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Are Silicone Wedding Bands Safe

Silicone Rings Are A Safe Wedding Band Option For Construction Workers

Silicone Wedding Band / Ring Unboxing and Review Thunder Fit

If you work in construction, taking off your wedding ring before leaving for the job is one option. A far better choice is to buy a Ventureborn silicone wedding band.

Why silicone? What makes silicone rings ideal for construction workers? Theyre safe for wear at the jobsite, unbelievably comfortable and easy to clean. Plus, lets be honest, Ventureborn silicone wedding bands look cool.

Safe Rings for Construction Work

You work with your hands all day, using tools and hauling supplies. Safety is essential, which is why many construction workers dont wear wedding rings a traditional metal band could easily catch on something, causing a serious injury or even ripping off a finger.

Silicone wedding bands are safe to wear, regardless of what the days work entails. If your Ventureborn silicone ring gets caught, it will stretch. If it doesnt release, the band will break and your finger will be fine.

Comfortable for All-Day Wear

When you head out to the construction jobsite, youre dressed for comfort. This makes your work easier and really, you dont have time to fuss with clothes and accessories when youre out on the job.

Ventureborn silicone rings are snug enough to remain securely in place, yet not at all constrictive. Theyre breathable, too, so they dont slip when you sweat. Once you put one on your finger, youll probably forget its even there. Yes, our silicone rings are that comfortable.

Rubber Rings Are Easy to Clean After a Days Work

Do You Ever Need To Remove Your Saferingz

The answer is no. Your silicone wedding band is safe to wear all the time, and you’ll find that life is much simpler when you stop worrying about when to remove your ring.Check out Caitlin’s blog and learn more about When to Remove Your Wedding Ring. She made the best decision by purchasing SafeRingz for her husband so he no longer has to worry about his safety and can always show his commitment.

Silicone Wedding Bands Help Save Money

Looking at traditional wedding bands can seem daunting due to the price tag. Many gold and silver bands can cost hundreds of dollars, even thousands, and will still scratch and fade over time.

When you purchase a silicone wedding band, you can often spend less than $20 for a stylish and comfortable ring and use the money saved for a well-deserved vacation or gift for your new partner in life.

Replacing silicone wedding bands is also extremely simple, as many silicone rings come in bundles of 3 or more in case any do break or end up lost.

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Can You Wear A Silicone Ring All The Time

Definitely. Weve worn ours nonstop while swimming, running, climbing, hiking, sleeping, working, and traveling.

You may choose to remove yours at night or during specific activities out of personal preference. But after 2 years of testing, weve found you can certainly wear a silicone ring every day.

Are Silicone Wedding Rings In Style


Black silicone wedding band. See it here.

If youre choosing silicone wedding rings, youll have to admit thattheyre not as sophisticated and classy as a platinum or gold ring would be.But thats not where their strength lies. These rings arent meant to be formaland elegant.

Instead, theyre practical, comfortable and convenient. They keep thesymbolism of the wedding ring alive, allowing you to still display yourcommitment to your other half while keeping the ring and yourself safe at theworkplace or outdoors.

They are, however, very fashion forward. They can be very stylish andadd a casual confidence to your look. Theressomething casually confident about a silicone ring that elevates it to badassstatus.

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Silicone Wedding Rings What Are They And Should I Buy One

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These days, it seems that wedding rings are being made out of every material there is. A new alternative material thats becoming popular for wedding rings is silicone.

But isnt silicone flexible, like rubber? How can it be worn as a wedding ring?

We hear your questions! In this guide, well take a look at silicone wedding rings and whether you should choose one.

The answer may surprise you.

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Silicone wedding band. See this here.

Silicone wedding bands are made using silicone rubber a polymer containing silicon combined with other elements such as carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. Silicone has numerous uses in electronics, healthcare, aviation, industrial production processes and now in jewelry as well. Because theyre comfortable and affordable, you dont have to worry about bumping them or damaging them from daily exposure.

Who Wears Silicone Wedding Rings

Anyone and everyone who wants a more durable and less expensive band can opt for and wear a silicone wedding ring. These flexible wedding bands are especially popular with athletes and those whose occupations don’t allow them to safely wear metal rings. Soft yet strong, they’re less likely to become damaged or cause injury in tough environments. Non-metal wedding rings are also particularly great foryou guessed itpeople who have metal allergies.

But again, if you don’t fall into one of those categories, don’t let that stop you from slipping on a silicone wedding band. Newlyweds of all kinds can wear these babies! Some choose to also buy a traditional ring and only wear the silicone one when at work or the gym or while traveling , while others wear them all the time. The choice is yours!

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What Are Silicone Rings

Before we discuss silicone rings, lets understand what silicone is.

Silicone is a combination of synthetic plastic polymers and synthetic rubber. This material is used in a wide variety of products, not just jewelry. These include utensils, baby bottle nipples, mugs, and more.

Silicone is used in different products because its malleable but is also durable. Silicone is also a safe material thats easy to clean. While silicone is generally safe when worn or touched, there may be some risks when using silicone drinkware and cookware.

Why should you wear silicone jewelry? Silicone jewelry is popular among consumers for many reasons. Theyre comfortable, long-lasting, easy to maintain, durable, and are suitable for those with active lifestyles.

Silicone rings are especially popular among those who are active, those with metal allergies, and even men.

Cameron Bair and his siblings created the company SafeRingz, where Bair designed the first silicone wedding band. Well talk more about silicone wedding bands, but silicone is a popular wedding band material among men, those allergic to metals, and others with an active lifestyle.

Silicone Wedding Rings: The Complete Guide

At the Workshop with Kris Kringle | SafeRingz – Silicone Wedding Rings

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Courtesy of Maui Rings / Design by Bailey Mariner

Sure, a diamond is forever, but that is of no use to you if your ring gets lost or stolen. As much as you want to show off your beautiful engagement ring and/or wedding band, you may also be hesitant to wear it, well, everywhere. Thats exactly where silicone wedding rings come in. This genius invention takes the place of pricey rings to give you peace of mind, no matter what youre doing.

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#safehandsthe Ring For Every Lifestyle

What are they and why should you care? Traditional wedding bands are old fashioned. In todays fast-paced world of family, work, working out, sports, and hobbies we are always on the go. Being Active most part of the day requires clothing and accessories to be versatile. So stay active with our silicone rings and show your partner your commitment with a comfortable fit.


Keep your wedding band safe from being scratched or damaged when playing sport, going to the gym, weight-lifting, swimming, climbing or any other physical activity.


Enjoy a flexible and comfortable fit with our lightweight, ergonomically designed silicone wedding rings, specially designed for those with an active lifestyle.


Stay safe whilst being active, knowing that our silicone rings help to protect your finger and your formal wedding band against injury or damage.

Silicone Wedding Bands Are The Perfect Alternative To Metal

I recently bought silicone wedding rings for my husband and me, and we absolutely love them! I feel like switching from metal rings to silicone rings was the right move for us.

If you work in a demanding or dangerous position like my husband and I do, you have to make a decision about wearing your wedding rings. We live in Montana, and my husband is a logger. While his employer doesnt forbid him from wearing his wedding ring to work, its a concern for him. Hes afraid that while hes operating heavy machinery and cutting timber that the ring could get caught, either on the equipment or the log itself. Its scary to think of getting injured out there on the jobsite, far away from the help you might need. He doesnt want his wedding ring to be the reason he lost a finger.

I am a nurse in a local hospital, so I understand the danger. And while nurses are also not forbidden from wearing metal wedding rings at our hospital, I have my concerns as well. Nursing is dirty work. We come into contact with all types of bodily fluids, including saliva, urine, feces, vomit and blood. This is especially problematic with an engagement ring or a wedding band that is etched.

Its true Im usually wearing gloves at work. But gloves tear and sometimes emergencies happen and you dont have time to put your gloves on first.

His colleagues have asked about it and he told them he got it at Enso Rings.

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Best Recommendations And Buying Guide For Your Silicone Wedding Bands

Before you venture out to purchase your preferred silicone wedding bands, take into consideration some factors. These factors will ultimately help you decide which silicone wedding bands is the right fit for your requirements.

Use the internet to do your research about all the available silicone wedding bandss in the market. This is helpful for both online and retail/ in-person purchases. If you are buying from an online marketplace, try to ascertain the most trustworthy online store. Usually, the online shops that have the highest following of masses are the best ones.

These shops not only provide reliable products but also give the buyers a lot of diversified products to choose from. Search for the different types of silicone wedding bands available in the online store and find ones to choose from.

Read the reviews of people on the online pages to understand the detailed and nuanced pros and cons that entail this particular silicone wedding bands. You can also understand through other peoples reviews whether a particular silicone wedding bands fits your needs.

Assessing products online before buying the desired products from retail shops is also a very common phenomenon.

While doing the crucial research on the silicone wedding bandss available in the market, you might ask yourself a few questions that will help you reach your decision:

Protect Your Love And Your Loved One

Dookeh Silicone Wedding Ring for Men  Mens Silicone Wedding Band ...

When it comes to keeping those you love safe, there isnt anything you wouldnt do. Thats what makes love great. It brings out the very best in each of us, teaching us how to be more conscientious, more thoughtful, more selfless. But what if the ring that symbolizes all of your love and devotion were to become the reason for their pain or injury? It would be heart-wrenching. Itd be as if the most special thing in your life had betrayed your trust. When you put on a ring, you trust that it will be there without distracting from life or physically hurting you. Most of us, when we buy a metal ring, have no idea the potential dangers that come with it.

Perhaps youre wondering the same thing at this point. What would be so bad about a beautiful, expensive, even one-of-a-kind metal wedding band? The concern isnt with its looks, but with its material. Metal is unforgiving and unbending. Beyond the comfort issues that come with a heavy, clunky metal object on your hand, theres the concern of what happens when that ring becomes caught on something and is ripped away from your hand. Its not a pretty picture and we recommend not looking at online images. The answer is that the ring goes where its pulled, and whatever that ring is attached to will go with it. As horrifying as that sounds, the good news is that theres something you can do about this dilemma.

Make a change now that will positively impact the rest of your married life: buy silicone wedding rings.

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Why Are Silicone Rings Better

The best silicone rings will offer you a stylish solution to day-to-day ring wearing whilst protecting your fingers from machinery be unrestrictive when working out, as well as not harbouring bacteria unlike some traditional precious metal jewellery. They are also a great choice if you suffer from allergies with traditional metal rings.

Groove Life Personalized Text Custom Ring

For a ring as unique as your love, this silicone wedding band can be engraved with numbers, monograms or icons, and customized to your preferred style and color. Besides their pieces being ultra-comfortable, Groove Life also offers some of the most durable silicone wedding rings, with a 94-year warranty that promises your ring will be replaced if it ever snaps or stretches out of shape.

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How Much Do Silicone Rings Stretch

Silicone wedding bands are designed to stretch, but they do naturally become a bit larger over time. This is of course much more common with thinner silicone bands compared to thick and sturdy bands. Expect your ring to naturally stretch up to half a size if worn daily. We recommend ordering half a size down from your normal ring size to ensure a long-lasting and comfy fit.

Do Engaged People Wear Silicone Rings

Metallic Silicone Wedding Rings Review

A silicone ring is a great choice to be used day to day as an engagement ring before and after the wedding. Some of the best silicone wedding bands for women also include stackable engagement style rings as part of silicone wedding ring ranges so there is no need to lose out on style if choosing a silicone wedding ring.

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Why Choose Botthms Silicone Rings

The botthms Rings is created for people with active lifestyles to avoid ring avulsion injuries and enjoy a lightweight ring. botthms silicone rings stand out for their quality and durability, freeing you up to live actively, safely, and comfortably. Made from medical grade silicone.


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