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How Much Do Djs For Weddings Cost

Do You Really Need A Dj At Your Wedding

Indian Wedding DJ Cost and How to Save Money

The answer to this question really depends on the needs and interests of each individual couple.

It is possible to simply set up a speaker and hook it up to a playing device and youve got music for the entire night.

And thats about it.

If you are looking for someone to coordinate, entertain and emcee all of the events to take place during your wedding, then you will definitely want to hire a pro DJ.

The other benefit in hiring a wedding DJ is he or she can read the crowd and play the most appropriate music at the best time to keep the dance floor packed.

They also take requests on the spot to keep the dancers momentum going.

Furthermore, a DJ should be hired if you are looking for someone to really motivate everyone to dance the night away.

How Experienced Is Your Dj

So the prices I listed above are starting fees. Those fees dont necessarily ensure you get the best DJ on the block. To get a good DJ who is not a cheesy wedding DJ with real nightclub experience but has a lot of wedding experience is not easy to find! For that reason, a DJ like this will probably cost you more. Definitely well worth it though since you want a DJ who can read a room, provide top notch equipment and has a great presence as an MC.

What Is The Price Of Having A Dj

How much is the cost-of-wedding-DJ? or How much should I expect to pay for a wedding DJ for a 4-hour wedding reception.

The bad part about this is the answers are all a bunch of misinformation that can do nothing but lead a bride asking the question in the wrong direction, So we are going to try our best to answer the question here.

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You Deserve An Above Average Wedding

For the most part, the average wedding DJ costs about what theyre worth. But do you really want an average DJ? Theres a lot that goes into a professional DJ experience that the beginners and hobbyists dont do. For example

Price vs. Value

Setting a wedding budget is super important. After all, you dont want to start your marriage in debt. But while its good to save money when and where you can, its also important to remember that the lowest price does not equal the best value.

If you only ask yourself What does a wedding DJ cost? youll only be getting half the picture. You also need to consider what your DJ can do for you.

At Mint DJ Events, we have an entire team of DJs who are not only extremely talented, they are fun, professional, and LOVE to create moments that make your wedding day utterly magical.

Where To From Here

Why Some Wedding DJ Costs That Much

Now you know what goes into the cost of a wedding DJ, the biggest questions to ask yourselves as a couple is How important is music to us?. If its one of the most important aspects of your day, allocate your budget accordingly and use the above guide to help with your search.

If you want to check out our prices and have a chat to us, visit our Book a DJ page.

Main photo credit: DJ Aleks Mac snapped by Its Beautiful Here.

Second photo credit: DJ Eddy Mac snapped by Quint Photography.

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What Is Your Best Piece Of Advice For Anyone Looking To Book A Wedding Dj

The best advice I can give you is to ask about anything you are unsure of.

If you book through an agency such as Warble Entertainment, your agent will be able to answer most questions straight away and if not, pass on questions to us DJs so you know help is always at hand.

Also, be precise with your enquiry, as your agent can then pick which DJs will best work for you.

Once youve given your agent all the information you can, let them worry about finding the right act for you. They are industry experts and do this on a daily basis, so you can trust them do all the hard work for you!

Date / Time / Location

Not all dates are created equal. In some areas like Victoria, the weather is nice year-round, and couples can get married in February without even considering the weather. For most areas of the country, however, the weather plays an important role which leads to there being a wedding season and an off-season in most locations. Generally speaking, weddings between April and October cost more than weddings occurring November through March. Saturdays are the most popular day of the week for weddings because guests dont need to take off work on a Friday or be back at work on Monday after a Sunday night wedding. Weeknight weddings between Monday and Thursday are, in most cases, significantly less expensive than weddings on the weekends.

The location also appeared to be a major factor in determining wedding DJ prices. The distance a DJ needed to travel for a wedding was often mentioned as an additional cost added on to the price of a DJ if it was more than a certain number of miles. In some areas like Melbourne, there were additional charges for weddings in specific areas, where traffic can be difficult, and the cost of parking is extremely high. We also found that some DJs would charge extra for specific venues with a difficult load-in, such as a second-floor ballroom with no elevator that forces the DJ to hand-carry all of their equipment up two flights of stairs.

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So Wedding Band Or Dj

The decision is entirely up to you and your partner. If you’re struggling with the choice, think about the songs you’d like to hear at your wedding reception. If you absolutely need to hear Whitney Houston sing at your reception, then maybe a DJ is the way to go. But if you’d rather hear a special guitar solo live, then a wedding band might be your best choice. Either way, these wedding pros will ensure that your dancefloor is packed all night long.

Of course, you don’t have to choose between a DJ or a band. If you want both pros at your wedding reception, you can book both. Split the time between a band and a DJ for the ultimate wedding reception. Or, you can hire one vendor for your reception and the other for your after-party. Either way, you’ll get all the excitement of live music plus all the variety a DJ offers. How’s that for compromise?

What To Look For In A Good Music Supplier

How much does a wedding DJ Cost?

Its hard to know what to look for in a supplier when you might not have ever booked a band, DJ or duo before. We took some notes from previous couples to see what they value in suppliers, and what to watch out for.

Couples love having a professional supplier who can actually offer advice on the flow of music and their formalities. This is such a big part of how your night runs and can be the difference between a reception that feels like its stopping and starting, or a party that feels like it flows on.

Couples also like it when their suppliers can offer music options for both the ceremony and reception. If youre making a statement with your reception music, then it makes sense to add this into the ceremony. The majority of couples say their ceremony is the most important part of their wedding. Were not surprised theyre making their big ceremonies standout with quality musical features.

Another plus is when your musician can also double as a DJ. This could be a great option for having an acoustic ceremony touch with a party feel at the reception.

Couples feel their suppliers could improve when it comes to how animated a DJ or MC is and the timing of important songs. Couples also want to make sure the package they are given matches what has been agreed upon before the big day.

Make sure you read plenty of reviews to see what previous couples say about wedding music suppliers.

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How Much Does A Wedding Dj Cost

If you’d rather have a huge variety of genres, sounds and artists, a wedding DJ is the best choice for you. While the average wedding DJ cost does vary, the average amount couples spent in this category last year was $1,200.

According to our data, that’s exactly how much couples spent in 2018, 2017 and 2016 as well. Of course, the price you end up paying will depend on how long you book the DJ for , the number of DJs, and amount of equipment required. Wedding DJs typically cost less than a live band, as they’re only one or two people. Still, every DJ is different and has different pricingâso it’s best to check with them specifically.

However, most couples deem it a worthy expense, as 71 percent reported hiring a professional wedding DJ last year. The popularity of the vendor is likely attributed to the range of music they offer during your reception. With a wedding DJ, you can rock out to your favorite ’90s throwback, your current pop obsession, and your extra-special slow dance song. Wedding DJs can also act as an emcee for the event, which can help to keep the energy up throughout the night .

What Style Of Music Should I Play At My Wedding

Its the responsibility of your band, duo or DJ to help keep the vibes going at your wedding and make sure the dancefloor is packed when its time to party.

Theyll be able to read the audience and see what music is working well. They also have previous experience to know what works with a diverse crowd. After all, you want to make sure that you find something thats going to get everyone up and dancing!

A mix of popular new music with a few older classics thrown will go down well with most crowds. Just be sure to let your band or DJ know if you have any songs on your do not play list!

If youre looking for music to play during your official proceedings then Cant Help Falling In Love is a sure way to go. Its the most popular song of 2020 with variations by Elvis Presley, Kina Grannis and Haley Reinhart all being used at weddings this year.

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How Much Does An Indian Wedding Cost

Indian weddings are notable for being flashy and expensive, riddled with Indian cultural practices and traditions. The extravagant celebration consists of many parts and usually takes up two to three days.

The average Indian wedding in the United States costs $225,000 to $285,000. This price range is for a typical Indian wedding with 300 guests and takes place in major American cities like Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, and New Jersey.

The Bottom Line On Dj Prices

The Platinum Media Group: Cost of a Wedding DJ

So heres the bottom line: The wedding DJ costs can really vary. They can be as cheap as $200 for your entire wedding, quinceanera, or event, and higher, up to $3500 or more, for your event! The key is to find out whats included with your service.

Find out what the value is for your money. What does the $3500 wedding entertainment company do differently than the $200 company? Do your research and pick the DJ services that best suits your needs!

Ask about their options, like lighting/uplighting for the venue, monogram lighting, lawn games, lighted marquee letters, custom first dance mix, cocktail hour music, or whatever else you may need. Remember, you will decide how much to pay!

Exclusions & Exceptions

The national average price does not give details about how many hours, or whats included with the service. Not all D.J. companies will charge based on the number of guests you have, but it does make a difference. Things that may affect the average cost to hire a DJ are:

  • The number of guests youre expecting
  • The size of the venue
  • Reception sound system equipment and lighting equipment needs

Theres a big difference between a wedding for 50 people, versus 300 people, in terms of what DJs will need to bring. Again, keep in mind, the above numbers are the average and youll find some prices that are much more, and others that charge much less.

Contact Your Favorite Disc Jockeys/Entertainment Company

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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Wedding Dj

A recent survey of 100 couples showed that 60% had hired or were planning to hire a wedding DJ. This was more than double the number going for a party band which demonstrates that a wedding DJ remains the current popular choice for wedding entertainment at the party.

With DJs usually costing significantly less than party bands this isn’t particularly surprising but how much are you actually looking at spending if you want to hire a DJ?

As with most suppliers, the price brackets vary signficantly so below we’ve broken down what you can expect depending on your budget.

Why book a DJ?

If you’re still thinking you don’t need a DJ or any sort of wedding entertainment it’s worth keeping in mind the role the DJ plays at the wedding. Not only do they often take on the roll as MC and provide all the mics for the speeches, they’re also there to get the party started. If you just press play on a spotify playlist, you may have a bunch of great tunes ready to go but a DJ is there to respond to the crowd, understand what’s getting everyone up and dancing and make sure the party keeps going right until the very end! Managing the music yourself can be risky and ensuring someone else is in charge of making sure you’ve got the right, party atmostphere is a weight off your shoulders. Just like we recommend with your musicians, you should try and book your DJ 7-8 months before your wedding date as they do get booked up fast.

How much does a wedding DJ cost?

£300 – £400

How Much Does A Wedding Dj Cost Prices Pricing

You pretty much have most of the vendors chosen for your wedding, but now onto the wedding DJ pricing. So how much does a wedding DJ cost? You will see many different wedding DJ prices, keep these points in mind and you will find the right one.

Cheap Wedding DJ Prices

These prices will usually be in the ranges of 100.00 an hour or less. Many of these wedding DJs are part time hobbyists. They might have no idea how to coordinate and deliver what you want at your wedding. Just call these companies and you will notice a huge difference with their customer service skills. This might be a risky deal because they might show up with low grade equipment . There is a possibility that you can spend $200-$600 on your wedding DJ and be happy, but you have to understand what cheap wedding DJ prices really mean.

My Recommendation: Never hire a wedding DJ that costs less than your veggie tray

Average Wedding DJ Pricing

I said earlier that there is a difference between a full-time company and part-time hobbyist. A full-time company depends on your referrals to generate future leads and business. This means that they are 110% dedicated to your wedding reception. The wedding DJ cost needs be looked at with their references. Ask for recent clients names, phone numbers, and e-mails. When I say recent I mean 6 months or less when available. Any reputable company will be able to give you this information.

My Recommendation: Let the buyer Beware

Expensive Wedding DJ Prices

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