day Bridal Beauty Checklist

    Your wedding day essentials include more than just your attire. Items like your vows or extra copies of your timeline are easily forgotten but crucial to the success of the day.

    Here, the six items to include in your wedding day bag, according to McKellar.

    • Water bottle

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    Enjoy Your Bach Party

    After all this planning, you deserve some R& R. Generally around this point of the wedding timeline, plan to embark on your bachelor or bachelorette party with your crew. Like the shower, this is often planned by a wedding party member. All you have to do is let loose and enjoy quality time with your closest friends.

    Take Care Of All Final Beauty/grooming Appointments

    With one month to go, there will be lots of beauty appointments to attend to ensure you look and feel your best on your wedding day. From eyebrow shaping to your final haircut, theres a lot to consider. Check out our bridal beauty countdown which details an entire beauty schedule starting six months in advance of your wedding date. This step is for grooms too. Consider if you’d like to book in for a facial, spray tan, haircut, waxing, beard trim and more.

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    Register Your Intention To Marry

    12 months before your wedding you should book and attend a meeting with your registrar. These can be booked for any time between one year and three months before your wedding date, but its best to get it out the way. On the day, youll register your intention to marry, pay for your marriage certificate and be given a form which asks for all of your wedding ceremony details. You will then have up until six weeks before the wedding to return your ceremony details, so dont stress if you havent sorted it already.

    Write Thank You Cards

    #WeddingOfficiantSpeech #WeddingGifts

    Wedding thank you cards are almost as important as your wedding invitations. After guests have taken the time and effort to attend your wedding, its only polite to say thank you. You can also thank them for any wedding gift they might have treated you to at the same time. Handwrite the notes, ensure the message is personal and put as much effort into the cards as you did with planning your wedding.

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    Month Before The Wedding

  • Reconfirm all the reservations and accommodations.
  • Check again on clothing and fitting for yourself and your attendants.
  • Throw wedding showers and parties.
  • Do the seating plan for the reception.
  • Mail your rehearsal dinner invitations.
  • Write your wedding vows if youre doing your own.
  • Send all master of ceremonies information to your DJ or Band and review it with them.
  • Pay off all balances according to your vendors contracts.
  • Start Crafting Any Diy Items

    Wed recommend starting to craft any décor items or wedding favours for your big day four months before . DIY wedding décor can be a lot more time consuming that you might first think, particularly if youre having a large celebration. Enlist the help of your wedding parties and make a night of it its one of their duties, after all!

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    Start Looking At Invitations

    The wedding invitation is a guests first impression of your big day. Thats why you want to put your best foot forward with a personalized preview. If you’re going custom, start working with a graphic designer or stationer now to create your dream suite. If you’re going for a less involved route, you can wait until the six-month mark. Here are some of our favorite sites to look for invites.

    Bridesmaid Wedding Day Checklist

    Maid of Honor Workshop Part 3: MOH Wedding Day Duties, Checklists and Tips

    The bride has a lot of responsibility in planning the day, but when it comes to the bridesmaids, it is their day to shine too!

    Thats why a bridesmaids wedding day checklist is an absolute must-have!

    It will help the ladies to stay organized and keep them on the same page throughout the day. The list will also help the bridesmaids to remember everything.

    Bridesmaid Wedding Day Checklist 101

    What is a bridesmaid wedding day checklist?

    To be a bridesmaid on a wedding day is a worthy honor.

    Bridesmaid wedding day checklist is a list of duties and responsibilities of a bridesmaid you should be aware of.

    Why is a bridesmaid wedding day checklist important?

    A bridesmaid wedding day checklist is important because it helps you to remember the things that need to be done on the day of the wedding.

    This checklist also helps with keeping things organized and running smoothly.

    What should be included in a bridesmaid wedding day checklist?

    A good bridesmaid wedding day checklist will include the following: taking care of Brides handbag, helping assemble the party for pre wedding photos, keeping the bride calm and relaxed, helping assemble the party for post wedding photos

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    Plan Your Favors & Welcome Bags

    If you’re going to surprise your guests with special gifts like wedding favors or welcome bags, we recommend purchasing them now. While these extra add-ons aren’t necessary, they are a nice touch if they fit in your budget. All of your gifts should be packed and ready to go about two months before the date. “Favors are a nice touch, but they are an added expense,” says wedding planner Alyssa Pettinato, founder of Alinato Events. “I tell my couples to put them on the end of their budgeting list and explore it if leftover funds allow. Plan to purchase them roughly two months out to give time for shipping.”

    The Week Before The Wedding

    It’s the home stretch. You have one week until your wedding! Take this moment to soak up all of the excitementthis is a big deal. Here are the last planning tasks to tie up before the day arrives.

    If you have the ability, consider taking time off from work to focus your attention solely on wedding prep. Not only will this eliminate stress, it’ll help you soak up the experience. “If you are able to take a few days off of work leading up to the wedding, that always helps take some pressure off and allow you to be fully present,” suggests Tangerini.

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    To 6 Months Before The Wedding

  • Make up your final guest list. Begin to address invitations.
  • Order your wedding bands and make arrangements for engraving.
  • Go for a wedding gown fitting.
  • Select the wedding clothing for the groom and the members of your bridal party and parents.
  • Bride and groom select gifts for each other and for your groomsmen, bridesmaids, ushers, flower girl, ring bearer and parents.
  • Prepare programs for the wedding and assign someone to distribute them.
  • Meet with the caterer to set the menu. Order a wedding cake if the caterer doesnt supply it.
  • Arrange your rehearsal and notify those who will participate.
  • Send your event schedule to the vendors and participating guests.
  • Finalize Those Seating Charts

    Wedding Day Checklist 2021

    Per Folayan, youll want to confirm the final guest count three to four weeks before the wedding. That said, with the wedding just a few days away, family members may now have the event top of mind and start requesting specific seating arrangements. Use the week before the wedding to accommodate those requests where possible.

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