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How Much Is The Average Wedding Photographer

Tip 1 Identify The Goals

The Average Cost of Wedding Photography in Vancouver

If you just want to start the business, you should not leave the primary job. You can engage in wedding photography only on weekends or spend half a day in the first stages of your business. Wedding photo shoots can an additional source of your income. Perhaps you like not only the wedding photography but also portrait or landscape genres. Before deciding how to determine the price for your services, choose what is it for you – a business or hobby? Your professional growth and profit will depend on this.

What Is Included In Their Package

Some photographers have basic packages that include almost nothing in addition to the actual day of photography while others like to include amenities like engagement sessions or albums.

Base packages vs. all inclusive packages can range greatly in pricing but can often add great value to your photographic experience. Important things to look for are:

  • Do they include or offer a heirloom quality album?

  • Do they include an engagement session or bridal session?

  • Do they include a timeline review or creation?

  • Do they offer videography?Bundling all of these things into one package may seem like a high number, but it can save you quite a bit in the long run!

How Much Does The Average Toronto Wedding Photographer Charge

In 2021, according to an article published in Wedding Bells a while ago and inflation adjusted, the average wedding in Canada will cost on average $29,000.

According to a Financial Post article, in Toronto, in 2021 will be common for couples to spend, on average, over $44,000 on their wedding. Interestingly, most couples surveyed by BMO, underestimated their wedding budget by 50%.

The amount couples are spending these days on their wedding is significantly higher than $11,000, the amount paid in the 80s adjusted for inflation.

Even more important, the more couples spend on their wedding, the less happy they are afterwards. They can not afford a house in good neighbourhoods, so their children attend low-quality schools, which impacts their future.

In 2021, the recommended amount couples are expected to pay for photography is about 10% of the wedding budget.

That is consistent with our Prices Survey of 150+ studios in the GTA. In Canada, wedding photographers charge on average $2,500 and $3500.

Generally, packages include a photo album, two wedding photographers and 8-10 hours of photography. That would provide coverage for the brides preparation, ceremony, and wedding reception.

Some brides may spend a higher amount on their wedding images if photography is a big deal for them and are looking for famous photographers to document their wedding day.

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Don’t Forget To Order Food For Your Photographer

Even though your photographer is a service provider at your wedding, it’s customary to treat them as a guest and give them a meal. They’re there to be a friendly face, facilitating some memorable moments and adding to the joy of your wedding day, so be sure to arrange food for them with your wedding caterer too.

Bottom Line: Do What’s Best For You

Average Wedding Costs

As a professional wedding photographer we get it. Seriously. You won’t hurt our feelings if you hire an amateur or a semi-pro. What does hurt my feelings is hearing about a couple who didn’t get the wedding photos they had hoped for because they didn’t do their research. If you’re hiring professionals you’re prrettty safe. I mean that you can put a lot of your trust in and . As any trade these businesses are built on their reputations – they only got to the top because they have been so good for so long. If you are booking someone from Kijiji or all they have is a Facebook page you should definitely do your research. You could find some amazing photographers here, but if they haven’t been around long enough to become established checking their history could only be a good idea.

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Postponing A Wedding Let Your Photographer Know Asap

This is a topic that has come up a lot recently because of COVID, and its never a pleasant conversation to have. Its heartbreaking for the wedding couple and a source of concern for photographers if wedding photography is their only source of income.

As a destination wedding photographer in Europe, I try to keep my wedding postponement policy as flexible as possible, because I can understand that the situation is hard enough for the wedding couple without adding to their stress.

If you find yourself having to postpone your wedding day, then my advice is to let your photographer know as soon as possible, because that gives you a bigger chance of being able to secure another date in the future easily. Photographers can be booked out months and even years in advance! So talk to your photographer and propose a new date as soon as you can, so that if the photographer is available on the new date they can hold it for you right away. Michaela wedding photographer

Its Incredibly Hard To Turn A Profit As A Wedding Photographer

It takes a huge amount of time, skill, financial cost, risk and a little sprinkling of luck to make it as a wedding photographer full time . Making money in wedding photography is hard.

When I was starting out I was giving shoots away for free, at a steep discount, half price or just trying at market rate. Whatever I tried, no dice. There are so many wedding photographers out there. It barely mattered how good the work was or how cheap the price . There is so much for clients to choose from.

There are 3,000 photographers in my area on Yelp alone. How many others are just on Craigslist and Facebook, operating as an unlicensed, uninsured side-hustle? Maybe we arent exactly similar, but were all competing for a slice of the pie. And that pie is only so big. Such is the nature of running a local business.

Its hard in this business to break even. Its hard to stay in business. Some sobering statistics from Digital Photography School:

In the 1st year, 60% of photographers give up their business. Of that remaining 40%, another 25% will fail within the 2nd year. The ones that make it are the remaining 15% who endure through the 3rd year. Thats a staggering 85% turnover rate.

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Creating A Contract And Making A Deposit

After you decide on a photographer, get a contract. A clearly written contract is crucial for stress-free wedding photos. The contract should outline how many hours the photographer will be onsite, what location they will be at, the photographer’s assistants, etc. It should also specify how many photos you will receive. Be clear on whether this includes retouched photos, as well as raw photos.

You don’t want to wait three months for your wedding photos. The contract should state the general time frame for delivering your completed photos and the format you’ll receive them in

Finally, clarify in the contract whether you will have full printing rights for the wedding photos or if you must purchase prints and enlargements solely through the photographer.

Popular professional wedding photographers can book up fast during high season, so once you know who you want to document your day, don’t hesitate to put down a deposit to lock them in for your date.

How Much Experience Do You Have Shooting Weddings

How Much Should You Charge as a Wedding Photographer?

It doesnt matter if shes an award-winning warfront photojournalist weddings are an entirely different beast than nearly any other photography job, requiring not just the obvious technical skills but also an impeccable sense of timing and the diplomatic skills of a UN envoy. Hire someone whos shot several weddings you dont want your wedding day to be a newbies trial outing.

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The Average Cost Of Wedding Photographer Ct

A wedding is a special event that should be photographed. The memories will last forever, and the pictures are great to look back on. But, what about costs? How much does it cost for a photographer in Connecticut? We broke down everything you need to know so you can figure out an estimate of what your total costs might be!


The average cost of a wedding photographer in Connecticut is between $1600 and $3500. This depends on the range of services you need and where you live within the state. You can use this information to estimate your total costs for hiring one!

In most cases, a wedding photographer in Connecticut will charge you between $1600 and $2600 if you work with a newbie, which we do not recommend at all.

A more experienced wedding photographer in Connecticut will likely cost you more. The average price of a professional photographer is between $2500 and $3500 for an eight-hour event, with around 350 to 450 edited images included. Again, this depends on the individual as well as where they are located within the state!

Wedding photographers in Connecticut charge per hour or day of service provided. Some couples choose to meet up for planning sessions before their wedding takes place to discuss vision and expectations ahead of time!



Whether Your Photographer Specialises In Weddings

‘A major factor on cost will be whether your wedding photographer is full time,’ says Joe. ‘There are many photographers who shoot weddings alongside other part- or full-time jobs. This means they do not have the financial requirements of a full-time wedding photographer. A photographer who has a full-time job elsewhere can afford to offer wedding photography for a few hundred pounds. I started out this way to gain experience.’

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Think carefully about pursuing this option – the skills you want in a wedding photographer aren’t just about taking pictures. You want someone who, having shot plenty of weddings before, understands which details to capture, as well as knowing how to get the best of out people, arrange group shots, deal with guests who don’t like having their photo taken, be unobtrusive on the day and carry out precision editing afterwards, among many, many other wedding-specific skills.

‘Experience means a wedding photographer is more likely to read a variety of situations and deal with testing situations more effectively,’ says Joe. ‘Photos are such a huge part of the memories of the wedding you want confident you have the best person behind the camera.’

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How Much Should I Spend On Wedding Photography

Im assuming if you are on this page you are most likely engaged! So let me start by saying CONGRATULATIONS! This is such an exciting time for you. Whether youre in the beginning stages or you have already booked most of your vendors, budget is always an important factor! I hope this article equips you with the knowledge to make the best decision for your big day!

If you have shopped around at all for wedding photography pricing, you may have seen that it can range anywhere from $0 if you use a family friend, to $10,000 or more if you hire a luxury wedding photographer. The range is pretty large! It can be hard to decide what YOU should pay for wedding photography. Below we will go over a few factors you should consider during your search for the perfect photographer. So lets get straight to it!

Do I Have To Cover My Wedding Photographer’s Travel Costs

Average Wedding Cost Hits National All

If your wedding photographer is based near your wedding location, you likely wont have to pay any additional travel costs. However, if your photographer will be traveling a significant distance , you will likely incur additional travel costs, up to $2 per mile or more. If your photographer is flying to your wedding destination, you will probably have to pay for his/her airfare and accommodations, as well as an additional travel fee. Again, these wedding photographer prices vary from pro to pro, so be sure to ask your chosen photographer for pricing details before booking.

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How To Get The Best Value From A Wedding Photographer

When searching for a photographer to cover your wedding, your only strategy should be to capture the memories and moments dearest to you. In other words, more expense doesnt always equal more quality.

Conversely, less expensive doesnt necessarily mean that the photographer wont be as good. Instead, a very talented photographer who is transitioning from portrait photography into the wedding industry can be happy to cover weddings at a reduced cost.

Does that mean that theyre bad? Not necessarily! So, how can you make sure?

Here are some ways you can ensure your photographer is actually worth good value:

  • Check their references and online presence. This will help you decide two things: whether their style suits your vision and if they can actually walk the talk.
  • Ask whether they offer any wedding packages. Then, probe deeper into what the package includes. Finally, inquire whether they offer customized packages, which should be your first choice.
  • Confirm how you will receive the final images and videos.

Does Elopement Photography Cost Less Than Wedding Photography

The short answer is yes. The long answer well, its a lot more complicated than that. A typical wedding photography package includes a lot more services than elopement packages typically do. That said, elopement photography packages are typically flexible. The main difference between elopement and wedding photography is your flexibility in creating the package you want.

Heres how an elopement works. Your photographers are taking photos of just the two of you, and not having to worry about family, details, reception, and so on. So, the amount of time they need to spend on site is drastically reduced. This means that their rates can be lower than full on wedding photographers.

However, there are other costs to consider when planning your elopement. Youll need to factor in travel expenses if your photographers are coming from out of town, and youll also need to pay for your license.

A typical elopement photography package includes:

  • Assistance in obtaining a marriage license
  • Formal portraits, such as with a and friends
  • Assistance in planning and preparing for your session to ensure that you get the most out of your time together
  • A private online gallery to share with family and friends
  • Printing and albums depending on the photographer

So, while elopement photography, there are still some costs to consider. But the benefit is that you have more flexibility in what you get and how much you spend.

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Tip 7 Create Your Own Wedding Photography Packages Samples

Before you set the price for a photo shoot, you need to determine what will be included in the photo session. You can offer basic wedding photography packages, where all the services are available. Alternatively, you can provide small wedding photography packages, with only some services included. We recommend having different options. So you can please every customer. Offer at least 5 packages. There are always clients that want to order a maximum of services.

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