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What To Get Wife On Wedding Day

A Bottle Of Fancy Tipple For Future Anniversaries

Wedding Day Getting Ready VLOG with The Bride, The Groom and The Bridal Party!!

We love the idea of celebrating your new spouse with a nod to all of the adventures that are still to come . There are two ways to do this one – you can either purchase a nice bottle of whiskey, gin or vodka to toast with on every anniversary, or handpick a couple of bottles of wine and label each one to coincide with a specific anniversary.

Recipe box and card set by 1 Canoe 2

Presenting: The Coolest Wedding Gift For Groom

The wedding day does a pretty good job of making both the bride and groom feel like they are the most beloved and classy people on earth. A perfect gift to keep that feeling going for the groom is by gifting him his own presentation set! This is a gift you know he will keep out on display, ready to enjoy a drink at any occasion. Plus, the classy engraving will remind him of how awesome he felt on his big day!

Wine Box Set Of Unique Wedding Gifts

A bottle of wine is always an appreciated gift, and it makes an especially good wedding gift for the couple who has everything. However, dont just give the bottle with a bow on it or inside a tacky gift bag. Instead, give the newlyweds this beautifully personalized wine bottle gift box that not only presents the bottle in a nice way but it also comes with all of the tools they will need to enjoy it! Thanks to your unique wedding gift, theyll have a bottle of wine they can share together as husband and wife on their honeymoon. Plus, they can store the next bottle of wine inside the lovely gift box until theyre ready to drink it!

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Gadget As Honeymoon First Night Gift For Wife

Heres what everyone wants out of their marriage: to be understood. Gifting your wife something related to her personality is a great way to show her that you understand who she is. Does she live for tech? Get her a cool new gadget that shell be thrilled to use! Tech and gadgets are the ultimate surprise gifts for wife!

Wedding Gift Idea #2: Have Coffee Sent To Her

Getting Ready On Our Wedding Day

Brides have a LOT to do on their big day. Wouldnt it be nice if you had coffee delivered to her? You could have several coffees delivered to her and maybe a gift card to help balance it all out. Just make sure you find out all about her favorite drink BEFORE you send her anything.

When it comes to finding a unique gift for the bride, dont be shy! Getting married is a big deal and a gift for the bride is a very big deal too. Which gift will you choose for her? You can make yours more unique than most weddings!

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How Speechy Can Help You

Okay, we reckon you can write the letter yourself, but our team of expert wordsmiths are here to help you write an amazing groom speech, if you find you need a helping hand.

Were TV scriptwriters by trade and have now helped hundreds of grooms around the world deliver their dream speech.

Give us a call if you want to find out more about how we work, the services we offer and our DELIGHT GUARANTEE.

Were happy to give you 15 mins of our time with no obligation to work with us.

Don’t Keep It A Secret

Theres a reason you have a maid/matron of honor, and nows the time to clue her in. She can help you come to the wedding prepared so that a situation doesnt escalate and become a full-on crisis. Shell keep calm and put things into perspective so that you can enjoy yourself, even with a period on wedding day.

However awkward it may be, your MOH should accompany you to the bathroom so that she could keep your gown out of harms way.

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Books & Stationery Gifts

by MJsArtStamps

Stationery is becoming more and more popular, and so are personalised stationery touches. Gift a custom stamp set to use for all the thank you cards, and seasonal cards for years to come.

A box of beautifully printed personalised stationery is a lovely gift. And for those ladies changing their last name, it will be a nice surprise to see it printed for the first time.

by Leatherology

One of the best things I ever did was keep a journal while travelling. Moments that you think you will never forget, you inevitably do. Gift her a beautiful leather bound travel journal to capture all her honeymoon moments.

by Light Burst Media

Its important to remind the bride on the morning of her wedding day to keep calm and relaxed. Glamourous as it is, there is bound to be a few moments of downtime .

Adult coloring books have become a way to pass the time in a weirdly relaxing way reminiscent of child hood. If coloring is her thing, these coloring books are a fab idea.

by CufflinksGalore

If she has an appreciation for pens, a beautiful fountain pen of her own makes a wonderful gift. Besides, after the wedding, rest assured there will be a lot of thank you cards to write.

These gold beauties will make the task a little easier. Also, this can be a good gift if she still needs to find a nice pen to use for signing the wedding registry during the ceremony.

Gary Chapman

Its a best seller for a reason, and a pretty practical gift IMHO.

Celebrate Your Love Over Wine

It’s Wedding Day!!! – Men Try Getting Married!

Is your wife a wine lover, like us? Gift her a box of happiness with a bottle of wine garnished with some roses. Red, white or pink roses also keep in mind the flavor that she likes when you order the box for her. A small date set up to open the wine on her birthday night sounds so romantic!

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Unforgettable Wedding Gifts Theyll Treasure Forever

This stunning decanter set is one of the best and most unique wedding gift ideas you can get! The entire set is engraved with the bride and grooms new shared last name along with their wedding date so that they have a reminder of the day they said I do, to enjoy for the rest of their lives. This set will be what they use to have their first drinks as a married couple, celebrate their first anniversary and every anniversary from now on, having double date night drinks with their friends, and more. Such an incredible gift will be proudly displayed in their home, leaving the gift box to be used for keepsakes from their wedding!

Bala Weighted Bangle Set

Bala Bangles add a little extra challenge to just about any exercise in your workout plan! Whether your wife prefers to power walk, run, do yoga, or take pilates, adding these wrist or ankle weights will take things to the next level. Sleek, chic, and available in seven different colors, they can easily pass as a fashion accessory.

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Make Wedding Ceremonies More Memorable With Wedding Gifts From Igp

Wedding is a ceremony in which two people unite to be in the bond of a marriage. India is a country, which is blessed with cultural diversity, and as a result, different religions or cultures have different wedding customs. But, just like every other special event, a wedding celebration gets enlivened with gifts, too. Marriage is a highly significant and huge part of the bride’s life and her groom’s life, so marriage gifts have to be special, too.

Modern Notebooks Our Adventure Book Scrapbook

Mother of the bride helping bride get ready on wedding day ...


Start your marriage with a look into the future. Inspired by the Disney classic, Up, this scrapbook album has 130 blank pages to fill with future travels and memories as a married couple. The album has a flat-lay softcover to make sticking photos and writing messages easy. While your wedding day may be your first big adventure as newlyweds, this album will hold many more.

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Slippers That She Can Wear Outside

Celebrities love Rothy’s shoesand for good reason. They’re comfortable, stylish, machine washable and created with sustainability in mind. The brand’s latest design is a très chic slipper meant for both indoor and outdoor use. Made from soft merino wool with a cozy sherpa lining, it’s one of the top holiday gifts for your wife. We can’t wait to get our hands on a pair!

Look At Wedding Photos

Request to have your guests send you photos they took throughout the night. Sometimes those candid shots can be super meaningful even if they weren’t captured by a professional wedding photographer! Also, many professional photographers will have a set of ‘sneak peek’ photos ready for you the day after your wedding. You can start thinking about which pictures to include in your wedding photo album.

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A Home Decor Subscription

If she’s always rearranging your home or picking up something at Home Goods, indulge her love of interior design with a home decor subscription. Decocrated curates seasonal boxes that’ll delight her on a quarterly basis. Each one comes with six to eight pieces that’ll help her refresh her space.

Wedding Gift Idea #1: Keepsake Box

WEDDING DAY VLOG – Get Ready With Us – Bridal Party

Are you looking for something very unique? If youve been collecting things throughout your relationship, make a keepsake box. Smaller items fit well inside of a keepsake box and shell have something to treasure throughout your marriage.

Keepsake boxes are special to create and nostalgic to receive. If youve been looking for something truly unique to hand to your bride as a wedding day gift, this is it.

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Best Gifts For Wife For Your Wedding Anniversary

This is the day when she was pronounced to be yours forever in front of the world, the day she became your wife and this day must be celebrated to its fullest. While celebrations on this day can be grand or intimate, the way you both like, a thoughtful gift for your wife on your wedding anniversary is a must. Express your love and tell her that you are grateful to have a woman like her in your life by gifting her something pretty and romantic. Remember to gift her something that goes well with her charming personality!

A Bar Cart Of Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

Whether theyve been after a home bar for years but simply dont have the room or you want to make them feel like theyve been lucky enough to get one of the most creative wedding gifts ever, you simply must check out this globe bar cart as a gift for newlyweds! It is the coolest way for them to be able to entertain company or even for them to be able to bring a fully-loaded bar with them in every room of the house. The antique styling and usefulness will make this one of the coolest gifts they ever get!

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Find A Quiet Writing Spot

While you can write your wedding letter days before the big day, we think its a nice tradition to actually write that letter to your almost wife or husband the night before or the morning of your wedding. Your emotion will be at its peak, and the feeling is sure to come through in your writing. We understand that things may be a bit crazy the morning of your wedding, but its important for you to have some private time to both collect yourself and to write your wedding letter. Our recommendation write the letter shortly after you wake up the morning of your wedding, taking advantage of your last few moments of alone time.

Take Care Of Your Wedding Dress

Wedding Day

After your wedding day is over, it’s easy to forget about taking care of your dress. If you want to save your dress for your future daughter, as a memory, or otherwise, it NEEDS to be preserved! Purchase a kit that both cleans and preserves your wedding dress. You’ll thank us down the road!

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Wedding Gift Ideas For Groom Hell Love

Are you thinking about getting the groom a really nice bottle of his favorite liquor? Well, dont just show up to the wedding with a bottle of whiskey and a bow around the neck, you can do better than that by presenting it in this handsome personalized gift box! The groom will be so touched by your thoughtfulness and creativity when he reads the engraved message on the lid before opening his gift, so make sure you think long and hard about what you want your custom text to be. No matter what you come up with, hell remember your gift the most because its the most personal.

Groom Gifts To Surprise Your Man With On Your Wedding Day

Treat your husband-to-be with something special on your wedding day…

If you want to find the perfect groom gift to surprise your man with on your wedding day, there are so many personalised and thoughtful grooms gifts to suit every budget. So, choose from our list of the best groom gifts below and its sure to be a winner.

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A Beautiful Native American Blessing Great For Loved Ones To Read During The Ceremony

Now you will feel no rain, for you will be shelter to each other. Now you will feel no cold, for each of you will be warmth to the other. Now there is no more loneliness, for each of you will be companion to the other. Now you are two bodies, but there is only one life before you. Soon you will go to your resting place, to enter into the days of your togetherness. May your days be good and long upon the earth.

Jewelry Cannot Go Wrong

Wedding Day Getting Ready

Its not a secret that we, women, truly, completely and madly love our jewelry. This valentine special jewelry set for the lady of your life had to be on our top list. Its not the price of the gift that makes us feel special but your thoughts do. So, if you are looking for gifts for your wife that wont be hard on your pocket, your search ends here!

Buy here: Valentines Special Jewellery Set

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